Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Quitting Amway during Spring Leadership?

Although quitting Amway anytime of the year is a good idea I wonder if it happens a lot around Spring Leadership time. People who signed up with Amway during the previous year and made zippo money were undoubtedly pressured by their upline to renew their membership prior to year end and were forced to go to Dream Night in January. But its been a few more months with no income but plenty of money going out purchasing Amway products and tools. The upline pressures the disenchanted IBO to purchase tickets to Spring Leadership. Don’t give in! Buying the tickets is the cheapest part. There’s transportation, hotel, and meals on top of that. Not to mention your time. More time wasted at an Amway function. Time you will never get back.

I think spring is probably the time of year when most IBO’s quit but I have no statistics to back this up one way or the other. Spring cleaning. Get rid of the shit that is cluttering your life or not bringing you happiness. Amway is probably at the top of that list!

Anyway my blog lets me look at stats showing what people type in search engines to end up at the Married To An Ambot blog. I get some interesting search phrases such as how to say fuck in igbo which I’ll see several times a week!

Right now I get tons of hits every day from people looking for information about Spring Leadership. It would be logical to think most of these searchers are IBO’s and once the poor suckers end up here they don’t stick around to hear about how we were abused by our upline. Sometimes a city will be typed into the Spring Leadership search criteria though at the moment I don’t recall which cities. Sometimes the searcher puts in a year, usually 2011 though one searcher was recently looking for information on Spring Leadership 2010.

Just for the record I have no idea when the Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership will be held. I also have no idea what city or cities it will be held in. I don’t know who will be speaking. I don’t know the agenda. I don’t know nothing. And I ain’t doing a Google search to learn about Spring Leadership! I’m guessing there are several locations across the states and on different dates but I have no proof one way or the other. It doesn’t interest me enough to do a search. Also apparently that information is difficult to search for otherwise I wouldn’t have so many horrified searchers ending up here. I’ve noticed that in the past. You’d think Amway and WWDB would have this information readily available near the top of the search engines for IBO’s trying to learn about Spring Leadership.

All I know is that Married To An Ambot is the top hit on Google for people looking for information about Spring Leadership! Gotta love it! More astonishing is that doesn’t seem to be a concern to WWDB or Amway. If it was they’d be in negotiations with me how much money to shut down my blog and go away.

I also get a lot of searchers every day using search criteria on how to quit Amway. Right now I’d say I get more searchers for Spring Leadership than quitting Amway but that’s only because its coming up in April. But its still alarming the number of searchers looking for information on how to quit Amway. I have some previous posts about that here and here.

Its simple. If you quit Amway then you don’t need to waste any more money going to shitty functions like Spring Leadership. Bottom line is these are motivational seminars and very little, if any, business advice is given. The IRS has already determined that Amway functions do not increase most IBO’s sales or increase their recruitment. If you think going to Spring Leadership will be a good tax write off, think again. Expect to be audited if you try to write off anything about Amway. It might not happen this year or next year. But if you piss off the wrong person they might call the cheaters hotline and suggest they look a little closer at your files.

Save your money and stay home.

Spring Leadership sucks! All Amway functions suck!


  1. WWDB Spring Leadership 2011 will be held in Portland, OR in April.

    Dream Nights are held in Dec. - Jan. in lots of cities.

    Family Reunion (don't you just love that name?) is again in Portland in July.

    Free Enterprise Day is in Oct. in San Diego.

    Hated every one of them. We hit 25 of these major functions on top of the endless opens and regular meetings. Seriously too many to count.


  2. Well there you have it. Thanks for the itinerary! That news has got to suck for IBO's living in the other 49 states! You'd think they'd have more than one location. I mean if I was living in Maine I wouldn't be busting my ass trying to get to the other side of the country! Ambot maybe...

    Family Reunion is such a DUMB ASS name! Ambot used to toss those words around all the time before we went like he was full of so much importance. "We're going to family reunion". I think the phrase family reunion is part of the brainwashing techniques used on IBO's who might not have had a good family life or otherwise don't have family or not close to their family. Its a sense of belonging to a family. Maybe even the only family reunion they've ever been to.

    25 major functions? Wow! Amazing you didn't lose count!

