Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quitting Amway During Family Function

The top searches on my blog right now are:
  1. Family Reunion and various ways of saying that - Puryear Family Reunion, Duncan Family Reunion, Amway Family Reunion, WWDB Family Reunion, Family Reunion Portland, etc
  2. the Ganesh and Neha Shenoy split or divorce
  3. how to quit Amway.
Oddly enough during the last Amway function - Spring Leadership - I got a lot of hits from people wanting to know how to quit Amway. http://marriedtoanambot.blogspot.com/2011/03/quitting-amway-during-spring-leadership.html

Here’s a blog I wrote How To Quit Amway.

And then a follow up called Having Trouble Quitting Amway?

I guess Amway functions naturally bring out the “how do I quit Amway” crowd. Or perhaps its better stated as the “I’m fed up and don’t want to take this bullshit anymore!” crowd.

I won’t repeat most of what I’ve already covered in the other blogs. This time I’m getting a lot of searchers trying to find out if they’ll get a refund when they quit Amway.

Yeah well good luck with that!

You’d think Amway’s web site would have a section where information about quitting would be readily available to IBO’s who need their questions answered. For all I know this might be somewhere on their website. It took me a long time to find the information about annual membership fees when I wrote that topic a few months ago. Suffice it to say it is very difficult to find what you’re looking for on Amway’s website. I can understand why. When you’re in the business of scamming people out of their money you don’t want people to quit. You want them to keep throwing their money at you. It makes better business sense not to have information about quitting readily available to IBO’s.

It seems logical that a phone call to Amway’s head office should be able to answer that question. Unfortunately when you get through to Amway you’re stuck talking to a department that should be called the “I-don’t-give-a-shit-department”. Their standard response: “Ask your upline Platinum.”

Fuck you Amway employees for your ever so helpful response!

So now the IBO is faced with the prospect of asking their upline and probably the Platinum. Depending on how long they’ve been involved in Amway this can be a frightening prospect. An IBO who has only been in a few weeks probably is not brainwashed and dealing with the love and punishment and basic fear of the Platinum so they might go ahead and ask the bastard. Here is where the Platinum does their best to convince them not to quit. “You can’t quit now not when success is right around the corner.” Well what else are they going to say? “You can’t quit now not when I’m not finished swindling you and making money off you.”

An IBO who has been in for longer will have more difficulty quitting. They have been brainwashed to accept everything their upline says as the truth. They have been brainwashed to believe that if they quit they will broke losers for the rest of their life. They have been brainwashed to believe that Amway’s products are the best out there and they will never be able to adapt to other brand names on the marketplace. The abuse has been so bad that the IBO fears retribution from their upline if they quit. NOBODY dares disobey the Platinum!

From what I know IBO’s do have a period of time from when they signed up to being able to quit and get a refund. I don’t know the time frame. I do know that the only downline Ambot signed up quit Amway within a month and he got a refund. Ambot saw the refund go through when he was looking at his Amway or WWDB account.

What you get refunded on is sketchy. When we signed up it cost around $150 and that was the annual Amway membership plus a starter kit of some shitty Amway products. Always on the lookout for ripping people off Amway charges around $60/year membership and they do not prorate it so if you sign up mid year you are charged the full $60 and on January 1 you better pay your $60 again or your upline Platinum will give you a shit kicking.

I am not sure what happens if someone quits shortly after signing up if Amway refunds the whole $60 membership or if they prorate it!

I am also not sure what happens to the approximately $100 worth of shitty Amway products in the starter kit if the quitting IBO sends them back for a refund, if Amway refunds and says keep the shit, or if Amway tells them to fuck off no refund and the IBO is shit out of luck.

What about tools the IBO purchased? As soon as the IBO signs up their upline will ride their asses about purchasing tools because that’s the secret to Amway success and riches. For the upline Diamond that is!

Amway’s literature says when an IBO quits their upline must buy back the tools if the IBO requests them to. No time limit on that. Its in Amway’s terms and conditions as part of their phoney bullshit act to distance themselves from the scheming groups like WWDB, BWW, etc. Our experience when we quit is that Ambot went to his sponsor Captain Fuck Up and brought some of the CDs and books back to him. He only brought the unopened ones still in their original packaging - about 20 CDs and maybe 5 books. Captain Fuck Up refused to refund stating he had no money. Um, well who’s fucking problem is that? Like we need any further proof of the Amway tool scam! Amway’s terms say you’re supposed to give a refund when an IBO quits and wants to return the tools.

Just another lie.

Ambot kept going further upline trying to unload the tools. The sack of shit Platinum offered to buy them for ten cents each.

Like fuck you!

Typically most IBO’s will have bought a shitload of useless Amway products that they don’t want or need. Just get that old PV up there so your upline can meet their goals! There is a phoney guarantee that Amway gives a refund in 180 days. Its in the catalogue and every IBO out there brags about it. Then they say Amway’s products are the best out there and such high quality that no one would ever want to return their fine products. Yeah right. Yet another lie. Contact Amway’s I-don’t-give-a-shit department and ask for a refund and you have to jump through hoops. They will come up with every excuse under the sun why they don't want to give you a refund. Its easier for most IBO’s to eat their losses. Literally because they undoubtedly stocked up on Nutrilite vitamins and food bars.

The sad reality is for most IBO’s you will not get any refund for quitting Amway.  


  1. everything you're saying is true but is there anyway to convince someone who's been doing it for 16 years and has "crossed the stage" once that it's not working?

    1. Jo - 16 years is a long time to spend in Amway. Most people quit before they have to renew their yearly membership a 2nd time. When you're not making money, when you realize how much money you're losing, and realize the upline assholes were lying to you. The longer someone is in the Scamway cult the harder it is to get them out because they have invested so much time and money and they truly believe their cult leaders who promise them success is right around the corner. Not to mention if they quit Amway the people they know will never have anything to do with them ever again so they've lost all their friends.

      I'm surprised they haven't hit rock bottom yet after all this time.

      If you haven't already read this free ebook Merchants of Deception I suggest you read it to better understand what this person is going through. Ask them to read the book too and maybe they'll understand that a person with 1000 people in their downline is only earning $2 - $3 thousand a month if they don't have that many people then they don't have a hope in hell.


    2. And even getting that 1000 people downline doesn't promise that money will keep coming in month after month. Because the majority of those 1000 people are losing money and most of them will at some point finally realize they are being taken for suckers, stop listening to the brainwashing and say "fuck this shit" and quit, which is why even those "at the top" never end up lazing on a beach because constant prospecting to bring in fresh batches of suckers and "motivating" (brainwashing) current suckers is always needed.

      Someone who has been in for 16 years is long past the stage of being able to use critical thinking to crunch the realistic numbers. The brainwashing has turned the experience into an addiction to the lifestyle and "friends" who see themselves as an exclusive club - however delusional - and a phobia of being branded a "loser" and a "quitter" by those Amway friends who offer their love only to those who are "one of them". Cult mentality. Not saying it isn't possible to break him free, but by now it is firmly entrenched into his psyche. And reality is not a part of that psyche.



    3. Dave - I said fuck this shit before we even got started. But that's what I say anytime Ambot's asshole friend tries to get him to do anything. Just the fact that Captain Fuck Up is involved in something - anything - is a good reason to run the other way.


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