Sunday, September 18, 2011

101 Reasons to Hate Amway

I had a visitor show up at my blog using the search criteria “reasons to hate Amway”. Nothing really extraordinary about that. I get many searchers who end up here with variations of the “I hate Amway” theme.

Seeing as how I already wrote a post about 101 Ways to Piss of an Amway IBO I thought I’d take it a little further and do 101 reasons to hate Amway. This is going to be too easy. All I have to do is look at their catalogue and list each product one by one. But that would probably end up being something like 2000 reasons to hate Amway but I’ll still put in the products that I personally hate.

So here goes. 101 Reasons to Hate Amway:

  1. I hate throwing my money at the Amway scam.
  2. I hate the horrible people we have to associate with in Amway.
  3. I hate the overpriced substandard laundry soap that doesn’t get my clothes clean
  4. I hate that every time I use Amway’s dishwasher detergent I still have to wash half the dishes again by hand.
  5. I hate Amway’s dish soap because the bubbles don’t last long enough to clean for the second time around all the dishes that didn’t get clean in the dishwasher.
  6. I hate that Amway allows cult leaders to brainwash IBO’s.
  7. I hate that Amway does nothing to help IBO’s who are abused by their upline.
  8. I hate that Amway customer service has a who-gives-a-fuck attitude when you phone in for assistance.
  9. I hate that I have to read dumb ass books that don’t interest me because our Amway upline bullied Ambot into buying useless tools to “grow our business”.
  10. I hate it when some fucking Amway IBO says “fired up”.
  11. I hate attending Amway functions.
  12. I hate that Amway makes us pretend we’re real business owners.
  13. I hate pretending to be nice to people who don’t give a shit about me except for the money they can make off me.
  14. I hate that Amway turns IBO’s into liars.
  15. I hate overpriced Amway towels that fall apart.
  16. I hate that Amway allows XS Gear to rip off IBOs by sending wrong products and then refusing to exchange or refund after bullshitting for 30 days and then saying their 30 day refund policy has passed.
  17. I hate that everything about Amway is so secretive.
  18. I hate that Amway makes us pretend to be interested in people we’re not.
  19. I hate that Amway doesn’t encourage their cult leaders to hold meetings earlier in the day.
  20. I hate that Amway is creepy.
  21. I hate that Amway’s marketing literature doesn’t tell the full story when it comes to compensation that IBO’s can expect to receive.
  22. I hate that Amway keeps it top secret which Diamonds are still active and which Diamonds fell out of qualification but are bullshitting their downline into believing they’re still Diamonds.
  23. I hate that Amway doesn’t stop its cult leaders from lying that the corporation owns the Amway Arena when the city of Orlando is the owner.
  24. I hate that Amway’s cult leaders tried to counsel us to take out a home owner equity line of credit.
  25. I hate that Amway forces us to be what we’re not.
  26. I hate that Amway makes us trick people.
  27. I hate that Amway makes us lie about the company’s financial state. Made billions and billions of sales last year!
  28. I hate that Amway makes us lie about how well we’re doing.
  29. I hate that Amway makes us look at everyone as a potential recruit.
  30. I hate that Amway makes unqualified people pretend to be “counsellors”.
  31. I hate the side effects from Amway’s Double X vitamins.
  32. I hate that Amway makes us manipulate everyone we meet.
  33. I hate that Amway makes us worship money.
  34. I hate that Amway makes us believe being wealthy means we’re better than everyone else.
  35. I hate Amway XS Energy Drinks - aka cat piss water
  36. I hate that Amway makes us treat upline like they’re royalty.
  37. I hate that Amway takes advantage of people who can least afford to lose money.
  38. I hate that Amway encourages us to make stupid choices.
  39. I hate that Amway Glister toothpaste nearly makes me puke when I’m brushing my teeth.
  40. I hate having to wear business attire for dumb ass late night Amway meetings.
  41. I hate that Amway fills our heads with dreams.
  42. I hate Amway CDs and tapes that we’re forced to buy and listen to.
  43. I hate spending money on Amway meetings.
  44. I hate that Amway uplines pretend they’re helping us and helping others.
  45. I hate that Amway is the devil in disguise.
  46. I hate listening to our Amway sack of shit Platinum.
  47. I hate that Amway has us believing we’ll have residual income rolling in forever.
  48. I hate how embarrassing it is to tell people we’re involved with Amway.
  49. I hate having Amway assholes poking through my house to see if I have any “illegal” products.
  50. I hate that there’s so much pressure to buy more and more Amway products.
