Saturday, March 5, 2011

You’re a Server!

Our Platinum sack of shit would try to stroke Ambot’s ego by calling him a “server”. And then he’d dish out the bullshit about how God put Ambot on earth with a calling to serve other people.

And Ambot would just glow with pride when the sack of shit pointed him out at an Amway meeting to praise this wonderful server.

I mean what the fuck!?

The only person Ambot should be concerned about serving is me!

It was just part of the bullshit that would spew out of the Platinum’s mouth about how IBO’s were on earth to “help” others or “bless” others or “serve” others. I guess its to pump them up and think they’re actually undertaking some noble task by using those words to justify their existence in Amway and holding on to an elusive dream even while they’re losing money. Helping humanity. Yeah right. Helping them to the poor house and divorce courts is more like it!

The usual way Ambot got to “serve” his Platinum was buying him coffee whenever they met at the coffee shop. All these “sharp businessmen” in the shop wearing their business suits and clutching their cell phones and none of them offered to buy the sack of shit a coffee because none of them could afford it. Their wallets were empty.

After we got out of Amway Ambot said to me that often the Platinum would walk in to the coffee shop and say he was hungry and tell someone - usually Ambot because he’d be the most likely to have money on him - to buy him a sandwich. I’m sure Ambot probably jumped at the task if the Platinum just threw it out in the air “Can someone buy me a sandwich”. After all that’s what makes him such a good “server”. The only reason he was a better “server” than the rest of the “sharp businessmen” in attendance was because he had the funds to cover a coffee and sandwich.

Ambot continued to serve, help, or bless the Platinum whenever it was commanded of him. Coffee, sandwiches, errands, help around the house. He was right front and center so he wouldn’t lose his very important status as “the server”.

I’m not saying its a bad thing to help out your fellow human beings when they need a hand and many people “bless” others with gifts offered out of the kindness of their hearts with no expectation of repayment. And certainly there are people who have a calling to serve others such as our military, police, firemen, clergy, nurses, doctors, etc. There are a lot of people who have the calling to serve others in some respect.

Its the screwed up manner in which our Platinum calls people “servers” and that they have a calling to “serve”, “bless”, or “help” others that pisses me off. The only person the sack of shit wants his downline to serve is himself. The only person he wants the downline to help is himself. Help him get rich that is by buying more products and tools.

Greedy son of a bitch. But can you blame him? A prerequisite of being a successful Amway IBO is to be driven by greed. IBO’s with a conscience will never become part of the elite 1% who make money in Amway.

And that is why Ambot could never become successful at Amway no matter how good a server he is. He can’t in good conscience rip off other people and make their lives miserable.

Anna Banana is a server too. My blog serves to help other women know they’re not alone. There are other women out there who are married to Ambots who have survived the Amway tornado. My blog serves to tell about the antics of our upline and that our experience is not unique. There are stories like mine all over the Internet about upline abuse and brainwashing.

Ha! That sack of shit Platinum never expected me to be a server.


  1. Anna, what a narcissistic prick your platinum was. I wish that were an unusual story. Amway is quite an ingenious cult, though, and part of the reason they've been so successful is that they've perfected the art of sustaining an alternate reality. IBO's are brainwashed believe that 1) they're successful, even though they're broke, 2) they're businessmen, even though they're unpaid employees, 3) they're free, even though they have less time for their families, 4) they're serving God (and this is the worst of all), despite the fact they're accomplice to the largest corporate fraud in history.

    The God talk from Ambots really irks me, and not because I'm irreligious, but because it's such a distortion. They'll take something from the Bible like "serving" and twist it so that it's "serve your upline". Let's see what the Bible does say about service:

    "Serve wholeheartedly, as if you were serving the Lord, not men" - Eph 6:7

    Oops! Guess we should rewrite that for the Book of Amway. How about "Serve your upline wholeheartedly, as if your success in the business depended on meeting his every need."

    If you want to hear more pseudo-religious ravings, check out what Birdie Yager and Dexter Yager said here:

  2. John I used to wonder if we just had a rogue Platinum and if other Platinums out there were nicer people, but as you pointed out ours is not an unusual story. When I got fed up enough with that sack of shit that's when I hit the Internet and found what others were writing about their upline and it could have been written by me.

    The brainwashing, the abuse, the claims of being a good Christian who puts God first, everything about him was twisted. Unfortunately not a unique experience as I found out when I hit the Internet looking for advice and support.

    Serve your upline is definitely part of the Amway teaching.

  3. I remember when Laurie Duncan (wife of Greg Duncan) would walk out into the hallway during a major function all the ladies would rush her and swoon/faint/cry and make other 'appropriate' emotional gestures.

