Thursday, March 3, 2011

Buy Less and Be Heard!

I saw an interview with a man who’s written a book about consumers and how we can make corporations behave. He uses his blog to get the word out there about different companies. Mostly this has to do with companies that offer shitty products and even shittier customer service when consumers have a complaint.

I thought he was talking about Amway!

But no, the examples he uses are other companies.

He got mad at his lawn mower and blogged about it. Then someone from John Deere head office stops by his blog to read it to see if there was a problem and if this blog could be dangerous to any potential buyers. He never heard from John Deere so the employee must have decided someone blogging about being mad at their lawnmower isn’t a threat.

That’s exactly the same way it is with Amway’s head office! Except I’m betting there are a lot more people out there who are pissed off at Amway than they are at John Deere!

First off you got to wonder why Amway employees are fucking around surfing the Internet during business hours instead of actually getting work done. What about the Amway employee using the Blackberry in the evening to read my blog. You’d think company issued phones are to be only used for company related business, not the employee’s entertainment pursuits.

But really who am I going to complain to? I’ve already learned that Amway head office doesn’t give a flying fuck when IBO’s complain about the lies from their upline, so why would they give a shit when a blogger reports to them that their employees are surfing the Internet during working hours instead of actually (gasp!) working. Apathy City. The I-don’t-give-a-shit winners in the customer service department!

There are lots of bloggers who get the word out about Amway one way or another. Some focus on why the Amway business is a bad opportunity. Other bloggers keep their readers up to date with things going on in the news that are negatively affecting Amway. Some bloggers ferret out the lies and report on them. Other bloggers talk about the Amway cult and brainwashing. Others get the word out there about the tool scam. Most bloggers cross all lines and anything Amway is fair game.

My blog exists because I like cursing out my former upline and to tell about the brainwashing used on my Ambot so others can be warned about what is ahead should they choose to proceed. Sometimes I talk about what Amway’s business opportunity but I’m happiest cursing out the upline assholes and revealing what went on at Amway meetings and functions.

Former IBO’s blog about their Amway experiences and other former IBO’s leave comments about their similar experiences which means there’s a lot of information about Amway on the Internet: the cult, brainwashing, inferior products at premium prices, IBO abuse, shitty customer service from head office, the amount of money Amway IBO’s really earn each month, the amount of money that IBO’s lose each month, Diamonds lying about buying everything for cash, Diamonds selling houses or having their homes foreclosed, Diamonds declaring bankruptcy. When it comes right down to it just about everything associated with Amway is a lie. But mostly those lies are generated by the IBO's, not necessarily by Amway's head office who refuse to take responsibility for the IBO's actions and turn the other cheek and pretend its not happening.

Amway does not consider bloggers to be a threat to their bottom line. Talk about arrogance!

The author being interviewed finished with one piece of advice: “Buy less and be heard!”

That same piece of advice could be targeted to any corporation that offers inferior products and inferior customer service but its a perfect weapon against Amway.

People blogging about Amway get thousands of visitors each month so we are being heard.

I don’t buy nothing from Amway and its a safe bet that most of my readers don’t either so we’re winning on the “buy less” front too except in our case its “don’t buy at all”.

Buy less and be heard!


  1. Amway used to monitor my blog religiously in the past. They have tailed off now. Ironically and interestingly enough, Amway stopped closely monitoring my blog at the same time when IBOFB stopped monitoring my blog.

  2. Things that make you go hmmmm....

    Perhaps the answer is no more complicated than some upper management at Amway head office started cracking down on employees surfing the Internet when they were supposed to be working.

  3. Joe and Anna;

    Off topic: I just tried to go into amway functions suck and every entry has been removed. How is this done? Who is doing it?


  4. Well that sucks!

    Perhaps Amway bought Derek out and he removed his blog. One day you'll come here and the same thing will have happened. Amway will pay me the big bucks for my blog and to go away.

  5. Wait, how can that be? I'm Joecool, I'm also Anna, John, tex and I run all of the Amway critic's websites. IBOFB is convinced of it!

  6. I almost thought about saying that!

    Did you forget you're also the MLM Punisher? Its hard to keep track of them all after awhile isn't it?

  7. I'd like to be John Wayne. Can I be John Wayne?

  8. You'd have to find a small horse to make yourself look larger then.

  9. Oh yes, I'm MLM Punisher and also Rocket.

    Anon, you can only be John Wayne if IBOFB says it's okay. LOL

  10. Oh, please, please, I wanna be John Wayne. My hero. Seriously.

    I wanted to marry him. Finally gave up on that and decided I wanted to marry his son, Patrick. Dreamy.

    But, seriously, it's spooky that a site can disappear like that. Is is possible amway can be so afraid of us that they would do that? Won't new sites just keep cropping up to replace it?


  11. Anonymous it may be nothing more to it than Derek decided not to keep up a blog anymore, though if that's the case its a little odd that he didn't just leave it up and put an update at the top that he was done with blogging. I like to think that Amway bought him out to go away and stop blogging. Yes new blogs will keep showing up to replace the ones who stop blogging. Already in the past couple of months MLM Punisher and John/Ambot.0 aka Joecool have sprung up.

