Thursday, April 7, 2011

Dinner with Ambots?

Spring Leadership bullshit is over!

Yee haw!

Let’s get in the car and get the hell out of here ASAP! We have a long drive ahead of us and about 3 hours left of daylight. The highway is going to be packed very quickly with IBO’s wanting to get the hell of out Dodge. I want to get ahead of as many of those brainwashed jerks as fast as I can and keep driving until sunset and then find somewhere to eat.

Ambot got out of the stadium fast enough but the fucking Eagle and a couple of his downline are hot on his heels. I was waiting in a 5 minute passenger pick up/drop off zone with a bunch of taxis in front of the arena so I didn’t have to pay for parking. Ambot shows up with the entourage in tow and announces the others want to go to Red Lobster for dinner and he’d like us to join them.

Hell no! I don’t want to eat dinner with those bastards!

As much as I like eating at Red Lobster I have no interest in dining with a bunch of kiddies, one of them being the young lady who came down to the hotel dining room in her jammies. I just want to get going and put some miles behind us while we still had daylight. I had no idea where the Red Lobster was in this town but lets say 15 minutes or so to figure that out and in the past my dining experiences there have taken at least an hour. We’d be burning daylight. I don’t think so. I’m just as happy stopping at Denny’s at nightfall for a burger. Less expensive too. Remember we’re not like the rest of those tax cheating IBO’s. We don’t claim NOTHING to do with Amway on our tax return.

Ambot looks disappointed but gets in the car.

Spring Leadership is done for another year.


  1. Didn't you just love those dinners? I can't tell you how many times we ended up paying anywhere from $50 to maybe $70 for mexican food.

    Let's see. We don't drink. Don't do appetizers. No desserts.

    What happened you ask?

    We would be the first ones there so naturally the waitress would bring us the bill as people would put $5 on the table and run. Excuse me? $5 won't come close to covering it. Some left nothing.

    Got sick of that crap in a hurry. Started telling hubby I had to use the ladie's room and then I'd wander all over the place killing time.

    Norsirree. I'm not picking up one more tab.

  2. CT - I never joined any of them for dinner, it was mostly the coffee shop, like Starbucks where you have to go up and order and pay at the same time. But yeah I could see the exact same thing happening with the people in our group. They either would not pay or would not pay enough and then I could see my husband pulling out his credit card to impress his upline and pay for everyone's meal.

    But what else do you expect? These IBO's have no money because they're spending so much money buying Amway products and tools. I remember two of them showing up at my house for a very important meeting with my husband and I'd baked two dozen cookies just before they arrived. I ate one cookie from each batch and then I was busy somewhere else in the house. When they left I came back to the kitchen to get another cookie only to discover they'd all been eaten. I mean how many people cram in 6, 8, or 10 cookies in one sitting unless they are famished. Shouldn't have spent all that money on vitamins, might have had some left over money to buy real food.

  3. That was a funny picture. I can just see them 'cramming' the cookies down. Got milk?


  4. That was the Eagle who wolfed down most of the cookies. I was ticked off. He still lives at home with mommy and daddy. Weren't they feeding him?

  5. Woulda made more sense for your hubby to get drive thru at wendys or mcds. Not sure why he'd wanna spend time with a bunch of broke bums talking about their lame dreams.

  6. Colin - that's what brainwashing does to a person. They do things they normally would not do mostly giving up their money, their brain cells, their decision making processes, and their freedom. And leave their decent friends behind to spend time with these broke Amway bums who sit around and sneer at people who have jobs and are driven by greed.

  7. Do you and ambot ever go to a sporting event? If some team is winning by a huge margin. It's a good idea to leave 5-10 mins early to beat the traffic. Im sure his upline would freak if you both left 10-15 mins early from some event.

  8. Colin have you ever tried to get out of Pasadena following the Rose Bowl Parade? Compared to that leaving town after Amway function is nothing!

  9. Anna, so true about the rose bowl parade. Been to one awhile back.

  10. Colin;

    Leaving 10-15 min. early would have been blasphemy. Shame on you. Have you no boot-licking resepct for your gods, er, leaders?


  11. Colin probably had as much respect for them as I did. We respect them everytime we sit on a toilet and give them a donation!

  12. CT, my first & only major function was dreamnight. Where the tickets where free cause my diamond convinced a friend to buy extras for his friends. Was hilarious cause we where broke students at that time and couldnt refuse a free dinner. After we finished eating we all took off early 15-30 mins. We showed up in jeans,tshirt,and some sweatpants. I couldnt imagine paying 75.00 or whatever the cost is today. You can go see a concert with a big name like lady gaga or U2 for that price.

  13. Geez, Anna, I about snorted my coffee. Cones, if you please!

    The food was terrible and we were supposed to act like we couldn't care less about the food.

    Well, Pal, I'm very interested, seeing as I just paid $65 for rubber chicken and slimed asparagas. (that stuff makes your pee stink)

    I was raised very poor and refuse to waste a drop of food. I ate every bite and everything else that wasn't nailed down. Since the meeting wasn't worth a shit, I made sure I recovered something. (no, I'm not as big as a barn)

    The IBOs used to run around the room chatting it up with everyone and ignoring their food. Um, excuse me, Amway has taken control of every aspect of our lives, but they aren't going to starve me, too.

    When people would get up to use the bathroom, they'd tell everyone to sit down. We could use the bathroom later. Again, asshole, kiss my royal ass. I guess I could do this in my chair if you prefer!

    I never once sat back down. I silently dared and even hoped they'd try to tell me I couldn't use the bathroom.

    People, when we say they told us when we could use the bathroom, we aren't kidding. It really is that sick.

    What were they gonna do? Sick the Platinum bouncers on me? I was constantly amazed that people would run back to their seats like 3rd graders.

    They eventually assume the power of the great and mighty OZ, when in reality they are nothing more than the little 7 Dwarfs.


  14. CT - its the cult brainwashing control thing which is why they dictated when you could use the washroom.

    Our cult leader said he wanted to see a doctor's note if we were unable to make it to a meeting thinking that would control anyone who was thinking about doing something else to show up at the meeting or bring a doctor's note explaining their absence due to sickness. He's a fucking moron. Its antics like these that contribute to giving Amway a bad name.

  15. I'll show him a doctor's note, all righty!

    Bend over.

    It's amazing the crap we were ordered to do while in amway.

    It amazes me that if someone so much as bumps you in the grocery store, they wanna fight. It's insane. Can you imagine these same pinheads joining amway? Can't you just see them taking orders?

    "Hey, Snoop Droopy Drawers, you a man or a mouse? Man-up and do 300 pv a month, or else."

    Snoop Droopy Drawers replies as he's pulling out his AK-47, 'you talkin' to me?'

    They are so gonna piss off the wrong person some day.


  16. Our Platinum can view my blog as a "doctor's note". He pissed off the wrong person and now he is featured constantly in my blog!


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