Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Messing with Amway WWDB Spring Leadership

I’m getting a few Google hits - presumably from IBO’s - looking for information on 2011 Spring Leadership.

For people who weren’t in World Wide Dream Builders, Spring Leadership is one of their major functions held in April where the Amway cult followers arrive en masse to listen to useless bullshit from their beloved leaders.

I’ll write more about my Spring Leadership experience in April to coincide with the Amway event.

Seeing as how my Married to an Ambot blog is very high on Google search lists, this blog post serves no purpose other than to screw up anyone looking for information on where, when, and how much.

I can give half-assed information about Spring Leadership to any stray IBO’s who show up here. Its held sometime in April. I don’t know the exact date and I don’t know where. Check with the assholes in your upline and be ready to fork over the cash. It cost $250 when we went so put that much in your budget. Then budget how much it costs to travel to the city where Amway and WWDB have decided Spring Leadership is being held. You’ll need to spend Friday and Saturday night (minimum) at a hotel, so budget another $200. That could drop in half if you stay at a Motel 6 or it can go much higher than that depending on your accommodations. Don’t forget your meals. Budget minimum $30 per person per day but depending on the restaurant you choose and how much you eat that $30 could turn into per meal. We were able to do it on a mid-range budget - $700, not including the ticket into Spring Leadership.

Do a Google search for Amway Spring Leadership. The blog Amway Functions Suck is the top of the hit list. Followed by other bloggers who are getting the truth out there about Amway.

Why is it so hard for IBO’s to do a search and find the information they’re looking for instead of ending up at blogs like this? My blog is near the top of search engines for Dream Night too. Ahead of the Amway and WWDB propaganda.

Why all the secrecy to find information about this WWDB Amway function directly from the sources?


  1. We went to every major and minor function for more than 6 years. What a waste!

    Now I sit back and think about the poor fools who will skip house payments, car payments, loan payments,utilitiy bills, groceries, etc. to begin their mecca to the holy grail called Spring Leadership.

    Hey, it'll cut six months off going diamond. Never mind that you could put in 15-20 years (many have) and never reach diamond. How's that six months lookin' now? When they throw out the 'six months off going diamond' crap, the audience assumes it's off the 2-5 yrs. to diamond time frame; and those on stage damned well know it.

    So let's see, 6 months off for each major function times 4 majors a year........... If you did all those functions for even just 2 years that's 8 functions x 6 mos. ea. = 48 mos.. Well, kiss my grits and slap my grammaw - you will go diamond on the outside - in 12 mos. Hot dang. One year to diamond!

    Sign me up and git' er' done!

    That would make a smokin' CASSETTE TAPE!

  2. 6 years huh. That is a waste. Especially since they say the same thing over and over about how wonderful their lives are and they owe it all to Amway but they never give any useful business advice. Except what you mentioned to default on payments in order to pay for the function. That advice is only useful to the cult leaders who will make money off their downline's ticket sales and better to line their pockets than to pay the bills.

  3. Great blog; bookmarked, will visit daily. I was a WWDB Ambot for 10 wasted years ("wasted", BTW, for the Ambots who think you get great "business" and "attitude" training from the WWDB "nonprofit", to include the inculcation in "positive attitude" and "possibility" thinking from the WWDB "required reading" booklist). After 7 years or so blissfully ignoring all things Amway, Your stories and similar experiences (along with those on other blogs like Joecool's) are working up in me a righteous anger that has been suppressed for a long, long time (because can't have any "negative thoughts" about the business, ya know)? Cheers!


  4. Thanks Daniel! Glad to have you stop by. No need for daily visits. I'm not sure I can keep up with blogging daily because I'm running out of stories!

    10 years! Wow! That's dedication. And yet another story for the disbelieving IBO's who read my blog that no matter how long you put in to Amway the odds are stacked against you that you'll ever make money.

    Joecool has a very good blog logically explaining what's wrong with the Amway business and how the only people making money are the ones at the higher levels who are earning money from the tool scam.

