Thursday, September 22, 2011

Amway is a Vicious Cycle

Its kind of troubling the pattern of search hits I’ve been getting recently:

“Should I kick my Amway ambot out of the house?”
“What happens when husbands and wives don’t agree on Amway?”
“How do you get someone to leave Amway?”
“Boyfriend wants me to travel to Amway meetings with him”
“Amway destroyed my marriage”
“How to deprogram an Amway ambot”
“How to be deprogrammed from Amway”
“How to quit Amway”

These ones are especially sad because the searcher - and here I’ll go out on a limb and say probably a woman - has reached the end of their rope in putting up with the Amway bullshit and being abused by the upline and is searching on the Internet for how to deal with their relationship crumbling due to the interfering upline. Its a horrible position to be in to watch your husband throwing all your money at the great Amway cult, helpless to stop it because some upline cult leader has bullied him into buying more shitty Amway products that they can’t afford. How did some fucking Amway asshole get his clutches in to your husband to have this kind of control over him.


The “how to quit Amway” variation I get several of each day but a real spike in the last week or so.

This is about the midway point between major functions. Family Reunion was in July and Free Enterprise Days are coming in late October to Denver Colorado and early November to Portland Oregon. Ambots are dragged off to a major function with all the rah rah and motivational speeches from the Ken and Barbies stomping across the stage. The ambot comes home from these motivational rallies and is all fired up and figuring out how they’re going to make their business explode. Sadly the only thing exploding is their dwindling bank account and skyrocketing credit card debt. After a few days or weeks of failing to convince any recruits to come to Amway meetings or finding new customers to buy Amway products the enthusiasm dwindles and the ambot starts to lose interest. They’re not making money and after all the whole point of owning your own business is to make money. Their cult leaders might notice the ambot not coming to meetings or slacking off on their Amway purchases and convince them not to quit now, not when success is right around the corner. Some ambots hang on for a few more weeks and get to the next major function, get all motivated again, and the sick cycle repeats itself.

Meanwhile the wife - and yes for this topic I’m going to call the above searches as done by the woman because I can give that point of view - is feeling hopeful that the end is in sight because the husband is losing interest.

Seeing as how I’d already been down the Amway path to hell I noticed things about Ambot that showed he was finally realizing he’d been lied to about getting rich in Amway. He stopped subscribing to Communikate and the World Wide Dream Builders premier membership. He stopped buying CDs and books. He stopped attending meetings.

Now granted getting to this stage took him a few months longer than the last foray into Amway hell. I was about at the end of my rope and I could have written any of those above Google searches about marriage being destroyed by Amway, how to deprogram an ambot from the Amway cult, and ready to kick the ambot out of the house.

What I didn’t know at the time was that my Ambot had had enough of being bullied by the sack of shit Platinum and being ordered to leave me and listening to these sickos that were praying I’d find another man and leave him. So there were other conflicts going on as Ambot realized the sheer evil of the Amway upline and how they were hell bent on destroying our relationship all in the name of trying to get their hands on our money.

So Ambot was letting go of those bastards. Setback came when someone upline phoned and told him he had to buy 100 or so PV of Amway products so someone further upline could reach their goals for the month. Damn it anyway he put another $500 on his credit card buying useless shitty Amway products that we’ll never use. Then the same fucker phones back and badgers him about attending the next major function.

“Too bad,” Ambot tells the upline bastard. “I spent all my money buying those Amway products so those assholes could meet their goals this month. No money left for Amway functions.”

And that was the last time Ambot ever bought anything from Amway. Yay!

Though it wasn’t the last time the upline bastards phoned or texted him but it came less often. Seeing as how he missed a major function he was on the shit list and the punishment is to be ostracized by the sack of shit Platinum until he returns to the fold begging for forgiveness.

Didn’t happen.

So I will send out another big fuck you to our Platinum. You lost your grip asshole! And it was about time!


  1. My husband just got sucked in to it and he is really thinking, he will be rich in a few years ... Yeah right! I soooo do not belive in that brain wash thing, they just want to spend your hard work money on amway to make the rich people richer and poor people poorer! He changed alot, he has no time anymore, we never have money for anything, he gets agressive when i say something bad about Amway. He will tell me i am a negative person and he will become rich with or without! I really dont know what to do!

    1. Hi Anonymous - sorry to hear about your husband. Messages like yours really disturbs me because I get them a lot and I could have written the exact same thing after my husband had been sucked into the Amway scam.

