Monday, December 26, 2011

Searchers finding my blog over Christmas

I hope everyone had a great Christmas!

I hope no one found any Amway shit under their Christmas tree!

I checked my search stats for the past couple of days and I've had some interesting searches.

Starting with Christmas Eve day in the morning. Somebody types in "Amway Kosage fucking asshole". Hmmm, I'm going out on a limb here and suggesting this is somebody who did NOT get an invitation to Dean Kosage's Christmas party! That searcher ended up at my June 2011 archive page so someone must have left a comment relating to Kosage and there are plenty of references in my posts to Amway IBO's being fucking assholes so no big surprise that my blog is number 1 if anyone is typing in that search criteria.

Then it got a little sadder later in the day, actually closer to midnight where a searcher typed in that their daughter is involved in the Amway cult. Its always sad whenever a family member gets involved in this horrible cult and is brainwashed and loses their money and separates themselves from their family and friends. This unhappy parent spent a couple of hours on Christmas Eve into early Christmas morning reading a lot of my posts. I hope it brought this person some comfort knowing they aren't alone in the pain they're going through watching someone they love having their life destroyed by Amway. I know people get a lot of pleasure living vicariously through my blog and how I curse out my upline. I am cursing out everyone's upline! Apparently this person's daughter blew them off on Christmas to devote more time to the great Amway cult and their beloved cult leaders. Very sad.

And then oddly enough on Christmas Day I get a huge amount of searchers looking for information on how to quit Amway and a couple for how to cancel Communikate! Woo hoo! Some ambots are giving their family the BEST Christmas present ever by quitting the horrible evil Amway cult!

And then this morning I get some Amway employee from Alticor in Grand Rapids going through some of my posts: the youtube Amway neighbor video, the post about how our Platinum screws over Amway, worst Amway items to find under the Christmas tree, and a couple of other posts that are about search criteria people use who end up at my blog.

Nothing too unusual about this because quite often I get Amway employees from Grand Rapids or Ada or Buena Park screwing around on the job and surfing on the Internet when one would presume they should actually be getting some work done.

What really sucks is that they are working today. When Christmas falls on a Sunday, businesses who are not normally open on Sundays (banks, offices, government employees, etc) take Monday off. Around here all the chain stores are open and the gas stations and grocery stores but everything else is pretty much shut down.

It takes a really shitty employer to make their employees come in to work on Monday December 26 when Christmas Day fell on a Sunday. That pretty much sums up the attitude of a former Amway employee who showed up to my blog and basically said Amway the employer treats their employees like shit. The fact that I can verify an Amway employee is working today is all the proof we need about how Amway treats their employees.

A lump of coal to those lousy bosses who pull the same shit as Amway and have their employers come in to work today!


  1. Anna - Thanks for your good wishes. I hope you and your family had a great Xmas.

    Here's another lump of coal for the 'Amway' bosses:

    Over the years, I've had occasion to speak to several current, and former, 'Amway,' employees in Europe. One or two of them have reluctantly accepted (off the record) that they might have been involved with a pyramid fraud, but the idea that 'Amway' is a brainwashing totalitarian cult like 'Scientology', is far too much for most of them to take-in. However, you have to remember that these powerless little persons (like Ambots) have been obliged to sign take-it-or-leave-it contracts which attempt to prevent them from ever, thinking, or speaking, freely.

    As you know, for years, 'Amway UK' secretly employed two self-styled cult-experts in the UK, Ian Howarth and Graham Baldwin. Once they were fnancially dependent, these crooks became a particularly convincing part of the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth.

    'Amway' employees have generally been deceived into believing that it's best not to look too closely at what their bosses really do, because, if they try to blow the whistle on their bosses, they will be fired and then taken to court and bankrupted.

    In 2007, British government investigators, were struck by how brain-dead, and ignorant of reality, the corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' were. However, if you read the Blakey report on 'Amway', this renowned-expert on organized crime explains that the 'Mafia' bosses invariably appointed innocent individuals (usually wives or close-relatives) at the head of front-companies, because what these dumb fools didn't know, they couldn't tell, even if they were put on trial.

    To see this 'no-need-to-know' Mafia-style system in action, the corporate officers of 'Amway UK' and 'Amway Europe' were regularly filmed at 'unauthorized Amway rallies,' crawling up the asses of the 'Amway UK Diamonds', like Messrs. Scriven and Gregory, whom they were subsequently ordered to excommunicate from the organization for (amongst other high-'Amway' crimes and misdemeanours) selling tickets to 'unauthorized Amway rallies.'

    When their counterfeit 'direct selling' company faced closure, the corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.' had been conveniently replaced by carefully-selected, dumb fools who made the company look innocent, because they genuinely knew nothing about the multi-million-dollar 'tool scam' that Scriven and Gregory had been running for decades. In reality, other senior 'Amway' managers knew all about it, because they had been enthusiastic participants.

    Amway UK Country Manager, Ben Woodward

    Former Sales & Marketing Manager for Amway Europe Andy Norman

    Managing Director for Amway Europe, Michael Anker

    In general, most senior 'Amway' employees are a pack of constantly-changing cowards and liars, who (in exchange for stolen money) have run, and/or hidden, a closed-market swindle and related advance fee frauds.

    Like a gang of naughty kids caught stealing candy, their only defence, has been to push other, innocent smaller kids in front of them, whilst feigning ignorance.

