Sunday, October 16, 2011

The Stepford Ambots

I remember seeing the original Stepford Wives movie on TV back in the days when the networks did more made for TV movies. I also have the DVD of the screen version starring Matthew Broderick and Nicole Kidman.

What was going on in Stepford is also going on in Amway. In the movie the wives are controlled by their husbands who are always attending men’s club meetings and are ultimately controlled by one or two men who are the leaders. Depending on which movie you’re familiar with the women are either murdered and robots take their place or they have a computer disk inserted in their brain that controls them.

Either way the women - or keeping up with the times in the newer version which included a gay couple and zapped one man - become mindless submissive robots controlled by their husbands. Oh and the wives fawn all over their men with unnatural over the top devotion and dedication. Very much like zombies.

This is what I saw in the Amway cult.

Men’s club meetings? The Amway meetings were male oriented always led by a male cult leader. Some wives attended Amway meetings with their husbands. Many men were single and coming stag to the Amway meetings. Many married men came stag too after their wives became fed up with the mind control bullshit and losing money. Some meetings were just men only no women allowed. Who remembers the clubhouses we had when we were kids and the boys usually had a “girls keep out” sign hanging outside. Like that. These men only Amway meetings are where the cult leaders try to cause trouble in their downline’s marriages and destroy their relationships.

To become a Stepford ambot one must do whatever the scum sucking upline demands. They have to say the things the upline wants to hear, wear the clothes the upline wants you to wear, eat the snacks the upline wants you to eat, buy the things upline wants you to buy, drop whatever you’re doing and rush to the upline’s side if they beckon, etc, etc.

I have to stop. Sometimes I find it really sickening to relive these memories but I know by writing them down and sharing the anguish I went through that I can help others.

Wives had to display this over the top zombie like devotion to their husbands. Just watch those Ken and Barbies stomping across the stage at Amway functions. Barbie might have a few words to say but mostly she stands there gazing adoringly at Warrior Ken.

I don’t know about the rest of you guys but my husband gets really nervous if I’m staring him down!

That’s what life is like once you sign up with Amway. Welcome to Stepford! Leave your brain at the door. You are now an ambot.


  1. Anna

    I witnessed exactly what you describe with my Ambot brother and his Barbie girlfriend. The pair of them quite literally became different, and highly-dangerous, people - prepared to lie and cheat, but who truly believed that what they were doing had a higher moral purpose and was, therefore, perfectly justifiable.

    The pair began to dress and behave like a sanctimonious preacher and his dutiful wife. At this time, I used to refer to my brother and his girlfriend as 'Elmer Gantry and Sister Sarah'

    Whatever scripted 'MLM' Gospel my brother preached, his girlfriend smiled and nodded in total agreement. It soon became impossible to make them angry. Most 'prospects' told them to get lost, but the pair always acted the same wooden routine. They took the attitude that they were only trying to help people to become 'winners'. So any 'lazy and ungrateful' person who refused to see the light and join 'Amway,' was a 'negative loser,' who was to be pitied.

    At the height of his financially, and psychologically, suicidal 'Amway' activities, my brother had convinced the two women in his life (his girlfriend and his mother)that he was an 'Independent Business Owner and Financial Consultant' who sold around $200 thousand of 'Amway' products annually and who recruited others to 'duplicate his own unquestioning example of success.'

    My brother was convinced that he would soon be a multi-millionaire out of 'Amway', provided he believed totally that this was possible.

    In reality, my brother (with help of his 'Upline') had deceived his girlfriend and his mother and, eventually, he dissociated them from external reality. He was passing off the collective, regular purchases of every heel-clicking Ambot in his group, as his own retail-sales-figures.

    My brother once grinned and told me that 'real men are 100% positive winners who never say anything negative about their business and, particularly, not to their women.' He also told me that any woman who does not show a 100% positive mental attitude towards her man, is a danger to his success, who should be ditched as soon as possible.

    In plain English, Ambots and their nodding Barbies have been brainwashed into not disclosing the truth, but they really believe that this form of scripted-lying is not dishonest, because, in the end, the victims of this charade will achieve the state of grace known as 'Total Financial Freedom.'

    In other cults, this is what is known as a 'Heavenly Deception' or a 'Heavenly Lie.'

    Most rational people would call it down-right evil

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. David - that's what Amway does to a person - changes them into dangerous, vile human beings. And all the while they go around preaching that the reason they are doing "the business" is to help others or bless others trying to convince others that they have truly noble intentions.

    I guess our upline hadn't quite mastered the "not get angry" routine. There were a couple of people in our upline who looked like happy go lucky people but they were the exception. Everyone else looked angry all the time. And for good reason they were losing money while trying to convince everyone else that business was going good.

    If your brother had the ability to generate a couple hundred thousand in Amway sales annually can you imagine how successful he might have been if he had started up a legitimate business venture.

    Yes my husband was constantly told that he should leave me and that I was the reason he wasn't successful. Those upline bastards have to find something to blame other than Amway's propaganda that says less than 1% of IBO's will actually make money in this business.

    The most evil people I have ever met in my life were part of Amway.

  3. David-reading your description of your brother was absolutely chilling in it's horror. Even though I've know about Scamway for sometime and how it destroys everyone it touches, your story is simply scary. How heartbreaking for you and your family. My sympathies as it must have been terrifying to your family, to see the transformation from intelligent, real human beings into subhuman robots willing to do whatever evil is necessary to 'succeed".


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