Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Glister Toothpaste = Puke City!

Its hard to say which Amway product I despise the most. I mean there are so many shitty overpriced low quality items to choose from!

I really hate the Amway toothpaste - Glister!

I use normal toothpaste the kind you see advertised on TV all your life - Crest or Colgate. Whatever is on sale when I get to the drug store! I’m not overly picky. They all do the more or less the same thing.

When we first got involved with Amway the fucking upline ran through our house telling Ambot to get rid of the illegal products and replace them with something similar that Amway sells. This really pissed me off. But then there was nothing about our upline that didn’t piss me off. In this case I hate being wasteful. If we have perfectly good products in the house I want to use them up and once the container is empty then throw it out. The Amway philosophy is to throw out perfectly good useable products and then spend lots of money replacing them with shitty overpriced Amway products.

One of those shitty products was Glister toothpaste. I can go to the drugstore and there will be 15 feet of shelf space devoted to all the different kinds of toothpaste and all the different things they can do for a person: help prevent cavities, fluoride, mouthwash, whitener, sensitivity, etc. With all this incredible toothpaste variety also comes a huge range of prices. Anywhere from a buck or so up to several dollars per tube.

Let’s do a little price comparison using the Amway web site and Walmart’s website. On Walmart I chose a 6 oz tube of Crest Pro Health that costs $3.47. The $2 to $3 range is an average price for most toothpastes. And weighing in for Amway is a 6.75 oz tube of Glister for $4.15. A little higher priced than the majority of toothpastes but there are a small handful of more expensive toothpastes on the market so I think we can say within a 2 buck difference Amway is not outrageously more expensive on their toothpaste like the way they are with the majority of their products.

Price is sort of in the range. What about variety? Oh I forgot. Amway has none when it comes to toothpaste.

What about taste? There are all kinds of toothpaste flavors out there. Mint, root beer, strawberry....

But not with Amway. They have one toothpaste flavor - puke!

I’ve never had trouble using normal toothpaste to brush my teeth. Brush, rinse, spit. No problem.

There is something seriously wrong with the Amway Glister toothpaste. I brush and the foul taste of Glister makes me gag. I try to spit out as much of the crap there is in my mouth and keep brushing. I feel the sweats coming on and I’m having trouble breathing. I am going to puke if I keep brushing using this nasty shitty Amway toothpaste!

Being a glutton for punishment I keep trying the Glister toothpaste. Remember those fucking assholes in our upline threw out my perfectly good toothpaste that does not make me puke and I hate wasting anything.

I gave in after a few days. I prefer not to puke when I’m brushing my teeth. I went back to using a normal toothpaste and I haven’t had a repeat gagging performance since.

Amway’s slogan? Spend more money for our low quality toothpaste. You might not get your teeth clean but Glister will empty your stomach!

The above photo was taken in China from a page of photos by a bicyclist who cycles all over the world. Had to laugh because he talked about his new friend - a persistent and annoying Amway salesman! If you click on the photo you can read it better.


  1. Unsure id like the idea of my upline coming into my place. Inspecting what products i use lol. Recently i baught 6 oz of crest whitener toothpaste on sale for 99cents(baught six at shoppers drug mart). Would tell any cult leader to fck off if he or she suggest i throw out any products.

    1. Education would really help you understand concepts better as well as improve your vocabulary. If you don't have anything to stand for you should rather stay seated. Do you even know the definition of a cult and what they stand for? Careful words make the difference between conversations and arguments.

    2. At least we're not a bunch of fucking Amway prudes from Vanderbijlpark, Gauteng, South Africa Googling "Glister toothpaste" and then writing some bullshit Amspeak response. Some asshole in your Amway upline is going to fucking give you shit supreme if he finds out what you've been up to. Why don't you stop being so judgemental and open your ears and listen to other people's experiences? It might save you a lot of heartbreak in the long run when it comes to the emotional and financial distress the Amway cult brings to other people's lives. Fucking Amway asshole!!!

    3. How many times has none Amway toothpaste users have being to the dentist? Before I began using Amway toothpaste I had to go to the dentist so many times. Why do dentists recommend all those toothpaste? Can it be because they are associated with those toothpaste companies?
      Go back to school so you can better your vocabulary and learn to research before you continue insulting more people. If you are not the owner of those companies, you have nothing to worry about. I bet that the owners of those companies don't even worry because not matter what they are still making millions of dollars. You people worry way more than they do!
      For who ever began this dilemma; I don't know who you associated with, but now-a-days everything has changed and people work differently than before. So, my apologies if this did't worked out the way it should have.