  12. My guess is that it was a result of a legal threat by Amway since all traces are gone and no mention was made as to why the site was taken down.

  13. No I don't think so. If that was the case the first site coming down would be Tex's! I'm hoping Amway offered him big bucks for his website so he'd just go away and stop blogging about his Amway experience.

  14. Okay, if Amway is listening, I'll close down my blog for $50K.

    Maybe Derek got threats for running his blog? I got threats but I didn't stop blogging.

  15. Except in Tex's case he is not going to be intimidated by the threat of being sued since it is his intent to sue Amway. I guess that the site could have taken down as a result of an arbitration settlement which is, in effect, being paid to take it down.

  16. Joecool if Amway is listening they'll have to throw in a few more zeros to the amount you want if they want me to close down my blog!

    Derek didn't post that frequently but maybe he was getting threats. I wonder if he'll come to one of our blogs and let us know why. Though if Amway paid him out he probably had to agree to keep it confidential.

  17. Anonymous its not against the law to tell the truth or to have an opinion. Well, at least not in this part of the world! Tex is suing Amway because they sued him first which is what he says on his website. I'm sure he'll do quite well when he gets his settlement and probably negotiate more dollars to stop blogging. If it was me involved in litigation I wouldn't be so vocal but everyone has different agendas.

  18. I think getting paid out is possible. If Derek was a part of that lawsuit and settlement, he might have been paid out and Amway's agreements always include secrecy.

  19. Hey guys. I found the Amway Functions Suck blog a while back and being the FORMER AMBOT that I am I left a pretty bold comment referring to the last post he made. Then I noticed the next day the blog had disappeared. I'm not saying it has anything to do with what I said, I don't even remember what I said, but I thought it was weird also that the blog just went away...

    Amway would have to pay me A LOT of cash to take down my online journal of my horrific Amway experience. The truth needs to be told! Amway sucks a big fat one. Oh, and it ruins lives also.

  20. Joecool it seems everyone who sues Amway has the same thing they're suing about. Amway settles and some of the details are known but we don't hear from the plaintiffs. If Derek was one of the people suing Amway good for him. I hope he made lots of money and then even more money for his silence!

  21. Anonymous - maybe you're the reason Derek shut it down! He just couldn't deal with it anymore! Too bad you don't remember what you said!

  22. I wonder if the diamonds read these blogs. With their egos the size of Texas, my guess is they can't resist seeing their name on the net even if it's associated with crap.

    I can just see it now.

    Diamond reading Anna's blog: "Well, that dirty negative nellie ogre amway-hating rascally brat. Who does she think she is? Wait a minute. Wait a minute.......I think I remember her. She didn't stand up and swoon when I walked in the room that night. Oh, that little brat. She's such a brat. I remember her now. She was....what was it?........Oh, yeah, reading a book!! It was one of my faves with that Fabian guy on the front. I could hardly speak that night for wanting to get that book. Well, what a loser. I'm not bored. Everyone wants to be me. Where are those CASSETTE TAPES about me? Martha! I said, where are those CASSETTE TAPES about my wonderfulness? Does not no one in this house care about me anymore? Can't wait for the next function."

  23. I doubt the Diamonds read these blog unless they're doing a name search to see who their latest worshippers are and end up on blogs like this by mistake.

    I wasn't the only one in the room not standing up! I also wasn't the only one in the room doing something else while they were speaking! But yeah, you got to wonder what they're thinking when they see people occupied in other past times and ignoring them while they're on stage. Probably thinking who brought that loser.

  24. Hey Anna, how did you get the IP blocker? Did you ban tex and ibofb?

  25. I see them here occasionally but I guess they've both lost interest in me. If Tex tries to comment he'll get redirected.

  26. Awe man! That's gonna drive me crazy trying to remember what I said! It was definitely in favor of the blogger. Some pro-amway ambot person had gone on there and gave another automated response about how awesome Amway is. Then of course I blasted that person for being such an idiot. It was something to the effect of...

    "..go back and actually sign up as an I.B.O. and then make 21 new "friends" a week, do 10 plans a week, never miss an open, never miss a function, have a minimum of 3 guests at every open, load your trunk with tools, do all your stupid PV for almost 5 years, sell your soul, lose all your money and your house, and THEN come back and tell me how awesome you think Amway is."

    Um...and yes. I actually did that. I can hear you all laughing. But its cool. I read all those people skills and self image books so I can handle it. Cuz I'm a WINNER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Anonymous aka the straw that broke the camel's back? Ha ha.

    Sadly some of the people who end up on my blog have put in their search criteria that Amway is awesome. Brainwashed ambots....

  28. Anna, i always enjoy reading your blogs. Last month i complained on facebook and some forums about my cellphone company having shitty reception. Next thing i know i get a free cellphone & 2 months of free service. When i called the company to complain about the reception they basically gave me the middle finger. Glad there's the net for people to complain.

  29. Thanks Colin! The power of the Internet. Someone complains in person or over the phone and they get flipped off. Put a complaint on a blog or social networking and someone takes care of you. Except of course if you're complaining about Amway! That's pretty cool about a new phone. I need a new Blackberry. I can't say that I have any complaints about the old phone I use right now so I guess I'll have to buy my new one the old fashioned way!


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