Friday, September 23, 2011

Time Frame For Ending the Vicious Amway Cycle?

I’d say my husband is average when it comes to figuring out how long many IBO’s stick it out with Amway. Most ambots will quit Amway somewhere between 6 months and a year. That can be an eternity to a wife as she’s subjected to the abuse from upline, their attempts to destroy the relationship, and the money going down the drain while the upline badgers her husband to buy more products, attend all Amway meetings and functions, and invest heavily into the Amway tool scam. Depends on how much money they had in their savings account or how much room is available on his credit card, the losses could be small in the hundreds of dollars or more substantial in the thousands.

The time frame could vary too. I’m going to go out on a limb and suggest that there are a small number of Amway cult leaders who don’t badly abuse their downline and chastise them and insult them and try to destroy their relationships. These slightly kinder cult leaders may have the power to keep their ambots toeing the line for a longer period of time in order to suck more money out of them.

Amway is a vicious cycle. It starts off with some asshole sponsoring your husband into Amway. Then he must go to two or three Amway meetings each week generally held in someone’s living room or basement but might occasionally be held in a hotel meeting room. There usually is no charge for the meetings held at someone’s house but there will be a fee if the Amway meetings is at a hotel. At least a couple of times a month a Diamond in need of a few thousand in cash will show up to speak to the masses. Again could be a hotel meeting room or maybe a school auditorium or similar venue. These cost $10 to attend. About once a month there will be a rally where new pins get to “walk across the stage” which also costs $10 or so to attend and is held in an auditorium with a stage. There has to be a stage otherwise those brainwashed ambots would be unable to brag about “crossing the stage”. Also about once a month is some useless product seminar probably held in a hotel meeting room where an Amway product is showcased. Probably costs $25 to $50 to attend. So in an average month there will be 10 to 20 Amway related meetings the ambot must attend.

If the ambot stops attending he will be chastised by the Platinum cult leader who will be relentless in phone calls and text messages bullying the IBO until he buckles down and starts attending again.

That’s why I call Amway a vicious cycle. Once the wife has hope - and remember Amway is all about selling the hope! - that her husband is getting ready to quit because he’s stopped attending all these damned Amway meetings, some upline asshole badgers him and reminds him of his duties to the cult until he breaks down and goes back and buys more Amway products.

Eventually the ambot will find the strength to stop and this will be difficult because of all the love bombing the ambot actually might like some of these Amway assholes. Quitting Amway means quitting all these new friends because no one is allowed contact with former ambots. Quitting these new friends may be hard for the brainwashed ambot because he’s been cut off from his former friends for months now and he’s spent maybe 20 hours or more each week with these new friends attending cult meetings. His priorities are screwed up over who the real friends are. I’ve said it before - if friends are only interested in you for your money then they’re not real friends at all.

Amway is a vicious cycle. Always on the lookout for its next victim. And not discriminatory. Amway will recycle former victims of its cult. I know. Watched Ambot been there done that.

Financial roller coaster. Emotional roller coaster. All I wanted is for this terror park ride to end.

End the Amway cycle.

It will never really end until Amway is shut down and closes its doors forever.

Not everyone learns their lesson the first time around.

Amway is a vicious cycle.


  1. this resonates a lot with me. just that i was not married. i stayed in for so long (2002 - 2009). occasionally we were leaned on to buy something to plug into some uplines' goals that month. this in addition to your monthly order already.

    the never ending meetings are a strain on my mind even now just thinking back over them. i mean it just never ended. it was at least 3 meetings a week and you were to attend each one.

    sometimes there was a rally, a product expo, etc. now there's a funny one. at the product expos outside customers were always very few if any and ambots were always the overwhelming majority. it's no wonder because very few non ambot people buy amway products. some product expo. then everybody would bs each other how successful the expo was.

    i remember they brought tina turner to one of them. but i bet you real dollars even tina didn't buy any scamway crap that night.

    i think it's a smoke screen so scamway can claim they do target outside customers should FTC come knocking.