  51. I hate those nasty shitty Amway food bars.
  52. I hate that Amway preys on people going through a difficult time in their lives.
  53. I hate how fast we lose friends thanks to Amway.
  54. I hate how we’re told that everyone will get rich in Amway.
  55. I hate how Amway creates trouble in marriages when none previously existed.
  56. I hate trying to find a parking spot at Amway meetings held in crowded neighborhoods.
  57. I hate how Amway doesn’t disclose how much it costs to produce each product and how much profit they’re making.
  58. I hate how Amway controls your life.
  59. I hate trying to convince others to take home an Amway tape and listen to it.
  60. I hate having to deny that we have anything to do with Amway.
  61. I hate trying to beg people to go to Amway meetings.
  62. I hate how Amway shampoo makes my hair oily.
  63. I hate how because we’re in Amway we have to “ask permission” from our upline before we buy or do anything.
  64. I hate how the upline forces us to buy Amway Nutrilite vitamins when we never used to take vitamins.
  65. I hate how we spent hundreds of dollars on Amway Nutrilite vitamins that are sitting unopened on the shelf because nobody in the house will take them.
  66. I hate how late at night we have to stay up for Amway meetings.
  67. I hate how Amway makes everyone lie about their wealth.
  68. I hate that I can’t buy lower priced, better quality products if Amway sells something similar.
  69. I hate how Amway has us believing we’ll be millionaires in 2 to 5 years.
  70. I hate wasting my time going to Amway meetings listening to lousy bastards.
  71. I hate that Amway doesn’t make more of an effort to tell us that 99% of IBOs won’t make money.
  72. I hate that when we’re in Amway we have to call everyone else “losers”.
  73. I hate that we have to bullshit others to believe that Amway has a good rating with the BBB and approval of the FTC.
  74. I hate how nobody loses weight on the Amway Trim diet system lose weight plan.
  75. I hate trying to convince people that the reason Amway products are so high priced is because they’re high quality.
  76. I hate that Amway makes us lie to others about their chance of succeeding.
  77. I hate how we’re told that everything in Amway is tax deductible.
  78. I hate that Amway makes unqualified people pretend to be financial advisors.
  79. I hate how Amway makes us sell the hope not the soap.
  80. I hate that Amway makes us poke fun at people who have jobs.
  81. I hate how we have to convince everyone Amway is not a pyramid scheme.
  82. I hate how we have to leave our children with babysitters because we’re too busy with Amway to spend any time with them.
  83. I hate how Amway forces us to take advantage of people.
  84. I hate that being in Amway means we have to alienate our friends and family.
  85. I hate that no authority seems capable of shutting down the Amway pyramid scheme.
  86. I hate Amway’s high shipping fees.
  87. I hate in Amway that we must “submit to upline”.
  88. I hate how Amway only sells cereals in multiple packs.
  89. I hate that Amway makes us tell others we’re better than them because we’re in Amway and they’re not.
  90. I hate how Amway charges an annual membership fee for the privilege of being ripped off by them.
  91. I hate that we were lied to that we only have to spend 10 to 15 hours a week working on our Amway business.
  92. I hate hearing the lies about how Amway’s Perfect Water is a miracle cure for everything that ails you.
  93. I hate how Amway sucks the life out of us.
  94. I hate going into credit card debt thanks to Amway.
  95. I hate when Amway sends us expired food items and refuses to refund or replace them.
  96. I hate how expensive Amway Artistry cosmetics cost.
  97. I hate how Amway dog food caused our dogs to become shit machines.
  98. I hate how Amway cleaning products come in these huge refill containers and we have to buy little spray pumps to put them in and then we don’t know what’s what.
  99. I hate trying to convince people that Amway sells “prestige” toilet paper and that’s why it costs 4 times more than tp in the grocery store.
  100. I hate that Amway doesn’t take some of its soap and clean up its act.
  101. I hate that Amway is a cult.
OK I’ll stop now!


  1. Holy Crap! That list is bang on!

    Well crafted! One only need to see the teachings of Amway uplines once in order to see tehm coming from a mile away.

  2. Thanks Rocket! The only thing that's changed in Amway from when we got in 12 years ago until the last time 2 years ago is that there is more emphasis on the Internet sales and buy Communikate and other tools. Oh and everything is more expensive.

  3. Fortunately I didn't fall for it, but Amway is a dangerous Multi-Level Marketing cult, perhaps the most dangerous of it's kind.

