Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Get Your Wife Free!

“Don't you want your wife to come home from work and be there for your children?”

That was one of the “lines” that our Platinum used to tell us to use when prospecting for new IBO’s.

I think its a sexist comment. Who says that all wives have - or want - children? Maybe they don’t want neither - no outside job, no children. Are they excluded from this Amway lament? Who’s to say that women who stay home MUST have children? Our sack of shit Platinum, that’s who. Male chauvinist pig!

Only women who have children are “allowed” to come home from work? Bullshit! That fucking Platinum is just another man who takes women for granted. Somehow the house gets cleaned, the laundry gets done, the garbage gets taken out, the lawn is mowed, the garden is weeded, meals get cooked, the cookie jar is full, etc. Does he think some magical fairy is taking care of all of this?

If the husband and wife are both working then they should have equal responsibility for all house and yard chores. On the other hand if either the husband or wife stays at home while their spouse is the bread winner then logic dictates that the one staying home would be taking care of the bulk of the house work and yard work. If they have children then there is more work involved. Its pretty much a full time job taking care of the house.

But how come the question is never reversed? “Don’t you want your husband to come home from work and be there for your children?”

Nope can’t say as how I ever heard that one from the sexist son of a bitch.

I’ve worked for a few different companies and whenever female employees went on maternity leave they very rarely returned to work - and none of them were involved in Amway. They figured out with their husband whether or not it made economic sense for them to return to work or stay home. A lot depends on which spouse has a better paying job, better education, better chance of earning a living. Or if they’re self employed, is the business income good enough for one spouse not to need to work.

If a husband does not want his wife working an outside job (and be there for the children if they have any) then they’ll figure out a way to do so. This might mean working overtime, a second job, or finding other ways to increase the business income. Despite what some lousy Amway IBO might pressure them into believing, becoming an Amway IBO is not the only solution “to get your wife to come home from work”. More precisely its a bad solution because of the 1% chance of success in the Amway business. Most IBO’s will lose money and then the pissed off spouse ends up going back to work to help get out of debt. 

There are men out there who have been brainwashed by their upline into believing the only way “to have your wife come home from work” is by becoming an IBO and they must accomplish this goal of getting their wife free or else they’re a loser. Totally brainwashed into believing that if their wife has a J.O.B. then he’s not man enough and he’s a loser.  Amway speak discounts any other method where a wife could retire early from her job. My mother worked until she had me and then she never worked a job ever again other than occasionally assisting my father with his business. Neither of my parents were involved in Amway and they retired early. Well, my mother many years before my father!

To any brainwashed ambots who parrot their upline by using the line “don’t you want your wife come home from work and be there for your children” when prospecting, are you a bunch of sexist male chauvinist pigs? Does your Platinum require you to regularly watch The Stepford Wives?

It really pisses me off when I see ambots spouting off about how Amway got their wife free like this is such a huge accomplishment and then throwing it in everyone’s face. Like no other man in the history of earth has ever had a wife who does not work a job.

“I got my wife free. Wouldn’t you like to duplicate me and get your wife free too?” I want to scream everytime I hear some bastard saying this and all I want to do is throw a sexist comment right back at them. The next ambot that uses that line is going to hear this: “Its the man’s job to provide for his wife. Why are you such a fucking loser that you haven’t been doing that all along? Why are you an even bigger fucking loser and involved in Amway?”

OK. I feel better now that I’ve got that one off my chest!

Some of those ambots - read into this our Platinum - have attitudes from another era when it comes to how a wife should be treated. But if you  throw an attitude from another era right back at them then they throw a hissy fit.

I was free from my job before the Amway dark days. So stick that in your hat and smoke it.


  1. Try asking the Ambot why his wife isn't free?

  2. Try suggesting his wife get a second job so he can quit his and be free.

  3. Bwaahahahahaha! Real freedom means being able to make decisions for yourself and not having a dictator, AKA your upline, telling you what to do in the first place! I'm so glad I can go to the bathroom now without having to ask permission first from my fucking Nazi upline.

    That's what being a Former Ambot will do for ya...

    (insert creepy chant here)

    Thanks LTD! You suck!

  4. Anonymous - shhh about that freedom stuff. You don't want some IBO to show up here read that and get confused by the facts!


  5. Oooooh right....I forgot! This is an anti-amway blog!

    Try this chant instead:

    SCAMWAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!GIVE US ALL YOUR MONEY!!!!!!

    and your soul, and your time, and your life, and....YOUR BRAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Yay Scamway! Give us your money, quit your job to spend more time with us, divorce your wife cause she's holding you back, we're gonna brainwash you and make you drink the spiked XS!

  7. Anna,
    I believe Eric Scheibeler wrote that those who were core and had begun to generate a few thousand PV (not directs, mind, but just a few thousand PV) were pressured to "bring the wife home" so that she could help the husband focus on the business full time. He's not the first to describe such pressure. Ambots whose wives work often feel judged by their peers. I've heard it's not uncommon for an upline to pressure an IBO to have his wife quit work when they are highly dependent on her income and aren't yet even profitable in Amway. How many foreclosures has this thinking caused? For shame.

  8. What happens if the couple is gay? Then who gets to stay home lol? I use to get laughed at when i said some females enjoy their jobs and working. Have a family member who's filthy rich and she continues to work out of boredom.