  2. ExAmbot - yes we would buy our minimum monthly quota of Amway products - and usually then some! Then towards the end of the month some upline asshole would phone Ambot, never me of course, and badger him to buy more products because some other upline asshole needed more PV to reach 4000 that month or whatever.

    All those meetings pissed me off. The ones we had to pay for really pissed me off. I've never worked for any other company that required us to pay them for any training. If the company that wanted me to work for them wanted me to learn something new they provided the training at their nickel.

    You might have missed my post last year where I talked about how our upline rented a community hall to sell Amway products for Christmas. Wraps up just nicely what you said that no one shows up to buy Amway shit.

  3. I am the "should I kick my ambot out of the house" search. In my case, it is my 19 year old son. Hard to imagine that a 19 year old can nearly destroy marriage over Amway, but it is true. I could't take the disrespect, out all hours of the night, and the constant put downs because we had J.O.B.S. and were JOB (just over broke). Following ambot on twitter. These people are just insane. Our little Ambot has totaled 1 car coming home from sleep deprived brainwashing seminar, leaves the state without even so much as a see ya in a couple of days, and leaves for days at a time. His job performance is so poor, he is about to get fired, but wait! XS and Rodiola or whatever the hell it's called means you only need 2-4 hours of sleep. We have finally caved and the ambot is moving out this weekend either on his own or with our help. He actually ASKED his upline for permission to be best man in his non amway brother's wedding! He has missed every family function for nearly a year and does nothing but suck us dry. Evidently, several of his ambot buddies are getting laid off at work. Great news for Amway or is it??? Doesn't you JOB support them? Ambot son had the nerve to ask his dad if he had any work he could do to earn some money. Has the big Leadership Summit coming up. Must be seeking part time employment now as he is asking for his SS card. Our thought process is, the longer we enable this behavior, the longer he will do it. He has spent his entire savings and every penny he has made on "building his biz" and "living the dream". What the hell kind of dream is working 30 hours a week and making $100 bonus off your own purchases? Completely INSANE! We want to find this crazy upline and just kick the living shit out of them. We had such a good kid until these assholes convinced him how unhappy he was and what a shithole we live in. And the religion!!! Every other tweet is about praise the Lord for the gift he has given and they just embark on churches like locusts until they have gotten everything they can out of them and move on to another. It would appear our son's upline diamond may be a minister.

    I think the thing that really got us going was when they sat outside of Walmart selling Amway cleaning products to donate to tornado victims. Of course, it was all about the pv.

    We don't know where ambot is going, but he has about 3 more days to figure it out. We told him when Amway was done chewing him up and draining him dry, and he was spit out, we would be here for him, but we weren't going to enable his lifestyle. Hubby hasn't fired him yet, but he is pretty darned close. Ambot spends all day listening to those tools on his ipod and has it turned up so loud he can't hear to follow instructions. Not to mention the amount of work he has to miss to attend ambot functions and he is so freaking tired he can't work anyway. Anyway, it all just sucks. Ambot can't pay his speeding tickets, can't be late you know, can't buy a battery for his car but bought a $90 hot shot for pv points. So, thanks for the post.

  4. Wow Anonymous!

    So much of what you said I've seen myself and have written about it in previous posts.

    Your son's behavior you have just described is every ambot out there I've ever met. So take some comfort in knowing this is how the Amway IBO's are brainwashed to behave. Your son's behavior is not unique.

    Interesting twist that yours is the first case I've heard about an ambot child nearly destroying a marriage. Its usually an ambot spouse - generally a husband.

    Ambots are taught to be disrespectful to anyone who is not in Amway and who do not sign up as an IBO under them and do not buy their Amway products. And they think this is great customer service!? Ha!

    Putting people down who have jobs is another trait of a brainwashed ambot. I've covered it before. These ambots need jobs to buy Amway products and when they're at work they pester their coworkers with the Amway business, sneer at them because they have jobs and aren't "business owners" just like them, and their bad attitude to their coworkers and their job duties does not go unnoticed by the boss and they eventually get fired.

