Monday, July 25, 2011

Uncle Asshole

Interesting tidbit that Ambot met a couple at a mutual friend’s place and the wife’s uncle used to be an Amway Diamond. I think Ambot might have told me about them but I forgot until we ran into the husband recently at the mutual friends. We were just leaving as he arrived but we chatted with him for a few minutes and it was clear this guy knew a thing or two about Amway and nothing good. It was after we were driving home that Ambot told me he’d run into the guy before with his wife and found out the story. Basically they hate Amway and the misery and destruction it brought to her father and their family.

Like most Diamonds, Uncle Asshole didn’t stay too long on his shaky spot on the crumbling Amway pyramid because Uncle Asshole is no longer a Diamond. Its unknown if he’s still in Amway though they believe so but don’t know what level on the pyramid he’s currently sitting at because Uncle Asshole is no longer actively running meetings and destroying other lives.

Uncle Asshole recruited his brother, this fellow’s father-in-law, into Amway. This was obviously a long time ago back in the 90’s because he said his father-in-law managed to reach the level of direct seller (I think it used to be called) known as Platinum today.

Nothing good can ever come off Amway and since those dark days the two families have been estranged. A lot of bad feelings. They are well aware of the tool scam and how slim the possibility is of getting to a level in Amway where you make money. I’m sure Uncle Asshole probably bullied his brother because the son-in-law said Uncle Asshole called his brother a loser and told him he’ll be broke for the rest of his life and blah, blah, blah the usual brainwashing, negative shit we’ve all come to know from our negative associations with Amway scumbags. Uncle Asshole is reponsible for bringing them financial losses, emotional distress, and ripping apart the family.

Son-in-law said the brothers were chasing an impossible dream. Uncle Asshole spent a lot of time chastising his downline and bullying them into not quitting. Probably his father-in-law spent many hours each week convincing the cult followers in his downline not to leave. Usually when one person leaves then others start leaving. Its a crumbling pyramid. People get fed up after awhile of being constantly scolded. After all they are adults. Nowhere else does a real business owner have to report to someone else and be berated.

So there it is. I have now met someone who is distantly related to a former Amway Diamond. And has nothing nice to say about Amway.

Big surprise.

Neither do I.

Spending time in Amway is a torture chamber.

Its always nice to know what people think of you when you're an Amway IBO.



  1. Surprised the brother was such a ruthless asshole. He should be getting his family members into the meetings,seminars,and tools free. Unless of course he hates his family members and like to see them suffering. Or not having them involved in the scam at all.

  2. Colin - every IBO I've seen who had a downline was a ruthless asshole. And that included towards their family members. That's because downline is told to submit to upline and their upline should be worshipped and all the other bullshit. Its bad enough giving your undying love and worship to the average cult leader but when the cult leader to be worshipped is also your brother it probably becomes even more unnaturally weird.

  3. The worst case of lying wasnt by a amway cult leader. Was done by one of those laser eye clinics called lasikmd. They didnt know i went to a optometrist before going there cause i broke my glasses and had plans to get glasse or have laser eye surgery. Lasik md their salesman had someone examine my eyes and told me my eyes are worst than my broken glasses and that i needed surgery. That's when i thought are all sales peop scummy liars? My eyes didnt change at all from my old perscription said the optomestrist. I would have gotten the laser eye surgery anyways if they where upfront about things. So i ended up going to a different eye surgeon and had the procedure and the lying scumbags lost out on 2500.00.

  4. Just want to say hello. I've moved most of my blogging effort to I mentioned your blog in a post I just put up

    The thing about blogging is not so much having people read your blog as it is getting other bloggers to mention it particularly bloggers who get mentioned by other bloggers. Before you know it billions of people are reading your blog.

  5. Colin - I don't think I get that about the laser eye surgery.....

    Amway IBO's are commissioned salespeople. Just like car salesman. Some have scummier reputations that others. Never thought the same thing would apply to an eye surgery salesperson.

    I highly doubt a laser surgery salesperson is worse than am Amway IBO. Where is the scam? Where is the hundred and thousand of dollars that must be fed into the scam? Where is the brainwashing? Where is the cult leader? Those are the damaging things about Amway.

    Though I guess if you got a bad laser surgeon you could lose your eyesight. That would be worse than losing all your money.

  6. Hi Peter. Thanks for stopping by. I read that other article you did a few weeks ago and this recent one on Forbes. Very interesting on the tax audits especially the race cars and the horse breeding! Though it looks like those groups have better luck at passing their audit than Amway IBOs! Ha! Maybe someone in their upline should tell them to buy a Camaro and spend a few years and lots of money getting it ready to race. At least they'd have something to sell when they're ready to quit. Amway IBO's just walk away with losses. And maybe a garage full of soap and Nutrilite vitamins they stocked up on to build up their PV!

    For me blogging is a way to get out my aggression at our former upline. Cheap way of entertaining myself and my readers. Its also helped several women know they're not alone in how they're treated by their husband and his new friends once he's joined the Amway cult.

  7. Anna, sorry my english or writing skills arent that good. Basically im just saying the salesperson from the laser eye centre lied to me and said how bad my eyes are(many sales types do) to get a sale. He should be more honest especially when it's concerning peoples eyes. I do agree that the laser eye sales person is probably not as scummy as a amway cult diamond leader or platinum.

  8. Colin - English or writing skills don't bother me unless of course its an ambot showing up with some canned Amspeak response. Depends. I might poke fun at their spelling. Otherwise I'm not the spelling police. No English major here!

    There are many salespeople who will lie to make a sale. You know you're trying out a bikini and it doesn't look quite right and the saleperson will say "you look really cute in that"....

  9. An ambot commented on my Forbes piece. He confused me with a guy who confessed to murdering his mother.

  10. Well Peter somebody found their way to my blog today by googling your name - or perhaps another man with your same name - and sex. Yep I do have a post about Amway sex and that's right where they went!

    Maybe this other Peter is a sex addict who murdered his mother.....


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