Friday, April 1, 2011

Get ready for Spring Leadership!

Spring Leadership is an Amway WWDB sponsored event held in April. Its one of the four major functions held every 3 months to keep IBO’s motivated not to quit Amway.

I was a bad little IBO. I stopped attending Amway meetings because the pompous sack of shit Platinum had forced his personal and religious beliefs on me (us) one time too many. The only thing I had left to say to this bastard was fuck off.

Spring Leadership is about a day’s drive from our house. Ambot forked out $125 for his ticket and booked a hotel room on the World Wide Dream Busters web site so WWDB must have blocked off hotel rooms to sell to IBO’s. Ambot asked if he could take my car because it gets better mileage and his plan was to drive down with two other “fired up” IBO’s. I grudgingly said he could borrow my car. Bottom line fuel efficiency, drives better for long journeys, new model, and safer. Those other fuckers drove clunkers that were always breaking down.

OK wait for it.

Those little bastards changed their minds about going!

 Oooohhhh...... Apparently I am not the only bad little IBO running amok in this town!

Amway World Wide Dream Builders Spring Leadership sucks!

And NOBODY wants to go!!!!!!


  1. oh, crap! But, hey, the facts don't matter that the 2 cheeseballs bailed.

    Didn't you just love working your ass off helping someone only to have them suck the very life from you at every turn? Constantly needing rides, meals, encouragement, CASSETTE TAPES, etc., etc.

    I felt like a babysitter for adults. It got so freaking old.

    What a relief to finally be done with it.

  2. Well what else do you expect from a couple of lying little bastards? Seriously? Ambot really thought they were going to be reliable, honest, men of their word types? Those lying little bastards found the perfect business that is built upon lies and they couldn't make it work.

  3. I think it was spring leadership when i joined amway. Back then my upline wanted us to book a hotel room at a 4 or 5 star hotel for one or two days for this event. Even though i live 15 mins away they wanted me to spend a couple hundred dollars for the hotel. I forgot what his excuse was but told us it was to get away from everyday life. I snapped at my diamond saying he probably made money off this situation. He was redfaced cause im somewhat vulgar just like anna lol. What was shocking was most of the peop in the room paid for the silly hotel room.

  4. Me vulgar? Colin I think you have me confused with somebody else!

  5. You are spot-on, Colin. That's exactly how they get their rooms free. If they get enough people booked, they get theirs free.

    Don't you, once again, feel all warm and fuzzy that you could help out the people who already have the money?

    And the excuses they use to get you to do it.

    Get away from it all - how will I get away from the cc bill?

    Show duplicaton to downline - yes, show them, too, how to accumulate said cc debt.

    Talk about lame-ass. Any true business person will do everything they can to cut costs.

    It's just the opposite in amway. They make it sound like a freaking feather in your cap to owe your soul to the company store.

    They tell you you are a winner if:

    -when your turn a corner, you hear hundreds of CASSETTE TAPES sloshing around in your trunk

    -you put at least 50,000 miles a year on your car, you stud, you!

    -you only ever see the moon thru your windshield as opposed to thru your bedroom window

    -you are willing to show the plan to hospice patients. But, hey, don't judge. You never know, right?

    -you don't have a friend left in your life, save for other ambots. Your own mother thinks you suck. Winning!

    -you show the plan on your birthday, your wife's b-day, your children's b-days; you stp on your anniversary, your brother's wedding, TO your brother at his wedding, the wedding party, the ushers, the limo driver. You then brag about how awesome it was to get your ass kicked out of the wedding altogether by security!! You go,Stud.

    The very things you were taught all your life about being a social gentleman/woman go out the window. You become a soulless, fire-breathing, money-focused, shit-for-brains fool. And you gladly pay for the privilege.

  6. Spring Leadership sucks!

    World Wide Dream Builders sucks!

    Amway sucks!

  7. Its funny how people will make excuse after excuse about how they couldnt succeed in something and QUIT. Those people are what we call QUITTERS. A 9.1 billion dollar company sucks?? Debt FREE and grew by 10% last year. Man that sounds like it sucks pretty bad. Again, QUITTERS!!

  8. Hi Charlie! We always enjoy visitors who show up here with Amway speak. I know that must be disappointing for you to know that you lack originality with the quitters comments but so many others have been ahead of you with those words of wisdom!

    The amount of money a company has is not an indicator of whether or not they suck. Amway sucks because they sell overpriced average products and rip off the consumers. Amway allows leaders to abuse their downline IBO's and cause financial and emotional distress. That's why they suck.

    There's no shame in quitting anything. A bad job. A business that's not making you any money. Quitting only becomes a tag of shame that upline IBO's use against people who leave Amway or do not want to sign up with Amway.

    Good luck to you Charlie. Also I'd recommend not using your company's computers to conduct your business, such as your search for Spring Leadership. Don't most banks have their employees sign a conduct agreement where they don't conduct their own business on company time and company equipment? The IT department can track your moves even if you think you've deleted your history its still there for the techies to find. Just a word of caution. You don't want to get fired from your job chasing the Amway dream.

  9. I suspect that Charlie is the Anonymous Ambot from Scarborough Canada that frequents Both your blog and Joe Cool's blog leaving stupid comments usually using the computer at his bank job.
    Responding to this moron is frankly a waste of time.
    He himself has not succeeded in Amway, hell he works at a bank and uses their internet and PC to post his nonsense on Anti-Amway blogs.

