Thursday, November 24, 2011

I Loathe Hydrangeas this Thanksgiving!

OK, well not me personally! I have a few hydrangea plants around my yard. Great color and blooms!

A few months ago Madonna was at an event where people approached her table to say hello to her. One man gave her hydrangeas and as she put it aside she said to the person there that she loathes hydrangeas and it was caught on the microphone and quickly hit the media rounds.

It turns out the man was from a local radio station and knew Madonna didn't like them so for whatever publicity reason he chose to give it to her.

I love Madonna's response. But then I like everything to do with Madonna!

I hope everyone is enjoying their day and good luck to anyone getting up early to hit the Black Friday sales tomorrow!

Happy Thanksgiving!


  1. Oh, Come on Madonna (Anna Banana), don't hold back-tell us what you REALLY think!

  2. Wondering if people are allowed to celebrate thanksgiving with their family. Or would the cult leader make them go to a plan or seminar? Anna did you miss any holidays or weddings while being involved with ambot?

  3. Colin - No one we personally knew got married during the time we were in Amway. I have no recollection if there was a conflict for anyone else in our line. No board plans scheduled on Thanksgiving. However I do recall stopping by the Platinum's house at some point in the day to say hi. Ambot's idea not mine.

    Though now that I think of it ambots may have been standing in line early for Black Friday sales to prospect others waiting for the stores to open. Probably bullshitting that they were buying everything in cash.

  4. Anna, people are just looking for a deal on black friday. Last thing they need is some lame ass trying to sponsor them. Today i lined up for a blackberry bold 9780 for 125.00. Love these deals at some of the stores :)

  5. Well Colin as long as you think that's a good deal. I thought most phone companies practically give those suckers away if you sign a contract with them for a couple of years.

    So did you hear about the woman standing in line at a Walmart in Los Angeles who was getting pestered by Amway IBOs in the line up trying to show her the board plan and she sucked them all into thinking the X Boxes were a good deal and they all made a beeline to that display when the doors opened and then she pepper sprayed them! Ha ha!

  6. I heard something about pepper spray lol.

  7. Ha ha! Gotta go out and buy some more now!

  8. i wish we can pepper spray people lining up to go into a amway function.

  9. Colin - we can virtually pepper spray them on my blog!

  10. Now, now, play nice, boys and girls.

    I find it appalling how people act over some stupid gadget. People are starving to death. Children are forced into sexual slavery, and here we trample each other to death over metal and plastic?

    It's sickening. I have never, nor will I ever shop on black Friday. The whole concept is embarrassing.

    Technology is boring. It can't talk to you or help you through a rough time. It can't make or serve your supper. Or give you a back rub when you are sick. Only live people can give meaningful comfort.

    I walked into RadioShack yesterday to get a battery for my tv remote (give me back my vacuum tube tv any day - I miss it so much). The kid (anyone under 35 these days) looks at the remote and says, 'Whoa, cool. I haven't seen one of these.'

    I'm thinking, 'Stay calm, little one, it's just a piece of metal and plastic. It didn't build the pyramids or invent the telephone. It won't hold your head up when you are vomiting and too weak to sit up by yourself. Get a grip.'

    Anyway, the new battery cost $43???? Excuse me, I don't want to buy stock in the battery factory, just a battery. Yup, $43 frog skins.

    Young Lad, "Lady, do you know what all this thing will do?"

    Me: No, and I couldn't care less, unless it will check on my mother tonight and sit with her and have dinner. Will it pat her hand and comfort her fear of dying? Will it tell her it loves and her and what a great mother she has been all these years? Will it help her put on her pajamas and not wince at the sight of her very frail spine? Will it take away the embarrassment of her incontinence?

    Sorry, folks, I'm just so sick of a society that worships the created rather than the creator.


  11. CT - you probably could have found that battery on eBay for a fraction of the price. I haven't gone into Radio Shack in years. They're a little high priced on just about everything though they do have some neat gadgets in there.


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