Sunday, February 13, 2011

Mow My Lawn!

One day Ambot and I were in the car and Ambot pulls out his cell phone to call his beloved Platinum.

He asks him if his teenage son would like the job of mowing our lawn.

What the fuck! Ambot NEVER discussed this with me first. I’ve been mowing that lawn for a long time and Ambot has never given me any money when I’ve put the mower back in the shed and come into the house and now he wants to pay the fucking Platinum’s teenager to mow our lawn!

First off - Ambot never checked with about this before whipping out his phone. Probably because he knows I would have said NO!

Second - teenagers do NOT want to mow lawns. They have tons of other stuff they’d rather be doing. I sure as hell didn’t want to mow the lawn when I was a teenager.

Third - the Platinum lived on the other side of town. Who was going to drive his teenager to our house so he could mow our fucking lawn? I bet not daddy dearest. Ambot or more than likely me would be assigned that “privilege” of a 45 minute round trip.

Fourth - Ambot would have likely paid him some extravagant wage for spending an hour mowing our lawn like $40 or $50. If he paid me that I’d mow the lawn daily!

Fifth - I may  have hated mowing the lawn as a teenager but as an adult I know the exercise is good for me. I also take pride in keeping my property looking neat. Some teenager for hire isn’t going to give a shit what our lawn looks.

Fortunately the Platinum’s son is like every other teenager out there had ZERO interest in mowing a lawn and said hell no I ain’t doing it.

To this day I have no idea why Ambot was suddenly overcome with this sudden urge to phone the Platinum and offer to hire his kid to mow the lawn other than perhaps his skewed way of thinking this would earn him brownie points. I also have no idea why he felt this wasn’t something he should discuss with me first. I always mow the lawn so why the hell would Ambot even come up with this wonderful idea. I wasn't complaining about mowing the lawn and asking if someone else could mow it. Its not like Ambot is the one who is mowing our lawn and doesn’t like doing it and can’t convince me to mow it and is therefore forced to hire someone.

What I’m really surprised about is that the Platinum didn’t say: “You want MY son to mow YOUR lawn? Dude, you got that one backwards. I want YOU to mow MY lawn. I expect YOU to mow MY lawn twice a week to keep it looking good. And I’m not paying you any money for the privilege of mowing my lawn. I’ll give you one on one counselling after every ten times you mow my lawn. That is an incredible deal for you! Oh I forgot, I expect you to supply the gas for my lawnmower too.”

Fucking pompous sack of shit. Maybe that conversation DID take place and Ambot never told me. For all I know he WAS mowing that sack of shit’s lawn!


  1. i would have handed his son a dollar. Tell the son to get the rest from his old man. Also say I cant afford to pay him much since his old man and upline overcharged him for tools,functions,and amway products.

  2. Hi Colin, well you and I might have said that but Ambot in his brainwashed state would have paid the kid top dollar no matter how badly he mowed the lawn and driven him to and from his house and probably bought presents for him, his older sister, and his parents all for the privilege of giving him a lawnmowing job. Looked good on his Amway resume too - sucking up to the Platinum!

  3. It's a very sad commentary on the state todays young generation. We would have jumped at the chance to mow lawns to earn money; but that was a tough business to break into. So many teens were out on weekends going from house to house with their own mowers looking to mow someone's lawn.

    Our generation fought for jobs like that. Living out in the country, I was jealous of classmates who lived in town who could babysit for money while I had to work the fields.

    When my brother got out of the navy in the 70's, the recession was so severe he was begging to shovel sidewalks. He'd take the money and go get in line at the gas station. Never knew if there'd be any gas left by the time he got there.

    I'm with you, Anna. Even at my age today, if I see a chance to make money, I'm on it.

    It is despicable how upline treats downline with demeaning tasks like that to prove loyalty.

    I'll show you loyalty. Bend over - I got a CASSETE TAPE for 'ya.

  4. I don't think I ever made money mowing other people's lawns. My parents sent me over to help out other people and I mowed their lawn out of the goodness of my heart.

    Yeah I got a few babysitting jobs when I was younger. One of my friends was hugely busy as a babysitter and used to throw me her excess if she was already booked. .50 cents an hour was pretty good money back then. Even in today's standards it was more than my husband ever made in Amway when you figured out the hours he put in divided by the check he got.

  5. Now, there's an idea. Take up babystitting at the functons. Crap, those babysitters would rake it in, while we'd be getting spoon fed our nightly 'We're gonna be rich, bullshit.'

    It's sick how we would pay to go to these long distance functions, and then later on, buy the tape that we just heard??????

    CASSETTE TAPE, that is.


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