  3. I wish the Ambots would realize that events like this and all the "motivational" tools are the main source of income for the big pins that they look up to. The prices they charge for these events is criminal especially when you consider the fact that most IBOs will need to travel great distances to attend and pay for accommodations. WWDB Spring Leadership is $125 Presale or $130 at the door.
    To get a better picture of how profitable these events are for the Big Wigs, here's a quick run down of the WWDB's total estimated costs to pull off Spring Leadership in Spokane.

    Total approximate cost to rent Spokane Arena + AV Equipment and lighting for 2 days $20,000.

    If they filled the place to 14,000 total capacity x $125 per IBO = $1,750,000 in ticket revenue.

    = $1,730,000 Profit from Ticket Sales.

    You can check out the rental costs for Spokane Arena here.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  4. So apparently there is at least one other city out there for Spring Leadership!

    Lemming, I had to check mapquest for this one! For anyone else out there who is also geographically challenged Spokane is in Washington about 350 miles north east of Portland. So that tells me if Spring Leadership is held on different weekends that IBO's could probably get to both events.

    And then I'm trying to figure out where I've heard of Spokane before and then it comes to me. A few years back a VERY religious acquaintance told me about these healing rooms and then were in Spokane. Why does it not surprise me that Amway would hold an event in a town that is known for its religious healing rooms.

    Look at the costs for renting the arena and the ticket sales. Somebody is making money here and it ain't the up and coming IBO. They need to figure it out that the only way to make money in Amway is by being one of the top guys who gets a cut of the action from events like this. The profits ain't coming from selling overpriced laundry soap and vitamins.

  5. Let's see. If every major you attend will shave 6 months off going diamond, and I attended 25 majors, that would be 25 x 6 mos. = 150 months shaved off going diamond.

    150 months div. by 12 mos. = 12.5 years. If it only takes 2-5 years to go diamond, what did we do wrong, except doing exactly everything we were told to do.

    If ibos would just think it thru like a real business person has to, they would come to the conclusion that the majors don't do squat to move your business forward.


  6. I've read through lots of your posts and I don't know if you already have one written on the following topic, but can you explain how the levels and ranks work in Amway? For example, what is 2500PV? What's the rank order (Platinum, Diamond, Emerald, etc)? I have never been involved in Amway, but some of my family is sucked into it...I'm just trying to understand it. (I have no intention of EVER joining either!)

  7. Feel free to log into the WWDB site using user name:guest password:dream
    If you take a look at their event calender they have 3 Leaderships throughout April in Spokane Washington (Close to the homes of the Duncans and Ron Puryear) You'll recall Greg Duncan is the Diamond who went Bankrupt and had his house foreclosed on, another one in Minneapolis where Dave and Debbie Shores now live after having their house in Montana foreclosed on and lastly another Leadership in Vegas.

    I have no doubt the above names plus a few more are the ones profiting from these events.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  8. CT - you must be a reverse Diamond!

  9. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by to read! Good for you not jumping on the Amway bandwagon like your relatives. However, expect to be ostracized. Part of the cult teaching is to remove the followers from anyone who is not involved who are perceived as negative forces trying to cut off the cash flow.

    Oh boy. I’m not very good at describing the Amway business. My blog is mostly to bitch about my upline! Joecool has a better handle on something like this. A link to his blog is on the upper left side of my page. Its called Amway the Dream or the Scheme.

    OK. I’ll give it a shot and hopefully someone else will show up with a better explanation. Every Amway product is assigned a point value (PV) so the more you buy the more points you get. But its not just you. All the Amway products that your customers and downline buy you accumulate all the points. It is approximately 3 points for each dollar spent. So someone who is a 2500 PV and their customers and downline are buying about $7500 worth of Amway products each month.

    Then there is something else that Amway throws in called BV - bonus volume. Someone at the 2500 PV level earns 18% in bonus volume of the sales, so around $1300/month is the expected bonus check to be received from Amway. Somebody at the 2500 PV level is probably personally buying at least $1000/month in Amway products and probably spending more. A lot of IBO’s fake it to maintain that level and rack up the old credit card bill trying to maintain that bonus level.

    I’m sure someone else can explain this better.

    Platinum is someone who is running at least 7500 points volume each month through their business. They are the ones who run most of the Amway board plan meetings probably at their house or one of their downline houses. Emerald is higher up than Platinum, and Diamond is the highest level. Diamond is where most of the money is made. Very few IBO's make it to this level. Emeralds and Diamonds make up less than one quarter of 1% of all IBO's.