    4. Martin - who knows why dentists recommend Crest. Perhaps because Crest gives them free samples? Perhaps its because people who use Crest have good dental check ups.

      The only thing that you said that makes sense is the only people getting rich are the owners of Amway.

      PS - take some of your advice and go back to school to better your own vocabulary.

    5. Hey Ambot idiot, I believe things I see more thancrackpot conspiracy theories, and the fact is the one ambot I know and see on a regular basis has grotesque chompers. I guess the wonder paste didn't save him. M-

    6. Perhaps the dentists recommend those mainstream brand toothpastes because they work great, plus they aren't associated with an MLM life-destroying cult. Your sales pitch of "Before I used Amway toothpaste I went to the dentist a lot", pretending, of course, that after using the magical Glister toothpaste you never have to go as often. Maybe the reason is you never brushed enough before and now you brush 20 times a day to try to use up the fucking tube of the shit so you can add it to your next month's PV. I've always used the mainstream brands and had great dental checkups, so your own personal anecdote doesn't apply to everybody.

      Wake up, Martin. If Glister were just another brand out on the market no one would give a crap how overpriced it was. The reason for websites like this is to warn people of the danger of money-losing MLM cults like Amway and how they suck people in with phony "dream-building" brainwashing while picking their pockets and tearing up friendships and families in favor of the new cult "family". Amway has less than a 1% success rate. And that figure comes from Amway's own literature.

      Also, when it comes to going back to school to better one's vocabulary, perhaps you should re-read what you wrote. I myself had to go over it several times to figure out what the hell you were rambling about as your own vocabulary was all over the place.


    7. Dave - very true. Professionals are not going to recommend any product that comes from a company with a bad reputation as a pyramid scheme and a cult.

  2. Anna

    At the risk of again sounding too intellectual.

    What you describe is one one of the co-ordinated, devious, psychological persuasion techniques always used by cult charlatans.

    Many former Ambots have realized they were 'brainwashed' into buying all the unsaleable wampum and 'tools.'However few former Ambots have been able to explain exactly what they were subjected to, using accurate scientific terms.

    During the 1950s, the term 'brainwashing' (a translation of an old Chinese phrase)was made popular by American journalists and authors writing about Soviet and Chinese 'Communism' (some of whom were non-objective propagandists working for the US government). However, during the same period, an American military psychiatrist, Dr. Robert Jay Lifton, began to interview American servicemen and Christian missionaries who had been held prisoner by the 'Communists' during the Korean War. As a result of his extensive research, Dr. Lifton, a first-rate intellectual, published an important medical text book in 1961, 'Thought Reform and the Psychology of Totalism.' This is generally considered to be the first accurate and independent, scientific explanation of 'brainwashing,' but Dr. Lifton avoided using the term, because he realized that it had been devalued by popular culture.

    One of the things that Dr. Lifton observed was that, in (what he called) a 'thought reform program,' everything in life is presented as 'negative' or 'positive,' 'good versus evil.' Whatever is deemed 'positive and good' by the 'thought reform program's' leaders is to be included, and whatever is deemed 'negative and evil' must be excluded.

    Eventually, in a 'thought reform program,' Lifton observed that this simplistic two-dimensional model of reality can become an automatic way of thinking and of behaving. Subjects can become completely incapable of thinking in multi-dimensions or of making rational free-choices, but they will insist that they are not being controlled.

    Half a century later, after studying various cultic groups, I coined the graphic term 'intellectual castration,' to describe the ultimate effects of 'thought reform.'In fact, history proves, that it's possible to get core-cult adherents to commit almost any crime, once they have arrived in this unquestioning state.

    For obvious reasons, down the years, cult leaders have co-opted numerous academics (mainly sociologists) around the world, who have excluded the historical evidence and steadfastly pretended that Dr. Lifton's published analysis has been discredited.

    You might have guessed that the unmasked 'Amway' propagandist David Steadson a.k.a. 'IBOFB' (who apparently holds a low-level psychology degree)has attempted to deride Dr. Lifton's scientific analysis as an unfounded, comic-book, conspiracy-theory about brainwashing.

