Friday, September 16, 2011

Is Amway Really One of the Top Internet Retailers?

I was reading an article about Amazon being the top retailer of Internet sales coming in around $30 billion last year. The article also said Amazon had 3 times as much in Internet sales as its next competitor.

Seeing as how I get ambots showing up at my blog to call me a negative unchristian dream stealer quitting loser and bragging about how awesome Amway is and had $10 billion in sales last year I thought it might be possible Amway was in the number 2 spot.

Ha! I should know by now to discount everything an ambot says as a lie!

That article meant its time for a Google search for the top Internet retailers and I found the top 500 here:

The number 2 spot with about $10 billion in sales is - wait for it - TA DA! - Staples!

Wait how can that be? All those Ambots showing up on my blog bragging about Amway is $10 billion in sales last  year.

Well maybe they’re off a bit in the list. Surely Amway with their $10 billion in sales has to be close to Staples number 2 spot.

Number 3 - Apple with $5 billion.

Oh oh. Now there’s a huge drop. Double. What the hell happened to Amway and all those ambots bragging about the $10 billion? Surely they weren’t lying were they?

Hmm. Amway. Ambots. Liars.

Yup its all making sense.

OK forget the drum roll. I’ll just keep scrolling down until I find Amway.

And down and down and down and down.....

They’re number 28. On a list of 500? I would think the ambots would be basking in glory about that and bragging about it to everyone. So how much does #28 make in sales? $912 million.

Uh, what happened to 10 billion? This seems to fall about 9 billion short.

Amway. Ambots. Liars.

Who’s #500? Magnet Street with $11 million.

I tried a few other searches such as the world’s top Internet sales. On those lists that are usually about 100 strong Walmart is number one and Amazon drops way down. Amway or any of its incarnations (Alticor, Quixtar) is nowhere to be found. You’d think if what those IBO’s are always bragging about 10 billion I’d find the company sitting in with other companies of comparative sales.  

Hmm. Amway. Ambots. Liars.

I did find Amway on a list a few years old. It was number 6 or 8 but didn’t say how much in sales.

I get it. Ambots parrot what their cult leaders say. They “duplicate” those lies. A cult leader spreads the word that Amway made $10 billion in sales last year and the gullible cult followers believe it and repeat it and brag about it.

Obviously Amway is making a lot of money scamming IBO’s with overpriced products but the total tally seems to be unknown other than the $912 million.

Its possible that Amway the corporation is worth 10 billion in its various assets. After all they’ve had 50 years to sock away the profits they make ripping people off but that amount doesn’t mean its their annual sales numbers.

Unless of course you’re a scamming lying Amway IBO trying to impress others with made up figures.


  1. Imagine where Amway would rank if the sales that were counted were to real customers and not self consuming IBOs?

  2. HA HA HA this was so funny. it's so true. kingpins tell lies and ibos retell them. remember they are told to duplicate and not to question gods of amway i mean kingpins. my sources? i know-see my handle. even kumar told of a joke about his hummer being worth something and by the time the same story is being told by the latest ambot to the newest the same car is worth 10 times as much. and what's funny the latest liar does not even bother to do a quick google on the car's actual price!

    hate all that cult mentality stuff. still riding myself if it's remnants!@#$%^

  3. Joecool

    the cult would be a dismal number, a waste of time and webspace to be a bother! the cult inflates numbers. then they total and include the value of the worthless products' retail value instead of the cash amcult collected (the idea is noble if only they were sold to outsiders.) also if these ambots are Independent you would think the amcult would have no business then tabulating the retail value but that's what they do. question is why? to keep ambots firedup, and blind to the deception so they can keep buying and remain stoked up i mean excited! as if the ambots benefit if the numbers are high. yet we know the majority keep incurring losses.

  4. Problem is most of the self consuming ibos are probably buying from the 1800 #. Was reading ibofb website the other day where he's putting his spin on how amway is growing double digits in north america. I just dont see any growth and ibofb sounds like worst than used car salesman.

  5. Colin - I doubt there are many orders placed through the 1800# unless there is some kind of issue. Most IBO's place orders online buying from their own store - the web portal that is part of the $50/month premier membership fee WWDB charges. I don't know how much other LOS charge but I would imagine very few IBO's do not have Internet. Their upline would be riding their asses to buy a computer and get Internet service.

    IBOFB is a spin doctor. That's how he earns the big bucks.

  6. ExAmbot - IBO's duplicate the lies. Maybe we should all go out and buy Hummers and then sell them to IBO's for 10 times the cost. Oh I forgot. They're in Amway. They can't afford a car that costs more than $300!

  7. So they buy the products from their own website? The 50.00/month memebership is a bit to pricey. I rather have a costco membership.