    Unfortunately your son is not the first story I've heard of a tired ambot driving home in the wee hours after attending Amway meetings. He's lucky to be alive after totaling a car. Other ambots have died after crashing their cars driving home.

    Yup, XS and Rodiola are pushed like crazy at Amway meetings.

    Yup ambots have to ask their upline's permission to do anything - attend family functions or buy anything or go to school or quit their job or find a new job. Its all part of belonging to a cult and showing obedience to their cult leader.

    At least your son's coworkers are lucky he listens to Amway's brainwashing sessions on an iPod instead of a ghetto blaster and annoying the hell out of everyone within a block's hearing distance! I wrote a post about how we assisted an ambot with getting a casual labor job and he annoyed everyone with his Amway recordings torturing everyone. That is when he wasn't on his phone! He was never hired back. And yes, they must listen to the Amway recordings at full blast volume. I wrote a post about that too!

    Anyway you're making the right decision by moving your son out. You don't need that kind of disresectful Amway behavior in your house. And at 19 unless he is emotionally or physically disadvantaged its well time he was on his own. I moved out after I graduated high school. I couldn't wait to be living somewhere else!

    Do not be a cosigner for him on anything like credit cards that he'll run up sky high buying Amway products, line of credit - same thing will happen, or rental apartment. Amway cult leaders advise their followers to skip paying rent so they can buy Amway products or attend Amway functions. If you're on the lease the landlord will come after you for the money.

    If you haven't already downloaded a free copy of Merchants of Deception, I'd recommend you do so. You will better be able to understand the full horror of the Amway cult.

    Good luck to you. At least your son is young enough to be able to bounce back and recover from the Amway scam.

  5. @Anonymous
    i feel terribly sorry about your son. it's terrible to see such a young mind being wasted by scamway.

    me too this is the first time i have heard an ambot child nearly mess up a marriage. but i am not surprised - nothing surprises me about scamway anymore. i was in for 7 years and lost more than $35,000.

    anyhow i agree with AnnaB-your son @ 19 is an adult and if he's not emotionally and physically disadvantaged you are making the right decision for him to move out. go right ahead it's the right thing for him. he needs this for his own good. he has to discover that by his self. you have to stand back so on his own accord he can come to the point where he makes a decision that negates scamway. cult leaders teach ambots that a person convinced agaonts their opinion are of the same opnion still.

    The best thing you can do in the meantime is educate yourself so you can understand what's ahead. start by getting the book annab recommends. in fact if you seem to get a little leeway to your son ask him to read it. tell him it's written by an emerald and it has a lot of info. that is will help him about his business. start by asking him who or what is an emerald. ambots think they are gods. so feign interest and get wowed when he explains it. then tell him well then i guess you should read this. so when you tell him about the book he will want to read it. be friendly and don't tell him it's critical or what's in it, for he won't accept to read it.

    to understand how cult leaders make the big money read this link even now 2 years since i have been clean of scamway i was surprised by it's contents. but i will let it speak for itself.

    then read everthing on this blog and the others listed to the right. read cult websites by steve hassan and Rick Ross. other relevant info./sites will come along. the reason is to be prepared cos you might be in this for the long haul as it sounds they got him in their clutches.

    your son is young enough to have this experience so that he has the advantage of time to correct and bounce back later. so let him.

    There's hope, he will snap out of it at some point - it happened to us.

  6. oh and by the way when he asks for money use the 3f on him it's straight from their cult leaders. "you know when i was 19 i used to be broke and didn't have a good hold on my finances. so i know how you FEEL i FELT the same way. but you know what i FOUND out i had to find a way to make sure my finances were sound so that i could stand on my own and support my dreams." then turn him over to dave ramsey. he has 7 simple and common sense practical steps to get a grip on finances. after scamway it came in very handy for me and it has millions of people and still counting.