    In reality, anyone who has observed first-hand how 'Amway' operates, is witness to the fact that the historical evidence supporting Dr. Lifton's analysis is massive and conclusive.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  3. Anna, you'll really puke when you read this:

    Aug 3rd, 2010 at 09:43
    Sounds like nothing more than a coincidence to me. I’ve had more than one person tell me their dentist has commented on how much better their teeth are after swapping to glister."

  4. Colin - I buy toothpaste when I see it on sale too. That was something else I forgot to add in my post how often the other companies have sales on their toothpastes. That would be zippo in the on sale department with Amway's Glister. That was the message I told Ambot to give the upline. Somehow I think he didn't deliver the message so that's why I took up blogging to tell them fuck you over and over!

  5. David - that's very interesting and I think I've actually heard of that book somewhere in my past. Never read it though!

    Sounding too intellectual? Just for fun I copied what you wrote into a Word doc and the readability is grade 17.6. That's someone who's graduated from university - based on 12 years of regular school and 4 years of university - and now going for a masters or doctorate. Out of my intellectual level!

  6. Joecool - if IBOFB has had more than one person tell him about the wonderful benefits of Glister then he must be talking to IBO's because people who are not registered with Amway would be buying their own toothpaste at the drugstore as needed instead of paying more money for a tube plus shipping plus waiting for it to arrive. Seeing as how IBO's are professional liars I would immediately discount anything that an IBO says and write it off as a lie. These are the same people that go around lying about how Perfect Water cures everything that ails you.

  7. I went through the whole glister is much more concentrated than reg toothpaste. Where you only need to use less than a drop size. Of course what the cult members say was all bullshit. Supposingly everything is more concetrated when it comes to amway lol. Not many dentist would ever recommend a toothpaste like glister. Unless they where involved in this scam

  8. My wife told me how her daughter's upline scumbag would come into the house and go through their cabinets arresting "negative products" and I thought what an intrusion into one's privacy. It signaled out to me what kind of swindle they had gotten themselves into and to what low degrees these people will resort to enforce the 'closed market swindle' my friend, David Brear always describes.

    Anna, what a great post, and thank you for being brutally honest about these Amway charlatans!

  9. Colin - ambots have to be good bullshitters and liars if they expect to get anywhere in the Amway business! Ruthless heartless bastards is another qualification!

    Whatever happened to 4 out of 5 dentists recommend Crest? That other one recommends Glister? Yeah right. A toothpaste no one has ever heard of unless they're an ambot!

  10. Thanks Quixtarisacult! Our upline was worse than scumbags!

  11. I think you guys have in some way started your own cult. There is a tight nit group of you that support your own theories. Quite interesting to see actually.
    Anna, so glad to hear your on 16 years of school and more to go. Guess what good business owners (often with less schooling) do? They hire people who have spend a quarter century to run it for them. Nothing wrong with that.
    You all mention brain washing so easily. Guess how many people are brain washed into believing that 16+ years of school equals a well paying job.
    I bet if any of you look around you know some poor sap who spent many years in school to get a job in a different profession at a low pay?
    I know I do.
    When I ran my webdesign business, guess what, I had no idea how to design, I hired it all out to "educated" individuals. This is how I made money, this is how all businesses make money.
    Now that I am an IBO, I don't want people that can be "brainwashed" in my business I want intelligent go getters. People that want to work hard and make a difference, and who are also interested in tooth paste sales and not buying blindly because they think they have to.
    My upline are business owners as well. Solid people who also say not to buy it if you don't need it.
    Good luck with the hatin'

  12. Oh and those "recommendations" from 4 out of 5 dentists. That's just corporate BS. All corporations do it, and yet you sheeple seem to follow it just fine and then call Amway IBO's ambots.
    I bet you all have iPhones too?
    Black kettles anyone?

  13. Wes - I can hardly help it that I'm so popular I have a fan following!

    I dropped out of school. Nowhere near close to 16 years. I barely muddled through the years I did go to school and have no intention of every going back again certainly a waste of time at my age!

    You don't quite have the Amspeak down yet. Its my guess you have not been an IBO very long. Escape now while you still have a brain!

