Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Money Doesn’t Go To Me!

Our Platinum ordered all serious business builders to buy a Premier Membership to World Wide Dream Builders. Cost is $49.95/month.

What does an IBO get from WWDB for this awesome “business” investment?

Mostly they get a portal web page. You have your own link and this is the web address you give to any suckers to entice them to shop online at “your” store. You can also slightly customize your web page. If you’re one of these weirdos who likes XS Energy Drinks you can promote that on your portal page. I think you can also put your name and phone number. And of course that would be hooked up to Communikate. Add another $35/month for that messaging program which the Platinum will also demand you purchase.

With this monthly membership you also got a discount on buying Amway books and CDs from the recommended list. Now don’t get all excited its not a big discount. Maybe a dollar or two off. Its cheaper to buy them used off Craigslist or Ebay or even new from Amazon except you would be a very bad little IBO trying to save money instead of buying from WWDB/Amway so your upline can profit from these tools you’ve purchased. 

At a meeting we attended our Emerald was talking about buying a website. I believe he was skirting the issue of saying buying WWDB Premier membership because he did say the website cost $50/month which coincidentally is a nickel off the WWDB premier monthly membership and is the only tool that is flogged at Amway meetings that includes a web page portal.

Then the Emerald said if you buy a website the money goes to Quixtar and World Wide, not him.

He is probably partially correct and the money does not go to him. After all he is only an Emerald. If you’ve read Eric Scheibeler’s book Merchants of Deception he talks about income sharing from the profits of the Amway tool scam. The Diamonds get the bulk of the profits from the tool scam. As an Emerald he received around $900 for speaking at a seminar or function but they were few and far between. I’m a little foggy on the details since its been a couple of years since I read the book but I think he got a small discount on the tools which he was able to sell to his downline at retail cost and he got the profits.

I think it also came to light both in his book and from other Emeralds who’ve written about their experiences on the Internet that they occasionally get a piece of the pie from the tool scam but that depends on the generosity of their upline Diamond. Being the greedy bastards those Diamonds are, most do not share in the profits from the tool scam with a lowly Emerald.

Scheibeler also said in his book that he was earning just over $35k/year from Amway and that certainly was not the money he was expecting to earn at this level with about 1000 downline beneath him. I watched a video on Youtube a couple of years ago and a former Emerald said he earned about $2000 to $3000/month from his Amway income. He also came to the realization that the money just wasn’t there and there were more honest ways to make better money than that and he also quit.

Around the time that Ambot finally agreed to leave Amway and was reading Merchants of Deception - unknown to his upline of course they’d have been horrified! - the sack of shit Platinum had sent out a message that the Emerald required a fence built. He was asking who in the goup knew someone who provided those services. Ambot actually knows someone who owns a fencing company. Then Ambot laughed and said the asshole only earns an Emerald income so he can’t afford to hire someone to build a fence!

I think the Emerald managed to coerce an army of IBO slaves to come out and do the work for free for the privilege of “being around the Emerald”. To add on to his statement that the money doesn’t go to him, it doesn’t go to his downline either!

Yeah! That’s a bargain! Free labor. You get what you pay for. I’m sure that fence blew over in the first strong wind!


  1. 35k for a emerald income is just pathetic. I hear wwdb say you can retire from a job when reaching emerald.

  2. Colin - maybe it depends on where you live, whether you have debt, and how many people you support on that salary. I think someone with no mortgage, no debt, and no family would be able to survive OK on that. Not someone with a wife and kids and so far in debt they're about to have their house foreclosed on can quit their job and live on that.

  3. I heard from some people showing the plan that 80k for a ruby is average. That a platinum is making 45k a year. I guess if you have a house or apartment paid for then 35k is not bad. Not something people dream about.

  4. Our Platinum claimed he was making 100k a year but he's a professional liar.

  5. Im told average diamond in wwdb made 500k a year. That's cause the standard of their system is higher lol(that's what the presenter told us). Starting to think maybe diamonds only made 80-100k a year in wwdb.

  6. Colin - WWDB/Amway literature showed a Diamond's earning $150,000/year gross. But I guess when you add on the profits from the tool scam $500k might be more like it.

  7. Anna, i had someone tell me the tool scam is hardly what it use to be and not close to 500k a year. But im sure they are still living a very comfy lifestyle.

  8. Colin - the tool scam is the only way money is made in an Amway business by those at the top of the pyramid. We spent $85/month just on WWDB premier membership and Communikate. That doesn't cover books, CDs, seminars, and major functions. Those tools are flogged at every meeting - buy into the training system, this is what teaches you to get rich in Amway. IBOs buy the tools like crazy in the hopes of climbing the pyramid.


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