Monday, April 11, 2011

Career Choice: Cult Leader!

Here’s a comment that appeared on my posting Quitting Amway During Spring Leadership.

Anonymous said...
Just to let you all know, all of you dont have a life for bashing on people that are trying to grow an asset and want to be full time parents, and actully HAVE a life insead of chasing a paycheck for the rest of our lives. When people are trying to do somthing to benift their future why would you take the time outa ur day to diss somthing that could be helping someone?
Like serisouly?? lol Mkaes me sad. Porn and gossip are the number 1 money makers in world right now. And its all thanks to the negitive fat ppl that sit at home all day online and bash on people all day becuse no one cares about them and it makes themselves feel better.

It takes someone with a really low self image to think that have the right to talk shit about somthing like this. I wish all of you the best in ur life, even though all of you are going no where. I still love people, so there for i love you and wish all of you the best from the bottom of my heart.

I figured this Amway speak deserves its own post as a response! In typical chickenshit fashion I doubt I'll see Anonymous back at my blog again but I always enjoy pulling apart Amway speak as do some of my other readers.

I get tons of IBO’s showing up here after doing a search for Spring Leadership. What can I say? I’m at the top of the search engines, a fact that WWDB and Amway don’t appear to give a shit about otherwise they’d pay me handsomely to take my blog and go away.

Most IBO’s can read the tagline at the top of the blog and see this is a blogger who is intent on showing the world her upline are a bunch of assholes and they’re probably not going to find the information they seek here and so they leave. A few stick around long enough to leave a comment full of Amway speak. Like they think they’re so original and we haven’t heard it all before!

I can appreciate why they stay anonymous. It is very embarrassing to admit that you’re involved with Amway. Also their upline would ride their ass if they found out they were speaking (writing) negative. A HUGE no-no when you’re an IBO.

I don’t bash on people who are trying to grow an asset or become full time parents. I bash on my upline who are a bunch of fucking assholes. They’re liars, they treat people like shit, they abuse their downline, etc, etc. Read more of my posts if you want more stories on those fuckers. There are other ways to grow assets. Getting involved in Amway is over 99% certain failure. Becoming full time parents is something that both partners should discuss prior to having children. I already touched on this subject on another post. A couple should be financially and emotionally prepared to have children. Leave Amway out of the equation especially if you think its the only way that parenthood will ever happen for you. It ain’t the path.

I think most people who get involved in Amway do it under the false impression that they will make something better for their life. There is nothing wrong with trying to make a better life for yourself and your family. Unfortunately upline fails to inform prospects that less than 1% of IBO’s will actually make money at this poor opportunity. Instead they catch them up in the hype of numbers and millionaire lifestyles and retiring after 2 to 5 years while residual income and plenty of it rolls in for the rest of their lives.

Porn and gossip are the number one money makers in the world right now? I thought the illegal drug industry was.

Are you calling me a negative fat person who sits online all day? Someone who still looks hot in a size 5 mini skirt? Someone who is very active and very aware of how to keep my body in shape through exercise and eating well? Someone who swims several times a week and has no problem putting on a swimsuit? Its people like you who look at small women who wear clothes in the single digits and call them “fat” that are the problem. You undeservedly call people fat and are responsible for creating self image problems and creating eating disorders. I bash my upline for their attitudes and their abuse. I don’t poke fun at their bodies. There are many in my upline who tried Nutrilite’s Trim and the only thing they lost was their money not any pounds. Some of them have skin of a different color. Some of them look like they could get a part in a horror flick based on their looks alone. I’m not bashing anyone for the way they look the way you are. Talk about negative!

In closing to my anonymous friend from my native state - you will make an excellent Amway cult leader one day. Look at the negative you have to say, particularly critical of fat people, which is a probably a huge self image thing in our state more than any other place in the world. For all the Amway bullshit propaganda about “don’t say negative” you came here to do that and then say “but I still love all people”. Our upline used to do that too.  They’d be really critical of any small successes and totally make you feel like shit when you were feeling good about making a sale and then in the next breath say “But we still love you.”

Good luck with your career choice as a cult leader!


  1. Wow, Anna!
    "Someone who still looks hot in a size 5 mini skirt? Someone who is very active and very aware of how to keep my body in shape through exercise and eating well? Someone who swims several times a week and has no problem putting on a swimsuit?"

    Yo, we need pictures! And charge us for the viewing! After all..."porn . . . {is] the number 1 money maker[ ] in world right now", according to our illiterate Anonymous Ambot friend.


    -----Daniel the [former] WWDB-bot

  2. Daniel - I actually thought about posting a pic of myself in the jean mini skirt I mentioned in my post last Thanksgiving. Then I thought people are just going to say its someone else.

    I was just cleaning some stuff in my guest room and came across a black leather mini skirt size 3/4 that I thought I donated a couple of years ago but I must have changed my mind. It is cute especially with a bolero jacket. Unfortunately even though I can still fit into these things doesn't mean they're age appropriate anymore. I think Oshkosh B Gosh only makes children's clothes now but I still have railroad stripe coveralls I bought back in high school when they were all the rage and I still fit them. Really cute with a matching conductor's cap I bought at the same time. Retro!

  3. Oh, Anna;

    These little bean bags just aren't worth the trouble setting straight anymore.

    What? Calling us lazy losers isn't enough any more? Now we're FAT lazy losers?

    I really had hoped that the blowhards on stage could be just a little more creative than to resort to Pee Wee Herman speak.


  4. Yeah we're fat broke losers who didn't try hard enough. But we still love you. Anonymous will be a good cult leader.

  5. I wish you the best, illiterate Anon Ambot, even though you're going nowhere! Oh, and I love you. Love bombs all around to all the "winners!"

    Post that pic Anna!

    Daniel the [former] WWDB-bot

  6. Now, Daniel, be nice. She's married!

    On the other hand, anon trying to grow an asset;

    Um, your sentence structure stinks.


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  10. I get a lot of weird hits here. I get a lot of anonymous proxys too. Spambots.


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