Thursday, May 19, 2011

No Pressure, No Embarrassment

One of the nicest things about no longer being in Amway is that we no longer have to eyeball everyone we meet as a prospect to be recruited into the busines. No more striking up phony conversations with random people in the grocery store or mall.

What about being on vacation? You go to an all inclusive resort to relax and be pampered and instead you’re hounded by an Amway IBO.

On the other hand what IBO can afford to go on vacation? Wouldn’t they have to get permission from the upline. And then it would be a big NO. Why spend a couple of thousand on a nice family holiday in Hawaii or Disneyworld when you could be building your business and stocking up on Amway products and getting that PV up there?

We were standing in line at an Amway function, I think we were lining up for the place where dinner was being served. There was another guy in front of us and him and Ambot were bullshitting each other about their volume. Then they start talking holidays. Ambot mentions we’re thinking of touring Yellowstone Park and going to South Dakota to see Mount Rushmore. That other good little ambot started to lay in on us about why were we wasting our money on vacation and it must be nice that we can afford it and all the other bullshit canned IBO speeches. How’s it any of his fucking business?

Oh wait. This is Amway. Our business is everyone’s business!

Damned cult!

Could you just see Ambot hanging out at Old Faithful where crowds gather every hour to watch the geyser? He’d have been hitting all the tourists asking them about their dreams and if they’d ever thought about owning their own business. Jesus he’d be there all day knowing he was going to catch a different crowd every hour. We’d probably get run out of the park by a ranger! Or they’d send Yogi Bear after us!

About a month before we quit Amway we stayed at a hotel and met a nice couple who lived not too far from us. Ambot was bragging to them about how The Slight Edge - on the required reading list - was about the greatest book he’d ever read. He’d bought a few copies of it and he gladly gave this couple one of his books and his phone number. Afterwards he’s all excited and telling me maybe he can sign them up in “the business”. Then he realized I wasn’t as excited about it as he was.

Perhaps that’s because I’d been reading Merchants of Deception.

By that point Ambot hadn’t been attending meetings regularly or buying Amway products. I knew it was getting close to him quitting.

But I mean how embarrassing hitting people up to sign up for Amway as an IBO or customer while you’re on vacation. Even more embarrassing when you have to watch your husband in action and knowing that’s the only reason he’s interested in meeting new people and chatting up others while on vacation.

Nobody wants to be bothered by overzealous ambots who are determined to show you the one and only way to financial freedom.

Ambot and I recently enjoyed a wonderful vacation and it was so relaxing to chat with fellow vacationers about our lives and our other travels and our interests. No ulterior motive. Simply enjoying the company of others. Meeting new people and enjoying their company and not feeling like a low life bastard trying to prospect them into Amway.

There will always be a bit of suspicion when meeting new people who are showing an interest in you and your lives and wondering if maybe just maybe they are Amway IBO’s out to get you.

That’s not how people should feel when they’re on vacation. Relax and have fun and not get bombarded with Amway IBO’s.

The feeling of freedom is wonderful.

Freedom. A chant at Amway functions.

The real freedom only comes once you escape this cult. The freedom to go on vacations and live your life as you see fit without being ridiculed by the upline.


  1. Did your hubby have to get permission from the upline for big ticket items like a car or a trip?.

  2. Colin - I bought a used newer model car about 3 months before Ambot signed up with Amway again so I dodged the bullet on that one!

    Seeing as how I'd refused to have anything to do with the sack of shit Platinum for several months before our trip if he'd wanted permission or denied it I would have given him shit supreme like he's never heard before. Ambot was already on the shit list because he hadn't paid for the next function. The Platinum had told everyone at the meeting that no one was going home until they paid. Ambot told him he couldn't hold people hostage against their will and was the only one who got up, pushed past the bouncer, and left. The writing was on the wall after that. The cult leader was losing control.

  3. Anna: I wonder if the fact that Ambot was being held against his will and that he had to get past a bouncer to leave without paying for the next function constitutes "unlawful imprisonment". I suppose the criteria varies from state to state. I'm just putting this idea forth to further show how far these cult leaders will go.

  4. The bouncer was crossline and a big boy too. Probably could have got a job as a sumu wrestler! That's what Ambot challenged the Platinum on - being held hostage and the ransom was payment for the next function. Those cult leaders do a whole lot worse than this.

  5. I still have a full blown feeling of rancor against the statement "check upline!" they end up meddling in everything in people's live.

    Once we had to do a major and necessary costly home repair. somehow my upline got wind of this afterwards. i didn't bring it up so it presented a difficulty for him to wing it into a "counseling" session. his piteous overture implied not to have effected the repair work was pathetic. by then i had my mental grip and wits. it was hilarious to watch him struggle with words in that "session", for such a garrulous guy. part of the reason, he lived in an apartment - what did he know about home ownership?

    Speaking of being wordy why do uplines talk too much (or was i just unlucky and stuck with such?) it's horrendous how these goofball ambots are supposed experts on everything!

  6. ExAmbot - I wrote a post last year about getting permission. Similar problem. I mean what do these upline bastards want us homeowners to do when we realize our hot water tank is leaking or the furnace is not working well. I'm of the mind to fix it before it can become a bigger problem - like coming home one day to a flood. Upline disagrees and thinks we should live in conditions that affect our health. That was what did me in for the Platinum. This was his last time of meddling. I refused to have anything to do with him again after that.


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