    #1 Contrary to what the IBOs and the Diamonds tell you, Amway is not Debt Free go to this page for clear proof of that

    #2 Yes Amway grew by 10% last year but all the growth was in emerging markets, specifically China and sales in North America and other established markets have been running backwards for years. All you need to do is look at the number of new Diamonds in North America in the last 10 years, you can probably count them on one hand. As a matter of fact there are many diamonds leaving Amway, making you wonder how profitable Amway really is even at the Diamond level.

    #3 As for Quiting the Amway Cult, we worked the business day and night and were core. Thank god we came to our senses before it was too late. Thank god for Blogs like this as we are able to see that there are other people that were sucked into this that had similar experiences.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  10. Hi Lemming. Nope, Scarborough rarely shows up here. I don't often talk about the Amway business opportunity which is when he likes to show up and look like an idiot. Someone cursing out their upline he doesn't have a lot to contribute to the conversation. Beside Scarborough got axed from his bank job some time ago. I think Charlie was here once before. Responding to him is probably a waste of time too.

  11. Charlie's so new to amway he thinks we've never heard THAT one before. Quitters. The originality overwhelms me.

    Charlie Boy, riddle me this: when someone quits drinking, are they quitters?

    -quits using drugs?

    -leaves a violent marriage?

    -finds a better job?

    -gets deployed back to the states?

    -realizes selling Tupperware, Beauty Control, Avon, vacuum cleaners/encyclopedias/etc. is dead-end?

    Are they quitters, or did they find or move on to something better? I like to use amway's snotty analogy against them:staying IN amway is for losers. Just look at the numbers - 99% lose money. Gee, I'd quit that, too.

    You just need another CASSETTE TAPE.


  12. CT, he won't have an answer for you. Charlie is too obsessed with people who left Amway or refuse to join: quitters, losers, etc, etc. It would be inconceivable to Charlie that people quit things all the time, especially things that affect their health, their finances, their safety.....

  13. For ibos to show up on these blogs simply means the first crack has appeared in their amway armor. To even dare to look at these sights will be cause for serious atonement when the almighty upline finds out.

    They will not be able to forget what they have read here and it will begin to work on their consciences.

    I would imagine wwdb/bww/TEAM/dino kosage/etc. are working overtime trying to figure out a way to counter us. What they may not realize is that this is fun; whereas they are gonna work their asses off trying to counter our experiences. We just aren't going away.

    I can imagine dino kosage karate-chopping everything within reach in his fury over us. That's enough to make me smile for a month.


  14. Hooray for quoting a 10 year old article with no properly cited references to "prove" Amway has debt? lol

    Sorry to hear your organization sucked so bad. LTD, however, is awesome, and teaches helping people make a couple hundred dollars right away.

    Don't bother replying, I probably won't see it.

  15. And its OK for Amway to have literature with results from a survey in 2001 that the average IBO earns $115/month?

    Who said Amway was in debt? IBO's are in debt thanks to Amway.

    Maybe you won't see this response but perhaps someone else from Oshawa, Ontario, Canada who is with LTD will see it and wonder which IBO found their way to my blog after doing a search for "am I a bad IBO".

    Is Oshawa anywhere near Scarborough?

    And in response to your question - Yes! You are a very bad IBO!

    Nothing like coming to Anna Banana's blog for your punishment! Ha ha!

    1. > [I]n response to your
      > question - Yes! You are
      > a very bad IBO!
      > Nothing like coming to
      > Anna Banana's blog for
      > your punishment! Ha ha!

      I was just enjoying myself an ice-cold Coca-Cola, which is now all over my keyboard and monitor. thanks, Anna. :-p

    2. LOL ARC! Drink at your own risk while reading this blog.

      Hmmm now I'm thirsty for a Coke!

  16. It wasn't a question, I was bored and doing Google searches to see what comes up. I also searched "Amway is awesome" several times.

    As for the debt thing, it was another poster, not you lol.

  17. Hi again Anonymous from Oshawa!

    Yeah I remember the last time you were here you came back to my blog 3 hours later searching for "Amway is Awesome" and ended up at this page

    You are hardly the first ambot to do that search and they all end up at that video. Just goes to show what brainwashing will do to you! Not to mention it was about 2am eastern time when you were bored and doing your Amway is awesome searches. I got better things to be doing at that hour. Sleeping comes to mind!

  18. I would think that if someone were searching under "am I a bad IBO" it wasn't just a "random" choice of words. My guess is this person defending Amway has drank the Kool-Aid that says the fact that he/she isn't having success is because THEY are doing something wrong, because Amway has trained them to believe it is a "flawless, perfect" system, and as long as they do it "right" they will be on the road to millions. So after they bust their rears and buy all the things Amway tells them to and they are sinking fast financially, they wonder "gee, am I a bad IBO?".
    Why do they think they are told not to speak with crosslines? Answer: Because then they would learn that pretty much all folks at their level are either in debt or barely making pennies on the many hours they are putting into it.
    To Amway, a good IBO is one who empties their bank accounts and credit cards into them for books, DVD's, seminars, etc., making THEM rich while the IBO incurs all the debt. Now THAT deserves a pat on the head from their upline with a "Now there's a good IBO".

  19. Dave - its my guess that Oshawa has been an IBO for about 3 to 6 months and wondering why s/he can't recruit anyone or why they can't find customers to buy the overpriced Amway shit. When they ask upline they're told its their fault, they're not trying hard enough, blaming the IBO instead of the system. So IBO searches the Internet looking for help because counselling with upline is a waste of time. Its my guess that the upline are pushing this IBO to sign up again for 2012 renew membership now. Hopefully this person doesn't. If upline can convince them to go to the next function Free Enterprise Days they'll probably hang in a little longer. Hopefully don't lose too much more money.

    Aw they all come back to Anna Banana! I can give them more information and truthful information than they'll ever get from their upline!


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