    Its OK to be angry. You were scammed and you were brainwashed. You might even want to start your own blog too as an outlet for what you're feeling.

  5. Ha ha! I just checked Google. If I type in "WWDB Spring Leadership" this post is the #1 hit! If I type "Amway Spring Leadership" I'm #6. Amway Functions Suck is still #1 but I'm gaining! No I don't care who's at the top just as long as one of us is because the WWDB/Amway propaganda about this function is nowhere in sight! We're dropping it too far away for IBO's to find.

  6. You'll notice that every time we get attacked by an ambot, it's with the assumption we got in and sat on our asses. Nothing coul be further from the truth.

    Most of those who stay in for the long haul work very hard believing (and being told over and ove and over again from stage) that if we just don't quit and keep doing the work, we will be diamonds.

    People like dean kosage understand this and that's why there's such a desperate attempt to shut us up.

    Not gonna happen,

    I heard too many CASSETTE TAPES to sit down and shut up. You, dear amway leaders, taught us to never give up.

    How do you like us now?

  7. Lobotomized for AmwayFebruary 3, 2011 at 7:10 AM

    Wooooooooooooooooo!!! Fire up the "Danger Zone" and "Eye of the Tiger" We's gettus us motorvated!!


    Um, hey, I wonder if anyone remembered to pay for the rights to use that music, no? ooops...

  8. Anonymous, well maybe I sat on my ass glaring at the Platinum and/or other speakers. However Ambot put in 30 to 40 hours a week on Amway. "Don't quit or you'll be a loser" ingrained so he - and many others - kept hanging in there.

  9. Lobotomized - I doubt they paid any royalties! Maybe told Survivor they could have 10 free tickets to Spring Leadership!

  10. If I remember correctly, they call it "leadership" because the new platinums and above were normally the speakers. Heck, I wonder if they have enough new leaders to run a function?

  11. New leaders, old leaders, they all say the same thing. BORING!

  12. Time for the leaders of wwdb & amway to write anna banana a massive cheque lol:)

  13. Hey Anna: I just realized something kinda' nice...No Tex!

  14. Colin that would be nice! Now on the Google search engine under "Amway Spring Leadership" this post is #1. Amthrax is #2 and Amway Functions Suck is #3. Some Amway propaganda is #4. Amway head office doesn't seem to care that the blogging community is doing a better job than they are at getting the truth out there!

  15. Hey David, Tex is a little upset with me right now because I won't publish his comments! Nice huh!

  16. Anna: I was just hoping that Tex was beginning to see how obnoxious he truly is. But I guess not yet.

  17. He can't see what everyone else does.

  18. Daniel, you are welcome to visit my blog also. I write stories based on my experience and from what I see from IBO comments. If you notice, I am after the groups that teach IBOs to lose money.

    Hey Anna, you going to put ads on your blog? I wisj I had done it sooner. My traffic is driving upwards these days. I'll be glad to give you some clicks as well. My goal is to give my church 1/4 of my adsense revenue, 1/4 I will invest to my retirement account, and the rest will go to taxes and misc expenses. I bet I will make more than the vast majority of IBOs.

  19. Joe, I might monetize this blog. I haven't decided yet because I don't have control over the ads that come up and some of them are Amway propaganda. Though I guess as long as no one clicked on those it wouldn't make much difference! Yep you'll make more than IBO's with your adsense income. No extra money outlaid like IBOs on their tools because you already have a computer and Internet access you're paying for whether or not you have an adsense account.

  20. OK I decided to monetize this blog and see what happens! Feel free to click on an ad before leaving my blog!

  21. Anna, one of the advertisers on my blog is!

    LOL, I am getting some of Amway's money to blog about why it might not be a good idea to join Amway. Please feel free to send clicks my way too!

  22. You guys sound so smart - magnetizing and all. Crap, I'd have to dig me up a magnet to that!

    Stone age CASSETTE TAPE listening boomer, here, and proud of it. Doesn't hurt my feelings one little bit that I still live in 1975 - hey, the Brady Bunch was cool, no matter what you say!

