Monday, September 19, 2011

Happiness is Bashing a Brainwashed Ambot!

This ambot from Spokane Washington left a comment on my Grand Opening Bust post.

I get at least at least one searcher a day coming from Google asking about Amway Grand Opening, how to do an invite, etc. At least they’re all coming to my blog and learning that they shouldn’t waste their time.

This brainwashed ambot found his way to my Grand Opening post by searching for “Terry Brown WWDB”. I have no idea who that is but someone in the comments referenced that name which is why it shows on the search engines.

Now to the main event! Trashing a canned Amspeak response!

FreedomFighter said...
You know what's funny?? Idiots, who don't learn from their mistakes, are doomed to make the same stupid mistakes again.

Also did you know that one of the main reasons that men in the world fail is because they have unsupportive wives? Food for thought.

Oh, and the only reason that first downline quit is because they had a low self image, like most failures in the business.

His 'mutual friend' told him it was a scam and he valued that opinion more than his future and family. He allowed someone elses stupid opinion, that wasn't credible for squat, to shoot down his dream.

Which means YOU failed to do your part and invest in that person. And I don't mean financially invest. I mean take some of your precious time to mentor and show him how everything REALLY works.

But in order to teach how it all works, you must know how it all works. You need to study, a lot. Just like a test. You can't see the answers once or twice and expect to ace it. It takes determination, which we as Americans are cursed at having very little of.

Not to mention, nobody ever tells you to lie. So that was one of MANY mistakes made on your end.

If you really paid any attention you could've taken that $150 BBQ 'expense' and bought everything through one of Amway's hundreds of partner stores.

I don't know, let's say K-Mart for example. They have hamburgers, buns, condiments, salad, cake, ice cream, etc. And guess what? You would've gotten paid to do it!

You are right about one thing though. You could've held a million grand openings and the turnout would've been the same. You know why? Because you didn't make the selfish sacrifice necessary to make it happen.

You don't try and lure people in with free food and then pounce on them. That's just lazy. You're trying to get people to come to you.

Well it takes effort from you to find those who are determined. Effort that you obviously didn't exert.

But you can choose to ignore the truth and be angry. Or you can learn from your ignorance, mature and better your future.

I'm 20 years old, and I'll be retired by the time I'm 21. With nothing but free time and hard earned money to spend with my family and friends. And devoting maybe 20 hours a week, if I so choose, to building a future. A legacy that'll be passed on to financially support my grankids' grandkids.

But if that sounds like a scam to you, too bad. Because it sounds like freedom to me. It sounds like what the American dream was intended to be.

Getting paid to wipe my rear, clean my kitchen, do my laundry, be healthy, look good, be good and show those who are willing how to do the exact same. ':)



OK FreedomFighter are you ready for your punishment?

First off here’s the idiot rule: If you identify 10 unrelated persons as idiots within any one month period chances are you have overestimated the number of idiots by 9 and the guilty party is not one of the 10.

So WWDB is still doing the male chauvinist pig teachings that the only reason men fail in Amway is because of their unsupportive wives. Yawn. Like I’ve never heard that one before! You forgot to add that I’m a negative unchristian dream stealer loser.

If you had read some of my other posts you would know that the reason our one and only downline quit a couple of weeks after signing up with Amway was because our sack of shit Platinum’s henchman phoned him to bitch him out because he didn’t come to an Amway meeting. Adults don’t want some kid 20 30 years younger phoning to chastise them. He said fuck this I’m outta here and quit. You’re being a pompous self righteous son of a bitch and accusing us of not investing time in him and mentoring him and someone else shooting down his dream when the real reason he quit was because of the fucking upline henchman’s bitchfest. Not that I would expect some brainwashed ambot to accept the truth that Amway upline are a bunch of interfering troublemaking assholes.

There’s no Kmart in my area. Closest one is about 200 miles away. You want me to drive that far to get some burgers and ice cream when Costco is 5 miles away? How is that saving me money? That’s maybe $100 in gas to get to and from Kmart and a 10 hour or so round trip.

My husband spent countless hours studying everything Amway. As long as you’re a brainwashed ambot you’ll never understand that it doesn’t matter how many hours you invest in Amway, less than 1% will make any money at it. Look at your WWDB Amway literature. Its right there in the small print that your upline wants you to ignore.