  14. Unfortunetly I will never have the "Amway speak".
    I am an individual who can make my own choices. I would never promote it as "you must buy this, or that". Some of the products are great and make sense, some don't. Even Wal-mart or any other retail outlets are like that.
    Owning any business is a change in mind set, so the brainwashing you all speak of is nothing more than that, a shift in mind set.
    Also do you or anyone here own a "real" business? I'd love to know what it is and how that's going?
    Did you take courses, do you sell a product?
    Most people are not entrepreneurial, Amway and most other MLM's are great for people who are open to changing their mind set from worker to business owner, regardless if they stay in the MLM.
    To miss that gem is your fault not the MLM's.
    And because most people aren't entrepreneurial Amway and other MLM's offer a chance at a "real" business.

  15. Wes, as I said in my response to you yesterday on the other post to you yesterday my husband and I have owned our own business for many years. My readers who have been around for awhile know this and know that occasionally I give some real business advice that is never taught in Amway (business plan, insurance, licenses, etc).

    Some of my other readers own their own businesses.

    None of us look down our noses at people who have jobs. Unlike people in Amway who poke fun at people who have J.O.B.s. Not everyone has what it takes to be a business owner. Unlike people in Amway, I don't put people down or make fun of them if they work for someone else.

    It takes more than the right mind set to be a business owner.

    Yes, I took a 6 month entrepreneur development course back in the 90's, some classes since then mostly updating accounting systems.

    Wes if you have what it takes to be a real business owner your chances of success will be much greater doing anything else than being a pretend Amway business owner which has a 99% failure rate.

  16. "illegal products"
    i burst out and laughed so hard at this comment. i don't know why, i guess there's an funny irony there that just tickles me. if no else see's it lets say i can't explain the laughter itself and it's ok if anyone thinks it sounds 420 friendly. oh's still funny what the heck!

  17. "illegal products"
    i burst out and laughed so hard at this comment. i don't know why, i guess there's an funny irony there that just tickles me. if no else see's it lets say i can't explain the laughter itself and it's ok if anyone thinks it sounds 420 friendly. oh's still funny what the heck!

    ok here it is. it's the reverse of that comment that is the truth - any amway products are illegal in my house. they are afforded temporary occupation before they quickly find their way to ebay, CL etc!

    oh and the photo with an ambot chinaman is seriously funny!

  18. ExAmbot - glad I gave you a laugh with the illegal products. I agree that any Amway shit is illegal in my house! I hope you took a look at today's blog post for a good laugh at an ambot being woken up at midnight. Kind of makes you wonder what someone involved in Amway is doing going to bed so early!

  19. Have you noticed when an amcult apologist shows up they assume we all have jobs. not that anything is inherently wrong with that. but what's up with those assumptions! hey ambots sure some of the rest of the people "out there" have jobs and others have what yo'll call conventional businesses, you know like the ones you are in need of when you go contacting at starbucks, etc.

    Wes i was wanting to hold you at a different intellectual level but you are just like the rest of them. and btw i would rather follow this cult here than scamway - nobody off loads my cash and i have lots of time at the close of my business day oh i am sorry my job day (i forgot that's all we have j.o.b.s!)

    AnnaB yeah it seems Wes is kinda new with scamway. it does seem apparent too that cult leaders are getting to and into him-he brought over the whole thing about educational years and jobs. mhhh...where did i hear that oh never mind i remember, i was taught and taught it too, perhaps militarily so. and i had a job that was paying for the products and brainwashing i mean thought altering materials.

  20. ExAmbot - yes everything Wes said I've heard before at Amway meetings. He doesn't say it in the usually nasty brainwashed amspeak way though. He's either holding back or he hasn't been brainwashed enough yet!

    Some of us have jobs, some of us are self employed, some of us own mortar and brick shops, some of us are retired. Nothing wrong with any of that. Unless of course you're a brainwashed ambot and nothing else is acceptable other than owning your own Amway business!

  21. It's an obvious anathema to ambots that people in the real world of free choice and will do own real businesses, have careers & do real jobs, etc (anything other than a scamway empty bag-sic unreal business). further, that people have their smarts with them, be they educated or not and finally have critical thinking faculties in place. possession of these three wonderful features automatically means the holder will not fall for scamway and consequently, will not be lining up an kingpin's pockets. as result the cult leaders are infuriated by this situation and can only derride the said possesors. newsflash - we have a lifestyle to support too you know, yo'll ambots. Thinking is dangerous to scambots and really their cult leaders' bank accounts!

