Friday, December 30, 2011

Best Paying Jobs for Women? Not Amway!

Recently I read a Forbes article that talked about the best paying jobs for women. The list was rather bogus and sexist. Mostly it listed careers in what used to be predominantly male occupations like anthropologist, science, doctors, the type of jobs that one typically has a university degree and works their way up in the industry. These are good paying jobs for either men or women so no need to be sexist and say best paying jobs for women. The list was unrealistic for the majority of the population to obtain. I suppose it fills up space in the magazine. Fortunately Amway is not on the list! Big surprise! Go figure that one out!

One passage stuck out for me:

Jobs with the lowest satisfaction rates among women include food preparers and servers (median salary: $19,000), retail salespeople ($21,000), production workers ($30,000) and secretaries and administrative assistants ($31,000).
When I look back into the hell hole of the dark Amway days, the jobs held by the ambots I knew were food, warehouse, retail, and office or closely related jobs. Unskilled labor type jobs. Get your training while on the job. Easy come easy go jobs.

Not only are they low paying jobs but I agree there is little job satisfaction in those jobs. They are all fairly mindless jobs that once you get the routine down you can pretty much get the job done without thinking too much about it.

Its little wonder that Amway targets people in those industries to sign up to their pyramid scheme. People are stuck working a dead end job with little pay. Many low paid employees are on the lookout for something better. So when some rotten fucked up Amway IBO comes prospecting they can be easily hooked.

Workers in those food, retail, warehouse, or office are enticed by the material possessions of the upline and believe the lies about how much money can be made at the Amway scam. They are good prospects because they might have a little extra cash to buy Amway products and tools. Or because they’re working they are probably eligible for credit cards which they can go into debt investing in the Amway scam.

Once they get brainwashed enough they believe that jobs are bad and only losers have jobs. They are brainwashed to believe that people who are not involved in Amway are losers. This attitude carries on with them and one way or another they are probably not going to be holding their low paying, low satisfaction job a whole lot longer. But what do they care if they quit or get fired. There is a high turnover rate in food, retail, and clerical so they will probably find another low paying job pretty quickly.

Unless of course their upline tells them now is the perfect time to concentrate on their Amway business and “grow their business”. Then the job search will be stunted while they chase an elusive dream of being their own boss and that declaration alone means they will be financially independent forever.

I concluded many years ago that Amway will never ever be one of the best paying jobs for women. (Or men!)


  1. "I concluded many years ago that Amway will never ever be one of the best paying jobs for women. (Or men!)"

    I could not have said it better myself!

  2. Thanks ExAmbot! Sometimes I do come up with these little gems!

  3. Amway doesn't discriminate. They pay everyone peanuts (or nothing) LOL

  4. Ha ha Joecool! That should be Amway's slogan!

  5. Joecool is quite accurate. That was so LOL! Yes it should!

  6. Now ExAmbot you are going to get IBOFB confused. Joecool and I are one and the same and fake out others by pretending to be 2 different people having a conversation!

  7. Anna, if you and Joecool are the same person, then you had no better training than Amway for learning to speak out of both sides of your mouth ;)

    Happy New Year! ~Chelsea

  8. Ha ha! Chelsea, so true! Happy New Year to you too!

  9. Thanks very much for this great article;this is the stuff that keeps me going through out these day. fun jobs


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