  4. Good for you Matt! You'd be surprised how many hits I have on this post for people who go to search engines and type in "I hate Amway" or "I hate Amway people". This is an evil company that leaves a path of destruction in its wake and takes no responsibility. Like you said, probably the most dangerous MLM out there.

  5. You have bad upline. Your upline should inform you as to what they are doing, and you do what you want!

    1. thehamesasher - why the fuck would you tell me to talk to my upline so they can "inform" me sweet fuck all???? I haven't talked to those fucking assholes in years!!!!

      I have read many accounts of people's experiences in Amway. My upline are very typical of Amway IBO's in the way they act. If you choose to lie and deny like all ambots do then that's your problem.

      I am doing what I want. I am writing a blog so that people know exactly what kind of Amway assholes I had to put up with and what they have in store for them if they sign up with Amway.

  6. Anna, thejamesaher hasn't realized yet-ALL Amway upline is bad upline!

    1. Connie - its the lie and deny thing. Plus the brainwashing that ambots receive that they must worship their upline. All Amway uplines are a bunch of lying scheming assholes.

      Wait till thejamesasshole quits Amway and his BFF's won't have nothing more to do with him and see if he still speaks of them in loving glowing terms.

  7. I got the 101 list down to your repsond but blogger won't let me lol, anyway I dislike my upline as well, they are very annoying

  8. We are all lucky to live in this great country! If a person wants to be in Amway, so be it. Who are we you to judge the people that decide to do and act as they please? If Amway is not for you, that's fine. I try not to judge anyone. I am not an IBO, but know a few that are. I respect their work effort.

    1. And good for you, too. No one here says people can't do what they want, including joining a money-losing, brainwashing cult where they statistically have less than a 1% chance to make any decent money while losing friends and family left and right. Go for it. Knock yourself out. But sites like this also enjoy this great country (sing the Star Spangled Banner and praise the LAWD!) and thus have the similar right to WARN others of all the things that (surprise surprise) Amway is not about to reveal in their snake-oil smoke and mirrors presentation.

    2. I have yet to lose friends or family because of Amway. In fact, I've gained them. And my friends who don't want to get in, well, so be it. They don't have to. My uplines are all so positive and genuine. Sure, there are negative groups/tactics. But have you ever heard of a big business or corporation that doesn't have any? Or a big corporation that doesn't look like a pyramid scheme? Hell, I think the CEO of the company that I work for benefits more from me than my Amway uplines. Pity some people can't see both sides.

    3. Kureahxoxo - just give it some time. You must be a new Ambot because you're not so good on the brainwashed Amspeak bullshit propaganda yet. Eventually everyone will avoid you. Amway is all about losing money and losing friends.

    4. The friends "gained" through Amway, like those gained in a religious cult, are deceivingly "positive and genuine", but it's all part of the lovebombing part of brainwashing.

      You obviously don't understand the workings of a "pyramid" scheme, otherwise you'd know it's not the SHAPE of the company diagram it's the WORKINGS of it. In a normal company, those at the bottom earn a set amount of money for their work. In a pyramid scheme, those who got in early and are at the top are the only real beneficiaries, and those below send their money up to the top with promises of "your time will come, too", but their only hope is to recruit and recruit and recruit enough other people into the scam to try to have enough people below them losing money as they are to the folks at the top, but this time losing it to them. But as the less than 1% success rate indicates with Amway, it's like herding cats. You might be able to recruit someone in, but as month after month goes by and they lose more and more money to the scam, most drop out and you find yourself at square one with the need to recruit, recruit, recruit.

      And don't say you plan to make your money just selling the products. They are horribly overpriced so other than some pity purchases finding a strong "outside of Amway" customer base is close to impossible.

      Folks who come to this site HAVE seen both sides. Most first hand, so save the pity for yourself. As your credit cards max and your bank account drains and the pile of unmovable products pile up in your garage, you'll need it for yourself.

    5. Anonymous - the only time an Ambot sees both sides is when he gets out of the cult. And then those people he loved & worshipped in the upline are now seen for what they really are - a bunch of lying scamming bastards who treat people badly all in the name of their quest of the almighty dollar. Amway - the cult of greed. He's still being love bombed. When he puts up with the wrath from the evil demons in the Amway upline for not bringing new prospects to Scamway meetings or not having customers buying overpriced shitty Amway products, and realizes his credit cards have been maxed, bank accounts drained, and all his friends have left him, then maybe he'll see the light.

