Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Who Cares?

There’s a Diamond couple whose names I don’t know and the only time I saw them was at a rally - one of those all day events that ends in the evening with new pins crossing the stage.

A couple of things stood out about this couple more than any other Diamonds I heard. These were the only speakers who didn’t bring religion into the Amway meeting. I’ve been to business meetings over the years and religion was never brought up. It was always uncomfortable at Amway meetings when the speakers brought up religion but since I’ve left Amway and understand its a cult and skewed religious puking are part of cult teaching it makes sense. But at least good on these Diamonds for doing the right thing and keeping religion out of a business meeting.

I wasn’t impressed with the wife. She’d brag about all the things they had and how they’d take off and go skiing at Aspen at the drop of a hat or take their kids out of school just to have fun with them and fly to Disneyland for the day. Greedy, greedy, greedy. The main thing I remember about listening to her talk is she punctuated a lot of sentences with “Who cares?”

So the kids are missing a day of school. Who cares?

So I’m here to scam you out of your money. Who cares?

I think they both had Hummers as part of their fleet. Who cares?

Or maybe only one Hummer and another big gas guzzling SUV too. Who cares?

She was talking about the price of gas going up. Who cares?

She can afford it. Who cares?

Here’s the thing about the price of gas. I’ve done a lot of travelling and the price of gas in the USA is cheaper than everywhere I’ve been in Europe. The last time I was in England the price of gas there was about double what we pay. So what are we doing bitching about the price of gas anyway when for the past 30 years its been higher in other countries?

Or as the Diamond wife would say - who cares?

What was disturbing had less to do with the price of gas and more with her shitty attitude to the environment. I make an effort to be environmentally friendly. I don’t have an electric car or hybrid yet but that’s something I’ll probably purchase the next time I’m in the market. In the meantime I drive a car that gets 40mpg. I don’t drive it all that much either. If I can walk or ride my bike I’ll take those options. I try not to use my car any more than I need to and it has less to do with the price of gas than being environmentally friendly.

Look at the royal wedding last week. Prince William and the wedding party were being environmentally friendly using horse drawn carriages.

Last week I went to buy some books at Barnes & Noble a couple of towns over. I noticed the price of gas was $4.15 or so, but about a mile from B & N I saw a station selling gas at $3.89/gallon. I almost thought about pulling in to fill up except I was meeting a friend at B & N and didn’t want to be late so I kept going. I headed home and filled up near the house. $4.05/gallon except I paid cash and got .05 cents off = $4/gallon. So yeah I notice the prices especially when they’re different 10 miles apart.

Lets quote the Diamond. Who cares?

What a fucking lousy attitude she has. There are people out there who do care about the price of gas and worry that they might have to choose between filling up the tank or buying groceries. But she doesn’t give a shit about anyone but herself, typical of most IBO’s greedy bastards that they are.

When you’re creating cash flow by scamming people I can see why you’d have a who cares attitude.

That doesn’t mean that you go around flaunting a 100K gas guzzler and don’t economize. Just because a person has no trouble paying for natural commodities doesn’t mean they should be abused. Ever hear of conservation? Ever hear of being environmentally friendly? Ever hear about leaving your ecological footprint?

Do your part to save our planet!

I’m sure she’d just look at me and sneer.

Who cares?

I wonder how many IBO’s out there have the same shitty attitude they duplicate from their upline about the gas price is going up and then go around bragging about how they don’t care. After all they’re Amway IBO’s = they have no problem affording anything. That’s the lie they have to project to everyone else.

Who cares?

Its the same thing with electricity. I am always turning out lights if they don’t need to be on. I’m always shutting off TV sets when I walk into a room and see no one is watching it. Though sometimes I’ll get a yell of outrage from a room down the hall where someone claims they’re watching it. I try not to turn on the air conditioning unless its unbearably hot in the house. Its not that I can’t afford the electrical - its just conserving energy and powering down and off unless I need something to be on.

From what I observed in meetings and what was taught to us by the cult leaders Amway IBO’s are brainwashed into thinking they are superior to everyone else because they own their own Amway business. Just by virtue of owning an Amway business means the money is plentiful and they no longer have to worry about money or paying the bills. Ha! What a laugh! Using the same philosophy IBO’s probably say they can afford electricity (whether or not they can or can not) so they're damn well going to use it to the max. If the rest of you want to conserve electricty - who cares!