  8. Colin - $49.95/month to be precise in case IBOFB shows up and has a hissy fit and demands to know why we were paying the extra nickel! Its part of the tools. If you're a "serious business builder" you need to shell out this money or your Platinum threatens not to work with you. The more brainwashed you are....

    The monthly fee included a web site portal and a discount on CDs and books and access to the WWDB web page so you could do your accounting, run reports, use the online calendar to make appointments, address book, etc. The problem with putting your contacts information on to here is that they then got spammed by WWDB. The web page was the big thing so you could direct your customers there to do their shopping. Sounds good in theory but who has customers? We also had to shell out $10/year to buy a web page domain and then set up a code to redirect to our Amway portal page.

  9. Trying to imagine ambots trying to sell people on a 50.00 web portal to sell overpriced crap. Im sure it doesnt go over well with potential customers. We had a hard time 20 years ago and we didnt have those extra cost.

  10. This precise, but inaccurate, bull-shit is typical of the billionaire bosses of the 'Amway' mob.

    For the previous 50+ years the 'Amway' mob has annually declared what its grinning bosses have laughably defined as 'sales,'but each time 'Amway' has been rigorously investigated, it has been discovered that no Ambot has been regularly retailing goods, and/or services, to the public for a profit. In fact, the hidden overall failure/drop-out rate for Ambots has been effectively 100%. In total, to date, an estimated 40 millions would-be millionaires have been churned through 'Amway.'

    As the free-thinking readers of this Blog are all aware, Ambots have been constantly told that the proven way to achieve 'Total Financial Freedom' is to duplicate a plan of 100% self-consumption and endless-chain recruitment. However, without a significant and sustainable source of external revenue, the so-called 'proven Amway plan' has been both unviable and unlawful. Indeed, 'Amway/MLM' has been a very effective way of committing financial suicide.

    Any economically-suicidal Ambot who wants to prove this analysis wrong, can either produce his/her tax receipts or shut up.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  11. AMO ibo portals are promoted heavily at the big functions just like most anything else that will line up the kingpins pockets. ambots are lied to that having portals on business cards will reflect highly on their customers and they just have to give it out to see what will happen.

    then a story is told by one kingpin Bill Hawkins, how he gave out his biz card and some starry eyed guy just went on to his site and signed himself up, called the kingpin and said ok i signed up what's next? well a rarity in itself if not an entire lie. but ambots buy into it and signup for these $50/month portals. and then nothing even close happens. because most ambots generally don't have customers and most would be customers don't bother to go check out the sites and if they do they do it's a cursory browse and move on, with mostly no sales recorded. how do i know-see my handle.

    now how many portals is an ambot to have. i remember quixtar (carried over to amway) had at least three - including one for gift albums, one for nutrilite and something else i forgot (a good thing). these were free but not the AMO one! mmmh i wonder why. oh the diamond kingpins make the majority of their incomes (50-85%) from the MO's. ok never mind. liars!

  12. Colin - its a rip off all right. But then what isn't when you're involved in Scamway.

  13. David - the grinning bosses? Ha ha! Maybe the Diamonds at the major functions were grinning and sneering as they looked around the audience and multiplied by $100 and tried to figure out their share of the pie! Most of the meetings I went to were run by our Platinum and he was a scowler not a grinner.

    Neither our sponsor nor anyone else upline or Amway ever checked to see if we actually had 10 retail customers before getting our meager $10 - $15 check each month.

    Ambots will never show their tax returns. They shut up and run. After telling us its personal and none of our business.

  14. ExAmbot - we bought business cards that showed our website to the Amway portal and had the toll free number provided by Communikate, handed them out and not a single person ever went to our Amway site and bought anything. Except my husband of course!

    Why would Amway want to give away free websites when they can scam IBO's into paying a monthly fee for this service.

  15. I am not in amway ibo, but as I understand it, amway gives a free web site to ibos where customers who have become consumers can order products from that website. There is no monthly charge for this--but of course you don't get your own domain name. I'ts amway domain name fallow by your name. I know this beacuse I became a consumer just to try amway products (although i havent order anything since about 1.5 month ago)

  16. Anonymous - if you really wanted to buy an annual membership to buy that company's products you should have signed up with Costco. Better products and better quality than Amway's products. A brainwashed IBO will violently disagree but many consumer magazines have done cost and product comparisons. As have I!

    Keep up the good work of not ordering anything from Amway!

    1. you are just a negative old hag that clearly had a bad experience and just want to let out your disbelief that anyone else can do something you CAN"T. And had you actually used amway's products, you'd see that almost NOTHING on the market can compare. Just try removing a coffee stain from a carpet using commercial items and then Amways's L.O.C products. there's no way i believe you've used it. Anyways, you're poor broke ass can sit and work and complain all you want. The fact is, just cause you couldn't succeed, doesn't mean you should stop others.
      Good luck being broke, negative, and talking bitterness all your life.

