Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Who Are the Losers?

We were over at a friend’s house a few days ago and Ambot told us that after he left Amway he honestly, truly felt that he was a loser. It took him a long time not to feel like he was a loser because he was brainwashed into believing that if he ever left Amway then that makes him a loser.

This is all part of the brainwashing technique practiced all the time by our Platinum and also heard from the stage when we heard Emerald and Diamond speakers to refer to anyone who quits Amway or is otherwise not interested in signing up with Amway.

When I was growing up the term loser meant to me someone who was on the baseball team who didn’t win the game. I guess the way I was brought up I was never taught the word “loser” was a derogatory name to use as an insult against other people. It was a word that never stuck with me long anyway. Just because someone was on the baseball team that lost the game that day, maybe the next day the results would be reversed and I’d be on the losing team.

The word just floated off our backs being transferred weekly from one team to the other. We didn’t attach much importance to being called losers for a couple of hours after the ball game. It was just kids taunting each other for a bit. If we lost the game this time we were losers. Next time we’d do better and be the winners.

Unfortunately that’s not the way “loser” is viewed by the Amway cult followers. The upline uses the term “loser” to insult others. They use the word loser as a threat to keep ambots from quitting.

So who’s calling me and Ambot losers after we quit Amway? The ugly kid in his 20’s who drives around in a junker car that’s always breaking down. The one who has a J.O.B. as a salesman working 40 hours a week for $10/hour. The one who is still living at home with mommy and daddy. The kid who spends his money as fast as he makes it. Even faster now that’s he’s an Amway IBO and has to invest all his money in his own business.

How about our Platinum who’s still working a full time J.O.B. Oh he gives us some bullshit about how God tells him he should keep working there to “help” his lowly co-workers out. Gee what a guy! What a work ethic! And then out of the goodness of his heart he spends his evenings and weekends “helping” others who want to build their own businesses.

My Ambot is a loser? Someone who’s owned a legitimate business for many years, lives in a nice house that he’s owned for many years, drives decent cars that don’t break down regularly, has retirement savings, enjoys nice vacations, and has a pretty nice life.

A lot of IBO’s we knew were driving around in old clunkers, had bad credit, were behind on their rent (none of them owned houses), and were being hounded with phone calls from bill collectors.

Hmmm, Ambot and I don’t have any of those problems.

As I said above I never gave much thought to the word “loser” other than the losing baseball team. Ever since we got involved with Amway I attach the word “loser” to IBO’s - people who think they’re better than everyone else, offer fake friendship, are liars, and just generally make other people’s lives miserable by causing them emotional and financial distress.

Our lives have returned to normal since we broke free from those Amway losers! Actually better than normal. The albatross has been lifted from the neck. We can breathe again. We can see Amway and its loser IBO’s for what they really are.

Those Amway losers couldn’t brainwash me. The only losers I know are the IBO’s who point fingers and throw that word around.

So here’s pointing right back at you. You IBO losers are the biggest bunch of assholes I’ve ever met.


  1. Spot on. The term loser is used to install a fear of quitting, or be called a loser. Ironically, people who quit Amway usually end up winning!

  2. Anna;

    It took me nine years out of the amway mire to allow myself to take a nap. Felt I hadn't earned it - you know - hadn't shown enough plans, sold enough water treatment systems, kissed enough diamond ass to take a break.

    Good gravy, IBOs, if you so much as need to pass a kidney stone or, for gosh sakes, give birth, you better suck it up and work it harder!

    At Family Reunion (sounds like the Moonies) one year, at the end of the Sunday interminable blathering from stage, the speaker makes a huge deal how a woman sat there all day in labor, no less, cuz' she didn't want to miss that one thing that could spark her business. *gag*

    I was furious. You mean, diamond assholes, you let a woman go thru that torment to satisfy your freaking egos? You make me sick. It was MY defining moment. I began my divorce from amway.

  3. Divorce from Amway. That's a good one. I might use it!

    Forget the woman in labor. What about complimenting the men who have family members dying in hospital? Or already dead and they're missing the funeral. Or wife who is giving birth all by herself. What great sacrifices these guys are making to show their dedication to the upline and Amway. Sickening!

  4. In my intense disgust in my above post, I forgot to mention the CASSESSE TAPES.

    And, yes, the praising of people who put the amway god above all else at all times was awful.

    This is exactly from where my intense hatred of amway stems.

    Stage blow-hards making you feel downright silly for being human; doing the human things like peeing, giving birth, passing stones, holding up a vomiting child's head so her hair doesn't get in it. You know, those dang pesky normal human things.

    In amway, you are not allowed to be human. They rebuild you like Franenstein to match their desire of the perfect IBO.

    Well, bummer for amway. We've excaped the lab and we're on the loose. We are the walking amway dead, having been shell-schocked to death by broken promises; and, now, left to face the devastation we created by being C.O.R.E.

    Kiss my ass, amway.

  5. Anon, u are the bomb. I wish we could gather over beverages to match wits over CASSETTE TAPE knowledge (having logged many hours thereof in bygone years).

    ----Daniel (former WWDB Bot)------

    P.S. F.U., Kosage. I knows karate, too, and I don't unleash it on my mother-in-law.

  6. D.L.;

    All thanks go to Anna Banana for providing this blog to let our illustrious amway leaders know how we really feel.

    Believe it or not, I am holding myself in great restraint. What I really feel about amway could never be uttered on a blog as nice as this.

    When we would get home from another pointless amway/wwdb function and find out the really poor choices our kids had made in our absence, we would be sick. We had a responsibility to be there FOR OUR KIDS! - not the current amway blowhard.

    After all these years, we are still living with and facing the awful results of not being there for our precious children. I will never forgive myself; and now I work overtime trying to make it up to them by being the best parent and grandparent I can be. Trust me when I say, I am there for them this time around.

  7. Anonymous, you can say whatever you want about Amway here. I don't care. This is the place to be to curse out my upline, your upline, or even Amway if you want!

    I think it would be interesting to read a blog from a kid's point of view, what it was like for them when they were young and their parents were always taking off to Amway meetings.

  8. Personally, I take perverse pride in being called a "loser" in the eyes of Amway...At least I'm not "losing" my shirt, acting fake & disingenuous, living honestly & not trying to hoodwink everyone I meet.

    Best of all, I got the freedom to spend my time & $ as I see fit and I can tell 'em to fuck off w/o worrying about offending their duplicitous pseudo-religious pieity & narrow minded thought control practices!

    Call me a "loser"...Freedom from all that crap sure feels good!!!

  9. Yeah you tell them!

    Once IBO's quit they figure out who the real losers are.

    Of course I knew that answer all along but I was never brainwashed into the cult.

    Feels good not having to lie anymore about this great business opportunity and lying about how good business is going. The only thing going is money down the drain.


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