In the Amway scheme of not caring about anything except the almighty dollar I can see why they are taught not to care about leaving an environmental impact. Just because you can afford something is no excuse for not conserving. Just because you give the impression to everyone else that you can afford everything is also no excuse for not conserving. What about about future generations? Just because Amway IBO’s are taught not to care about conservation and environmental impact means the rest of us have to work a little harder at keeping our earth clean and green. Fortunately the majority of the world don’t have the brainwashed attitude of IBO’s.

I can hear the collective IBO’s now on my position of being environmentally friendly.

Who cares?


  1. Anna;

    They have to say, "Who cares."

    It's all part of the 'Overcoming Objections 101' class.

    Hit the objection before it's objected to.

    Gas prices are horrendous. It's extremely important to the young mom racing to day care after work and while there deciding (the gas needle is on E) whether to go fill up or hit Safeway.

    That is a terrible position to be in.

    I care very much about these things for other people. We, too, are very conservative about electricity, gas, food, etc. We have cut out most eating out. I actually prefer to be home.

    I shop our local stores as much as possible to support the local sheriff and to avoid driving 30-40 miles to Tucson.

    I praise God every day for food to eat, gas in my car, soap in the shower, etc. We must always be grateful.

    Amway makes fun of you for being conservative. What a terrible thing to do to a young couple sitting there who could barely scrape it together to get in the door to hear your non-stop egotistical blathering. How dare you make fun of them, Diamond, Emeralds, etc.

    They should care. They should care very much.


  2. And you know what people in the upline would say if they heard about the mom in your scenario? Show her the board plan. Tell her to buy tapes and tickets to functions and then she'll never have to worry about deciding whether or not to fill the gas tank or buy groceries. Thats how much they care. Scam or spam?

  3. And that's precisely why I quit. I could not do this to people who were on the verge of financial collapse. It would just gag me to have to try to get her number. I felt like a sleezy bar fly.

    When IBOs began to complain about how tough it was to get broke people to do this, they changed the command to, "Well, what the hell are you doing THAT for?" - like we must not have gotten the memo, or something?????

    They then told us, "Make sure they qualify, for heaven's sake."

    Oh, O.K. Let's see. Just how in the hell do we do that?

    IBO: Hey, psst. Wanna see a really cool business? You'll make boatloads of cash and only work 10-12 hrs./wk.

    -at this point said prospect thinks you're coming on to her for one of two things: prostitution (we won't even go there about how similar amway is to prostitution), or being drug dealer (which in my opinion would be more honest).

    Maybe I sould ask for her Financials for the last year followed up with her Schedule C, perhaps?

    You know, the things she should be asking US for!!

    Crap, don't get me started, Anna. You know how I am always loaded for amway bear.


  4. This article by Forbes really annoys me. It says Amway creates jobs for people in need.

    Unusual wording that its referred to as a job instead of owning your business. At least Forbes calls it as is - a network of salespeople.

    Amway should be paying all the IBO's an hourly wage and then bonuses and commissions on top of that if they really want to live up to this image of being a benevolent company that provides jobs for people who need them.

    Absolutely IBO's prey on people who are in bad shape financially. Amway is promoted as being the answer to all their problems. In reality it just helps them to the poorhouse all that much faster.

    Make sure they qualify? What a laugh! Same thing as when they say they only work with people they like. Ha. They'll take anybody they can get whether they qualify or whether they like them. Take me for example. I didn't like any of them. And I hadn't liked our sponsor for many years. Bad history for years with that bastard. No one thought this might be a problem recruiting Ambot? Like now? Being the stars of my blog?

  5. I CARE!
    Let me confirm that for a very good majority of ibo's that's the attitude. When i was an ambot i used to project the same attitude, who cares, i can afford it (i wished) - a reflection of the amcult culture. truth is i was broker than a church mouse and i wasn't getting any better.

    i used to think all this go green stuff is way overrated. but of course i could not ignore the hard truth - like the oil spills etc of course they have a devastating effect. and if i am being taught to do the "business" and leave a legacy for my future generation then why is that legacy exclusive of say ... the environment. stupid i was as is many others "left behind". gawd what a shallow thinker this cult had turned me into.

    today amongst my austerity measures i shut off electric when we don't need it. i don't use down stairs a/c / heat if we are upstairs and don't need it, etc etc. as a result i pay about $40/m for a 1980sq.ft. home's electric bill down from about $300/pm when i was an ambot. i like the extra cash staying in my bank. i know no one is going to extract it from me via a some cult system!

    So who cares? i care you ambots!

