Saturday, September 17, 2011

No Sale on Amway Mansion Yet

Well there doesn't seem to be any movement on the mansion the Puryears built from their income scamming poor little ambots into buying overpriced Amway shit and useless books and CDs.,520,waterfront

The original price was $20 million. Then they dropped it down I think 2 million and then dropped the price again and its been sitting priced at just under $15,995,000 for awhile now just waiting for my former sack of shit Platinum to save up the cash from scamming his downline so he can buy it. Might be on the market awhile waiting for that to happen!

Location location people. You first need to find a qualified buyer and then find one who's interested on living on a mosquito infested river in Idaho.

How come the Puryears haven't approached this little British heiress who bought Aaron Spelling's mansion for $150 million. Now there's someone with a few extra bucks to spend.

Of course there's a huge difference between living in the glamor of Beverly Hills against the Spokane River. Let's see Beverly Hills has movie stars, mansions, nightlife, and warm climates year round. Spokane River has potatoes, mosquitoes, and probably very cold winters.

I looked around to see what is selling for the same price, $15,995,000 and I found a place in Paradise Valley, Arizona.

Now we're talking. Arizona is a bit more centrally located and easier access to Las Vegas and Los Angeles. Decent winter weather and hotter than hell in the summer.

Besides I chose this house for another reason. If you scroll through the pictures and look for the theater room there is a box office and a creepy guy inside it. I like to think that it was the last Amway salesman who knocked on the door trying to sell them soap and the homeowner killed him and stuffed his body and mounted it in the ticket booth.

Its like they're always saying at Amway meetings: dream......


  1. I remember we were supposed to swoon and stuff at the thought of earning the right to go to the river.

    The GOADS sang incessantly about it. We sang along. I gagged on the words. I wasn't the slightest bit interested. But, wait.......if you aren't interested, it can ONLY mean one thing. You are jealous!! That's it. I must have been jealous. There is simply no other explanation.

    Or maybe I'm just not impressed by material crap? Never have been.

    We weren't in long when I began to vomit in my mouth a little with all the cars, boats, fancy trips, houses, and more of the same. I'm simply not interested.

    I am extremely interested in helping the helpless and very poor no matter where they are. I don't need amway or any other mlm to help the poor. amway only robs you of any and all discretionary cash to help the indigent.

    I would totally drift away mentally at the functions thinking about how much I could be getting done at home to prepare for work on the coming Monday.

    It became increasingly difficult to hide my disgust; hence, my inevitable departure.


  2. aurora - yes we were all supposed to swoon at the materialistic possessions of the Diamonds and told to hope and dream and stay with Amway and one day we can have all this ourselves.

    Big houses don't do anything for me. Think of all that dusting! And all the stuff you have to fill it with! I've toured Hearst Castle enough times that nothing else will ever come close!

    Helping the poor and helpless is something that upline will always agree is a good thing to do and if we're in Amway we'll be able to help others. Unfortunately as you pointed out Amway only helps to rob us of our discretionary cash that we might have been able to donate to charities. We'd be better off donating $300/month to a charity than throwing it at overpriced Amway products.

    I was never able to hide my disgust. Pissed off my upline to the nth degree! That became my mission! And I continue it on with this blog!

  3. I dont even get excited going to a U2 concert or madonna when she was in her hey day. Going to the riverhouse wouldnt be a big deal.

  4. Colin - that kind of talk would be sacrilege to a brainwashed ambot!

  5. But, Folks, what in the world are they singing about now? Surely not the river house!

    The GOADS had a song titled, 'I'm goin' to the River.' It was not the slightest bit catchy and even after years of hearing it, I could not repeat it correctly. IBOs would buy the CASSETTE TAPE. Yuk.

    I was too embarrassed to be caught listening to that stuff. Gimme Lynard Skynard or the Allman Brothers.

    If the GOADS were Emeralds (that's what we were told in the late 90's), where are they now? And, IF they were Emeralds, why are they not quadruple diamonds now? OR are they?

    At every major, the big-wigs on stage would yell out, "Who in here is at their first major?" Most of the room would raise their hand. Uh, I don't think I'd be asking that question, Nimrod. What extremely loud message do you think just got broadcast? hmmmmm?

    O.K., I'll give you a clue. NO ONE STAYS IN!!! I know, how is that possible when amway is the nectar of the gods? Or at least that's what we were lead to believe on the endless CASSETTE TAPES we bought and listened to.

    CT aka Aurora

  6. Aurora - they're singing the blues!

    They'd have made more money for their singing appearances than they would have from being Emeralds.

    If they change their name and switch to singing cover they can probably get a gig in Reno.

  7. Hey Anna, I live in Spokane, and yep, it is extremely feckin cold here in the winter. And Spokane seems to be infested with Amway-types, I got another invitation to see an Amway catalogue last week. I held my tongue because he was a family friend, I just wanted to unleash on him, maybe I'll point him to your blog in future!


  8. Anonymous - perhaps you've met FreedomFighter from Spokane. He made the mistake of duplicating amspeak on my blog!

    Thanks for the weather update! As I suspected! Its always been my observation that the further north you go the colder the weather is and the further south you go the warmer the weather gets.

    Sure send any ambots you know my way. If they're crazy enough to leave an amspeak comment I might even feature them on an upcoming post!


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