Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Amway Vampires Sucking the Money Out of Us

Halloween is coming up so it seems a good time to talk about vampires.

Amway vampires that is.

Vile creatures of the night the Amway vampires congregate at 8pm to worship their cult leader and hear their tales of greed. After 11pm, after midnight, into the early morning hours the Amway vampires are learning how to suck money out of their victims. They’re learning how to destroy relationships of any cult followers who have family and friends who are not “onboard with Amway”. The cult leaders chant familiar phrases. “People who are not in Amway are stupid. They’re losers. They’re negative unchristian dream stealers. Stay away from anyone not involved in Amway because they do not have your best interests in mind like we do. We love you.” The more tired the cult followers the easier it is to  brainwash them. Another familiar mantra: “Buy more tools. Buy more Amway products. That is the secret to your financial freedom. FREEDOM! Flush that stinking job!”

For people like myself who venture out into a moonless night into the grim dungeon of horrors of an Amway meeting it seems like we are caught in hell. No friends. No money. No hope. No future. Only despicable Amway vampires who want to destroy us. We look out the window into the dark night where a few stars twinkle in the sky, as unreachable and untouchable as the Amway promise of spending ten to fifteen hours a week for the next two to five years and bless the Amway gods with thousands of dollars of our money and we will be rewarded with residual income rolling in forever while we walk the beaches of the world and hang out with Diamonds on Peter Island. Coyotes howl in the distance. Something smells really bad in this room. The unmistakeable stench of Amway vampire B.O. and some son of a bitch Amway vampire is drinking XS piss water.

We want to leave but we can’t just get up and go and abandon the person we arrived with. Trapped! Finally the Amway cult leader shuts up and we can get out of this hell hole. “Why are you leaving so soon?” An Amway vampire taunts us. “Fuck you. Its one in the morning. Not everyone around here keeps witching hours.” The Amway vampire hisses and sneers “Guess you got a J.O.B. to get to in the morning.”

There’s just something about these Amway creatures of the night that makes you want to run and hide. Turn the lights on. Get away from these demons!

Amway vampires and their greedy goals. Amway vampires and the their evil intentions of sucking the money out of us. Sucking the life out of us. Someone ought to put a stake through the hearts of Amway vampires except that they don’t have any.

Oh yeah. One more time I’d like to send a big old fuck you out to my upline.


  1. Anna

    Your analysis is spot on. The 'Amway' vampires have been sucking the blood out of millions of bedazzled victims all over the world, for decades.

    I recently posted the following piece on Corporate Frauds Watch; it ties in perfectly with what you say:

    As production and service industries have transferred en-mass to Asia (where costs were low), millions of ordinary people in the USA and Europe no longer have jobs. The once-booming housing market has stagnated and home-loan foreclosures have never been higher. The world is on the brink of an even deeper financial crisis. Failing, Euro-based economies like Greece, Portugal and Ireland have fallen into arrears on spiraling national-debts. Their short-sighted leaders have finally been obliged to cut their spending, but, at the same time, they have acquired further titanic debts at even higher rates of interest - 'guaranteed' by debt-ridden neighbours whose own credit-ratings are also far from healthy. It's actually beginning to look like the Euro (in its present form) cannot be sustained. The short-sighted reaction of US leaders has been to cut spending and to print more money, much of which has been given to save failing financial institutions whose bosses' unfettered greed triggered the world financial crisis of 2008. Traditional businesses are trying to adapt, and many citizens are struggling to survive.
    In the midst of this gathering economic storm, gangs of heartless charlatans have been allowed to stoke a false beacon of hope which they have cruelly labelled 'MLM Income Opportunity.' Currently, every year, more than 10 million Americans, and countless more millions worldwide, are being deceived into giving their time and money to 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers in the false belief that, by doing so, they are charting a risk-free course to enter a safe haven protected from the economic storm. In reality, the only 'opportunity' that has been on offer, has been the fraudulent opportunity to peddle false belief in the validity of 'MLM' to more, ill-informed victims. However, the cruelty of 'MLM income opportunity' fraud has not been confined to financial loss. Core-victims have been conditioned to infect their friends and relatives - often to the extent that the social and personal damage has been far greater than the financial damage.
    Each core- 'MLM income opportunity' fraud victim has been subjected to co-ordinated, devious techniques of social, psychological and physical persuasion. These have been designed to alienate core-victims from legitimate careers and businesses and convert them to an unquestioning acceptance of 'MLM' as their only salvation. As we have witnessed on Corporate Frauds Watch, the most-deluded victims of 'MLM income oportunity' fraud quite literally hate anyone challenging their false beliefs, and they are prepared to lie to, cheat and destroy such people whom they see as a threat to future salvation. 'MLM income opportunity' fraud is undoubtedly a perversion of the traditional 'Christian' religion. Yet, this major criminogenic phenomenon has never been fully-exposed.

    The wealthy bosses of various large 'MLM' cults continue to hide their criminal objectives from the public and from the authorities. They have bought political protection on a scale which makes the 'Mafia' look like a bunch of amateurs.
    Whilst our short-sighted political leaders do nothing, 'MLM income opportunity' fraud remains one of the greatest threats to democracy and the rule of law all around the world .

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. Thanks David. I actually can understand a little bit of that!

    Just for fun I copied what I wrote and what you wrote into separate Word documents and checked the readibility.

    Anna Banana - Grade 5 level. That sounds about right for me and my level of education!

    David Brear - Grade 14 level. That's a second year university student level!

    The verdict? Anna Banana ain't got no learning!

  3. Anna

    You are living proof that people don't need a high-level of education to understand cultism. In fact, a lot of very well-educated people have completely failed to understand cultism, because they have looked at it with misplaced objectivity. The simple truth is too disturbing for many 'smart' people to accept - it threatens their self-esteem.

    In order to understand 'Amway' or any other pernicious cultic group, its core-adherents must be approached from the apparently subjective point of view that their behaviour, is the product of a contagious deception.

    In the most simple terms, cult adherents are dissociated from external reality. They unconsciously accept fiction as fact, but their egos will not allow them to face the truth.

    In truth, if it wasn't for its tragic consequences, then cultism would be nothing more than a sick joke .

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  4. David - when you're trapped inside Amway it becomes very clear that its a cult.

    Submit to upline.

    Ask permission.

    Hand over all your money.

  5. Amway IBOs from top to bottom are blood sucking vampires. Britt WorldWide trains them to become evil vultures to capture their prey.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. I wish it was easy as garlic to get rid of these Scamway vampires.

  6. Amway’s new hierarchy of evilness:

    Diamond IBOs and above = Draculas
    Emerald IBOs = Vampires
    Sapphire, ruby and platinum = Witches
    Rest of the useless IBOs = Zombies

    “Live the cult dream”


  7. Amway leaders are so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. They are so self centered and manipulate people with continuous brain washing garbage to their downlines. All the top earners of Amway are making a majority of their income from Britt World Wide (BWW) system that includes books, CDs, meetings, business seminars and major functions. The best part is that there are 4 major functions in a year and each event ticket costing over $100 which does not include hotel, food, fuel etc.

    1. Winter conference (January)
    2. Spring conference (April)
    3. Summer conference (July)
    4. FED (October)

    1. Anonymous - "Amway leaders are so deceiving and arrogant by bullshitting all sorts of lies. They are so self centered and manipulate people with continuous brain washing garbage to their downlines." - those are the qualifications to be a good Amway ambot.


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