  22. ExAmbot - our Platinum said that people who don't sign up for Amway are stupid. He's been doing Amway for around 15 years and still hasn't made it to Diamond. All that money down the drain year after year. Now who's the real stupid one?

    I like scambots. Good term!

  23. I laughed myself sick reading this--seriously fucking hilarious. My best friend of almost 30 years no longer talks to me because she joined a MLM (not Amway, but seems to use very similar methods which I was researching and found your blog). I was the "dream stealer" who pointed out the MLM's own income disclosure shows 99.8% of people make less in it in a year than the cost to join and perhaps getting other people to join (including her own MOTHER) was a tad unethical seeing as the company says it will make them rich but the numbers show that ain't gonna happen. Needless to say I hate MLMs and have found great delight in your profanity laden anti-MLM tirades : )

  24. Anonymous - thank you for stopping by! Glad you find my blog so entertaining!

    MLM's are run like cults and one of the first things the leaders do is seperate the new member from anyone in their life who does not sign up with the MLM or at the very least buy their products. These "dream stealers" are a huge threat to the cult leaders cash flow because they are the voice of reason who can tell the member what their chances of success are and that they're wasting their time and money.

    Moral, ethical, honest human beings are unlikely to get involved in an MLM or stay in it very long because they find it difficult keeping up with the lies. However people who are good liars and don't care about hurting others may find success in MLM.

    Most people who sign up with Amway, and probably other MLM's, hit the 6 month mark and realize they are not making money but they're losing plenty of it. They start to drift away from the group but depending on how well they've been brainwashed their cult leaders might still have some control over them and get them to hang on for a little longer and spend more money. Tell them they can't quit now not when success is right around the corner and tell them they're a loser if they leave. Your friend will likely be out of the MLM cult within the year minus a few thousand dollars out of her savings account or with huge credit card debt.

  25. I wish the six month mark was the case with my friend, but she's been in it for a couple of years now and in last year has really been gung-ho crazy obnoxious with it. I hadn't said anything before because although I knew I didn't like MLMs I in honesty didn't realize just how truly fucking horrible they actually are until my friend trid to get my super sweet mother in law (who has a problem saying no to people--which this friend knew) to sign up and then she finally asked me to. It took about a few minutes of research to find the income disclosure document and a bunch of other info on the flawed business model of MLMs and how it exploits relationships for money (NO money, not that it would be ok if they actually made any) for me to to be totally revolted. No one had said anything to my friend even though her behavior was unbelievable. She had been calling people we went to high school with and putting on the pressure, she contacted some of those on Facebook to "reconnect" and had them over for dinner at her house after not speaking to these people SINCE high school. She joined a church--she's never attended one in her life before--to get a larger pool of potential recruits. She's been spending thousands of dollars attending the MLM's rah-rah bullshit "business building" events all over the country.

    After I had sent her the email with the company's income disclosure as well as good info from the FTC about how 99% of people in MLM lose or don't make any money, she replied by calling me "toxic" and "negative" and saying she didn't want to be around people who "didn't believe in her and that she was going to go to the top with this company!". I was shocked and disgusted with her arrogance and the fact that she didn't think there was anything ethically problematic about exploiting her closest relationships for money. I question her character now frankly. I don't know how much leeway to give her in that she's been brainwashed verses her own responsibility for acting like a shallow, stupid asshole after being presented with irrefutable evidence MLM is scummy. I honestly do not think our relationship is going to recover, but I've left the door open in case she comes to her senses sometime in the future. I think we'll be just another relationship destroyed by the virus of MLM. It's been heartbreaking. However, your blog can at least make me laugh about the farce that is MLM so thank you.

  26. I recently met a pastor who told me emphatically "christians should not do mlm!" He used to have a thriving church until an mlm entered his life. Had a large mlm organisation that spawned into other churches i.e. he simply managed to mislead and scum a lot of people from those churches.) but you know how the story of mlm goes - more than 99% don't make $. Into the six months to about two years it was a stinker for a lot of people as they quit in frustrations ranging from not making money to losing good chunks of it to destroyed relationships! It's amazing. Anywho soon after everything crumbled, it was bound to happen, as is always the case. There is a lot of tragedy at the human level as well that still lingers. Long story short church is none existent today and it took down with it four other churches to their demise! Imagine that. I volunteer that people of integrity should not do mlm. In fact nobody should! These monsters wreak untold havoc in their wake and for some it's always too late.

