Thursday, June 2, 2011

Wake Up When You’re Done Sleeping

How many times have you heard one of the Amway speakers say something to the effect of “wouldn’t it be great to wake up in the morning when you’re done sleeping”. I know I heard our Platinum say it at every meeting that his wife gets up once she’s done sleeping. Sounds a little irresponsible when you have school age children. Their kids were teenagers - a boy and a girl - I think about 13 and 14 at the time. Does mom not want to make sure the kids are getting themselves out of bed on time, eating a decent breakfast, packing a lunch, and making sure they get out the door? Would Platinum dad be doing all this? Unlikely. He’s a male chauvinist pig and childcare he would put under the category of “woman’s work”. In which case his wife is very likely getting out of bed when she has to and not when she’s done sleeping.

The main reason the Platinum says his wife gets out of bed when she’s done sleeping is to sneer at the downline who have jobs and set their alarm clock daily and get out of bed in time to get to work.

“Wake up when you’re done sleeping” is something I have a hard time getting my head wrapped around. First off most parents who have school age children don’t laze around in bed and get up when they’re done sleeping. Maybe - and that’s a big maybe depending on how mature and responsible the kid is - once the kid is a junior or senior and is capable of getting themselves out of bed on time, dressed, eat breakfast and off to school. Parents who have younger children need to get them out of bed, dressed, prepare breakfast, fix a lunch bag, and walk them to school unless there are older siblings who can walk with the younger child. Its my guess that most stay at home parents wake up at 7am or so. They probably don’t go back to bed once everyone is out the door either.

Unless of course you’re a lazy ass IBO who is damned well following the upline’s advice about not getting out of bed until you’re done sleeping.

I had a friend who after she moved out of Los Angeles decided to home school her son. I wasn’t too sure why she would do that but it became very clear when I remembered she was not a morning person. Ambot and I visited her a few years ago in our motorhome that we parked on their driveway and we slept in our rig. We got up whenever, 7am or so, but it was at least 10am before she got out of bed. Likewise her son was still sleeping until she got around to waking him up. She couldn’t get her act together first thing in the morning to get her kid off to public school. Home schooling worked better for her desire to get out of  bed once she was done sleeping. They are not in Amway. So that blows the old upline’s theory that the only people who are allowed to get out of bed once they are done sleeping are those who have reached a certain level in Amway.

I very rarely set my alarm clock. If I set my alarm its probably because I need to drive someone to the airport at 5am or I have somewhere else to be early. Alarm clock or not I’d say that I very rarely wake up when I’m done sleeping. Often I wake up because someone else in he household is moving around. Once I’m awake I am awake and I can’t get back to sleep again. That’s a real piss off if something or someone wakes me up at 2 in the morning or 4:30. I ain’t done sleeping but I’m woken up. The only thing I can do at that time of day is get up and bake muffins.

Just because Platinums and Diamonds praise the value of staying in bed until you’re done sleeping doesn’t mean its something everyone aspires to do. I guess none of them ever heard of Benjamin Franklin and “early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise”.

I wouldn’t say that I necessarily go to bed early though since we’re no longer in Amway I’m able to get to bed before midnight. Calling a 7am wake up “early” is debatable! There are lots of people who wake up earlier than that! Does it make me healthy waking up early? When I get up I walk the dog, have something light to eat, and then I go to the Y where I either swim or do yoga. Healthy enough I suppose.

How many IBO’s lead a healthy lifestyle? It looks like many of them tried the Trim weight loss system and lets just say they’re not walking advertisements that the diet plan actually works! They also promote guzzling vitamins instead of eating a healthy diet that includes fresh fruit and vegetables. In the board plan we see over and over the way to Amway success is to suck back energy drinks and chow down on food bars. They’re too busy following their own advice about lazing around in bed until they’re ready to get up that they’re likely not getting regular exercise.

I’m a busy person. I’ve got places to go, people to see and things to do. I’m not accomplishing anything until I’m out of bed. The quicker I can get everything done is more free time for me. Not being an IBO means I’ve freed up lots of extra time. Getting out of bed somewhat early means I can get just about everything I need to do done before noon. Now I’ve got a good portion of the day ahead of me to enjoy however I want to.