  7. OMG! You guys are awesome. Little ambot asked his father if he had any way for him to make some extra money. Uhhh, answer was absolutely not! He has 3 payments. Car payment which we did co sign unfortunately,insurance, and his share of the cell phone bill. Ambot upline already has him turned on to Dave Ramsey. He has little money envelopes now. It's just that upline decides how he spends his money. I follow them on twitter and now a group of them whose upline have them completely broke, have them "donating" plasma. They have to make the cash to pay for the fall leadership summit or whatever the hell it is called. Ambot upline figured out I was tracking his movements in his checking account so have him on a cash basis now. But twitter is so much more informative! Dream builder night was awesome and right now there is a big "DIAMOND" shopping spree going on. Little ambot has 3 days left. We placed boxes in his room for packing. Hubby overheard upline telling him where he should and shouldn't live. How sweet! They have all the answers. There is so much religion tied up in it, it defies all logic.

    Ambot nearly destroyed the marriage in two ways. First, his total lack of respect and calling his dad a loser. And hubby tolerating it. We still have a 15 year old at home. Then, he had the NERVE to tell me to act like an adult when I called him out on going to Chicago for some stupid baseball game. BUT! He got to spend 15 glorious minutes with a diamond! Hubby was making excuses and I wasn't. We are a blended family. 6 kids total. He had 2, I had 3, all boys, and we have a daughter together. I have all mine moved out. My youngest boy graduated high school early and joined the army at 17. I don't know what went wrong with this kid, but it's pretty incredible. We have been through drug addiction, behavior problems, you name it. But NOTHING compares to AMWAY! I would so love to go to one of those meetings! I am pretty sure security would be escorting me out. This has been an incredible journey to say the least. I sold him my car that was paid for, cosigned the loan, and now I am going to try to get it back and unfortunately, probably pay for it again. Hubby won't let me leave him without a car, so I am probably going to give him my 300,000 mile truck and save our credit and buy my car again. Lucky for him, I loved that car and only sold it to him because I was sick of car shopping with him.

    I just wish there was ONE thing I could say to him to open his eyes. He is so far into this, he won't get out until they boot him because they have sucked him dry. We will be here when it happens. But not until then. I am liberating myself tonight. Was trying to use up the amway shit I bought, but I am boxing it up and putting it in his room to take with him. No more of that shitty dishwasher soap. And that bathroom cleaner! The only thing I liked at all was the glass cleaner. Did an amazing job on my laminate floors. But, I will find something else.

    You guys are awesome. It is so unfortunate that these people can turn families against each other and make us "negatives" and even more incredible that this is legal! I can't imagine how many families have been ruined by Amway. Hubby and I just decided that we intended to be together for life and no child of ours is going to ruin our marriage, especially over Amway. They will all move on with their lives and where will we be when they are gone if we let them tear us apart. We will be down to 1 kid at home after this weekend. Empty nest syndrome, here we come!!!

  8. Hi Anonymous!

    As hard as it is for you to live through your ambot’s unfortunate foray into Amway hell, all of us look at what you write and we’ve seen it all before. This is exactly how people are treated by their upline in Amway. They say the same things, they treat others the same way. Your story is very normal. We’ve been there and can sympathize with what you’re going through. Being disrespectful and calling everyone losers is very normal ambot behavior. None of your other children has been involved in a cult so you have no experience with the kind of control these cult leaders have. Its a frightening helpless place to be.

    I find it really odd that your ambot’s upline is recommending Dave Ramsey. Or any financial expert. That is so not like them to recommend a book like the Total Money Makeover instead of telling the ambots to counsel with the upline on finances. Dave Ramsey is very strict on his 7 steps. You do it in his order. You’re either gazelle intense or you’re not. Like any other financial expert some of his advice may work for some people and not so much for others. You take what works for you. All these experts have pretty much the same advice: pay off the debt, save for the future, emergency fund, buy house, etc. They all have different ways of getting there. Perhaps your ambot’s upline likes Ramsey because the advice is strict and as cult leaders so are they. I used to do the envelopes for grocery and Christmas money. Eventually I stopped doing the grocery money but we keep up the Christmas cash envelope and contribute every month.

    Personally I prefer David Bach’s books. Occasionally he offers limited time free ebooks and I’ll post a link here when I know about it.