      The most important thing to remember is that your husband is in a cult and he is brainwashed. That's the way he's acting the way he is. Its a serious mental illness. Its temporary insanity. Whatever you call it its horrible seeing someone you love treat you like shit and go into debt to please his Amway cult leaders.

      Only a small fraction of 1% of IBO's make money in Amway. The real way to make money is to sell tickets to functions and sell motivational material - books and CDs - also called the tool scam. That's where the money is. Not selling overpriced shitty Amway products and signing up others who will do it.

      Take a look at your husband's business literature that he has to hand over to prospects. Somewhere on it in very small print it shows the amount of IBO's who earn a Platinum income and a Diamond income. The figure is like .0726%. Shove that under his nose and point out the blatantly obvious: 99% of IBO's do not make money in Amway and all of them lose money. Surely your husband can find a better business opportunity with a higher chance of success than less than 1%.

      Download this free ebook called Merchants of Deception to better understand what your husband has gotten himself into. Here's a man with 1000 people in his downline and he's earning between $2 and $3,000/month. Not exactly that 6 figure income the liars in your Amway upline brag about is it?

      You can be pretty sure the assholes in your husband's upline are counselling with him to leave you.

      There's not much else to suggest other than most guys figure it out eventually that they're losing money and quit. 95% IBO's quit in 2 years. That's a long time to wait when the debt is increasing and the savings account decreasing.

      You got to protect yourself. Make sure you have your own money that your husband can not access to buy Amway shit with. Do not let him use your credit cards to buy Amway shit. If you have a joint credit card with him that he's using to buy Amway shit, get your name off that card ASAP so you're not liable for his Scamway debt.

      But read the book. Its free and its horrifying and will help you understand what he's going through. And then ask him to read it too.

      Good luck to you!

    2. To me, this is always the saddest face of Amway. Where a relationship has a monkey wrench tossed into it when one spouse gets sucked into the cult, becomes exposed to the brainwashing through a program of mind-numbing CD's and late night meetings, and their personality drastically changes to protect the cult over any objections from spouse or family. The Amway cult, like any cult, teaches their followers that any voice outside of the cult - including a spouse - is to be ignored as a negative, dreamstealing roadblock to the amazing riches fraudulently promised by the cult. If the spouse gets in the way of the cult picking the follower's pocket, then they will counsel the follower to leave that person as they are "holding them back" from reaching the riches which, in truth, is all an illusion.

      We will hope for the best for you that your husband breaks free of their hold and regains his critical thinking ability (which they will work hard to destroy). As Anna says, you'll need to work to protect your own finances. I've read stories of husbands completely brainwashed who lost their nest eggs, homes and future to the Amway money pit. Like a gambler, they become obsessed and detached from reality, and one husband I read about even pawned his wife's wedding ring after his upline counselled that his wife would one day thank him after he hit it big and he bought a bigger ring. Of course, that never comes to pass.

      The upline only cares about keeping money flowing from your husband's pocket to theirs for as long as they can. Once they've tapped that well dry, those loving "friends forever" he made in Amway will drop him like a stone.

      Here's hoping your husband breaks free of their grip before he loses both his money and you.


    3. Dave - if the husband was a gambler hitting the casinos he'd probably have better odds at making money than he would in Amway!

      I went into a casino a few years ago when they still took quarters in the slot machines instead of the silly credits system they got now and I had probably around $30 in quarters. In half an hour I had around $140 in quarters and that was when I decided to leave and go to a nice restaurant for dinner!

      Always have a limit before gambling and that includes Amway. If you haven't signed up any downline 3 months after signing up and you're spending $1000/month on Amway products and buying tools single handedly trying to make the PV of yourself and downline if you had any then its time to get a clue and kick this Amway habit.

    4. I agree with everything you say.I have a friend who has been flogging the dead horse (amway)for 30 years and the horse is still in the stall. They belive prosperity is around the corner but if they would get a real map (not one printed by scamway) they would see a deadend ahead. Nothing I say matters as I am seen as a negative curse to a dream.I wish you would edit your blog of (bleep)words as you are apparently very intelligent and do not need to use offensive words to impress people. I know a lot of christian people have have been deceived by amway.Your comments would be more widly received. Thank you for what you are doing to expose these poisionous rats.

    5. Anonymous - thanks for stopping by.

      Your friend in Amway for 30 years is a lifer. So when they reach age 65 if not already there will they be either dead, broke, or stinking rich if they stay in Amway.

