Tuesday, September 6, 2011

I See Doom and Gloom!

The thing I’ve noticed about Amway ambots is that they are the most negative people around. At every Amway meeting I attended our Platinum would moan and bitch about all the bad things happening in the world.

Seeing as how I didn’t like him and wrote off everything he said as a lie, I saw it was all a ploy to brainwash ambots into thinking that their only salvation from all the doom and gloom in the world is Amway.

Our country hasn’t fully recovered from events that happened around 2008. Recession, house values sinking, job loss, and all the other lovely things the Platinum focused on at Amway meetings for the first hour or so. All the bad things going on. He’d talk about how people were at high levels of debt. He’d brag about being debt free but I knew he was lying. He’d recently bought his first home and there is no way in hell that he paid cash for it. Like everyone else he and his wife saved up for a down payment, applied for a mortgage, and moved in. I’m sure he’s the type of person who has a line of credit on his house. He’d need that credit line to pay off all the credit card bills that accumulate thanks to the Amway business and for faking it to everyone he knows about how good business is going and he drives a nice car, and blah, blah, blah. All of us who own houses and cars and have kids know all about unexpected expenses.

Do I know for sure that our former Platinum has a line of credit against the equity on his house? Nope. But I say its a good guess because our Emerald tried to convince Ambot to do that so he could pay off his credit card debt he ran up thanks to Amway and then when his credit card was down to zero balance there’d be more toom to keep buying Amway products and tools. Our Platinum told us he was debt free and had paid off his credit card debt and whatever other debts he had thanks to Amway. I don’t think it was thanks to Amway at all other than someone involved in Amway told him to take out the equity line of credit on his house and use it to pay off debt. If he had to sell his house right now he’d probably be able to sell it for around the same amount of money he paid for it maybe a bit more. House prices around here have stayed the same for the past 5 years not going up not going down. He’s not in the greatest part of town and he’s not too good at dealing with home maintenance not to mention that bathroom an army of downline IBO’s wanna be plumbers and electricians put in that’s not up to code. All it takes is the buyer’s home inspector to put the kibash on that sale! Who knows? Perhaps he’s planning to live there for awhile but as long as he’s in Amway and uses that line of credit to pay off his bills he’s never going to make much equity.

At least the Emerald didn’t give him some dumb ass advice to sell his house, use the equity to pay off his debt, and then find a place to rent while he saves up to buy a house again. So at least he’s got a house. He’s got real property. Probably no equity! Probably not going to lose money when he sells. And yes I know he wants to sell because Amway is going to fund his dreams of buying Puryear’s river house!

Still he bitches about the economy, the nation’s debt load, businesses closing down, house prices sinking, people losing jobs, bankruptcy, foreclosures, etc etc. Shit! Nothing like combining an already depressing Amway meeting with all the depressing stuff that’s going on in the world. Like Amway talk isn’t depressing all on its own without bringing in outside forces!

Then he tells everyone in the room that because they’re in Amway they won’t have to worry about any of the problems plaguing the rest of the world. They’ll be able to pay cash for their houses and everything else they want. And they’ll be able to do this how? Because they’re loading up their credit cards with more debt buying Amway products?

This is what happens when you take financial advise from an unqualified financial advisor. This is what happens when you “counsel” with upline who are only looking out for themselves and how they can make money off you. I didn’t believe any of that bullshit about how they’re helping us and helping others. Helping themselves get rich and causing misery in other people’s lives is more like it.

Go to an Amway meeting and hear about all the bad things happening in the world plus the cult leader’s exaggerated spin on world events.

Doom and gloom. That’s all I ever got out of Scamway!


  1. Anna- this is the same debt free upline member who made your hubby buy him a sandwich or coffee? I remmeber my upline who couldnt afford to buy anything at wendys. Only thing they could afford is the baked potato with sour cream for 99cents lol.

