Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sniping Prospects on Facebook

About 2 months after Facebook became live on the Internet an acquaintance of mine sent me a friend request. I didn’t know him all that well but he was in an on again off again relationship with a woman I know because she shared a house with a friend of ours for several years. I didn’t know what Facebook was so I left the email alone for awhile and then one day I finally clicked on the link, accepted the friend request and registered. He sent me a message saying he was happy I’d joined and almost right away the other 2 people I knew him through also sent me friend requests. The couple already had many friends signed up and some of them sent me friend requests too even though I didn’t actually know them I accepted the request. In the beginning I thought it was weird that people who had never physically met me wanted to be my friend. I joined a couple of groups - schools I went to and organizations I was part of - and signed up people I really knew as friends. I’ll admit I even got brave and sent friend requests to a few people I didn’t know but were friends of friends.

Facebook was kind of a good thing. I’ve reconnected with people I lost contact with many years ago. I’ve also met some new people through various groups I’m part of. I’m not huge on Facebook. Mostly I use it for posting photos and then send the link to friends of mine who aren’t on Facebook. I’m not on there every hour changing my status or seeing what my friends are doing.

Back in the early days of Facebook whenever somebody posted a comment on your friend’s wall that would show up on your news feeds too. Actually get kind of annoying seeing all these comments that people you don’t know have written on other people’s walls and on and on it’d go. It hasn’t been like that in a couple of years.

There’s a woman who I’ve never met but we’re both members of the same online group and we do have a lot of things in common so we became Facebook friends but we don’t interact all that much. One day I noticed some man had posted a comment to her wall because it showed up in my news feed. The fellow’s photo showed him dressed in a suit and he’d written a message to the effect of thank you for accepting my friend request and I look forward to networking with you in the future.

I thought it was a little weird for someone to say. When you get a new friend on Facebook you write a little hello message and maybe compliment their photos. But looking forward to networking with someone? Screams Amway all over it.

Ambot didn’t get started on Facebook until after he joined Amway, about 2 years after I'd signed up with Facebook. The sack of shit Platinum would bring it up mostly when he was talking about the name list all IBO’s have to make of people they know. He said if you have 800 friends on Facebook you can prospect them all as potential IBO’s or customers.

That seems a little creepy to me. I’d say if you have a couple of hundred friends on Facebook you probably don’t know all of them personally. Using Facebook to snipe friends as Amway prospects just seems a little screwy to me.

But Ambot decides the Platinum might actually know something and spends all his free time (and there’s not much of that when you’re involved in Amway!) looking for local entrepreneur groups he can sign up with and then he goes nutso signing up “friends”. He went overboard and Facebook suspended his account. I believe there is a maximum amount of “friends” you’re allowed to sign up daily and he exceeded it. He even told me he was getting warning messages from Facebook saying he was approaching his daily limit of friends and that he would get blocked if he didn’t stop. And then his account got suspended! Ha! Did it not occur to Ambot that Facebook puts limits in effect to stop people from spamming or signing up “friends” for business purposes - like potential Amway prospects! Like Ambot is the first person involved in an MLM who thought about using Facebook to prospect for recruits!

Its also possible that some of these unknown friends were complaining to Facebook or maybe after a person gets enough declines on friend requests that Facebook suspends them.

For all the effort Ambot put into signing up unknown people as friends and I’d have to say he got a couple of hundred he never got a single one of them to an Amway meeting or purchase any products.


  1. This is so funny to me that this is your post today:) Just yesterday I got a facebook email from an ambot that used to be on MY team!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Prospecting ME!!

    But its not like he came out and said..."Hey. I know you USED to be in Amway, but are you lookin...?" No. He proceeded to give me the same fucked up deceiving email that he gives to all of his "friends". The only reason I have him as a friend on facebook is because I met him through the business!

    Just as a warning to anyone who may read this...LTD teaches you EXACTLY what to say when prospecting your friends on FB. In fact, there is a whole damn CD dedicated to that one technique! I can't wait to blog about this one. It gets me so f'n fired up....and not in a good way!!!!


  2. If you've been keeping up with my posts that's how Ambot got drafted the 2nd time into Amway/WWDB - are you looking???? You could always report your friend as a spammer! Get his account suspended. I'm not surprised that they've come out with CD's and training on how to use Facebook to snipe prospects.

    Can't wait to read your blog! Ambot In Rehab maybe?

  3. I had some weird people add me as friends and want me to click certain links. Sometimes it was amway and other times it's some other mlm. They do have the option where u can set your account so people cant request to add you as a friend or have your name on searches.

  4. I wouldn't say I've had weird people add me as friends or if I find out they're weird I delete them but lately I'm getting people who I've never had of putting in a request to tag themselves in my photos. I'll check out the photo and it'll be a picture I took of a car or a dog so I'll ignore them too but I can't figure out why the interest in tagging their name into a stranger's photo they're not part of.

  5. Nice...LOL. I'll have to consider that one;) It kinda has a nice ring to it. Or ...say..

    AA... for Ambots Anonymous!

    I may just have to get his account suspended....don't nobody prospect a former ambot!!

  6. Anonymous - if an IBO prospected me on Facebook I'd report them. Cut off their supply of potential recruits!

    I like Ambots Anonymous. I might do a post about that one day!

  7. I reported him! And I like your AA post. There is NO WAY I will blog any way but anonymous. I'm still deep down terrified that someone in my upline will find my blog and come kill me in the middle of the night. They are crazy!
    But I feel passionately about getting the truth out even if it only saves one person from the heartache.

  8. Any of our upline that show up here in the middle of the night first have to deal with a barking dog who's really cranky at getting woken up. Then bust in our door which will set off our alarm system which will wake up anyone in our house who happened to sleep through the barking dog. And then they'll take a bullet or two from our 45. If they didn't have a weapon when they entered our house they will have one before the cops arrive!

    Absolutely there are crazed IBO's out there. Warriors defending Amway. You don't need those crackpot IBO's showing up in the middle of the night brainwashed by their upline to commit murder.

  9. My family member who is involved in amway had the nerve to prospect a friend of mine on facebook when they told me to my face that they didn't like this friend of mine! Are they that desperate? This same family member tried prospecting my mom! She had me remove them from her facebook friends list! I was glad to! Now if only I could get them off my friends' list...LOL

  10. Anonymous - they are that desparate. Our upline used to say they wouldn't work (sign up) anyone unless they like them but that was a lie. They'd sign up anybody with a credit card with room to spare! The upline wants to know if their downline has Facebook or if any prospects are on Facebook and how many friends they have. Once they know your name they can access your friends unless you have your privacy settings that they can't access the list. Then they prospect everyone. They are DESPERATE!!!!


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