  9. I work at the plant as a temp and I hate it. I Hate the overhead, the treatment, and working on cheap/shitty products while the suits just comes down like pigeons to shit on everything. I don't even make three hundred bucks a week because Amway slaves out the temp services while the full time employees do jack shit and make triple the amount of pay. It is a wretched place to work or even assosciate with. I'm sorry that is is as horrible on the business end of the deal as well.

  10. Hi anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I get the occasional former and current Amway employees stopping by to tell us what a shitty place it is to work. I'll probably being your story to the front post sometime in the next few days because most people are going to miss it buried back here on an old post. There are way better jobs out there. You could work part time at Starbucks for the same money and get benefits. I get you got to have a job to pay the bills but keep your eyes open and something better than the Amway sweat shop will show up. Good luck!

  11. If any of you don't mind, please answer a couple of questions for me.
    1. What other organisation tied with amway did the business tools and development material come from?
    2. Can you believe that there is money to be had in such a marketing concept/compensation plan?
    3. Can you see a way to achieve the kind of money without all the hassling of others for products, that you consider useless?
    4. Is it possible to get by in the business with only the few products you deem useful and you can proudly say IS GOOD?
    5. If you believe that everyone upline is brainwashing you, do you have an avenue to discover for yourself, the truth about what they say?

    I guess these might be the top questions I have, there may be more as the post continues. If it is allowed to continue.

    1. Hey there Anonymous,

      1- Where I live, the organization creating the tools is Internet Services Corporation owned by Dexter Yaeger.

      2- There is very little money to be made in this business unless you have a sizeable downline (my estimate would be between 50-100). The problem is that since most people quit, you have to keep replacing them, hence you spend your time running around trying to find people to show the plan.

      3- No, I honestly don't. The products are over-priced and average quality at best. Not to mention the shipping fees will murder your budget.

      4- Unless you make 100PV a month, you can forget about seeing any money come from Amway

      5- Do your own research. Find unbiased sources of informations that state facts as they are, not as your upline want it to be.

      I hope this answers your questions.


  12. Please help me, My girlfriend thinks Amway will save us and wants to join, no matter how much I speak with facts on logic she wont hear it! Its Tearing us Apart!!

    1. Levi - Amway will destroy your lives starting with destroying your relationship because that's what Amway is all about.

      Look under March 2013 posts for the one titled helpful Amway hints. There is a free ebook you can download called Merchants of Deception. You both need to read it to understand what Amway is really like and the odds are stacked against you making money. Over 99% failure rate and that comes at great emotional and financial distress.

      You 2 should go to a library or bookstore if you're interested in starting a business and find out the right way to go about it. In Amway all you'll ever be is a poor broke commissioned salesperson.

      Good luck to you!

  13. No wonder why you failed, with a attitude like that!

    Its not for the chosen few, but the few that choose

    You obviously choose to stay broke, good luck with that :).

    1. Typical fucking Amway asshole who is brainwashed to believe that everyone who is not in Amway is broke. If you're so worried about me being broke why don't you send money.

  14. "It's not for the chosen few, but for the few that choose". lol, I love how they have a long list of bumper sticker motivational sayings they always toss out to avoid talking actual statistics and figures.

    And the assumption that anyone not in Amway is "broke" is hilarious. The truth is for 99.9% of those who get into the Amway scam it's the other way around.

    People "fail" at Amway because it is a flawed plan. Commissioned salespeople in a buyer's club with overpriced products that result in tiny "bonus" checks that don't even begin to cover the money spent on products, "tools" (i.e. brainwashing rah-rah crap), seminars, etc. Since the word has gotten around about how much money is lost, relationships destroyed (not counting the phony lovebombing upline relationships that disappear as soon as they bleed you dry) it's difficult to recruit new suckers, and those that do get pulled in usually don't last when they realize how much money they are losing in the cult.

    People who get out of Amway aren't failures... they just wised up before losing everything for illusions and "dreams" that Amway's flawed plan can't deliver.

    1. Yup Amway's system is designed for failure. Brainwashed ambots refuse to believe it. They think Amway is only for winners and in a couple of years they'll have gazillions of dollars rolling in every month why they sit back and do nothing ever again.

      This is only just one little corner of the Internet where people who were duped into Scamway can talk about how much money they lost and destroyed relationships and hopefully we can help others avoid making the same mistake.

  15. the master has spoken

    fuck off

    disabled toilet

    1. Yeah! Fuck Amway and fuck all the fucking Amway losers out there!

  16. Amway Corporation of Ada, Michigan is the disabled toilet, since the entire enterprise is clogged with unflushed shit.

    1. LOL Amway is a toilet clogged with shit. And shitheads.


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