Monday, March 28, 2011


What happens when you run into someone you used to know in Amway or something triggers a memory of the Amway days or an Amway product finds their way into one of your friend’s hands?

We were watching Undercover Boss. One of the employees chosen to show the boss how to work in his department looked like our sack of shit Platinum. Ambot was actually freaked out a little even though we knew it wasn’t him - different state, different line of work, nicer person, etc. Ambot hasn’t seen or talked to the bastard in a long time and he would be affected differently than I am because he worshipped the sack of shit and I did not.

There always will be things associated with Amway that bring back bad memories or some disturbing aspect of belonging to this cult. I don’t run into the people anymore. They don’t live near me. Its not like I would see them in Wal-Mart buying reasonably priced products! Sometimes I’ll see an Amway product discarded somewhere. All I can do is shake my head and remember the post I wrote about how IBO’s are litterbugs! Like I need any further proof!

Any triggers of this past descent into hell are very minor for me and all it does is piss me off and I just write another blog about how my upline were a bunch of assholes and then I feel better and move on.

Sometimes I get angry for awhile but that’s more a reaction to how badly I was treated by the upline or how Ambot was treated. IBO’s lied and scammed money off us and told Ambot he’d be a loser if he quit Amway. It took him longer than me to figure out who the real losers are - the ones who still submit to their upline.

I’ve found the best thing to do is create better memories. Like taking that vacation the upline wouldn’t give us permission to take. Getting away to relax and have fun is a good cure to what bugs you. Seeing as how we no longer feed the cult machine we have more money in our bank account and have enjoyed several wonderful vacations since getting away from the cult. I have wonderful memories of walking the beaches of the world, the beaches I never would have walked if we hadn’t gotten away from the Amway money sucking scheme.

Although there’s not much that triggers Amway memories for me, when it happens I try to inject some humor into the situation by blogging about the assholes in my upline. Hell hath no fury like ambots who’ve discovered the truth!

I’m always a big believer in signs and how things in life have already been predetermined. I think there was some reason for us to have gotten involved in Amway and with this particular group of cult followers. Whether that reason is for me to write about the experiences and give voice to others who are not quite ready to curse out their upline or to let others know they are not alone in what happened to them, I don’t know. I might see the signs but not understand what they mean! I’m a big believer in karma. Although I don’t wish anyone ill health, accidents, or death on anyone, I know that something bad is going to happen to the people who attempted to destroy our marriage and put us into financial ruin. Perhaps divorces, foreclosures, and bankruptcy are in their future. Its the old karma’s gonna bite you in the ass. You do something bad to someone, some day something bad is going to happen to you too.

Triggers. Just make sure they’re the type that are in your mind and not part of a gun. Don’t be like our upline and take vigilante justice, though to be fair the only person in our upline who I ever heard threaten bodily violence against anyone was our Platinum. Not everyone can be a pacifist.....

When it comes to triggering old memories, treat it like a new year. Out with the old, in with the new. There’s so much in my life that brings me happiness and triggers good memories that they far outnumber the bad memories from the Amway dark days.


  1. Let's see.......triggers

    Any time I am in the frozen food aisle at the grocery store (or any aisle for that matter) I am instantly taken back to my amway days and feel the almost uncontrollable urge to tell them how great those particular fish sticks are and, oh, by the way, would you care to give me you personal home phone number so I can give it to my stud so he can call and try to get you to have a glass of iced-tea with him and me and we can show you a way to get waaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy better fish!!!

    The relief I feel when I can make a casual comment in a grocery store about how everything is so expensive or ain't them apples just the berries? with no further motive. I can tell them how precious their children are and take it no further. It is a wonderful feeling to just walk to mye car and know my comment to her was just that, a comment and no more. Bliss.


    Taking a nap on a Sunday afternoon - well, that was for losers!! As in not Winning! I think of all the exhausted ibos out there at night bustin' it for nothing, while I am at home snuggled up with stud just relaxing. Bliss again.


    As I roam thru the store and I put all kinds of goodies in my cart and suddenly, eww, I ask myself are there any like-products I could be buying from my own business? Then I take hold of myself and realize amway can kiss my grits. I'll buy any damned thing I want. Bliss for a third time!!


  2. Its so nice not to look at everyone as a prospect. It makes going to grocery stores, the mall, staying at hotels, or the casino much less stressful because you can just have normal conversations and then part ways without trying to entice a phone number.