Let’s compare that to an IBO. Say the lazy bastard hauls ass out of bed around noon. The bed needs to be made, go to the kitchen to prepare a meal of an energy drink, food bar, and vitamins - probably not a lot of kitchen clean up required for that! Next will probably be checking email, text messages, and making lots of phone calls. Next thing you know its late in the afternoon and the laundry and housecleaning aren’t done. What about yard work? When was the last time the lawn was mowed or the garden weeded? Who’s got time for that? Now its time for counselling with downline because they’re starting to get off work now and then the 8pm board plan meeting and the night owl. Arrive back home around 2am and do it all over again the next day.

Lying around in bed is a waste of time to many people. I’ve always gone with the philosophy that the quicker I can get things done the quicker I can relax. Even though I can lay around in bed until noon if I wanted I don’t do it because the day is getting away from me. Sometimes there’s a movie I want to see comes on at 8 in the morning and I watch it. The next thing I know I’ve missed the classes I go to at the Y and I’m behind on everything else I want to do.

Waking up when I’m done sleeping does not work for me.


  1. I doubt any of the Amway big pins can afford to sleep in since they have to constantly work to maintain their tool business and maintain their downline by ensuring the constant flow of bullshit continues rolling down the hill. Retiring and doing nothing in this business is a fallacy, those that don't continue to sign up new IBOs and keep them buying Tools and doing their 100pv are back to regular jobs in no time and to top it all off your share of the tool and function profits is determined by the biggest pin in the organization and could be here today and gone tomorrow. Amway is a job for life with no pension, no benefits and a boss (Amway) who does not care if you jump off a bridge.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  2. Lemming - whether they can afford it or whether they go ahead and sleep in anyway because they think they deserve it are 2 different things! If you want to retire and do nothing and live off income that comes rolling in you'd have to be a very good invester not part of Amway. Yup Amway is the boss. Amway dictates the prices, the rules, etc. IBO's don't seem to get it. A real business owner decides on the prices for their products and services, decides on their hours, and does not have anyone else bullying them and abusing them. Amway is a life sentence and some of us have already served our punishment and escaped or got early parole!

  3. Anna...It has been sometime since I've last visited your blog and posted a reply on your site; however, upon making a cursory check with regards to what you've posted since I last visited; I get the sense that you have been drawn back into further, undesirable association with Amway, at least at some level. Is this true?

    If so, what has caused your backslide? If not so, the tone of your posts strike me as having taken on a slightly more conciliatory and mildly less abrasive approach these days, which is to say, less vehement in your opposition to the Business. Perhaps due to some form of concession on your behalf? It's just a sense I get, but I hope not.

    Of course, I'm taking a shortcut here by asking you this question directly and by not having read all of your posts since my last visit; there's a lot of them - LOL. Sadly, I simply lack the time at the moment to make a full investment on catch-up reading; therefore, I thought that in the interest of time you might entertain a direct inquiry? Many Thanks!

  4. Successful cult leaders dont really wake up when they want to. My first and only event the speaker spoke till 1:30am. Had friends who gone to meetings/seminars which where till midnight. Read online they constantly get downline calling them and asking for advice.

  5. Hi Anonymous! Glad you've come back for a visit!

    Nope, I have no association with Amway. However Ambot still sees/phones his friend and former sponsor Captain Fuck Up occasionally. He's no longer in Amway but I refuse to have anything to do with him due to the misery he brought us.

    I got a lot out of my system when I wrote the Fuck You IBO post. That's part of what writing is - a healing process. Also as I'm sure you'd agree anyone who spends a year doing something whether it be playing baseball, sailing the world, or spending time in an Amway jail sentence only has a limited amount of stories. We weren't at any high level, never met any Diamonds, not privy to any insider secrets. I write posts now as something happens to trigger a memory for me. Soon I'll be writing about our Family Reunion experiences because its coming up again for WWDB in July 2011.

    Ha ha just had to get a few more key words in there to screw up someone's Google search!

    I am still extremely opposed to Amway as a business. Less than 1% success rate - as written in the small print on their own business literature - emotional distress, destroys relationships, financial ruin. Sad stories are all over the Internet. Others blog about Amway being a poor business opportunity. I prefer to blog about how my upline were a bunch of assholes and the emotional turmoil those bastards put me through.

    Nothings changed other than I'm slowing down a little. What can I say? I'm running out of material!

  6. Colin - that's my sense too. They must get phone calls at all hours! Just another lie so they can be superior to people who have jobs.

  7. a matter of curiosity, what rational has Captain Fuck-Up provided, which supports his justification for having departed from "The Business"? Surely, he has concocted some form of anecdotal mishap, which supports his deviation from his previous course? In the interest of humor, would you happen to know what it is?

