Tuesday, May 24, 2011

I've been Amwayed!

Here's a cute ditty about Dick Devos, Amway, and some of the scams and scandals. Its one of these things that you have to listen to twice because the first time around you're reading about the scams and missing the lyrics. Second time listen to the words! Its pretty funny. And the scandals some of these IBO's - most I think were Diamonds - have been involved in. Like we need any further proof that the only people who do well in Amway are the IBO's who already have a mindset to be swindlers and scam others!


  1. Anna;

    I can't imagine the constant headache you are to your ex-Platinum!!!

    ha ha ha

    This is too funny. Keep up the good work.


  2. CT - whether or not I'm a constant headache to my platinum or whether he's forgotten about me who knows. He wouldn't read a site like this, the old don't say negative so he wouldn't read anything he considers negative. Even if he read this he's such a pompous sack of shit he'd never think he's the starring attraction! He thinks he's a godlike creature to be worshipped by everyone he's ever come into contact with it would be inconceivable to him that there could actually be someone out there that thinks he's a piece of shit.

  3. What a sorry a$$ attitude he's got, am glad he is the main attraction. cos am sure glad you write this blog. anyway for someone for full of themselves do you know whether he is still a platinum? that will be a joke but then again what do you expect from amwayites, cr@p talk and more cr@p talk

  4. The irony is our Platinum was the most negative person around! Always predicting doom and gloom and going on about all the bad things happening in the news.

  5. Yeah it's amazing amway cult members claim to perpetrate a positive environment only and yet STP are overburdened with negative content of doom and gloom - what a dichotomy!

    Your platinum sackbag keeps up with news, the same old tired negative news...? Little wonder he is still a platinum. he is not serious per my previous group. and funny he doesn't seem to know it for someone who "thinks he's a godlike creature to be worshiped by everyone" else. ah but it doesn't matter.

    in my group there was no news until a kingpin diamond uttered it, the rest of us didn't own a tv or had physically literally cut off the cable wire from the tv's back, with some writing "No PV in TV" across the screen! i thought it was sayings when i heard this on CDs until i saw it. it was CDs 24/7! in fact cars didn't start if a cd wasn't playing. that kind of commitment. but again ah it doesn't matter.

    and where are they now? same levels. that's why it doesn't matter. in fact one perpetually unqualified always-paraded-as-a platinum's so called "retired" wife eventually had to get a JOB (actually consulted my wife!) what jokesters!

    i have no respect for any ambot i don't care the pin!

  6. The platinum either kept up with the news or he was parroting what the emerald told him. The TV stuff was something we had to deal with. The upline didn't want us watching it but with my to hell to the upline attitude I watched what I wanted. If my favorite show is on I'm watching it. Ambot would say to me how is watching the TV making me any money. I'd respond that if we stayed home we weren't losing money by going to an Amway meeting. Funny how he doesn't criticize TV watching since we've escaped from Amway!

  7. Anna, you should ask ambot or the upline. Why they bother selling tv sets then?

  8. Colin their answer will be that TV sets are only for brain dead losers who are not part of the Amway cult.


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