    But I sure enjoy reading Anna's blog and the posts. Most of you sound pretty 'techqie.'

    Hope you don't mind this old fart hanging around.

  23. Ha! And you younguns' think you're so smart with your 'cut and paste.'

    Well, I got news for ya. We were doing that in 1964 in kindegarten.

    Just think, they didn't have CASSETTE TAPES back then. We were listening to 45s and 78s. (no, those aren't calibers!)

  24. Joe, I've seen the Amway advertising on Google ads. I think its an IBO and they have a /whatever their name is after the Amway website. I accidentally clicked on one that said free shipping with $99 and ended up at an IBO portal page. $99 to get free shipping???? Holy shit I can go to Amazon and actually buy stuff I want - 3 or 4 books - and get free shipping for spending $25.

    Yup sending some clicks your way when I'm leaving your blog.

  25. Anonymous - the Brady Bunch were never as cool as the Partridge Family! Ha ha!

  26. I was suppose to marry David Cassidy. He had to go and marry that Karen ? girl. His loss.

    Think of it: we were blissfully happy and we hadn't heard of amway. How was that possible?

    ambot answer: 'you dirty ogre negative nelly rascally meanies just hadn't heard any CASSETTE TAPES yet.'

  27. I just found the fountain of youth - amway major functions. Here's how it works.

    If each major function takes 6 mos. off going diamond and you are in for for 5 years:

    5 yrs. x 4 functions per yr. = 20 functions x 6 mos. = 120 mos. off going diamond, right?

    There are 60 mos. in 5 yrs. (5 yrs. x 12 mos. =60 mos.)

    Let's see: I've been in 60 mos. but cut off 120 mos. going diamond - hot dang, again. I just went back in time 5 years. I'm 5 years younger. Yee-ha.

    So gotta make a CASSETTE TAPE for that. I'll be rich sellin' em.'

  28. I found the fountain of youth too! Its in a little Indian village called Totumo about an hour out of Cartagena.


    1. Scamshitbot piece of quixcumjizz, guess who’s now in town to melt your scamcard and obliterate those Ambolts plugged to your Amory-bank? None other than the Great Scamshitbot Destroyer of course! Your fuckupline creators will have the honor of hand-delivering you’re Scamremains to their Fucktinum overlord once I’m done with you…you quixcumjizzshitdroid. Liberate the masses to freedom, our new “Frontier” leads to the abolition of Scamway Global Industries!!!

      Truly Yours
      The Scamshitbot Destroyer

  30. Anonymous - you need to check your computer. Your caps lock button appears to be stuck on!

  31. Anon Ambot at 10:24 PM,
    Yet another typical unoriginal,tape speak, broken english comment that is barely worth responding to.

    Trading Hours for dollars is what you do in Amway. Organizations like WWDB brainwash Ambots like you with a warped "business mentality" where working for a net loss is just a part of business.
    I have no doubt you are part of the 99+% of IBOs who are likely losing money after expenses.
    I bet you are on your way to retirement and since I cannot think of nor can anyone name a single Diamond distributor who has "retired" and does not have to work the business doing the speaking circuit or running the motivational business where the real money is. Get it through your thick skulls Ambots, you will always be trading hours for dollars in Amway and if your part of the 99+%, you will be paying Amway instead of them paying you.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  32. Former Lemming - they're all know-it-alls when they're that age. They're all know-it-alls when they're IBO's too.

    They think they're so original. Typical tape speak bullshit looking down their noses at people who have jobs.

    Judgemental bastards!


