Saturday, February 12, 2011

IBO’s Tossing in Grenades

Every now and then a brainwashed Amway IBO shows up to leave a comment on my blog or one of the blogs on my reading list to criticize us for having jobs, leading ordinary lives, not having anything better to do with our time, etc, etc.

A few days ago a cult follower named Jennifer left this comment after doing a Google search for “Amway is awesome” and ending up on a post I did about a video posted on Youtube called My Awesome Delicious Amway Scam. I think the writer is probably a young female, probably single. Speaking of having nothing better to do with her time she was on her iPhone doing the Google search. Maybe sitting in on a bored plan?

Jennifer said...
It's sad to see a wife knock her own husband and have nothing better to do than blog about him instead of supporting him... Who are you to judge?? What are you doing to make ur life better?? What is Amway hurting you?? Why don't you mind your own business instead of being consumed with others who are pursuing something better?? Who is the robot now who finds a following to knock business owners because you are too lazy to pursue it yourself.

Jennifer didn’t read any of my other posts. And she’s calling me lazy? Yeah right I’m a lazy ass business owner who knocks other business owners. Nope. The only people I know who knock down others are Amway independent business “owners” who refuse to accept that there are other business opportunities outside of Amway where owners can find happiness and a decent income. Jennifer’s questions would have been answered if she hadn’t been too lazy to read some of my posts.  

Isn’t it interesting how these Ambots show up to toss out Amway speak comments on blogs like mine and they all say the same thing parroting their upline. Every comment they’ve written I’ve heard my Platinum say the same thing dozens of times at Amway meetings. You can’t be original when it comes to Amway! The only answer these IBO's asked when confronted is to refer back to the upline. "My Platinum says its so and that makes it the truth."

Typical IBO behavior when they leave a comment full of Amway speak then can’t back up anything they’ve said with real facts when asked:

  1. Name the Diamonds who are walking the beaches of the world and doing nothing else while residual income rolls in.
  2. Explain why IBO’s - such as my husband - spend 100 hours easily a month on Amway related events but aren’t earning money.
  3. Why do they accuse people who quit Amway as lazy or didn’t try hard enough.
  4. Why do they refer to former IBO’s who claimed they didn’t make money that they weren’t in it long enough but can’t back up their statement to say how long you have to be in Amway to make money. I have visitors who say they were in 10, 15 years and CORE to the bone and they weren’t making any money at Eagle or higher pin level.
  5. Why do they refuse to say how much they’re spending on Amway products and tools each month?
  6. Why do they refuse to divulge the amount of the monthly check they receive from Amway.
  7. They never say how many people they have sponsored who are still active IBO’s.
  8. They never say how long have they been in Amway.

Its kind of like tossing in a grenade and then running.

Chickenshit IBO’s.


  1. Right on, Anna;

    The other angle of these drive-by posts is that they are almost always very young-IBO sounding. The grammeer is horrible, the spelling 5th grade at best, and the thought process about 3rd grade.

    They have very little life experience by the very content of their posts.

    That's all amway can get. They are an easy target or mark, if you will.

    By their own Pee Wee Herman tit-for-tat, I know you are but what am I? rhetoric, you can spot 'em a mile away.

    I actually feel sorry for them. The best thing we can do for them is give them a little pat on the head, and tell them to back out and play.

    Honestly, I would feel bad telling them to go listen to another CT.

  2. How about "show me the Schedule C of your most recent tax return where you (or any of your upline) are making taxable income?
    Show me your Profit and Loss statement or your Business plan?

    Don't have one? Then you are, as my mother used to say "All hat and no cattle" ha ha.

  3. Yes, she was referring to those cowboys that wear huge 10 gallon hats but actually do not own any cows..a similar saying is all flash, no cash. I used to hate her many folksy sayings when I was a kid but now I see the wisdom...


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