Saturday, September 24, 2011

Find Ways to Make Extra Cash

One way that slimy Amway IBO’s latch on to people is by asking them if they’d like to earn an extra $200 a month or an extra $1000 a month or fill in the blank with whatever amount you want extra a month working part time 10 to 15 hours a week.

Sure most people could use a few extra hundred dollars a month. That might mean a car payment, a mortgage payment, a new wardrobe, indulging a much loved hobby, getting debt paid off.... The possibilities are endless. I’d wager a guess that most people would probably not answer that they’re not interested in making extra income each month.

The real issue is that most people want to do it legitimately. They want to get paid for their efforts. They don’t want to be the one paying somebody else in order to take part in their scam.

Most people are wary enough to realize that when some scumbucket comes up to them and asks them if they want to earn extra money each month it probably has something to do with MLM, network marketing, Amway, or Monavie or some kind of commissioned sales.

I read a half assed article on Yahoo Finance recently that listed some ways to make extra money, mostly going at it on your own type of things. None of these will make someone a full time income but they are some ideas to make a little extra money each month and anything is better than Amway. None of these ways will force the entrepreneur into coming up with “up front” money to register nor force the entrepreneur into continuously putting money into the system in order to succeed. I’ve listed them below with a couple of my own comments but you can read the article at Yahoo. Why do I think its a half assed article? The suggestions are mainly good but at least two of them a person can run into scams. The article did not provide legitimate resources to find further information.

  1. Mystery Shopper - as the article says, watch out for scams but doesn’t tell you how to watch out for them! The biggest clue is if the mystery shopping company wants you to pay a registration fee. Its kind of like the Amway scam. Never pay a fee.
  2. Sell art on Ebay and Craigslist - that could also apply to just about any other kind of item. We’ve sold stuff on both mostly downsizing type of things but also some rare items (to other people maybe!) that we’ve made a few hundred on. Best month was around $2700 on Ebay sales. I bought Ebay for Dummies a few years ago when Amazon had it on for half price but it wasn’t something I really followed up on.
  3. Donate plasma - here I think the correct term should be “sell” plasma!
  4. Play music at bars and functions - well not everyone is musically gifted. Trust me on this one - no one wants to hear me sing!
  5. Type foreclosure data - I tried a Google search to see if I could find more information or how readily available these jobs are but no luck. Mostly web pages with links pointing to various employment databases that may or may not be legitimate. However I do know a woman who works at home doing legitimate data entry for a local business and earns $10 an hour but its got nothing to do with foreclosures so I know data entry type work is out there.
  6. Sell old clothes - easier said than done if you’re talking Ebay or Craigslist. A consignment store might be another story but some stores take your clothes on a credit system instead of paying cash and you get credit to buy clothes in their shop.
  7. Teach night classes - just like the musicians this type of work may require some kind of education and special skills. Not everyone has what it takes.
So my overall take on this article is I barely give it a passing grade. It gives some ideas but does not expand on them or tell readers where they can find this type of legitimate work.

You’re better off going to a library and picking up a book that is devoted to starting a low cost home based business.

You are better off doing anything than Amway!


  1. Selling your blood (plasma) is a decent way to earn extra $$. I did it while in college (more than 30 years ago) and earned enough to buy my groceries every week. You just lie there for an hour or so (I used to study), just like donating blood except they spin out some cells and give the rest back to you. Good thing I spent the $$ on groceries cause the only downside was it made me hungry the next day!

  2. Connie - I'm not sure I could ever do that myself. Too squeamish! Grocery money! At least you're living proof to any ambots out there that you make more money selling plasma than Amway products!

  3. I was a pre-nursing student at the time so the blood collection bag and big bore needles they used didn't bother me at all. Besides, where else could you earn money by just lying there doin' nothing??? It was EASY MONEY as far as I was concerned and bought enough groceries to last all week.

  4. @Connief
    amazing you actually made money and it didn't cost you attending a seminar or buying crap cds and books to make the $! great clue for ambots!


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