    That’s too bad about the car loan. I guess you don’t watch Judge Judy! Never ever co-sign unless you’re willing to take over all the payments. She always recommends with family to never do loans but make a gift. I’m sure you’ll figure out what to do with the car and truck. If the cell phone bill is not in his name shut it off now before you end up stuck with a thousand dollar phone bill. Another common theme on Judge Judy! Your ambot will be unable to conduct business without a cell phone. His cult leaders will be most unhappy if they can not reach him.

    Absolutely the Amway upline have all the answers. Everyone else is broke loser and negative nelly and can’t be trusted.

    Ha ha love what you say about the Amway dishwasher soap! I hated it. Half the dishes in the dishwasher had to be washed a second time by hand in the sink with Amway dish soap. Suds didn’t last. I hated them both. Substandard dish soap at premium prices. Good idea putting it all back in a box for your ambot to take with him!

    I’m sure things will get a lot more quiet around the house after this weekend.

  9. Little ambot came home at 6 AM this morning to start laundry lol. Wait! Is that TIDE he is being forced to use? Absolutely YES!!! Hubby locked him out at said 11 PM curfew last night. Not really sure where he stayed, maybe in his car. I couldn't sleep in it and he is quite tall. No way he could.

    Fortunately for little Ambot with the car loan. I tool the money from selling my car and bought a 76 Buick with t-tops lol. I loved my car that I sold so, if I have to "buy" it back, I am not that upset about it. And I hate my truck. Just don't want to ruin the mint condition of my Buick :). I would have 2 cars that I love and no more truck. So, yes, I DVR Judge Judy every day:).

    Oh, if upline only knew what products ambot is being forced to consume!

    Pretty sure that somebody in upline has adopted Dave Ramsey for Ambot ammunition. After all, they tell them how to spend their money AND seem to have his envelopes. One of the upline was calling Dave yesterday to tell him how beneficial it has been to the biz. Maybe Ramsey will sue them. I think the mobile university is probably in shock going from my beloved classic rock to "motivational bullshit" in the incredible surround sound system in it. We need to be reunited and get back to what we do best. Cruise with the sunroof open and blast the stereo! Not to mention a good detailing! No time for that with Amway. Ambot actually bought a $90 battery charger instead of a battery! Upline said he could get pv for it. How stupid. He has to jump start it every day. How long is that gonna last? And these idiots are controlling his money? Even my 15 year old saw the stupidity in that one!

  10. LOL! Looked in ambots car this morning. It is full of laundry detergent but he is using my TIDE. Also a blanket and XS. Sleeping in car?

  11. Anonymous - the Amway cult is all about separating its followers from their family and friends - people who could reason with the ambot and get them to quit, thus cutting off their money supply. Your ambot's upline began the process months ago and now they are brainwashing him with things like "you don't need those negative people in your life" or "you don't need to be hanging around people who don't support your business" or "stay away from those horrible dream stealers".

    Ha ha! Good on you for locking him out when he missed curfew. Just for the record no ambot would ever get home before 11pm. The first meeting would just be winding up around then and then they have "teachings" that start around 11 and last until whenever early morning hour. "Teachings" usually consist of the cult leader verbally assualting any cult followers that are being bad and missing meetings or not dressing appropriately, that sort of thing. If you're a serious business you have to stick around for all meetings held in the evening no matter how early you have to get up in the morning.

    Tide is way better than Amway laundry soap - do they still call it SA8? Tide gets the clothes cleaner and costs about a quarter of the price. Its a no brainer which detergent to use unless of course you're a brainwashed ambot!

    Sleeping in the car is priceless! Yes ambots are told by their upline to stock up on products so they have them on hand should a customer appear out of thin air and want to buy them. Inventory loading is a violation of MLM laws but Amway and their cult followers are very comfortable breaking this law.

    After he moves out you should put a sign on the door that says "NO AMWAY ZEALOTS ALLOWED!"

  12. Well, little Ambots "freedom" is going well so far. Last night, he was sleeping on someone's couch and ended up on the floor. Livin the dream!

