Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Unsupportive Wives = Lack of Amway Success?

Our sack of shit Platinum says the girl you date is going to affect whether you grow in the company.

Just another chauvinistic comment from the Platinum. And what proof does he have that I’m cheating on my husband and dating a girl! Asshole!

The point of him saying that is because he’s too chickenshit to say “wife” in an Amway meeting where wives are present so he focuses on the younger single men in the audience that he assumes may be dating girls. Self righteous son of a bitch would be horrified to hear these guys are in same sex relationships and those he would really be trying hard to bust up because I heard him say enough homophobic comments in the meetings he ran. 

Whatever. His ultimate goal is breaking up the relationship.

I get enough ambots showing up here leaving comments that I’m an unsupportive wife. Like I’ve never heard that one before. Our sack of shit Platinum said those same words occasionally in my presence and 100% of the time to my husband when I was not present. He uses his position of authority as a cult leader to destroy relationships because his job is to separate the IBO from anyone who might have the power to cut off his income supply.

So to any brainwashed ambot who accuses me of not supporting my husband I will agree with that statement only when it refers to Scamway. I did not support my husband in an Amway business because I don’t support him scamming other people out of their hard earned money. I don’t support him spending 30 or 40 hours a week wasting his time chasing an elusive dream. I don’t support him throwing away his hard earned money and going into credit card debt so he can make his upline’s dreams come true.

There are many things that I support him on and anyone who’s been in a long term committed relationship will understand. Its called living life’s journey together.

We don’t need a dangerous Amway cult leader interfering in our lives poisoning my husband’s mind.

I get some brainwashed ambots asking who am I to judge people involved in Amway. I mean, what the fuck? Pot calling the kettle black? Seeing as how I was the one who witnessed the upline abuse, watched my husband max out his credit, watched shitty overpriced Amway products coming into our house and watched his personality change from a nice sensitive human being into an ugly snarling, sneering Ambot I have all the ammunition I need to judge!

Some brainwashed ambots want to know what am I doing to make my life better? For starters I got my husband out of Amway! The profits from our real business that we don’t invest back into the business go into our house, our hobbies, our vacations, etc. Can you ambots say the same thing? Our Platinum told us that he would tell us how we would invest any meager profit we made in Amway. Invest it back into Amway. Buy more Amway products and invest heavily in the tool scam.

Isn’t it interesting that all these ambots want answers but don’t say what they’re doing to make their lives better. And no being a fucking arrogant Amway scamming business owner doesn’t count. Ambots never say how much money they’re making in their Amway business or provide links to their tax returns. They throw in a bomb and run because they’re too chickenshit to come back and read the responses.

Sometimes I get told to mind my own business. Nope. My work is not done yet. There are a lot of people out there who need to know the horrors of what its like being married to an ambot.


  1. I really am impressed by your blog. You do blow the cover off of the upline cult leaders. You recognize that to recruit someone into this scam business is 'intent to defraud.'

    There are horrors of having an Ambot in the family as well. You don't necessarily have to be married to one of these drones to suffer bad consequences.

    Keep up the good work

  2. Thank you quixtarisacult!

    Amway is pure evil. More than the financial devastation it causes, this evil company allows evil cult leaders to destroy lives, destroy relationships, destroy bank accounts, and cause mental anguish.

    Its a complete feeling of utter distress when these evil Amway cult leaders get their hooks into anyone while using lies such as becoming financially free and helping others. Watching someone suffer whether its a family member, friend, or even someone you don't know at all is agonizing especially when you know the truth about what will happen if they stick it out with this evil cult.

  3. Oh, I can't even go there. Talk about overcoming an objection before it happens. What if your decision is to take on another wife? Would she be squelching your dream if she objects?


  4. Anna, if only there were more courageous and honest people like you and 'Quixtarisacult'- prepared to broadcast the ugly truth lurking behind the reality-inverting 'Amway' propaganda.

