Friday, June 17, 2011

Where’s the damned WWDB Amway Family Reunion hotel?

I remember driving around trying to find the hotel we were staying at during Amway WWDB Family Reunion. We’d made a couple of wrong turns and then spotted the hotel - barely. It was a Howard Johnson’s that was changing its name to something else - I don’t recall what name it became. Or maybe that’s vice versa. Perhaps whatever hotel name was becoming an HJ’s. I remember seeing a tiny sign for the hotel I was looking for and I thought the address was right and pulled into the parking lot.

It was just after 6pm. I was stressed out because of the wrong turns and unable to find the hotel - likely due to lack of signage because of the name change underway. So I was  frazzled as I pulled in.

And then Ambot’s fucking cell phone rings! Shit! Scared the hell out of me! I damn near drove the car into the hotel’s swimming pool!

And who would it be? Could it be the same son of a bitch who has plagued us with about 20 calls in the past 4 hours? You guessed it! His shithead sponsor - Captain Fuck Up!

Oh, I’m mad. I get out of the car with the email confirmation and stomp inside to find out if I’m in the right hotel and if not can the desk clerk tell me how to get to where I want to go. Fortunately I’d found the right hotel and he explained about the hotel being sold and the name change confusion.

Just as I’m finished registering Ambot walks in and asks if we’ve found the right place. Jesus I would have gone back to the car by now if it wasn’t!

As we’re driving around the hotel lot to get a parking spot near our room he asks what my problem is. I tell him my nerves are frazzled and that fucking phone call put me over the edge and what does that bastard want anyway. Has he not got it through his head that we don’t have his fucking money and don’t know where it is?

If you read my previous blog you’d know that Captain Fuck Up lost his money and was stuck at home and didn’t make it to the World Wide Dream Builders Family Reunion.

Hours ago I’d had enough of listening to Ambot’s side of the phone conversation. I didn’t want to hear nothing more about that fucking lost money!

Ooooh I am still getting pissed off at that fucking idiot!

The hotel we stayed at gave me another reason to despise that arrogant prick. They allowed dogs! A fact I did not know until we arrived and saw the “pet friendly” sign.

Because the original plans were to have Captain Fuck Up and his long suffering wife join us for the drive to Family Reunion that meant they would be taking up space in the back seat, we had to put our dog in the kennel. Being high season summertime the kennel required a deposit at time of booking (I think $50) just in case we cancelled or no showed so they had our credit card number. So when Captain Fuck Up announced at 9am they couldn’t leave until the afternoon it was already too late to cancel the kennel. 4 days kennel plus 3 walks a day plus early check in was well over $100 when we picked up our dog on Monday. And yes, charged one day for every day or portion thereof - Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday. They were closed by the time we arrived home on Sunday night. As opposed to the dog staying free at the hotel.

Yep, just keep giving me more reasons to despise that fucking asshole!

Like we need any more proof that it is a very BAD idea to sponsor anyone into Amway if their wife has a long history of disliking the sponsor. Dragging them into Amway and the wife will add up every cent that fucking asshole sponsor cost them. I don’t have it broken down piece by piece but I put in Excel that WWDB Family Reunion tickets cost $485. Gas, hotel, food, and dog kennel total $850.

Any IBO’s out there reading this: if your friend’s wife doesn’t like you - don’t sponsor them into Amway! It only gets worse. Never better. She will end up despising you even more than she did before because now you have brought them financial and emotional distress. Leave them alone or you might find yourself featured in her blog one day too!

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