Wednesday, April 6, 2011

You’re NOT Invited!

On Sunday morning I’m driving Ambot to the stadium where Spring Leadership is being held. I’ve got to circumnavigate the entire complex to get to the front doors so I can get Ambot there early enough to stand in line with all the other keeners. I’m about two blocks away when Ambot spots the sack of shit Platinum standing on a sidewalk or parking lot area with about 30 cult followers standing around him in awe listening to him spout off his bullshit. Fucking morons!

Ambot panics! He’s late for some meeting that he doesn’t remember being told to attend. He’s mostly scared shitless because he’ll be berated by the sack of shit Platinum and ridiculed in front of everyone else for being late. That’s the way Amway cult leaders operate. So I let him out of the car and continued alone to entertain myself for the day.

Later Ambot tells me when he’s rushing to join up with the cult followers that the henchman springs out of the group and wants to know what he’s doing there. Ambot explains we were driving past and he saw the cult leader preaching to his flock and didn’t want to miss out on this very important meeting that he clearly was not invited to.

The henchman explains its for another downline in the sack of shit’s Amway business and because Ambot is in a different crossline and the brainwashing methods are different he was not invited to this cult meeting.

Splitting hairs, the henchman is in the same line as Ambot so why is he being subjected to this other line’s brainwashing? Ah ha some cult followers are just gluttons for punishment!

But then the henchman tells Ambot he can stay if he wants to. And of course he does. Can’t miss a word of wisdom from the beloved cult leader.

Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!

And so does the Platinum sack of shit!!!!!!!!!


  1. What was it Greg Duncan used to say? 'Make 'em want the next level?'

    He used to say people would do anything for a promotion at work even if it came with no pay raise.

    Ever notice how they tell you exactly what they are going to do to you from stage and you welcome it like it's coming straight from the mouth of God?

    They insulted every part of your life from stage and you acted like you'd just won an Oscar. You embraced their advice.

    Had anyone on the street just shit on you like that, you would have clocked 'em.


  2. CT I don't remember Greg Duncan though I think its possible I may have heard him speak at some function. But he's wrong. I don't think most people would do anything for a promotion at work even if it came with no raise. My supervisor tried that to me once and I guess he knew the outcome because he sent me an email instead of talking to me. I figured two can play that game and later that night I faxed him in my immediate resignation knowing full well that my co-workers who arrived earlier than him and cleared off the fax would know about it first and get the rumor mill hopping!

    Insulting, tormenting, abusing, all the while demanding complete obedience and they wonder why books get written about the Amway cult.

  3. Greg would laugh at and demean those who got promotions w/no pay raise.

    I'm surprised you don't know more about him. They used to tell us he had the 3rd largest biz in all of amway; and supposedly the fastest growing.

    I suppose every group spouted the same crap that their group was the latest and greatest, fastest growing, leanest and meanest, super-human, producing a millionaire a minute, etc.


  4. Every Amway leader I've seen in action laughs and demeans their followers so Greg would be no different. All I know about him is what's been reported on other websites - bankruptcy, foreclosure - I don't specifically recall hearing him speak though I'm guessing its very possible he was a speaker at some event I went to. They all said pretty much the same thing they all blended together.

  5. According to the bankruptcy documents, Greg made about $500,000 a year from Amway. A nice income, but far less than what prospects or IBOs are led to believe about a triple diamond income. And after business expenses, I do not believe that kind of income, even augmented with tool income. is enough to buy mansions in cash, along with the other goodies they show off at dream night functions.

  6. I agree that's a nice income. One can probably buy a house that's less than half of that amount, probably pay cash, or mostly pay it off and live a nice lifestyle. But when you're in Amway that means you'r a greedy liar and you have a fake image to portray and that means mansions and all the other trappings that put someone into bankruptcy. Nicholas Cage makes millions a year more than an Amway Diamond and he can't even sustain his movie star lifestyle.

  7. Made me happy when Greg Duncan went bankrupted. I heard from a friend some other diamonds lost most of their money in the stock market and arent doing well. But that's just gossip from people who are still involved in the scam.

  8. Its karma! How about all the people who went bankrupt trying to duplicate Greg Duncan?

  9. Anna, did you hear Greg Duncans brother trash him online after the bankruptcy? Quite amusing how there's no loyalty in this scam.

  10. I was stunned to hear Brad Duncan say in the video that he had millions in the bank. I'd be very nervous to tell the world my financial situation.


  11. Colin - nope don't know about his brother trashing him for filing bankruptcy. You're right no loyalty. Just like your Amway BFF's disappear when you stop buying products and tools. Loyalty only as long as the money is rolling in.

  12. CT - you're right. I wouldn't be bragging about how much money I had squirreled away if my financial information and bankruptcy information was public knowledge on the Internet. Bankruptcy lawyers or IRS is gonna go hunting.

  13. With brad duncan he is just lying about his millions in the bank. Brad claimed to own a 14 million dollar jet with his brother greg duncan. Was told by a ex platinum that brad just gets free rides once in awhile in the amway jets and owns nothing.

  14. The people who are successful in Amway are the best liars.

  15. Major functions are nothing more than a way for the gods, er, leaders to see how many non-shareholders they have. WE are their 'millions in the bank!'

    Remember how they would laugh and say you had to go to the bank dirve-thru to keep showing the bank what they bank still owned? Remember that slam?

    I would go so far as to say the IBOs are a renuable resource for cash. It's endless.


  16. I never saw platinums with any type of power in my line of sponsorship. They were more like slaves to the diamonds. If they sucked up really well, they were edified by the diamond and their group would listen to them better. Our diamond was a tyrant and probably still is.

  17. Our Platinum was a tyrant, like a cross between Hitler and Jim Jones. He probably spent a lot of time studying their techniques! He'd been a Platinum for about 15 years when we knew him but we don't know if that meant sliding in and out of qualification depending on how much his downline spent. Talk about frustration not getting any higher after all those years! I'm not clear on who our Diamond was. We got dragged out to so many meetings I must have heard the same 3 Diamonds every month but I never met any of them, they all lived in other states. I could easily see 2 of them as tyrants and the other probably was too.


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