  10. Anonymous, the links to the other blogs are on the right hand side of this page, not the left. Sorry. Typo!

  11. Lemming, I'm sure WWDB will change those passwords pretty quick now that they've been exposed here! Ha ha!

    Agree, those are the only people profiting from these events. Over and over and over....

  12. It's 2.5 PV for every dollar spent on a *get this* amway produced product!!! So to reach 100 pv you spend about $250.00

    Well, shit fire, we were 500 personal pv/mo. Do the freaking math! That's $1,250/mo. just to reach 500 pv.


    Non-amway products are much lower pv for your dollar. Don't have my catalogs handy with me right now. It would be easy to get the exact number.


  13. I like to round up.....

    That's a lot of Amway shit. $1250/month could be a mortgage payment instead of investing in overpriced vitamins and water. And you end up with an investment worth some money when its time to resale instead of a bunch of trash.

  14. CT, I hope u didnt spend 1250/month on that shit for 12 years. I cant even stand the smell of their shampoo or soap. Not sure how that idiot Tex can continue to buy those overpriceed vitamins & water.

  15. I used to while away the endless meeting hours doing algebra and diagraming the statements they puked out from stage. Homeschooled child so had to keep up skills.

    Was forever 'doing the math,' so to speak, but could never finsh the equations. 2+2=4 where I came from, but the crap they tried to convince us to believe just didn't compute.

    I would create long lists of tax systems I was using - anything to get to 2am so we could get the hell out of there. I created menus for months ahead and created the grocery lists to match. Figured out what days I'd be ironing and starching the dozens of white shirts warrior had to wear when showing the plan.

    Does that piss you diamods off just a wee bit? Too freaking bad. Shorten those infernal meeting,s already. I'm just not that into you.


  16. Colin, Ambot spent that amount 2 or 3 months buying useless overpriced Amway shit. And that was horrible enough. I couldn't imagine spending that for years! You'd need a credit card with a much larger limit than Ambot's! I think Tex marches to the beat of his own drummer. Deprogramming failed.

  17. CT, if I wasn't reading a book at Amway meetings I was writing something, maybe like you the next week's menus and shopping lists. Those bastards saw me writing and must have thought I was finally bucking up and taking notes of the bullshit they were spouting!

  18. This comment is only to say April 9. Somebody did a search for "WWDB Spring Leadership April 9". I have no idea what date its being held or if on more than one date but I must screw up any search results and bring seekers to my blog and if typing out April 9 brings a few more to me, so be it!

    April 9 2011

  19. Anna;


    good one

  20. Using the info Lemming provided on logging onto the WWDB web site - user name "guest" password "dream" I have found the dates and cities for Amway Spring Leadership and am posting them here to throw off any IBO's doing a Google search. A big shout out to any brainwashed suckers who show up here long enough to read this post!

    Las Vegas - April 8, 9, 10

    Spokane - April 15, 16, 17

    Minneapolis - April 30, May 1

    Denver - May 7, 8

    Honolulu - May 7, 8

    With that schedule IBO's could attend more than one Spring Leadership except for the Denver Honolulu conflict.

    I'm not sure why Las Vegas and Spokane have a 3 day event and the other cities 2 days.

    No offense to anyone from the other cities but the only places I'd like to travel to would be Honolulu and Las Vegas but I wouldn't want to wreck my vacation to either of those cities by attending an Amway function!

  21. With Vegas it's nice to lay by the pool and get free drinks at the casino. Last thing i want is a bible thumping diamond telling me gambling is wrong. Obviously any form of gambling or fun would take away money from the business. What if i wanna eat at one of those ritzy buffets at the wynn casion? The upline would probably dissaprove of it and make me eat nutrilite vitamins and energy bars with a protein shake.

  22. Lying by the pool is one of my favorites, free drinks are good too. I wanted to be a cocktail waitress at Caesar's when I was younger! You must have higher tastes than I do Colin. We usually hit the all you can eat buffet at Circus Circus!

    I'd say your chances of making money gambling in a Las Vegas casino is higher than gambling money in Amway. I'm not a huge gambler but one time I started with a $10 roll of quarters and made $140 in 30 minutes and quit. That's better odds than in Amway!