    2. You nasty little brainwashed ambot from Markham Ontario with the sadistic desire to be punished by Anna Banana - come back in a day or 2 when I have the time to devote my next blog post to you!

    3. Anna... It is obvious you have been mislead with the "Fact" I quote "Facts" that you are repeating. Amway retail site is free...Amway startup cost is 100% money back for the 1st 90 days. They have an A+ rating on the BBB. Does Costco offer 100% money back on all their products no matter what even if you have used all the product. Just call the Corp and say you don't like it and they will send you all your money restocking fees or anything. The startup fee is $167.00 with 100 worth of products to use, sell, or sample out.

      It appears that you have "TRIED" Amway and failed. The problem is you "TRIED".."TRY" to breath and see what happens...either you do or you don't and thats with anything you set out in life to accomplish... you either Succeed or Fail...

  17. Amway is not giving away free websites, equal to a domain name. what they did was akin to what google does with it's google sites, equals an extension of a name of your choosing under the google domain name or even this site.

    ambots are encouraged to register a domain name and point it to an AMO generic page (BWW in my former case.) this costs $50 or so p/m and it contains the plan video, a link to amway that recognizes the referring ibo, not a big deal most sale sites do it, etc. the amway extension is free because it's just an extension, or i don't know why they don't charge for it but they might say they love their ambots or they want to make it easier for them to "build the business." conversely would that imply the AMOs don't love the ambots cos they gotta pay for the site or that the AMOs are not trying to make it easier for the ambots? anyway that's the way it was before about 2009. don't know about now.

  18. ExAmbot - Amway give something away for free! Ha ha now there's a laugh!

    That's the way it was in 2009 with us too until we let our domain name expire, didn't renew for another year. We had a registered domain name with a redirect code to our Amway portal page. I don't know why this wasn't provided by Amway as part of the $60 annual membership fee. Well I know why. It was so WWDB and the Diamonds could make money off that $50/month tool.

  19. Membership as a consumer of Amay used to cost $50/year (if I remember correctly). Currently there is no cost for membership as a consumer, and the price a consumer pays for products is the same as an ibo. So a good topic to write about will be an umbaised price comparison between amway, costco, jewel, or other stores; and taking in to account the annual membership that a consumer pays at costco or other membership wholsalers, as well as points earned in amway( if you are an ibo, not a consumer) which can be seen as additional savings, while at the same time factoring in the taxes that an ibo has to pay for the earned points since this translates in to income---and than adding it all up to see what the numbers say.

  20. Anonymous - I think you're correct. If you're a customer under an existing IBO then there is no membership fee and you pay retail. If you're a prosumer then there is an annual membership and you get wholesale prices - which is still 2 to 5 times higher than similar products at Walmart or Costco. I figured he was a prosumer because if someone was a customer of Amway they wouldn't go around bragging about it! The problem with just being a customer is getting spammed by WWDB or Amway I don't recall which. Ambot had set up just about everyone he knew as customers under his account but removed them after the complaints of being spammed.

  21. Not sure if anyone noticed but the top 500 is a list from US and Canada. The 10 billion in sales were their global sales. Just to clarify.

  22. Hi Anonymous. Yup, thats why I found the International sales numbers too. Either way Amway's sales figures are nowhere near the amounts being quoted around the Internet. That means Amway is cooking the books or IBO's are lying.

  23. They cook the books and inflate numbers for obvious reasons and we all know that. The real numbers that matter is how many ambots are really profitable. You never hear about those. As you would expect those are treated hush hush, just like anything that could potentially make scAmway look bad. All those billion numbers mean squat for a fluff ambot's bottom line (fluff-those at the bottom who feed their $$ up the pyramid.) It's real easy to keep telling those fluffs "when the dream is big enough the facts don't count" from the pyramid top. No the profit numbers are facts, they count because they determine the shelf life of an ambot, just like one kingpin, Kumar said. He is a double diamond he must know what he was talking about.

    1. People are funny to me when they say Pyramid...when you work at the biggest Pyramid known to man...everything takes the shape of a Pyramid including the Government, Apple, Google, Dell, Microsoft..should I continue. The average IBO in America makes around $200 (+-). Thats the national average of an active IBO. All the information are available in the the LIT packs. ExAmbot what have you been successful at? We all would like to know.

  24. anonymous. thank you.

    The thing is, even if 1/10th of Amway has created is true, ownership of a business and the ability to create a source of income in ones own home is still a better deal than that of the regular workplace.

    GD -Canada

  25. Not associated withtheA company but withg a smaller one,but anyone with common sense knows 10 billion is the global corporate sales for the company.

    1. I see Amway isn't the only MLM who teaches its participants to have a smug condescending attitude to anyone not involved with their scheme.


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