  8. If you talk to any entrepreneur worth his salt you would never see any of them insult jobs. Mark Cuban himself say that sweat equity is always the best equity. Your job funnels stable income to your business when you're first starting out. It's so immature to keep trashing the one source of income keeping them afloat.

  9. Anonymous - you're right I have no absolute proof that Captain Fuck Up is no longer with Amway other than him saying he quit and didn't renew his membership. His sponsor also confirmed he quit. He stopped going to meetings and functions months before we did. He no longer purchases Amway products or goes to Amway meetings. But you're right for all I know he's lying and he's still an IBO. IBO's have to be good liars to get anywhere in Amway and he certainly has that liar qualification down good.

  10. Cashbackguru - you're right I have never heard anyone who owns a legitimate business insult people who have jobs and work for others. The only time I've ever heard J.O.B. is a 4 letter word is during the time we were in Amway.

  11. Anna...I'm afraid that I was unclear in my point, sorry. I wasn't questioning whether or not he actually quit Amway, I was just asking what his reason for quitting was? However, you say that he departed the business months before you and your husband did, so it sounds likely that he did quit. Also, I'm afraid that I was under the impression that Captain Fuck-Up and the Platimum Sack Of Shit was the same person, but I now recognize that they're different people. Therefore, I initially thought you were eluding to the Platinum as having quit Amway and I was just wondering what his reason was and how he justified the decision after having given you and your husband such a hard time about the business. My apologies for the confusion.

  12. Former WWDB Lemming
    is dead on. amway is a loooong JOB, no different from others, might pay middle class income but a long job nevertheless. if anything it's worse off because an ibo can be terminated at their whim (so much for residual income, oops!), no benefits, pension, etc, not to mention questionable requirements/aspects like, lying, deceiving, cagey, the income hardly equates to the amount of work that goes in, etc. and one can be sidelined by AMOs from system income at an uplines wish if they don't tow the line. suffice to say AMOs are akin to third world dictatorships. and ambots get all emotional upline/amway cult changed my life/future, or whatever.)

    "...early parole...from amway" what hilarity in truth! you got me there, big LOL, helps to further lighten the way i view my experience as i try to find humor about it now.

    Wake Up When You’re Done Sleeping

    Another amway myth that many buy into (me too, i did) because it sounded good, i mean common now it's sound makes logical sense. the higher an ambot goes up the totem pole the more they become owned by their downlines - they have to keep recruiting (who said retire? ok say that is acceptable, the problem becomes the nefarious reasons for it - new blood to replace high attrition and to expand tool base for the notorious, hidden (not anymore) system income purpose. diamonds are a very busy lot flying all over the country to recruit. but of course they pass that to ambots as they just love their teams so much otherwise they can choose to be home with their families. so ambots thank them for finding time to come help them. i say bullshit. the gig is up. we know the truth. if they dared stay with their families the income base will wilt more quickly than a daisy.

    an amway cult career also comes with business life long perks like lying (say it amway job equals life long liar!) these ambots qualify for the best liars in the world. for sure your former platinum's wife wakes up early to get them kids ready. i don't see anything wrong there, that is what parents' life is about when you signup up. sure she may have a chance to go back to bed but that's entirely different from the platinum's lying statement isn't it. actually truth to me seems she is hauling a lazy ass.

    so sleep in until done sleeping is one more amcult myth just like these are also myths namely, residual income, willable to your kids & their kids..., walk away income, beaches of the world, pay cash only, oh crap enough already! that myth just like the others does not impress after the truth.

  13. talking about Trim weight loss system yeah they were never impressive. two of my former upline's wives were both big assed women (ok granted after kids.) but they touted the weight loss systems as if they were working and from their asses they weren't! still don't. last i saw'em they still dragging huge asses around with them at the malls, walmart, BB, etc. again the bitches were lying. THEM MBITCHES WERE LYING! (sounded better with "m" this time.)

    another lie we ate straight from their asses is that they were retired. oh pohleeez! most had masters degrees but supposedly had retired since the "business" income did not justify them working. holy molly! their scummy husbands were just silvers, platinums and Q12. these imported bitches married-by-photo-line-up didn't have work authorization papers. they couldn't work and yet they berated ambots about having jobs. they had never worked a day in this country and they had the audacity to talk down jobs! they never paid uncle sam a dime! unbelievable! truth is ambot jobs supported their tool income behind our backs. still do. i still have three ambots from one leg still in the "business" driving the miles. makes me feel violent right about now just remembering.


