Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Nutrilite Dissolving Test

This morning I heard Ambot throwing things into the toilet. Lots of little splashes. Nothing good can ever come of that so I went over to investigate. He was cleaning out his medicine cabinet because we're going to paint the bathroom and need the fixtures off the walls.

The medicines and first aid supplies are kept in another cabinet so I'm wondering just how much aspirin does he have stockpiled in there and if it has all expired. Closer inspection shows he is turfing out Nutrilite vitamins. I'm sure they have expired a long time ago. Its not like we consume vitamins but he had to buy them whether we needed them or not to get the PV up there. That's part of being in Amway. Buying overpriced shit that you don't need and will never use.

One of those bottles was concentrated fruits and vegetables. I mean what the fuck is he buying that for? I stock up weekly on fresh fruits and veggies. Half the time he's with me when I'm shopping and can choose what he wants. I buy berries in the summer and freeze them and we buy frozen fruits and vegetables as needed when not available at the produce store.

The reason he bought those concentrated fruits and vegetables is because of what we heard from the stage. Those Diamonds telling the IBO's what do they need fresh fruit and vegetables for when they can get what they need from buying a bottle of the Nutrilite shit. Yeah those bastards all have degrees as nutritionists.

But the Nutrilite vitamins don't all flush. Some of them are sitting there on the bottom of the tank despite several flushes to get them down. That would be me doing the flushing. Ambot had left the area. But an hour later he came back and said "hey what's that in the toilet?"

I mean really! What the fuck do you think it is? Who was flushing Nutrilite vitamins I remind him. And then I point out they've been in there for quite some time and they're not dissolving. Does that give you any clue what's happening inside your body once you swallow them?

So he grabs the plunger and is determined to get those hold out vitamins down the drain.

Brings back visions of using the plunger to deal with the dog shit from Amway dog food!

He has decent success with the plunger. Only one Nutrilite vitamin is left in the toilet bowl.

I tell him to leave it in there because I'm curious how long it will take to dissolve. I came back a couple of hours later to check on it and now it is starting to dissolve a little. I would have left it longer but now I had a baggie of dog shit to flush. Don't want to leave that ripening in the house! This time when I flushed the toilet the Nutrilite vitamin disappeared. Perhaps the dog shit dragged it through the hole. Kind of a fitting end.

I'm sure glad we're on city sewer and don't have a septic tank! Who knows what Nutrilite would do to bugger up the septic system!


  1. LOL. Thanks for the laugh! -FM

  2. Too funny. But you're right. We were told how only amway vitamins dissolve like they should. They would cite the example of the guy who cleaned out port-a-jons for a living and how he would end up with piles of vitamins (not amway, of course) b/c all port-a-jons contents must be screaned by law. Remember that? They have to look for guns, and believe it or not, aborted babies. So sad.

    You ought to have this come up when people are searching for info about Nutrilite.

    It would so freak people out.


  3. Thanks for the laugh Anna I wonder how many Ambots have bought excess Amway crap that they will never use just to boost their PV.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  4. Glad you're enjoying the entertainment!

    And that's just gross about picking through the porta potties!

  5. The only amway vitamin i ever baught the the double x cause it comes with the kit. I remember how long quality this stuff is. Very sensitive stomach and had a hard time digesting it. Not sure how they had so many of these loyal zombies.

  6. "Perhaps the dog shit dragged it through the hole. Kind of a fitting end."

    Ha ha u got me with that line. that sums up a lot of what i am doing in my mind with this amway crap! u made my laughs! LMAO

    You will be shocked how many amwayites buy crap that they don't need. and they justify real well - to hit a goal, hit a personal bracket, and the shitiest amxcuse to plug into upline goals. i still got some crap around. it's a liberating feeling to happily trash them.

  7. My husband spent hundreds of dollars on things we didn't use or didn't like and often threw away just so he could help his upline meet their goals.

  8. My wife and I used to take Double X until she started getting sick from them. Our upline said that we got sick because they are so concentrated. Former Diamond Jim Harstad said the reason that we got sick is because of all the fillers and binders! WTF! I have not taken them in years. I don't feel any different other than I have hundreds of dollars more in my bank. No more SOT and that stupid as Premier Shit membership for $49.95 a month for a blog! Geeze!

    I hate to think how much I flushed down the toilet with those functions and tapes and airline tickets and hotels. I made $40 one month.

  9. Anonymous, you have just reminded me of the time I got sick after consuming Double X. Come back tomorrow and I'll post that story!

    We had the $49.95 Premier Membership too. Got a website and a discount on CD's for that. Would have been cheaper not to have that membership and spend $15 for a website and pay the regular price for the CD's!

  10. Would be more practical if you borrow the Cds from a crossline or upline and burn a copy. But if i said this infront of a amot ...id probably be burned at a stake lol.

  11. Nah. You'd get some canned ambot speech about how a real business owner buys their own shit.


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