Thursday, July 14, 2011

Amway is one of the Top 2 Environmental Companies in the World?

I have several notebooks lying around. Mostly I use them for ripping out papers for grocery lists or to write an address or phone number down on. As luck would have it these notebooks never happen to be handy when I actually need a piece of paper but occasionally I find one of them tucked away in a drawer.

I found one! Only to remember how much it really ticked me off when Ambot borrowed whatever handy notebook he could find so he be a good little IBO and take notes at Amway meetings. Gotta get that bullshit written down! Geez wasn’t the tape recorder good enough for recording for eternity the Amway lies? There’s a page where he took notes of a board plan our Emerald was giving and I’m ready to rip that page out of my  notebook but now that I’m fully aware of the Amway scam curiosity makes me glance at it and see what lies the cult followers were being treated to that night.

For now I’ve decided to keep the notebook intact because I can see its giving me subject matter for future posts.

The Emerald makes the declaration that Amway is one of the top 2 environmental companies in the world.

Yeah right I’m sure it is! Here’s the thing. Who would dare question upline? The ambots have been brainwashed to believe everything the cult leaders say is the truth. All other points of view are lies. Except they’re probably really the truth and the cult leaders don’t want their followers to know.

So I hit Google to find out who are the top 2 environmental companies in the world.

A company called Engineering News Record is the top hit and has a list of the top 200 environmental companies in the world. CH2M Hill Ltd is number one. Bechtel is number 2. Wait! How can that be? Our cult leader said Amway is in the top 2! Its like a conspiracy! Someone is out to prove the Emerald is a fucking liar!

Oh. That would be me. Ha ha!

This list is from 2008 and here its in alphabetical order because its easier to see Amway or Alticor or Quixtar is not on the list.

OK I’ll try the next Google link, Environmental and Energy Management News. The top 10 greenest companies in the world because maybe the asshole meant to say green instead of environmentally friendly. Amway has to be in the top 2 because if they’re not then there’s more proof that our Emerald is a fucking liar!

Number one is Vestas Wind Systems. Hmm. Ok who is number 2? Svenska Cellulosa. Interesting. Not only is Amway or Alticor not in the top 2 but this is a different top 2 from the Engineering News Record. The top 10 are here in case anyone is interested.

This ain’t looking good for proving that lying cult leader was telling the truth for a change! Let’s try another link. Newsweek, a fairly reliable source and here are their 2010 Green Rankings.

Number one is IBM and number 2 is Hewlett Packard. What??!!! Where is Amway in the top 2?

The list shows only the top 20 but you can search a company’s name to see if its in the top 500. I tried Alticor and Amway. Guess what? Not there!

They also have a list of the top 100 companies in the world.

I’ll save you some time looking. Neither Amway nor Alticor is on there.

It looks like no reporting agency can agree on the world’s top 2 environmental companies. However they can all agree that Amway or Alticor or Quixtar are nowhere on their lists.

It would appear that Amway exists as one of the top 2 world’s leading environmental companies only in Amway’s fantasy world. What do they do - gather their employees, get them drunk, conduct a survey and then hand out the fake results to the cult leaders to get this information out to the masses?

Oh why not? How many ways can they scam their cult followers?

The problem is when they come up against someone who can’t stand their upline and researches the truth and writes it down in a blog to make them look like a bunch of assholes.

And now we all know the truth.

Our asshole Emerald is a liar. Now there’s a shocker!


  1. There is only one place you'd be able to find the list the Emerald was reading from... his ass.

    Because that's where he pulled it out of.


    P.S. Which would be an accomplishment in itself to find it in the first place, since he seems to be so full of shit. Then again, aren't they all?

  2. Ha ha Dave! That is so true! Very funny!

  3. Was waiting for ibofb to come in here and tell us amway is #1 Environmental Company in network marketing and we know nothing. I dont even think amway is top 100 Environmental Companies in the world.

  4. Colin - Amway is not even in the top 500. Except in their own minds of course.

    IBOFB rarely shows up here. He has bigger blogs to defend Amway on. Here he's up against a battle of defending a bunch of upline assholes. His ammunition is rather weak to try to convince me my upline were telling me the truth and are nice, decent human beings.

    But maybe he'll show up and leave a comment that I must have misunderstood the Emerald and that Amway is one of the top 2 prestigious environmental companies in the world as evidenced by an article in the Asskikin Newspaper located in a remote village in Uzbekistan.

  5. My ex upline diamond use to tell us you'll never see amway advertise cause it's not necessary. They pay out the advertising dollar to the ibo/distributors. Now i see amway advertise everywhere. Guess amway is spending the $ advertising instead of paying the distributors more bonuses.

  6. I'm sure the Amway spokeshole would try to claim that Amway should actually be number one on the list because their environmental policies are more "concentrated" than those of the other companies on the list.


  7. Colin - we heard the same thing that Amway does not advertise and the money they save by not advertising is passed down to the IBO in bonuses. They've been advertising for the past 3 or 4 years. In fact our sack of shit Platinum would go around bragging that NBC Dateline did this expose about Amway and have now had a change of heart and airs the Amway commercials on their network. Fucking moron! NBC ain't airing the commercials for free as an apology as he led all of us to believe. NBC makes some prefty hefty dollars for selling commerical space on their TV network.

  8. Dave - IBOFB shows up to claim Amway is best because its concentrated, prestigious, etc and quotes some remote survey company that nobody on this side of the Atlantic has ever heard of who gets paid to do surveys has declared it so.

  9. Anna, might be the best way to keep tv stations from airing anything negative about amway. Just spend the minimum amount of $ on advertising with them.


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