  23. Anna, reason i go to the wynn is because i didnt spend as much as your hubby did with the amway scam. I gamble to get the free margaritas,fruit smoothies,beer,and other exotic drinks. It's usually at the penny and nickel slots. I'll press a button at the penny slot machine as the waitress puts down my free drink LOL. You gotta go try the 24 hour all you can eat buffets in vegas ....i think it's between 2-4 hotels.

  24. At least leadership is in Hawaii now. If not, my fellow residents would have to waste time and money to fly to see a useless function.

  25. Colin I didn't know there were still penny slots, or at least not in the casinos I go to! We mostly are on the quarter slots and blackjack tables. Cocktail waitresses swing by those areas more often than the nickel and dime slots. They come back more frequently too because we tip.

  26. Joecool I wonder how many IBO's from the mainland go to Hawaii for Spring Leadership. That would totally destroy anyone's Hawaiian vacation!

  27. Anna, Yes there's still penny and nickel slots. Usually it's difficult to find. The best is to play the machines near the door where they get the waitress get their drinks from. The standard is usually 1.00 per drink or something like that. Funny when i talk about vegas,mexico,thailand to ibos. They usually say they'll travel the beaches of the world when they retire as diamonds. When i hear that comment i think that means they'll never go anywhere lol. So much more fun going for a short vacation to vegas or mexico than to some amway function.

  28. Just to let you all know, all of you dont have a life for bashing on people that are trying to grow an asset and want to be full time parents, and actully HAVE a life insead of chasing a paycheck for the rest of our lives. When people are trying to do somthing to benift their future why would you take the time outa ur day to diss somthing that could be helping someone?
    Like serisouly?? lol Mkaes me sad. Porn and gossip are the number 1 money makers in world right now. And its all thanks to the negitive fat ppl that sit at home all day online and bash on people all day becuse no one cares about them and it makes themselves feel better.

    It takes someone with a really low self image to think that have the right to talk shit about somthing like this. I wish all of you the best in ur life, even though all of you are going no where. I still love people, so there for i love you and wish all of you the best from the bottom of my heart.

  29. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by with your words of wisdom Amway speak. Like we've never heard this before! Hey, I devoted a post to you. Go here to read it:

  30. Hey, my fiancé and I got sucked into Amway last month by two of our friends. We're from New York and he's currently on a bus right now heading to Spring Leadership in Louisville, Kentucky (another location to add!). I'm not going because I hate Amway and I'm in college now and it's the end of the semester. I tried very hard to talk him out of going to this thing (our sponsor friends aren't even going themselves) due to the wasted time and the expenses. But he kept telling me that they're paying for the bus trip and the hotel expenses. The only thing he had to pay for was his actual ticket, which was $60... AND our upline insisted that he'd repay my fiancé if he didn't like the conference. Is this normal? Do you think he'll be swindled into paying for more things once he gets there? What ACTUALLY happens at these conferences?

    He really wanted to go to this to make his decision of whether or not to continue doing Amway, because we've been wrangling over this for the passed month. So far, he has put in about $340 into Amway and we made one sale a couple weeks ago that was about $90 (not sure what the profit was; maybe like $10?). Part of that $340 is the $60 for my ticket when I was almost convinced to go. He called Amway yesterday to try to get a refund on that, but they haven't called him back. I'm kind of pissed off right because this weekend is supposed to be beautiful, I'm getting a new puppy, and I wanted my fiancé to be there to enjoy it with me... but he's at the Amway conference instead. =/

  31. Femanon - you need to run, not walk, away from everyone associated with Amway. There is less than 1% chance of making money. That's a 99% failure rate. Would you get involved in any other business if you need the odds were so heavily stacked against you?

    I've never heard of anyone upline offering to repay someone if they didn't like the conference. I suspect that's a lie. I'm sure they're going to ask everyone to chip in for the bus. I can't see how one person or a small group of people would be footing the bill for that. Likewise the hotel. They probably have several people sharing the room most likely in violation of whatever the room's maximum capacity is. Its my guess they'll ask him to chip in for the room once he's there. What about food?

    Unless you've purchased enough Amway products to meet the 100 PV minimum to qualify for a 3% bonus you won't be seeing a bonus check from Amway. In other words you had to buy around $300 in Amway products in April to get to the 100PV level.