Nobody teaches us to lie? The first thing we’re taught when prospecting if someone asks if this is Amway that we’re to deny it! Ha ha! Nice try! The only successful ambots are the good liars.

Yeah you’re a know it all 20 year old and someone has filled your head with dreams of being retired at 21 and you’ll have residual income rolling in for the rest of your life and your Amway business is willable to your children and grandchildren. Amway’s head office is supposedly trying to get the word out there that cult leaders are not to be teaching that because its a lie. Amway supporters deny that this bullshit residual income is still being taught today. Thanks for dropping by to confirm that these lies are still being taught!

So how much do you get paid to wipe your ass? Sounds like easy money if one can find a job with that qualification!

FreedomFighter? I have to wonder why Amway ambots are encouraged to use terms like warrior and fighter. Terms that can be used when describing war and violence. And then signing off “peace”.

You are one fucked up brainwashed little ambot.


  1. 20 whole years old - wow! Hot dang, where was he when we were killing ouselves 6 nights a week showing the plan; eating, breathing, drinking, and, well, you know, amway? For years and years.

    He sure did tell you, Anna.

    What a dip stick. A pesky gnat. Make that a pimple-faced pesky gnat.


  2. Cassette Tape - Ha ha! Gotta love it when they show up here duplicating what they've heard from their cult leaders and leaving an amspeak filled comment.

    He's not even original enough at choosing a name. There already is a FreedomFighter with an Amway web page portal but that guy is a biker dude from from San Jose California so they not the same person.

  3. Dear Freedom Fighter,

    Having been 20 years old once, I'm sure many of us can cut you a bit of slack. With so little real-world, adult experience under your belt, it's hard not to be convinced of your own invincibility. Also, it's easy to be influenced by others at that age, and the prospect of making a grown-up life for yourself can be scary. In all sincerity, as I read what you've written, I hope that you're single, I hope you have loving parents who can help bail you out if need be, and if you're a college student, I hope you'll stay in school. It would help quite a bit if you'd take an introductory statistics course. The information about probability is applicable to your success peddling Amway.

    The thought of being "financially free" must seem very attractive at 20. I suspect you'll revise that "freedom day" over and over when it doesn't come to pass. You should know, though, that it saddens those of us on the outside to watch people getting taken advantage of, even people who leave nasty comments on a blog post.

    Good luck,

  4. Q: "Conan, what is best in life?"

    A: "To crush your Ambot enemies, see them driven before you and to hear the lamentation of their upline"!


  5. Chelsea - thank you for saying that in a much kinder way than I ever could have!

    On the other hand I've had 20 somethings show up here, read many of my postings, and thank me for preventing them for making a mistake and signing up with Amway.

    They're still learning at that age no matter what FreedomFighter thinks.

  6. Ha ha Daniel! That's very funny!


  7. Anna, here is the original; enjoy!:


  8. The comments are pretty funny too!

  9. Had a huge smile when freedom fighter mentioned leaving a legacy. Freedom fighter, do you want to put 500.00 down on weather you'll be financially free by 21 by doing amway?

  10. Colin - hasn't that ambot already lost enough money in the Amway scam?

    Think of all the money we could make hanging out at Amway meetings and betting ambots they won't be financially free!

  11. Anna, if the ambots lost the bet i dont know if they have the $ to pay us. They are taught to rack up the credit cards and not pay them.

  12. Colin - that's what I meant. The ambots have spent money they have and have borrowed on Amway so they don't have any discretionary income.

    I don't know that they're taught not to pay the credit cards. Eventually the bank is going to come after them for the money. Its either pay it or declare bankruptcy which is what a lot of hard "CORE" ambots have had to do.

  13. Lemme guess. He lives at home with momma and dadda.

    And he's going to be 'free' from what, exactly? A lifetime of work and drudgery, perhaps?

    I suppose you could feel that way 2 years out of high school.

    Amspeak is so insulting, and these little children fall for it and come on here and give us lazy losers a much-needed lecture on how to be manly men and women and not give up on our dreams.

    I can't even waste the time repeating his own playbook.

    Sounds just like Dean Kosage, aka dino, chastizing anyone older than 30 for being stupid b/c we continue to work for the 'man.'

    These wee little ones are too much fun. I must control myself.


  14. I'm curious to know when this person's 21st birthday is so we can check back on them and see if they are indeed financially free! As the other poster said, they'll just revise their freedom date just like the ambots I know. They've been in almost a decade total and are flat broke, lost their home, and living off others. They do work very hard at trying to build the business, but it's an uphill battle.