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  2. David - Amway the employer can never get too many lumps of coal!

    When it comes to families the only thing Amway is interested in doing is tearing them apart so its no big surprise that they didn't give their staff a 3 day long weekend over the Christmas holidays. In 2012 Christmas Day will fall on a Tuesday so Amway doesn't have to worry about a 3 day weekend for a few years.

    I had a former Amway employee from Ada say that he was fed up with the cult bullshit so I'd say some employees are well aware of what is going on and how others view their company. The fact that they take time out of their working day and surf the Internet for this information is a little bizarre. In this day and age of technology a lot of companies can track their employee's movements on the computer and Internet. People can be fired from their jobs for improper use of company equipment. But then again if its a shitty job for a shitty employer the employee probably couldn't care if they go or stay.

    I bet that Amway does not have a whistleblower policy in effect for its employees! Other than shoving their ass out their door if they open their mouths! It does not surprise me that an evil company like Amway would sue its employees and bankrupt them. Just an all round nasty piece of work.

  3. Anna - What you say makes perfect sense. It's a few years since I rattled the cages of any 'Amway' monkeys. At that time, before the current massive spread of the Internet, most ordinary 'Amway' employees had limited access to the ugly truth. Now, I suppose many of them must (at the very least) suspect they work for a cult. The Net is alive with the evidence that 'Amway' is a 'Scientology'-style blame-the-victim fraud that has destroyed countless individuals, families and communities. However, I personally think that the naughty little Ada boys and girls who keep monitoring your blog during office hours, are probably hatchet-faced apparatchiks working in the 'Amway' Ministry of Truth.

  4. David - Grand Rapids Alticor was back this morning to read the post and our comments. So whether this is an employee who thinks IBOFB is doing a lousy job and is gunning for that job we'll never know. Whether or not the Amway employees are fed up with their employer and are here to read the truth or just monitoring what people are saying - and we've got them on the working the day after Christmas falls on a Sunday! - I'll probably never know. Either way they're treading on dangerous waters. If an employer is looking for a reason to get rid of an employee they'll find one. As I said tech departments can monitor an employee's Internet usage. In this employee's case whether or not they think they're doing Amway a favor by reading my blog, if Amway is looking to get rid of them they'll nail them on reading anti-Amway propaganda and bring up a report tracking their Internet use. Either way if it was me I would want to cover my ass and not use the company Internet at all. At this company I used to work for years ago one of the male employees was caught checking out porn sites. He kept his job but tech disabled the Internet on his computer. On the other hand a female employee was caught playing an online game, nothing offensive I think it was solitaire. She got canned. Go figure!

    The Amway Ministry of Truth is alive and well and more than willing to be used to destroy someone's life. Like they didn't already do that by not doing the decent thing by giving their employees a 3 day weekend to enjoy the Christmas season. Scrooge! Grinch!

  5. Anna - Whenever I consider today's ordinary 'Amway' employees (as opposed to 'Amway' apparatchiks), I always try to remember the first bunch of innocent Californians who found (what they believed to be honest) jobs with 'Nutrilite,' back in the 1940s. At that time, dozens of white-coated workers were paid to operate authentic pharmaceutical equipment to manufacture an effectively-worthless, fake medical product, 'Double X' (later peddled in the first multi-million dollar 'MLM' scam at more than 1000% mark-up), but these wide-eyed dupes had no idea what their narcissistic boss, Carl Rehnborg, was really doing. Just like 'Amway' today, the original 'Nutrilite' racket was maliciously compartmentalized, so that only the tiny minority receiving all the profits could see the full-picture. The ordinary 'Nutrilite' workers' ignorance of wider-reality only brought credibility to what was merely a 'medicine show,' but organized on an almost-unprecedented, industrial-scale.

    It's interesting to note that, during the 1980s, the monopoly of information previously maintained within its iron-clad borders by the bosses of the 'Soviet' Empire, was gradually-destroyed by the arrival of satelite television. The arrival of the Internet, has now made it virtually impossible for the 'Amway' bosses to maintain their own 'Soviet'-style monopoly of information. For years, Bolshie little characters like 'IBOFB' have fought a losing-battle trying to disrupt open-discussion of, and character assasinate all free-thinking individuals dissenting from, the absurd 'Amway/MLM income opportunity' lie.

    The irony of all of this, is that generations of elected-leaders of the USA, and those of the members of NATO, spent trillions of our tax-dollars trying to protect us from what they recognised as an external totalitarian-menace dressed-up as 'extreme-Socialism' a.k.a. 'Communism,' but, at the same time, they competely failed to recognise and allowed essentially the same pernicious cancer to grow inside our own borders, simply because it had been disguised as 'compassionate capitalism.'

    David Brear (copyright 2011)

  6. David - people need jobs. They choose to work for some scumbag employer and then bitch about it when they get canned and all they get in response is a bunch of I told you so's. For the majority of the working population their job is no big deal one way or the other. Its a paycheck it pays the bills. You quit and move on to better jobs. Employee retention is a huge issue with a lot of companies even though the big wigs make a huge song and dance out of how important their employees are and how important employee retention is. And sure some companies offer good wages and benefits and are not controversial at all. I wonder what the retention rate is at Amway. People who can't find jobs elsewhere would be desperate enough to hang on as long as they can but there are better jobs out there than working for Scamway.


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