  2. Yup this is the same Platinum who shot out orders to his cult followers lurking in the background to get him a burger or coffee while he was counselling with someone else. Just another mooching ambot!

  3. I think it is especially evil that they would target people who are already in financial straits over to a system they sold as being their only "hope" to keep from drowning where they could milk the last remaining dollars out of that sinking person until they are truly underwater. Like promising to throw a life preserver to someone if they toss up the rest of their money and then throwing in a heavy rock that pulls them to the bottom.

  4. Our Platinum is about the most evil person I've ever met. Targeting people who can least afford to lose money or fritter money away on useless Amway shit is what they do. They call it "helping others" trying to justify their evil actions. Someone recently posted a comment on another of our threads about being on social assistance and was recruited by ambot.

  5. "Like Amway talk isn’t depressing all on its own without bringing in outside forces!"
    "...Amway talk isn’t depressing all on its own..."

    HA HA HA That is so funny and true. i (and others in our meeting) used to do that. amway bots are truly the most negative people around. their spiel is riddled with vitriolic doom and gloom talk it's truly depressing in, and of itself. the goal is to get people to see amcult as the only way out. the underhand being dealt is plain as a nose - indoctrination into cult mentality. and they take offense if they are labelled a cult. well because they act like one so yes it's a very negative and harmful cult, amcult that is!

  6. You got it ExAmbot! Negative ambots with their predictions of doom and gloom to sign up people into the cult. Charles Manson did that. Remember reading Helter Skelter and his talk about armageddon and how only his cult followers were going to survive. What about Jim Jones leading his cult followers to Guyana? What about that suicide space ship cult? Its incredible what once rational productive human beings can do once they've been brainwashed.

  7. "At least the Emerald didn’t give him some dumb ass advice to sell his house, use the equity to pay off his debt, and then find a place to rent while he saves up to buy a house again."

    - That's exactly what my upline Emerald did: Sold his dream house to rent another one and "live below our means until we go Diamond" or something like that. And that was in the early 2000s when the economy looked much different than it does today. But we weren't supposed to question it...

  8. Anonymous - its amazing what these ambots can be brainwashed into doing. Just because some upline who has proclaimed himself to be a "counsellor" and pretends to be a financial guru does not make it so. The reason most people have to sell their house is because they're buying another house. Sometimes they're inbetween houses for awhile but at least they've got that equity sitting in the bank ready for their next down payment. Selling a house and living below their means so they can go Diamond is more about upline control and power over their downline. Cult tactics demand absolute obedience.

  9. I find this hilarious. I have been with amway 6 months. Made roughly 1500 after expenses. Yes instead of buying your laundry soap and drinks you buy them from yourself. You sell these products online and don't have to ever front money. If you went to your website and maxed out your credit cards on your products that is not Amways fault. It is yours for being so stupid. My up line would never encourage me to do that. They encouraged me to take all of my earnings and apply them to my student loans. I have said 1500 off of 3700 that remained. You may consider it to be a cult but my team is about the GOOD program. GET OUT OF DEBT! You must have been a complete idiot considering that I an a hear head college student with friends that farm mow lawns and work in factories that make money doing this part time. My biggest check was over $500 for a month. If wyou do it right an extra 500 would help up all!

  10. Hi Anonymous! Thanks for stopping by my blog! And I see you are one of many who are too embarrassed to admit you have anything to do with Amway. It is really embarrassing to confess that you are a current or former IBO and that is why we don't use our real names. I mean how fucking embarrassing would that be for others to find out that we are (were) involved with Amway!

    Perhaps you need to go back to school. What the fuck does this mean: "I an a hear head college student"?????

  11. @Anon 12/05/ 12.03PM
    Why do you need to buy from your own business? I would just get them for free, since it is my own business and write it off in the expense report. Oh wait, it is not your business. $1500 after expenses? Are you sure you are including ALL your expenses.

  12. Not only is it not their business but all IBO's lie about how good their pretend business is going.


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