    AnnaB, FYI S!#T depends on if i'm in a suit. LOL

  14. Anonymous - I can see how it would be difficult to follow along on the pet names unless you're a regular reader!

    Captain Fuck Up = our sponsor
    Sack of Shit = our Platinum

    I have no way of knowing one way or the other if the Platinum is still in Amway. Its my guess he's still in.

  15. ExAmbot - you're right. An IBO can be terminated by Amway for a variety of reasons. Like we need any futher proof that IBO's are only pretend business owners!

    As you pointed out there's no doubt in my mind that the Platinum lied about his wife getting up when she was done sleeping. Hopefully she was done sleeping when it was time to get the kids up and to school! Most housewives don't go back to bed once everyone's out the door. They might get a chance to relax and lie down later on in the day once everything else is done.

    I don't really have anything bad to say against his wife other than her shitty taste in men! If she wasn't in Amway and if she was my neighbor and married to someone who's not a pompous sack of shit I'd probably get along just fine with her.

    Ha ha! That's pretty funny about the fat ass lying bitches promoting Trim when its clearly not working!

    Speaking of working maybe they will one day when the Amway wall finally collapses. The only real work they're doing is trying to convince the downline not to quit. When they can't replace the quitting IBO's they might have to work for someone else to start repaying the Amway debt.

  16. ExAmbot, you are correct. Many of the Gala ladies who come up on stage and say they are stay at home wife or mom out of choice, lie big time. Most of them come to USA on dependent visa and have never worked. The only Amway IBOs in Gala team who quit their jobs are emeralds and above who make a significant amount of money through the business, rest of them just lie about being stay at home.

    Another common lie is when the husband introduces their wife as a doctor or dentist, when clearly many of them are not practising here or have not cleared all the licensing exams in USA. They give an impression as though they are preactising doctors and dentists here.

    As far as trim body system is concerned, I have used that product and have lost weight but have regained it all back as well. There are many many cheper and better quality weight loss products out there.

    One question I have though is if the trim body system is so good, why doesn't Neil and Sirisha Gala (son and daughter-in-law) of Kanti Gala use it and lose some weight, as both of them are clearly obese. Havent they heard the statements that you should look like somebody who uses the products and not like somebody who needs the product


  17. Talk about having the craziest, narcissistic boss that is equivalent of Amway uplines.

    Anybody remember how Kanti and Lata Gala used to gloat how they were able to marry off their son and daughter is such grand style. Remember Kavan and Anjali's wedding pictures and their honeymoon trip to Hawaii and anniversary trip to somewhere in Canada? I was just filled with with contempt when we used to get their kids vacation pictures.

    All slaves like us are supposed to go "ooh" and "aah" over these pictures and over their supposed lifestyle and vacations. But God forbid, if you wanted to get married in such style or go on such vacations with your money or even if your parents did provide for such things, you have to check with your upline first.

    Remember, you are only supposed to go on Amway sponsored vacations and even if you have to spend anything over $500, you need to check upline first?

    There is not much difference between the brainwashing that goes into the creation of terrorists or the brainwashing techniques used by the God Almighty big pins


  18. Ex IBO - I think my husband bought some of the Trim stuff as encouraged by his upline. He’s not in too bad shape but you know how insulting the upline can be! Also so we could try it and tell everyone else how good it works. We had this powder that came in a plastic bottle and was mixed with either milk or water and drink it and it was a meal replacement drink, kind of expensive, I seem to think it cost around $30. I think there was vanilla and chocolate flavors. I tried the chocolate and the one nice thing I can say about it is that it tasted better than that nasty piss drink XS! I wouldn’t call it meal replacement. I was hungry almost immediately so if its supposed to curb hunger pains - it doesn’t! I think I have better luck at not being hungry if I take a Carnation Instant Breakfasts Drink but I don’t know how they are for weight loss. Just breakfast on the go for me and I haven’t bought them in years since I don’t work any more. Its one thing to lose weight and its another to keep it off and ultimately Trim works no better or worse than any other product out there except that it costs more than others.

    Gee an Amway sponsored vacation sounds like a laugh and half. No thanks! Nothing like wrecking your vacation by having anything to do with Amway tagged onto it!

  19. Given the total chauvinist mindset of the upline, I think what your Platinum really meant when he said his wife was able to sleep until she was done sleeping was:

    Platinum: (shakes his wife briskly) "Hey. You're done sleeping. Get up and make us all some breakfast."

  20. Ha ha Anonymous! That's pretty funny. And probably very true too! Thanks for the laugh!


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