  6. yeah one more thing that qualify them crap is self inflated hogwash more like self inflated delusion commonly referred to as posture by "i'm-fired-up-amcults" type. it's meant to show a prospect the attitude "i don't need you" yet they need people. i know, i did and taught it. cr@p! truth is they will jump at you just for showing a little interest about the cult.

    this "business" is not at all important. in fact i am never impressed if somebody goes platinum, diamond or whatever crap. i just know the higher the pin the greater the number of people suffering -read newbies- in the hope of one day making it before they come upon the hard truth and quit. so in the mean time get them all the way into the system for as long as possible before we find new newbies to replace them and keep the cycle.

    fact is the higher a pin the more scummier the ambot. how can thine self be at peace? that line there's a sucker born everyday is so apt. unfortunate but true. i can't stand these scumbots and i don't care an iota for any of them whether they go platinum, diamond or shit! they can go crap somewhere for all i care! uuurgh!

  7. ExAmbot - Its the whole Amway cult leader brainwashing the followers thing. That's what turns IBO's into shallow people and greedy people. They're brainwashed to project that snotty image.

    There are people who aren't involved with Amway who are hydro hogs and don't give a shit about the environment so I can't label only IBO's as people who don't care about the planet. I know what I heard at meetings and this who cares attitude really annoyed me. You've backed it up that you were also taught this in your LOS. The cost savings on hydro is a good thing. And so is conserving energy. Even when I travel I'm fanatic about checking the heating/air conditioning. I don't let water run in sinks. I make sure lights and appliances are turned off when not in use.

    We heard the I don't need you bullshit too. Mostly in forms of qualify your prospects and "I only work with people I like". They'd sign up anyone whether or not they liked them. I'm not sure what "qualifies" a person to become an IBO other than a credit card with some room on it.


    You are right there's a whole world of people who are least concerned about the environment, etc. it's just that i get so incensed by ambots because they double speak propagating these notions while claiming their soaps are environmentally friendly. let's see kingpin preaches to ambots to self-consume environmentally friendly soap, buy books, cd's etc; to impress/entice ambots kingpin buys a hummer yapping who care's about the price of gas. in the end love for the environment had no chance, ab initio. you see they preach what's convenient when it is so. that is what i can't stand & cause it's scummy! and what's amazing ambots tug along and accept it all and generally are not known to question uplines and will not. say it with me->CULT!

    when i read/hear stuff like this the memories within are so close and come back strong & fast i just gotta let it out. it's my healing process and know i need this. i hope you understand. Thank you for calming me down.

    Your comments are just and quite noble. you are willing to let us and them (excuse me there i go again, throes of cultic thinking) i mean everybody express theyselves. for that reason i propose AnnaB for president!

    what "qualifies" (ha...!) one to become an ambot? yes room in a credit card. what about before there's room in a credit card or if there's no c.c. at all what still "qualifies" one? really think about it. this is actually very interesting and it's getting me to think some more (there's a concept alien to ambots-i.e. think). i am pondering over this today and i will probably write back on it. ion the meanwhile, this sounds like an interesting topic you could consider to write on. i would love to read different perspectives on this one.

    BTW what's the discourse in your name/handle if any? i like it all the same!

  9. ExAmbot - Ha ha! My father was a politician. Elected the day before I was born. I spent my first years back and forth to the capital. Although I'm interested in politics I have no desire to be a politician at any level.

    It is kind of weird why IBO's make such a fuss out of saying their soaps are environmentally friendly - big deal so are all the other soaps - and yet they make stupid comments about how they don't care how much gas or hydro or water costs because they can afford it so they're entitled to use and abuse it as much as they can. Kind of like what they do to their downline!

    Writing about what happened helps gets a lot of it out of your system. I've had others say the find it very healing to get everything off their chest about the Amway dark days.

    I heard Anna Banana enough times growing up so I used it as my handle. I thought I'd be as original as everyone else. As original as IBO's who show up to say we're a bunch of broke losers with a job mentality. I used to know a Laverne and all the time people would ask her where Shirley was. Everyone thinks they're so original!

  10. Oh, Anna, I just caught what you wrote about 'amway creating J.O.B.s' for the downtrodden.

    The humanity of it all! I'll bet that terminology puts their teeth on edge. hee hee

    Aren't J.O.B.s like poison to ambots? Aren't J.O.B.s to be avoided at all costs; or only kept to pay for books, tapes, and functions?

  11. Amway creates jobs for people is such a load of bullshit. And coming from Forbes? They should know by now that Amway is a scam.


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