  9. John, I don't recall that for sure in Scheibeler's book but then its been a couple of years since I read it. Whether or not a wife wants to work or has to work depending on the financial situation shouldn't be decided by the upline. Just like everything else where IBO's don't make a move in life without counselling with upline.

  10. Colin - are you suggesting that gays are allowed? Not according to our Platinum. Although he stopped short of saying "no gays allowed in his downline", ranting about gays was occasionally the subject of his late night "teachings". What else do you expect from a psycho religious freak?

  11. I never heard of any gays making it to the platinum. Not sure the kingpins would allow it.

  12. My friend's wife is "free." She went to college to be a teacher, racked up student loan debt, and now believes that college is a waste of time! Wonder where she heard that? They recently were foreclosed on and the husband is working a temp job and they are renting a house. He's ready to be "free" himself. The ones suffering are the two little ones being shuffled from state to state and home to home. They dared to compare their family to military families who move all the time...I told them they could take that argument and suck it, because it's not even close!

  13. Anonymous, unless your friend's wife has paid back her student loan she will never be free. Gone are the 60's and 70's when everyone signed up for student loans and didn't repay them and walked away with little if any repercussions. Now student loans can't even be part of bankruptcy except in extreme cases. Your friends story is worse than some former IBO's but not uncommon. The foreclosure won't be the end. If the bank sells for less than the amount owing on the mortgage they'll demand your friends repay the difference and they'll likely end up declaring bankruptcy.

    IBO's are told at meetings that education is a waste of time because you'll end up getting a job working for someone else. Then the upline speakers sneer at everyone who has a job like they're the scourge of society. I'm not sure why your friends are moving from state to state unless they're following the moves of their cult leader. Its no different than the hundreds of people who relocated when Jim Jones moved his cult to Guyana. Sometimes people get in so deep with a cult that when they realize they're trapped they don't know how to get out.

    Even with your friends dire financial situation, I bet they're going around calling everybody else losers - people who are not involved in Amway or who have jobs. The real losers are the IBO's.

  14. A little off topic but regarding foreclosures and the bank coming after the borrower for the difference. This is called a deficiency judgement. In some states (CA is one of them, I think AZ is another) the bank can EITHER come after you for a judgment OR take the house. They cannot do both. I lost several investment properties in foreclosure in 3 different states and no bank ever came after me once they got the house.
    Here's more:
    Whether the bank can pursue a deficiency judgment after a foreclosure or short sale depends in part on whether the promissory note makes the seller personally liable for the debt. Some states allow for personal liability, some do not.

  15. Anonymous - I was reading yesterday on Yahoo Finance of a woman in Florida facing foreclosure and the bank gave her an offer she can't refuse. If she can find someone to buy her house for $100,000 the bank will let her off the hook for the balance of the mortgage and give her $30,000. Its really interesting what banks will do to try to cut their losses. They just want the lender to pay off their debt. The bank doesn't really want their house, car, boat, etc.

  16. Unfortunately I am posting with an iPhone which is not working well with your site so please excuse me if this post twice. I am an Amway IBO. Please tell me why it is sexist for me to want to be financially free enough to come home? I want my wife to have the ability to be free not because I am sexist but because vacations are far more fun than working. Working stresses and wears my wife out. I also want to be free and able to come home to her full time. I am not being sexist by letting her retire first, I am loving on my beautiful wife by enabling her to be the free one while only one of us can afford to be. Why do you consider this act of love to be sexist rather than one of a kind husband? I would certainly come home first if she decided she wants to work but in all reality people would prefer freedom over work and that is what she wants too

  17. Hi Anonymous! Hey not bad for typing with an iphone. You must have small fingers.

    Perhaps you're not sexist but our Platinum was and that's how he taught all the men in his downline to be too the miserable son of a bitch!

    There is nothing sexist with wanting your wife to stay at home - if that's what she also wants. I haven't worked in years other than our own business and I'm perfectly happy staying home and I have a busy life. I would never be able to stay at home on an Amway income and there is a 99.75% chance your wife won't be able to either. There are much better business opportunities out there. If you and your wife really don't want to work for another employer I'd suggest you check out books at your library on legitimate businesses that you can start up. You will never be financially free in Amway. You can look forward to debt and possibly divorce if you stay inside the cult long enough.

    I'm guessing you haven't been in Amway too long. You don't quite have the Amspeak down too good yet. The canned Amspeak barely comes out in your comment. Maybe its the typing on the iphone?

  18. Haha possibyl the iPhone. But for now I believe that Amway is a viable alternative to my current engineering job. I am about four months in with Amway and with their new incentives for new IBO's I have been able to make a profit ( less than minimum wage but above zero after invested funds). If there are other viable businesses I have not found one with less monetary risk and I cannot invest in those with my current obligations. It's a best fit for my situation as long as I continue to monitor my investments vs gross.

  19. Hi Anonymous! Many years ago a very wise man told my husband to take something he loves to do and find a way to make money at it. And he took that advice and has been doing very well for many years. If your engineering job doesn't bring you happiness then for sure you should look for something else. Being a commissioned salesperson for Amway is not the answer. It is only going to bring you heartache and financial and emotional distress. I'm glad to hear you're keeping a profit and loss statement. The reality will become very clear to you within the next 4 months. But then you'll be bullied by your upline to attend an Amway function called Free Enterprise Days and that will probably motivate you to hang in there for a little longer. Good luck to you.


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