  3. Walking away from extreme sleep deprivation, and being able to shop without hasstling people were excellent reasons to get the hell out of amway.

    Never mind the endless meetings, and meetings after the meetings, and the night owls, and the power meetings after the opens. Have I forgotten any?

    Non-amway products were referred to as 'Communist' products and God help up if we were ever caught with any in our homes. If our uplines had ever found any, I can just imagine the horror I would have felt for having let them down. Our upline were the most decent people in the world - we are still very close to them.

    How do we go from being normal law-abiding citizens to being spooked at the very thought of having Ban roll-in on the property?

    I remember prospecting a gal one time and she responded, "I want to be able to buy from whoever and from wherever I want." At the time my thought was, 'Loser!' Ha, she was right as rain.

    Triggers -

    I still have my finest amway suits (skirts/coats) in the closet. Can't part with them even though I would never wear them again as they are so 1990's - very dated. They are high quality and I don't know what is holding me back, but every time I clean that guest room, see those suits and I'm immediately taken back to the time when I thought nothing of throwing them on and getting out the door. Freedom!! blechhhhh..........


  4. Do yourself a favor and get rid of those suits. Its clutter in your house. Its time for spring cleaning anyway. If you don't want to donate them to a charity find a consignment store so you can at least get some money back or credit to buy something else that you'll actually wear. That reminds me I've got to spring clean our guest room too but I'm pretty sure I'm not going to find any Amway crap in there.

  5. Throwing out all of your old Amway crap is so liberating! I took all of my suits to a shop and got money for them. Now someone else can enjoy all of those Ann Taylor clothes without having a panic attack:)

    Former Ambot

  6. Anonymous, I agree. Decluttering the Amway crap and getting it out of the house is liberating. Never having to look at it again and being reminded of the bullshit is a huge weight off the shoulders. I hope CT cleans out that closet tonight! I never bought any special outfits for Amway. Whatever was in my closet I wore. If it didn't match all the better!

  7. It actually took me almost 10 years to throw out the many many boxes of tapes, in hind site I should have burned them. Seriously though, I don't know why I kept them so long other than I was still somehow just a little bit attached to the idea that the tapes represented to me when I was in the business. It has been 18 years since I left and signed over my downline to my so called best friend uplines; I never once heard from them again. The memory triggers are still everywhere and every once in a while I'll get approached by an obvious Ambot whose pick up line hasn't changed since I was in his shoes 18 years ago.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  8. I bought all designer suits at used stores. They were in mint condition and still are.

    Brad Wolgamott taught that if you came into his meetings (any of his meetings) dressed even slightly unprofessionally, you were booted out. He made a huge deal of it over and over. He dared you to embarress him. He said you had better be the sharpest dressed person every time. Well, can you imagine how we all worked to make sure we could make the cut?

    The reality is, amway is such a sham, they have to go to great lengths to give it validity.

    Have you seen how some of the women now dress like skanks at those meetings? Ha! Can only imagine him gnashing his teeth and getting his knickers in a knot.

    Oh, and by the way, he just divorced his wife, Leslie. I think he ran off with dino kosage.

    Fired up and pass the CASSETTE TAPE.

  9. Lemming, it was probably the brainwashing by your upline that made you hold onto those tapes so long. After all they are considered holy, sacred material, aren't they? Ha ha. I thought we got rid of all of ours but every now and then a CD shows up that slipped into some paperwork in a file or behind a book on the shelf and you gotta wonder how it got there. Usually motivates me to write another blog...

  10. I don't specifically recall any meeting run by Brad Wolgamott but I think he may have been at one of the functions I attended. I think that's just sick that they'd kick you out of a meeting if you weren't dressed to their specifications and then make fun of you afterward. But just about every Amway meeting I attended someone was singled out and ranted about. Our upline were the most negative people I've ever met in our life, constantly criticizing others, sneering at people who had jobs, talking about houses being foreclosed, and businesses shutting down. I hear enough about that on the news I don't need to hear it at a "business meeting". I don't think anyone dared to boot me out of a meeting because of the way I dressed because they knew I wouldn't come back!

    If you're not planning on wearing those clothes again you got to get rid of them. If nothing else for the bad memories because they were worn at Amway meetings. A few years ago I decided to really downsize my closet. The stuff that looked good on me in my 20's and that I can still fit into just isn't appropriate now that I've gotten older. Kind of tough trading in those bikinis for one piece suits!


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