Monday, April 4, 2011

The Henchman Ain’t Done Yet!

Ambot and I were probably the first IBO’s to check in at our hotel for the WWDB Spring Leadership function. We’d left home early, spent all day driving and got there early evening. After putting our luggage in the room we headed over to Barnes & Noble to get a book I wanted to read and then out for dinner. IBO’s were arriving by the time we got back to the hotel.

The two employees working the hotel counter looked frazzled. And no wonder. They were dealing with the Platinum’s henchman. I gather there’d been a number of no shows and the problem was the henchman had been screwing around with people’s hotel reservations on the WWDB blocked rooms like he’d tried to do with Ambot. Except now he was on the hook because he’d used his own credit card to guarantee the rooms when he was so busy reassigning everyone and now he was holding empty hotel rooms with no live bodies to put in them and he was arguing with the staff about how his credit card was being charged for the empty rooms. He arrived too late to cancel the rooms and incurred a one night fee on all of them.

To give the henchman credit - or lack thereof - I doubt the asshole thought about messing around with hotel rooms all on his own. The only possible reason he’d have done this was on the direct orders of the sack of shit Platinum who must have decided they better have empty rooms available for the dozens of guests and prospects they’d been so sure were going to make the pilgrimage to attend Spring Leadership and see what this awesome Amway business opportunity was all about. Except the prospects/newbies were all no shows leaving the henchman with a hotel bill for quite a few empty rooms that he was trying to argue about with the staff who were charging him $100 x number of rooms for one night’s cancellation policy. Most hotels have a policy that you use a credit card to guarantee your room if you plan to arrive late, say after 6pm. That way the hotel will hold the room for you all night instead of selling it to someone who walks in off the street. If you don’t show up or fail to cancel the room before the cut off time your credit card will be charged for one night’s stay.

I’m not sure how that turned out but I hope the hotel stuck to their guns and didn’t reverse the credit card charge. Would serve the henchman right. I mean what a dumb ass thing to do. Serves the bastard right for listening to the dumb ass Platinum!

Oh and interestingly enough the sack of shit Platinum was staying at another hotel that he deemed to be a better hotel. The only IBO’s “allowed” to stay at that other hotel were those making it in the business, not the rest of us lowly bastards. Ha ha, him and his wife were sharing a room with at least one other couple that we knew of, maybe more. I guess that kills the mood if romance is in the air! Or I suppose it heightens the mood if orgy is in the air! Damn if I’d known he was staying at the other hotel I’d have booked a room there just to piss off the bastard!

And to chalk up another hotel room getting charged to the henchman’s credit card!

Yeah! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!


  1. I drew the line at sharing our room with anyone. I told dear hubby if anyone came, I was out. Amway could kiss my ass if they thought I was sharing an intimate space like a hotel room with anyone.

    People, we are still in charge here. We have the right to say, "No,' and "Hell, no."


  2. No one ever shared our room. One time we took the camper to FED and parked in the Walmart parking lot. Platinum was pissed we didn't stay at the hotel for the impromptu late night meetings.

    The only person in charge was our Platinum. He commanded obedience from everyone. No one dared say no or go against what he said.

    Except me. Lifelong rebel.


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