  27. "people who don't sign up for Amway are stupid!"

    This is one of the few ambotic statements that make me really angry when i hear these scambots utter things like these (most others don't get to me.) Let's see who some of those "stupidos" could be. Start with the scamway inc. owners and ALL their relatives. i bet they ALL don't have ibo numbers. Scamway employees ALL don't have ibos numbers-think about it, that should be a stringent hiring policy. Their lawyers and their families ALL don't have ibo numbers. That's a alot of stupid people and I am yet to get to say Obama and all his family, the Rockafellas, Steve Jobs, B.Gates, Larry King, you, me all the way to the parents of the 7th billionth baby! A lot of diamonds' parents, kids, etc, don't do scamway-stupidos too? No i think smart. they might not say it but i will for them - smart move, don't bother! My goodness these scamwaybots are too arrogant!

  28. Sorry I meant Rockefellers

  29. Anonymous - everything you're saying about your friend are things I heard and observed with Amway.

    2 year mark huh? She's been very brainwashed and told the reason she's not succeeding and not making the money she expected because its her fault for not trying hard enough. The cult leaders will always lay the blame on the followers for not being CORE or whatever excuse instead of admitting that a system programmed for 99% failure rate is the real flaw.

    Joining a church or other social group is something MLM's tell their followers to do. Broaden their base of people who are potential recruits or customers. Also finding people on Facebook, connecting with old school friends, etc. Everyone has to be looked at as a potential recruit. If they're not interested then the cult follower has to move on to the next victim.

    There's not much you can do. Sadly just another destroyed relationship thanks to MLM. Perhaps you'll hear from her in another year or five and she'll tell you how she's left the cult and probably facing bankruptcy and foreclosure.

  30. ExAmbot - I'm not surprised to hear that. MLM's cause nothing but misery and tragedy. Destroyed relationships. Interesting destroying churches. Nothing is sacred in their greedy pursuit of getting rich in MLM.

  31. I bet my friend will never admit failure in MLM. She's always been self-involved to some degree but it's gotten out of control these last few years and the MLM positive thinking and you can be rich crap--The Secret bullshit--feeds right into it, amplifying it like some horrible enzyme. My friend will in a few years most likely say she's "moved onto a better opportunity" or something along those lines. She can't declare bankruptcy because she and her husband already did--three years ago, along with a foreclosure. This is after their wedding which cost hundreds of thousands of dollars (kid you not). I think she was susceptible to MLM because she sees it as a way to get the richly rich lifestyle she thought she was getting when she got married. She is of course, sadly mistaken.

  32. Anonymous - hundred of thousands of dollars on a wedding!? Related to the Kardashians?!

    Seeing as how I've never declared bankruptcy I have no idea if/when you can declare it again.

    These people have already hit rock bottom and then they get involved in an MLM? Usually its the other way around.

    There are other places a person can go to find a positive lifestyle. Weekend yoga retreats? Read a self help book? No need to invest thousands of dollars in a pyramid scheme and then be angry all the time that you're not making money.

  33. @Anonymous

    Well you committed the mistake of presenting factual info to your friend. The teaching inside scamway is thus "when the dream is big enough the facts don't count!" Save for ambots, if everybody else left the earth for pluto she will still believe she is going to the top. Logically it can't happen, but in her mind and scamway world "the dream is big enough and the facts don't count" she is going diamond and she will not be denied!

    If your friend has been in for that long she is far too gone into the cult you can't see her back even with a million watts of flood lights. Leave her alone don't try to reason or give her facts to get her out. some ambots have taken longer than six months. i was blind for seven years; i know an ambot who's in for twelve years and no where near platinum. he still believes and talks about it as a 2 to 5 year plan. thereafter, he will be in the beaches of the world with money rolling in by truck loads. amazing huh.

    The only way as ambots we would eh mhh, "respect" those outsiders was thus - "be man or woman enough and tell me to my face it's not for you but don't try to steal my dream. i will get violent to defend my dream from dream stealers. you give me crap i will give it back to you that much more and then some. SW! SW! SW! SW! SW! some will, some won't, so what, some where some how six will! I will not be denied." by king cult leader bill britt of BWW.

