Sunday, June 5, 2011

What to do in Boise during Amway WWDB Family Reunion 2011?

Seeing as how Amway WWDB Puryear Family Reunion 2011 is to be held in Boise, Idaho in July I thought I’d take a look at what tourist attractions are available for people travelling here.

I’m sure IBO’s would be absolutely shocked that there are people out there who are travelling to Boise in July who are not interested in attending this function!

So I did a good old Google search and here’s what I came up with.

Boise Art Museum  Adult admission is $5, slightly less for other age groups. Let’s see if I had no interest in visiting the Louvre then I think I’d have to give this art museum a pass too. I got no culture I guess! Hell! If I was forced to choose between Family Reunion and the art museum I’d be looking at paintings!

The Boise Zoo  Adult admission is $7. Less for other age groups. You know that’s not a bad price for a zoo. I’d probably go. Beats listening to those orangutans from the stage!

Boise Trolley Tours  Admission for a narrated tour around Boise is $18 for adults and less for other age groups. You know, you’ve been on one trolley you’ve been on them all! I think this would be a pass for me. Unless of course I was forced to choose between the trolley and Family Reunion. Clang! Clang! Clang! All aboard!!!

There are free tours at the Idaho Capitol Building.

Roaring Springs Waterpark  Now we’re talking! This is my kind of fun on a hot summer day. Price depends on how tall you are. If you’re over 4’ its $27.99. Unless you’re a senior (over 55!) no height restriction $22.99. Ha! Hey its cheaper and cooler than Family Reunion!

Check out Trip Advisor for top attractions to Boise.

And just what is the #1 rated tourist attraction in Boise according to Trip Advisor?
Reasonably priced for a tour - $5.
Hey you all know the drill now. I would go there! Absolutely if I had to pick between an Amway function or going to jail - I would go to jail!

So there you have it. All the better stuff to do in Boise Idaho instead of attending the Amway WWDB Family Reunion.

Of course most of you are on to me now. This is just another blog to get to the top of the Google search engines using the key words I need to screw up IBO searchers looking for information on the Amway WWDB Puryear Family Reunion 2011. Also I hope this helps out a wife who has been dragged off the Family Reunion by her brainwashed husband but resists going inside the Idaho Qwest Arena for the brainwashing sessions. There are other things to do in Boise.

I just hope this post doesn’t hurt those poor suckers doing searches who are genuinely interested in Boise tourist attractions!


  1. Those are great ideas to do in lieu of the WWDB Family Reunion. Yes sir. If I were to even think of going to Boise Idaho, I would enjoy that much more than attending a WWDB Family Reunion. And an IBO would be much better served taking his family to those fun, interesting activities than to go to a useless they-say-the-same-stuff-at-all-of-them WWDB Family Reunion. Of course, if someone's goal is instead to empty their wallets for a cult-like, brainwashing event, then a WWDB Family Reunion would be a great way to do it.

    lol Sorry. Just helping with the search engine. ;)

    P.S. WWDB Family Reunion

  2. Thanks Dave! Every little bit helps! This post is #3 right now. #2 is the other post I did a few days ago about WWDB Family Reunion. And #1 is one of Joecool's posts with links pointing back to my blog! It doesn't matter who's in the top spots as long as its not WWDB or Amway!

    Actually had someone from Boise Idaho - I'm assuming an IBO - do a search and ended up at both my recent posts! Too bad didn't give us more insight on other attractions in Boise. Maybe I've already covered the highlights?!

    Yup there are other places in Boise to spend your money - and less of it - than at the Amway function. Have more fun, quality time with your family, and not get brainwashed with the same bullshit they say at every function.

  3. It is funny how the Amway WWDB Puryear Family Reunion is not even on the event calender on Qwest Arena site I have no doubt that WWDB got a very good deal on the arena rental since it falls on the July 4th long weekend, my guess is the per seat cost is around $10 per person including stage rental, lighting etc. but the WWDB Puryear Family Reunion's outrageous ticket price is split up amongst the Ken and Barbie Diamonds that will spew their pre-baked Amway/WWDB brainwashing nonsense from the stage. WWDB has two main goals in ensuring IBO's attend, to keep you brainwashed and to line their pockets with the ticket money they collect. The sickening thing about these events is Ken and Barbie want you to think that they are at the WWDB Puryear Family Reunion out of the goodness of their heart, don't let them fool you, they are their for the money, your money.

    ***Former WWDB Lemming***

  4. Lemming - the last time I looked the only event on the arena's July calendar was a roller derby. I mean it is kind of embarrassing to admit to having an Amway function on the premises. But hey a buck is a buck in slow season. July 4 is on Monday. The Puryear Family Reunion is the next weekend July 8 to 10.

    You hit it dead on what IBO's can expect if they're dumb enough to show up at family reunion. Their money would be better spent at the water park and touring the old pen.

  5. Let's see. You've just had July 4th off (holiday) so you boss is scrambling to make up for the loss of a day that he/she has had to pay for, and now ambots are expected to take an even longer weekend to attend the 'ambot roller derby?'

    We, as business owners,we would be not happy. Our business depends on people showing up every day and putting in a full day. The consumer is watching every dime, and we are very concious of that fact.

    If our clients think our employees are on their cell phones too much, they call us on it. They refuse to pay for someone discussing their dinner plans. I don't blame them.

    It's amazing that in the middle of this seriously bad economy, amway is the only thing that doesn't have to change. It's business as usual.

    So glad to be out.


  6. CT - if the business owner says "no" then they'll probably just call in sick and you'll end up paying them for their sick day.

    If you're lucky they'll counsel with upline and quit because Amway Family Reunion is more important their stinking job.

    My husband docked someone 45 minutes once due to yapping on his cell phone instead of working. Do that on your lunch break!

    Amway is all about destroying lives. Why would they change?

  7. "Beats listening to those orangutans from the stage!"

    ha..ha.ha..! Just so you know, orangutans = jungle man in the original language.
    Orang = people/man
    utan/Hutan = jungle/forest

    An apt description!

  8. Or we could form a mutiny and toss them to the lions. Hmmm. Does anyone know if the Boise zoo has lions???

  9. What-no tour of the potato processing plant?? Dang, I was just about to book my trip!

  10. Maybe you have to travel a little further out of town to find a potato processing plant?


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