    Had a bunch of tweets congratulating him for the upcoming "Summit". Taking the fast track now. Cold calling in Wal Mart late at night. Turns out, he qualified with a $359 purchase himself.

    Looks like "Yeagernation" will be presenting NEW XS gum in 4 fantastic flavors at Summit! How incredibly exciting!

    Got the car all cleaned up. Needs a bit of work but not as bad as I thought it was going to be.

    I think we are pushing the right direction. Funny though... Somebody posted a web site to post your job openings on LOL. They are really making BANK on Amway here. And hubby got a text message from a different Ambot looking for work to attend a business function this fall. Guess the upline doesn't have any answers of there isn't any money to take.

    This has definitely been an adventure. I am SO glad I am not married to an ambot. Parenting one is bad enough!

    Pretty sure our little ambot has been sleeping in his car a lot. It had a lot of dirty hair scum on it. Fortunately, it is all leather so I was able to finally get it clean. 19 year old smelly boys...YUCK! Car smelled like a locker room.

    Finally got some new dishwasher soap. Rewashed dishes again...SPOTLESS! I was just trying to use up what I had purchased, but the amount of time for recleaning! Well worth the 5 bucks!

    Oh, and the Plasma thing hasn't worked out too well. Turns out, they all got sick LOL. Couldn't handle what they were sucking out and then putting back in. Guess it's not for the weak stomached teenage ambots.

  13. Hi Anonymous! Thank you for coming back with the little ambot update! We're all enjoing the saga!

    Yup living on a couch or in your car is living the Amway dream!

    And his upline is telling him that he'll be laughing at all of you one day when he's rich and he won't share any of his money with you negative unchristian dream stealers!

    XS gum? Gross!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Isn't it great when you stop using Amway dishwasher soap where you end up with a dishwasher half full of rejects and go back to using a reputable brand that actually gets all the dishes spotless for less than half the cost of Amway's brand. I use Walmart's Great Value dishwasher soap. Its better priced than other brands and does the best job at getting my dishes clean. I probably only have one or two dishwasher rejects in a month as opposed to half a dishwasher full every day that I'd have to wash a second time by hand.

    That's funny about the plasma not working out for those ambots to earn money to contribute to the tool scam!

  14. Ambot wife- hahaha! Thank you soooo much for this site! I thought I was going crazy! I'm torn between telling the ambot that we're stopping cold turkey and the Biblical principle of honor your husband. But then, that's where the religion plays in. Women are emotional and not supposed to make big decisions right?
    Anyway, Amway is going for younger people because all 35+ know better. We're in our early 20s with 2 small babies and no secure jobs. Prime targets. Reading anonymous' saga of little ambot is very common, sadly enough. Thanks for sharing. Oh and he's probably a part of LTD under pastor Gary Newell. I'm guessing because you said his upline is a minister and the LTD summit with. XS gum reveal was at the start of October.

  15. Hello :P:) - I'm glad you found my site. A lot of women who are stuck in that hell of being married to an ambot find comfort here that they are not alone.

    At your age I can see the dilemma behind telling your husband to get out of this cult NOW or not wanting to rock the boat. Yes you are very typical of what IBO's want to recruit. Someone who wants a better life for themselves and their family and don't want to worry about your jobs and money. Sadly you have chosen a business with a 99% failure rate.

    I'm sure at your wedding ceremony you both promised to loven, honor, and respect. I doubt it was a one way street where only you made those vows. Amway's cult leaders have a screwed up religion that they preach to their followers. Very old fashioned thinking where the husband is the warrior and the provider and the woman stays at home and looks after the kids and stands beside her husband at Amway events smiling and looking at him adoringly.

    You need to read Merchants of Deception written by a former Emerald to better understand what you've gotten yourselves into and learn the truth behind the promised income. Get your husband to read it too. Good luck to both of you. I hope he doesn't renew his membership for next year.

    Free download of the ebook here

  16. This broke my heart talking about her son. Like Amway or not, she should support him. I'm glad my mother doesn't make fun of me like that.


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