Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A "Sharp" IBO found my Blog!

We all know what its like in Amway meetings where the Platinum tries to stroke everyone's ego by calling them sharp businessmen. Never sharp businesswomen at least not in the Amway meetings I went to but what else do you expect when board plans are run by a male chauvinist pig.

Here's a good laugh.

This morning an IBO hits onto my blog after doing a Google search for "need tickets to Family Reunion, Boise, Idaho".

I mean what the hell? Has this guy been sleeping through Amway meetings for the past 3 months???? Puryear Family Reunion was last weekend.

If he'd been a regular reader of my blog for the past month he would have got all the information he needed.

This is not to say some enterprising IBO might still try to scam him and sell him tickets for last weekend's function but you got to wonder what that guy is learning at Amway meetings. This is what happens when you recruit the village idiot!

I'm still getting hits for Puryear Family Reunion but I don't know if IBO's just fucked up on their calendar and don't realize its over or if they're now looking for reviews from attendees.

This guy who is desperate for tickets for Family Reunion in Boise almost made me laugh as much as the searcher who came to my blog after Googling "why do Igbos fight by throwing eggs at each other"!

And yes just in case anyone's still wondering I still get hits for people wanting to know how to say fuck in Igbo!


  1. This "Sharp IBO" sounds like, in Amaspeak, a real project. I wonder if his upline platinum knows this and took him on as a "project" because they got bored with walking the beaches of the world and sipping exotic drinks.

  2. Yeah I was a project too. My upline tried to take someone who had no interest in Amway, no interest in going to Amway meetings, and no interest on spending money on Amway products and tools and turn them into a brainwashed ambot zombie who would give them undying worship and devotion and all my money. My upline got a failing grade on that project!

  3. Earlier I had mentioned about a friend of my son (around 19 yrs old) who had gotten involved in Amway. Since then I've been careful to "educate" my kids about just how Amway works, the vague "excited" way you are approached and your ego stroked, danging the bait giving few details but lots of "dream talk", blah blah. I think it's harder for them to trap you if you recognize the methods that are being used on you.
    I saw their family at a Fourth of July party and their son who is in it seemed... different. Seemed to think of himself as "older" than the other "immature" kids goofing around with fireworks. I'm not sure if that personality change is part of it all. But the looks I found him giving me now and then were kind of creepy.
    Anyway, my wife was talking to his dad today asking about it and the dad "claims" his son is only selling product, not recruiting people. Supposedly he sold $3,000 worth of product (mainly to their friends at church) and got a $300 commission check.
    Does it usually work that way? Will those be one time "pity" sales which will drop off? Will the pressure and/or indoctrination still be pushed upon him to recruit?
    Also, another friend of both him and my son seemed "on board" at the "showing of the plan" meeting that my son was originally supposed to go to, but my wife went in his place (where she annoyed the sponsor upline guy by asking 'pointed' questions cutting through his rah-rah that was starting to pull in the kids at the meeting). Anyway, that other friend called my son yesterday out of the blue (they don't normally do stuff together, but have in the past) and invited him to go to the beach where a bunch of the kids are going to "hang out". Now, it COULD be an innocent summer get together with friends. But all my reading up on Ambots has me suspicious as I know they have to make up that list of friends and family of potential recruits, and then have to carefully approach them to start probing with "where do you see yourself in five years? What are your dreams? You have always struck me as a sharp individual" blah blah bullshit bullshit.
    I had a talk with my son AGAIN about it all and I think he is armed enough to be able to just politely decline over and over. As I told him, there isn't much point "confronting" them with the facts of how Amway works how it is a cult and scam, because they always have an indoctrinated "answer" to defend Amway, or dance around the points, or to answer a question with a question. Best to just smile and repeatedly say "no thanks, I'm not interested in that".
    I think you mentioned a blog of yours from not long ago where you listed many of the "opening lines" and strategies for approach that they are trained to use. What day was that where you blogged that? I'd love to go over it again.

    Sorry for this long post. I do get a bit wordy, don't I? lol


  4. Dave - don't worry about being wordy. I'm the same way. Everyone who has been affected negatively by Amway likes to get as much out there as they can about their experience.

    Was your son's friend wearing a business suit at the 4th of July party? Ha!

    At Amway meetings the cult leader will tell you there are 3 ways you can get involved in Amway: as a customer, as a prosumer, or as a business owner. Your son's friend is what they refer to as a prosumer. This means he's paid his $62 annual membership fee and he can purchase Amway products from their website for wholesale prices. He can use the products himself or turn around and sell them to others for a retail price of his choosing. Yes, those would be pity sales because it sounds like these people would not have otherwise purchased Amway products except they all have a close connection through the church. Most of them won't purchase again and will probably tell him flat out the product just wasn't worth the price. They can get a product that is just as good or better for half the price at Walmart. Some people claim they make a little income from selling Amway products and aren't attending meetings or recruiting others or buying tools. Just give his upline a little more time to spread the love and tell him he needs to grow his business.

    Here's the post about the lines to use when prospecting someone

  5. That $300 was not a profit. It was revenue. Profit doesn't happen until all expenses have been paid. (at least net profit)

    I guarantee you, he busted his backside to make and deliver those sales. They don't just happen. He earned every bit of that $300, and probably came out at about $3/hr. No kidding. Think about it: if he's living at home, he very likely has little or no rent, overhead, food, utilities, etc. So independent, right?

    And as Anna said, the majority of those sales were 'pity' sales. They won't happen again, not in this economy.

    I switched over from used SA-8 to 7th Generation for laundry. 7th Generation is just fine for 1/4 the price. Yes, money matters.

    It is so tough to make money in direct sales these days. As for amway eleiminating the middle man? Honey, you IS the middle man!



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