    And might I add those will be useless products that you probably would not have purchased if you'd gone to the grocery store. Amway products are generic or substandard from what you can buy elsewhere and are sold for premium prices. Your upline will feed you some bullshit about the products are high quality and the price reflects that.

    Don't hold your breath getting any refunds from Amway.

    If you read more of my posts you'll see how pissed off I was about the Amway ordeal my husband got wrapped up in. This business causes nothing but financial and emotional distress.

    I need you to go to this website and download a free ebook called Merchants of Deception. You'll be horrified and it will be a real eye opener of the abuse that lies ahead of you if you continue in Amway. Tell your fiancee to read it too.

    Enjoy your new puppy and whatever you do, do not feed it Amway dog food. See my post here about that horror.

    Good luck getting away from Amway before you have too much invested. Check out some of the links in the upper right of thi blog. Joecool gives more rational detailed information than I do about why Amway is a poor business opportunity.

  32. Anna, it's possible that they might pay for the bus ride and hotel. That's cause the bus ride is set already and hotel he'll have to probably had a bunch of roomates lol. There's no guarantee that they'll repay him the 60.00 for the ticket. That's something that they'll never do

  33. Well Colin anything is possible. You have to remember IBO's are specialists at lying. So even though "someone else" is paying for the bus and hotel I think Femanon's fianceee is going to get hit up with "its only the right thing to pitch in and help pay". I wish someone had refunded my tickets!

  34. family members skipped a family event that was very important to us to go to Spring Leadership in KY. Awesome . They skipped the same event this time last I am thinking they won't get anymore invites!


  35. FM - that's what happens when you're brainwashed into this cult. The cult leaders separate their followers from outside sources. They want the money your family members will shell out for tickets. Amway is all about greed.

  36. OMG I really don't know how such negative people can survive in this jungle that we call live. I am not part of any group but just to read this blog make me feel like "GOSH I SHOULD BE DEATH INSTEAD" Please Anna Banana make sure your blog is not read for any person who suffers from depression because you and your anonymous friends will really kill her!!!! LIFE IS WONDERFUL AND SHOULD BE LIVED LIKE A FANTASTIC EXPERIENCE!

  37. SANDRA - You're a fucking liar! But what else do we expect from people involved in Amway? You came to my blog after searching for "Amway convention 2011 Las Vegas". Yeah right keep trying to convince us that you're not part of any group but only a brainwashed ambot would do that kind of search. This was the only one of my topics you read, nothing else in my blog. Life is wonderful as long as you're not involved in Amway.

  38. I wrote a blogpost on life after Amway:

  39. Sandra if you come back to read this be sure to go to this link to see a post I wrote about you and lying IBO's.

  40. "The jungle we call live"? "GOSH I SHOULD BE DEATH INSTEAD"? Another broken engrish ambot spewing typical ambot garbage.
    Very very funny though.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  41. IBO's prey on uneducated people because they have a lower success rate of finding a decent paying job. Sandra thinks Amway is her only chance at riches. She may change her mind before the end of the year!

  42. every single one of these complaints on here are about the cost and the time it takes to go to these functions. Sounds to me like you guys are broke and dont have enough time. Have you ever considered the Amway business? It is a great american business opportunity. Let me know, and i can teach you how to think for yourselves. Instead of like slaves

    1. Jon from Minneapolis who found your way here after going on Bing and searching for "spring leadership orleans arena" - this is the only post you read. If you actually read my blog you'd know that this post is dedicated to cursing out the fucking assholes in my Amway upline more than complaining about getting ripped off in the tool scam and the cost of the functions. So you're just another brainwashed lying ambot.

      So if you're saying I'm broke now, then what's going to happen when I turn 65? I'm going to automatically die because I'm not in Amway.

      You forgot to call me a negative unchristian dream stealer.

      But I won't forget to call you a fucking lying scamming Amway asshole!

    2. Gosh, I am so sad that I am a "broke loser" with my good paying J.O.B. with healthcare, dental, profit-sharing and generous pension benefits, house that is paid for, lots of time to spend with loved ones, healthy bank account and portfolio, instead of "rich" like the Ambots with their empty bank accounts, run-up credit cards, homes in foreclosure, shitmobiles, fear of getting audited by the IRS for deducting so many things that they will nail them on, alienated loved ones and window shades drawn to hide from creditors.
      How in the world could I pass on such an "awesome business opportunity"?



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