    I would decide I had to use the bathroom. Sorry, that crap aint' for me. Just can't do the worship stuff.

    If I can't build a business that does not include cult behaviour, guesss I aint' building it.


  4. Is that the one who looks like a Barbie doll? I remember being at a function and someone with the last name Duncan was boring me to death and I finally left the auditorium and went back to my car to read my book until it ended and Ambot joined me. I know there's more than one Diamond Duncan but I don't know who is who.

  5. I think the barbie doll is julie duncan. Laurie duncan is a bit of a oink oink.

  6. The platinum sandwich story is just really pathetic. I usually buy my own food or drinks.

  7. Julie Duncan looks like she's had a ton of plastic surgery. Not judging, just observing. Her hair is dyed white/blonde.

    Laurie is actually quite pretty even in middle age.

    At a meeting after the meeting after the endless meeting, we were lucky that we got to sit in on yet another Brad Duncan meeting (at 2 am, no less) in our business suits. We were totally exhausted and Brad is chastising us for being totally exhausted.

    Julie came in late dressed in sweat pants and tennies and proceeds to sit in the front row and yuk and laugh it up with some other gal. I couldn't believe it. Here we were dying, and she's acting like a 7th grader. Wasn't impressed with Julie Duncan.

    Something other than disdain for your downline would be in order.

    Guess she missed the CASSETTE TAPE about wives staring adoringly at their warrior husbands while he's imparting the next commandment from God.

    BTW, for those ambots who tell us to prove everything, did you know that Julie met Brad when he was already an Emerald? She never went thru 100 pv, Eagle, Double Eagle, Artistry clinics, etc. She did not have my respect in any way. She has not idea what the typical ambot goes thru.

  8. Colin - you were a Platinum?

    Our Platinum was, well on a Platinum's commission. He couldn't afford to buy coffee and sandwiches!

  9. Anonymous - 2am is all the better for brainwashing. The brains are tired and ready to accept the abuse.

  10. Oh, Anna;

    It was horrible, those late late late meetings. Everyone was so totally wiped out, and they have the nerve to call a meeting?? What the hell for? I won't learn a thing. This will be a two hour verbal smackdown b/c we aren't building it fast enough, or what are we waiting for, or you aren't committed enough, or whatever else they can think up to hammer us with.

    It never ended.

    The narcissism was total.


  11. Anna, Im not a platinum and never spent a dime on any of the tools. Just thought it was pathetic a grown man who cant pay his own way for a meal or drinks.

  12. Anonymous - the upline would complain if you wanted to leave "early" like say midnight! Yup those late hour meetings were usually bitch sessions about how people dressed, their friends, their cars, etc.

    Our sponsor and our Platinum were the most narcissistic people in our LOS. Not saying there weren't others. Just that they were the worst that I had to deal with.

  13. Colin if the Platinum wasn't throwing all his money at Amway products and tools he'd have been able to afford to buy a snack at the coffee shop! And you're right that is pathetic especially when he has a full time J.O.B. I think he once said he makes around 60k a year.

  14. Anna, i know ambot would never do it but he should hand his platinum the address to the local food bank.

  15. Maybe the Platinum already has it....

    We have had no contact with him in months.

  16. my wife ( now ex ) and I were double eagle rubies ., we won the diamond incentive award back in 1999( i think or 2000) anyway, everyone thought we were making money,, and we were....but mostly on tools,, and then on the bonus cheques...but most of all it was the yr end bonus chq that made a difference. however I was spending a ton of money travelling back east to work a let back there....loosing sleep. ,sleeping at airports..because I wanted to "do whatever it took" I have no regrets on doing what i did. however i do regret the type of person i became , just seeking attention and loving that other people would come around me at functions with their tape recorders wanting to know what i knew ( as if i was some guru) .. its not a humble ,walk soft type of business. at least not for my personality. The business is a good sound business. Its the people and the attitudes and the late nites and the people worshiping that was so so not right. and they say that anyone can build it. And i now do not agree...a shy, not aggressive person who has very limited funds and no desire to sell anything certainly can not build it...

    I remember my upline bounced a bonus cheque on me when i was a 4000pv. and i still paid everone in my downline and no one reimbursed me for the bounced cheque...hmmm


    1. Former Double Eagle Ruby - thank you for stopping by my blog and sharing your story! A lot of people might miss your comment so I'm going to feature it on a blog post sometime in the next couple of days.

      Sorry to hear about your marriage. Another casualty of the Amway war I guess....

      Thank you for confirming that only a certain type of personality has what it takes to be part of Amway. In fact it takes certain personality types to run any type of business. Not everyone has what it takes to be a business owner, Amway or otherwise. A fact that ambots refuse to accept. Its so simple anyone can do it. Right?


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