  33. Got to say. This is quite the enjoyable read. I totally understand some of the opinions said here. I have been around this business for about 10 years now, but I am very honest about my activity level. Up until a couple months ago I never put in 10 hours a week. Which any business owner knows that success doesn't come from the amount of hours you put in, it is how productive you spend that time. That applies in any business, not just amway. I can't imagine how anyone could spend 30-40 hours a week building an amway business and I could see how they could be burnt out if they did. I am not a platinum or a diamond, but I have never show 10 plans a month consistently for 6 months or more. But in the last couple months I have, and have noticed a dramatic difference. You can bash Amway and worldwide all day long, and that is ok, no company is without critics, and no company is without fault. But at least be honest with yourself and don't ever try and convince yourself that being "in" something for a certain period of time means you will be successful. And please, if there are real issues you see, bring them up, that is the only way companies like this one get better.

  34. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by!

    Well I must say you're quite a refreshing change from IBO's who show up here with the canned tapespeak thinking they're very original.

    Bashing Amway and WWDB is secondary to me, they're more the residual effect. Bashing my upline and letting everyone know what assholes they are is my agenda. Too many readers leave comments talking about similar abuse.

    You certainly sound as if you have an open mind and 10 years investment in this company is a much longer duration than most people. If you haven't already read a free ebook called Merchants of Deception by Eric Scheibeler I recommend you have a look. You will have a better understanding on why you have spent 10 years and what you can expect in the next 10 years.

    Most of us have complained to Amway and we've gotten disinterested responses. I did a post about how I doubt Amway is all that much different than other companies with its employee structure. Only about 20% of employees actually like their jobs and go over and beyond what is expected of them. Unfortunately those employees are not the ones handling the complaints at Amway! We're getting the other 80% who work the I don't give a shit desk.

    Good luck to you!

  35. I respect the fact that everyone is welcome to their own opinion, and the fact that the Amway business model involves relationships and people that nothing is perfect.

    I will repectfully disagree with the majority of what I have read on this site. That is only because I am fairly certain that the majority of the negative information that is shared has came from folks that more than likely never consistantly stayed persistant in Building their Amway business.

    No one is perfect, and have I disagreed with my upline? Of course, but does that really matter? I did not, repeat, did not get involved for them. I got involved for my family. As for the functions, they are optional, not required. Though find anyone that has accomplished anything great that did not immerse themselves mentally, physically, or emotionally in it. Anything from working out, to playing sports, to being successful in school.

    WWDB is a system that in itself is designed to support your Amway business of People. If you get involved to actually Build your business than its the greatest blessing you'll ever have, if you got involved to have a small business and not impact thousands of people than its optional.

    I understand that can come across a little different from a lot of bigger pins that ARE building a large business. But remember you are an INDEPENDANT business owner and if your goal is to build the large business than I suggest following people that have done that already. If you did not get involved to build a large business than do whatever you want.

    If you own a traditional franchise there is a system designed for you to follow that helps you be successful in that business. No different here. If you cannot get along with your upline, why not go higher up the chain to find someone who can and is willing to help you where you're at?

    You'll listen to someone somewhere, call it a cult if you want, but its no different that the coffee conversations that happen at work on a day to day basis. You're getting input to make decisions everyday, be very careful of whom you'll listen to. Let's be honest on one more piece. People are naturally sinners, and we will screw up. There is only one Truth out there, follow that and you cannot go wrong.

    I say all this as humble as I can, with love to everyone. Please don't 'knock' CORE until you've actually been CORE for more than a few months (and not just thinking you're CORE). It changed my life, and it changes anyones lives who do follow it. Best wishes and blessings to whatever anyone does. But let's live by the golden rule, not for ourselves.

  36. Interesting.

    Any idea why this post ended up in my Spam folder?

    First time visitor who searches for Spring Leadership 2011.

    Reads only this post. Tough to disagree with everything on this site when only this topic was read.

    Comments a whole lot more coherently than the average brainwashed ambot.

    Too bad you didn't read my post from yesterday. Probably would have left out the part about franchising!

    Even though its been many years since I had a coffee conversation at work (?!) I never would have thought that was the same thing as a cult?!

    Thanks for stopping by to love bomb us! I know we won't see you again but sending some of that good old WWDB/Amway loving right back at you!


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