  15. Cassette Tape - of course s/he lives at home with mommy and daddy and doesn't pay any bills and likely doesn't lift a finger to do any work around the house. You know the old WWDB teachings thats woman's work or hire a housekeeper.

  16. Anonymous - I'm sure we've heard the last of FreedomFighter and will never know the 21st birthday. I suspect s/he is 20 and holding for many years waiting for the magical moment of being financially free for the rest of their lives thanks to Amway.

    Yup I too knew people who'd been in Amway for over 10 years - our sack of shit Platinum comes to mind! - and always revising their freedom date. Won't even come at 65 for most of them because they'll still be busy paying off the debt they accrued on their credit cards thanks to the Amway scam.

  17. Wanted to share with you a very stupid promotion of Nutrilite by a BWW Emerald. Enjoy the article and looking forward to more Amway bashing

    How Nutrilite Saved Me Thirty Thousand Dollars

    By Tarun Gupta

    Back in January 2010, I had submitted my personal testimony on 60 lbs. weight-loss using the incredible Nutrilite Trim Body System. Since then, hundreds of people have approached me, asking me: How did you do it? Now that you’ve lost so much weight, are you able to keep it off? How’s your overall health?

    I have noticed that one of the most common concerns people have with any kind of weight-loss program is the ability to keepthe weight off in the long-term. Hopefully, the following update would alleviate those concerns and may inspire more people to step up and lead a healthier life. Also, through this update I wish to prove the age old saying, “Health is Wealth.”

    Back in 2007, weighing over 272 lbs., at age 38, I applied for a multi-million dollar life insurance policy for myself. Based on my health condition at that time, I was able to obtain a comprehensive policy at an annual premium of $2,875. Though pretty expensive, I took it as that was my only choice. In the insurance industry, the conventional wisdom is, “the older you are, higher the insurance premium.” Nonetheless, six weeks ago, right after my 42nd birthday in June 2011, I decided to reapply for a new life insurance policy with the same face value to replace the old policy. As is the norm, the insurance company conducted a comprehensive medical exam to determinemy insurability. Attached below is the medical report that I received in the mail last week.

    As of date, not only do I weigh 197 lbs., but my medical test results are nothing short of outstanding. In fact, if you compare this to the medical test report (dated Oct 2009) included in my original testimony, my cholesterol levels have improved even further. My overall Cholesterol-to-HDL Ratio has dropped remarkably from 3.4 to 2.7. Based on this medical exam, the insurance company has offered me the exact same multi-million dollar policy at a significantly reduced annual premium of $1,565. That’s an annual savings of over $1,300 and a lifetime savings of whopping $26,000 through the term of the policy! Wow… that really proves (once again) that… Health is indeed wealth!

    For the record, I no longer have the need to use the complete Trim Body System anymore. For the past 2 years now, the only Nutrilite® supplements I’ve been taking are:

    Nutrilite Double X
    Nutrilite Fruits and Veggies
    Nutrilite Ocean Essentials Heart Health
    Nutrilite Carb Blocker 2
    Nutrilite Slimmetry

    Thanks to Amway products, combined with lifestyle changes and personal discipline, not only have I been able to lose more than 75 pounds, but also have been able to keep the weight off. And of course, the $1,300 per year savings in insurance cost is an added bonus that I never anticipated.

    And by the way, I am yet to get on a treadmil!

  18. Thanks Anonymous! Though around here its mostly upline bashing rather than Amway bashing. Or drop by ambot bashing!

    Diets are different and what works for one person won't work for someone else. The fact that this fool is taking all those vitamins instead of eating a properly balanced diet with at least 5 - 6 servings of fruit and vegetables a day isn't a healthy choice and doesn't reach someone life long good eating habits. I don't see how Nutrilite saved him or her $30,000 even though he or she jabbers about the savings over the term of the insurance policy that they're expected to keep for the next 20 years. And he/she thinks the policy isn't going to increase at all over the next 20 years? Ha! My life insurance policy has its next increase in 6 years. Sad reality of getting older.....

  19. The hilarious thing is that at prices for the 5 supplements listed it would cost $1714.20 a year. So much for the $1,300 savings!

  20. Anonymous - even more hilarious is if the ambot buys from Amazon they don't get PV and no bonus check!


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