    Down the years, I, and others (including a former British government Minister), have tried in vain to convince successive Ministers in current British governments, that, despite appearances, pernicious cultic group's like 'Amway' and 'Scientology' can take complete control of their long-term adherents' reality and ultimately destroy not just them, but also their friends and families. However, in Britain, officially, pernicious cultism still does not exist - mainly because very few victims have had the courage to come forward and tell the truth. There are actually academics (some of whom have been co-opted by pernicious cultic groups)who have advised British government Ministers that the (rare) testimonies of former adherents, and of their friends and relatives, should not be trusted. As you already know, for years, the bosses of 'Amway' have secretly financed two so-called 'cult advice associations' in Britain. Anyone approaching the directors of these 'Amway'-controlled fakes, Ian Howarth and Graham Baldwin, seeking information about 'Amway,' has been told that 'Amway' itself is not a cult, but that the company has sought to remove cult-style practices from within its networks.

    Yet we have had the dubious privilege of witnessing for ourselves how unsuspecting individuals can be tricked (often by persons whom they already trust) into entering the counterfeit 'Amway' culture in which their existing perceptions of right and wrong are overturned and then made absolute. As a result, we now accept that apparently rational persons can suddenly abandon all reason and allow themselves to be abused and exploited whilst participating in the abuse and exploitation of others.

    Although 50+ years of evidence proves 'Amway' participation to be a genuine form of slavery, whilst they remain under the reality-inverting control of their group, Ambots are convinced that no one is controlling them and that their own salvation depends on saving others.

    In short, Ambots are psychotic. Sadly, if they encounter vulnerable, ill-informed individuals, Ambot psychosis can be contageous.

    Reading your Blog is a good vaccination against Ambot psychosis, and in some (but, sadly, not all) cases, the cure.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  5. Anna, my experience is that Ambots many times aren't there for their children--although family is supposed to be so high on the Amway scale of priorities. Ambots 'rope' parents, family and friends into providing care for their amorphans while they out dream selling.

    Ambots in the end 'burn bridges' with their closest relatives while also alienating all their soon to be former friends.) People who wake up are realize they have failed in the business many times are pre-programmed to blame all those people who did not support them with time and money. Chief amongst these would be an unsupportive wife.

  6. CT - can you imagine if word got out that ambots are polygamists? Ha!

  7. Thank you David!

    I think the reason that more people don't come forward is because they were sponsored into Amway by a good friend or a relative or someone they actually like.

    On the flip side I was in Amway before and already knew it for being a lousy business opportunity and we didn't make any money and had little chance of making any. I had no awareness of it being a cult back then.

    This last foray into hell which is what I talk about we were sponsored by a friend of my husband's who I've never liked. This time I got the full blown cult atmosphere.

    Seeing as how these were people I don't like and would not normally be friends with I have no problem telling it like it happened. I know some IBOs say that their upline are wonderful, giving, lobing people but they're brainwashed to say that. Never speak negative!

    Certainly I get some people who read my blog and say they're getting out and thanking me for preventing them from the hell that awaits them but I get way more wives and girlfriends who hate what is happening to their lives and relationship and their significant other being brainwashed and wiping out their money. Its a horrible place to be in and it helps them to know that they're not alone and gives them hope that their partner will grow up and get out of the cult.

  8. quixtarisacult - there were a lot of younger couples at the Amway meetings I attended and most of them had to hire babysitters. Amway meetings went well into the night. If I was lucky we got home by midnight but many times it was later than that. That's a lot of money to fork out to the babysitter not to mention time you're missing with your children. Depending on how many years they invested into the Amway scam they probably end up with children who get out of the house as soon as they're able to and don't really care one way or the other if they have a relationship with their parents who were never there for them when growing up.

    Yup ambots burn bridges all right. Most eventually quit Amway and sometimes they're unable to repair the damage they've caused. Yup ambots are quick to point fingers at everyone except themselves.

  9. Who says a dream is elusive? It is every uplines' dream to break apart relationships that involve young couple. And they are succeeding at it. Lost my girlfriend to this cult. Tried so much to fix my relationship but the scumbag soulsucking shithead upline brainwashed her. Thank you Anna for fighting back. Shithead uplines are not targeting women anymore, it is anyone in a relationship with IBOs.

  10. Anonymous - sorry to hear about your girlfriend. Unfortunately the Amway cult members brainwash their new recruits into leaving behind everyone who does not support Amway and the vast amounts of money that the recruit must throw at the great Amway god. Absolutely agree with you that it was our upline's dream to destroy my marriage. Most enthusiastically by our sack of shit Platinum. But age does not matter. Young or old the upline will break apart any relationship they can.



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