    If you want to be diplomatic you can tell her "hey at this time it's not for me but if things change in the future i will get together with you about it. but hey i wish you all the best, go for it i am happy for you." (use the word "hey" alot as they do, so you will connect with her and disarm her a bit may be.)

    If you want a process of getting to her, just ask questions like how is your business going? what level are you or are a head of you? she will mention platinum, emerald, diamond. ask her whats a diamond, emerald, how much do they make (ambots are in awe of these levels - oh these are gods!) then tell her you read a good book by an emerald, it was awsome, you got a lot of knowledge, waoh these emeralds are great leaders! and rah rah rah. you should read it. then pass on to her eric shiebeler's book merchants of deception. if she reads it it will start to provoke her thoughts. in the meantime educate yourself about cults. good websites to start with are those of rick ross and Steve Hassan, there's a few more links and tips here->
    and anna and others can offer you some more resources.

    Today i can't stand calling it a business. but if to help someone i probably would use that reference.

  34. @Anna Banana
    "No need to invest thousands of dollars in a pyramid scheme and then be angry all the time that you're not making money."

    That is the best education an ambot can get-what a pearl of wisdom. they should invite you to speak at FED up events!

  35. ExAmbot - ha ha they SHOULD pay me to speak at their events. 75% of the room would get up and leave with me! Amway should pay me the big bucks to close down my web and go away so others can't find out the truth and so wives of other ambots can't find out there are others out there going through the same misery they are.

    But I do all this for free. It doesn't cost anything to come here and read and leave a comment and rant about your upline. I don't try to sell anybody anything though I will point them in the direction of free online resources that I don't receive a kickback from.

    The only one I want money from is the greedy corporation. Payback for the misery they've caused me.

  36. If they offer to buy your blog would you sell to them?

  37. ExAmbot - Anna Banana has a price. I doubt they want to buy my blog. Just shut it down. I can do that for a few million! Depends on whether it not it comes with an apology for the abuse we took from the upline. No apology and the price goes up a few more million! Chump change to those scammers!

  38. The fluoride concentration in Colgate for Kids toothpaste is 1,100 ppm. At 130 grams of paste in the average tube, this equals 143 milligrams of fluoride.

    Although many poisoning incidents go undiagnosed, the number of reports to Poison Control Centers in the U.S. has skyrocketed since the FDA issued its poison warning. Indeed, in the early 1990s (prior to the FDA warning), there were about 1,000 poisoning reports each year from fluoride toothpaste. Today, there are over 20,000 reports a year -- a 20-fold increase since the FDA added the warning.

    Why you should keep children away from Toothpaste and why fluoride is not good for them ?

    The Warning on Sensodyne which is marketed as the World No. 1 Toothpaste ! It contains 1000 ppm of fluoride.

    A child weighing 10 kilograms, therefore, can suffer symptoms of acute toxicity by ingesting just 1 to 3 milligrams of fluoride in a single sitting.

    The FDA warning is necessary because relatively small doses of fluoride can induce symptoms of acute fluoride toxicity (i.e., poisoning). Early symptoms of fluoride poisoning include gastrointestinal pain, nausea, vomiting, and headaches. The minimum dose that can produce these symptoms is estimated to be 0.1 to 0.3 mg/kg of fluoride (i.e., 0.1 to 0.3 milligrams of fluoride for every kilogram of bodyweight).

    Fluoride is not good for health !

    From wiki ...

    Toothpaste is not intended to be swallowed due to the fluoride content, but is generally not very harmful if accidentally swallowed in small amounts; however, one should seek medical attention after swallowing abnormally large amounts


    One thing you may notice, though, is that your fluoride toothpaste has a label on it that warns against its use for kids ages 6 and under. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration mandated in 1997 that all fluoride-enriched toothpastes contain this label because they found that children tended to swallow toothpaste more than adults, leading to an overabundance of fluoride in their system. Too much fluoride for kids can lead to a condition called enamel fluorosis, when the tooth enamel becomes discolored. It's recommended that children ages 2 and under not use fluoride toothpaste at all. Ingesting too much fluoride can even lead to poisoning and death, so always keep fluoride toothpaste out of reach and supervise your children when they brush their teeth.

    The Food & Drug Administration now requires that all fluoride toothpastes sold in the United States bear the following poison warning:

    “WARNING: Keep out of reach of children under 6 years of age. If you accidentally swallow more than used for brushing, seek professional help or contact a poison control center immediately.”


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