      Yup success is always right around the corner in Scamway. That's what the upline cult leaders say to any of their flock who are thinking of quitting.

      You're lucky (?!) your friend's upline even allows them to associate with you. Normally there are no outside friends allowed to people in the Amway cult.

      Uh nope will never edit out the swear words. That's how I talk. You ought to be in a car with me sometime and hear my opinion of the other drivers on the road! So far today I've only flipped off one other driver! So its been a quiet day on the highways. I wrote this blog as an outlet for myself to get everything off my chest what I want to say about my Amway upline. The intent 2 years ago when I started writing this blog was to curse out my upline and give any other women married to ambots a place to come and curse out their Amway uplines too not so much to gain an avid readership but now I get thousands of visitors each month. June was just under 16,000 visitors. So my blog is pretty widely received just the way it is.

      And you're welcome. I'm just another person who gets the truth out there about what its like being inside the Amway cult and watching how it destroys people.

    6. My boyfriend of 19 years has been in this business for about a year and a half. He is in debt with two credit cards and still doesnt see the light. I dont think he ever will. I would have thought another woman would come between us before this business would. He has never been a really religious person, but now he quotes the Bible to me all the time. He tells me i am a bad mother and i am lazy. I do not support him at all in this business and i truly think he will leave me because of it.

    7. Why wait for him to leave you? If someone I was with got involved in a cult that made them look down upon me, call me names and treat me like an inferior, I would wave "bye bye" to the self-righteous, delusional ass. And I certainly wouldn't want my finances to ever be merged with theirs. An Ambot will just suck your finances dry if given the opportunity, like a gambling addict in Las Vegas.

      Regardless of how long you have been with him, you have to look at the present and potential future of financial and emotional abuse that a brainwashed cult member can dish out to anyone - even you - who aren't part of their cult.

      You deserve better. Sorry he got involved in that garbage, but as you have found out, he won't listen to you anymore. His ear is reserved for his worshiped upline only. One would be better alone with the potential to meet someone else than to "stick it out" and live unhappily with someone deeply entrenched in "the business".

    8. Hi Anonymous. Sorry to hear about your significant other caught up in this hell hole. The things that are being said to you I heard them all too. Multiple times that I'm an unsupportive wife and a negative unchristian dream stealer and all the Amway amspeak bullshit that is parroted by the cult followers. If after a year and a half of wasting his time in this scummy scummy cult and he has not stopped attending cult meetings or buying Amway shit you need to seriously make a decision whether or not to stay no matter how much time you have invested in this relationship. Your boyfriend is putting soap and lying scamming friends ahead of you. How do you like coming I second to that shit? Some women can shut it down and live their life separately until he decides to quit. But sometimes they don't quit. Or not for a long time. It's a sick disease they way this cult changes people. You deserve better. Good luck to you.

  2. My Husband is on the verge of a breakthrough! After 8-9 thousand dollars of credit card debt and me not supporting his "habit" he told me he might be quitting the business! Hooray!! he hasnt been to a meeting in almost a month and no new amway crap has arrived! Hopefully he will not give in. His upline is very pushy and aggressive. Only time will tell. Wish us luck!!

    1. Woo hoo! Congratulations! Though that credit card debt sucks it could have been a whole lot more money than that. I've had people leave comments on my blog that they've lost tens of thousands. But yup that sounds like he's on track to quit - slowing down on buying Amway products and not going to cult meetings. All upline are pushy aggressive assholes. Just watch out in the next week for those bastards phoning to bitch at him to buy more Amway products because some upline asshole is trying to reach their goal before the end of the month. He might have a momentary lapse. Good luck. The freedom you feel when you get away from this life sucking cult is incredible!

    2. The most positive thing I get from this was Anonymous' statement "he hasn't been to a meeting in almost a month". Brainwashing is like being drugged, and like drugs must be continuously re-administered to prevent it from wearing off. That is why Ambots have so many meetings, are expected to listen to CD's and read books constantly, to keep the mind off balance and susceptible to suggestion and control. Of course those who are brainwashed don't see themselves as such. That is how it works, making them think it's all their own ideas and thoughts. But those around them can see they no longer are themselves.
      As anonymous' husband puts distance between himself and his controlling upline by not going to meetings, etc., his head will begin to clear up, like a fog lifting, and his ability to think and reason and use logic will return.
      Here's hoping he keeps his distance from his upline as the brainwashing fades.



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