Thursday, December 15, 2011

Hey Rohit! Go Peddle Your Spam Somewhere Else!

I usually publish comments that come through my blog unless they're racist or otherwise offensive promoting hatred towards any non-Amway related group. When I don't approve the comment I'll probably post a comment paraphrasing the troublemaker and that I won't publish the comment. Rarely happens.

I had some clown named Rohit copy and paste the same message on a few of my recent posts. Basically offering a link to a blog run by someone who has no life and is paid by Amway to run amok over the Internet making himself and Amway look like a bunch of assholes. Good money if you can get that kind of work I suppose!

The blog had something to do with whatever is happening in Amway in India. Didn't interest me enough to click through.

Rohit's message also contained a plea if you wana (sic) start a part time business to contact him through his gmail account.

Yeah right. We've all heard that one before!

Or one just like it. How would you like to earn a hundred thousand a year working part time ten to fifteen hours a week for the next two to five years when you can retire a millionaire and have residual income rolling in for the rest of your life.

Rohit if you want to leave a comment here I'd prefer that it involves cursing out my upline or your upline. That's the fun of writing this blog. Not promoting businesses that can destroy people financially and destroy their relationships and leave them facing foreclosure, bankruptcy, and divorce. Amway only brings misery. Seek and destroy. Brainwashed cult. Fuck 'em all!

Amway proganda spam is not welcome here.


  1. Anna - This gung-ho little foot-soldier, Rohit, probably isn't part of the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth, but he appears to have fallen completely under its spell.

    Rohit is a frighteningly-arrogant example of 'Amway' cannon-fodder who (as he marches blindly towards certain financial-death) keeps trying to post his masters' poisonous propaganda on Blogs challenging the authenticity of the suicidal 'Amway' plan of all-out (no retreat no surrender) attack.

    India (which has a population of more than one billion) has lately become one of the major feeding grounds for 'MLM income opportunity' racketeers. Although the Indian economy has expanded rapidly in recent years, poverty and ignorance remain widespread.

    I thought that you might be interested in taking a look at how the Indian poor are regularly exploited, and indeed, slaughtered, by indiginous criminals out to make a fast buck from peddling them an apparently cut-price escape from misery

    In the end, there is no difference between dissimulated poisons, no matter how deceptively they might be labelled.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. David - Rohit chose the wrong blog to spam and leave a link to an Amway propaganda blog!

    Amway preys on disadvantaged people and those who can least afford to lose any money. Victims of the Amway cult are exploited equally no matter if they live in poverty or middle class incomes. Too many people are scammed into believing Amway is the only path to financial frreedom.

  3. Anna - You are right, poverty is often a reason why people need to fall for the 'MLM' lie, but it's also protection against it. Sadly, it's middle-class people like my own brother (deeply disatisfied with their lives, but with access to some independent funds) who are always the most-prized 'MLM' cult targets, because they can afford to keep playing (and losing) for extended periods.

    Like many Americans, many ordinary Indians cannot afford even to enter the pay-through-the-nose 'Amway' game of believe. Around 60% of those who do, quickly run out of spare cash and never renew their first annual contract. The 'Amway' game's monthly fixed-price, is the same all over the world.

    The arrogant Indian Ambots, like Rohit, who try to post on Corporate Frauds Watch, have been little more than boys. They often have a reasonable level of education and employment, but they are hypnotized by the guided-fantasy that total-belief in 'Amway' will quickly bring them a Rolex, a Porsche and the envy of everyone they know.

    At one time, I would not have believed that so many people could be bedazzled into signing a loaded-pact with the Devil (in disguise) in return for an absurd (unsecured) promise of their heart's desire.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  4. David - whether its poverty or the promise of a life on easy street where money comes rolling in forever and you never have to work again, the ambot's job is to figure out how to exploit the prospect and turn them into being driven by greed.

    I had a feeling I recognized Rohit's name from somewhere. Maybe it was a comment on Corporate Frauds Watch.

  5. "...the ambot's job is to figure out how to exploit the prospect and turn them into being driven by greed."

    Yep they did a good job on me. But I'm free now. Free! Free! Free!

  6. ExAmbot - that's what ambots specialize in. Turning people's dreams against them and turning them into greedy self righteous little bastards. Saw it over and over again in my LOS.


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