Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Amway Treats Their Employees Like Shit?

Its no secret that Amway and upline IBO’s treat downline ambots like shit but what about Amway’s employees? Are the people who work for the various Amway and Alticor  offices and distribution warehouses and plants treated like shit too?

One would think a big company that claims to make billions of dollars a year and claims to be debt free would offer its employees a benefit program. Health, dental, eyeglasses, chiropractor, 401k or some kind of pension or retirement savings or stock options.

Maybe they do offer benefits to a select few employees. There are nasty companies out there who don’t give all employees benefits (I’ve worked for a couple of those!) and call employees temporary or part time so they can get out of paying benefits. Some of those employees have been around for years and might be working 40 hours a week but their employer won’t adjust their status to permanent due to whatever loophole they’ve discovered to avoid paying the extra money towards benefits.

I’ve worked for companies much smaller, say about 50 people or so, and got an excellent benefits package. All employees including part time got benefits. Some companies do treat all their employees well.

I recently had a former employee of Amway in Ada Michigan show up to say they’d left Amway after 20 years because they could no longer take their cult bullshit. Claims they’ve had record sales in the past 10 years. Who knows? Could be Amway’s bullshit propaganda and manipulating the books. Anyway the employees got nothing. No benefits. No bonuses. Treated like shit. But what else do you expect when you sign up with a scumbag employer who’s agenda is to rip people off with overpriced shitty products and cause financial and emotional distress to every life it affects.

And that is bullshit. There are a lot of companies who do profit sharing or some kind of bonus if sales are over the projection.

No wonder this former Amway employee refers to their former employer as a greedy ass.

And then I get further proof that Amway the employer is a greedy asshole. When it comes to Christmas and if it falls on a Sunday, businesses that are normally closed on Sunday typically take a day off on Monday instead and make it a 3 day long weekend. This past year 2011 December 25 fell on a Sunday. Around here a lot of businesses were closed on Monday December 26. Government employees, office employees, bank employees, etc. Retail stores, groceries, and gas stations were all open. Most of those businesses were closed on Christmas Day though. No different than anywhere else across the nation. Employers who actually care about their staff gave them a nice 3 day long weekend. So on Monday morning December 26 I get a visitor from Grand Rapids Alticor. Some really pissed off Amway employee who is working on Monday December 26 is fucking around surfing the Internet looking for dirt about their shitty employer instead of actually getting their work done. Ha ha! This employee is so fucking pissed off at its employer Amway keeping the office open for business on Monday December 26 instead of generously giving their employees a day off and a 3 day weekend like most other businesses who are normally closed on Sundays that s/he is getting revenge on Amway by not getting their work done. Really! As far as I’m concerned it takes a really lousy shitty bad ass employer to open their doors on December 26 following a weekend Christmas Day instead of doing what nice generous companies who care about their employees do and giving them an extra day off to spend with their families.

But this is Amway we’re talking about here. A company that is responsible for destroying families. I can see why they don’t give a shit about wanting their employees to have extra family time on their nickel.

But you know these insider glimpses got me thinking about the contact I’ve had with Amway employees and here I’ve only dealt with the customer service department which I refer to as the I-don’t-give-a-shit department. I get it that 80% of employees at any company barely like or really despise their employer and their job and without a doubt the only people I’ve dealt with at Amway have been in that 80%, maybe the bottom 20% of the ones who really hate working there. But with the former employee’s insight about the way the employees are treated I’m going to raise the bar and suggest that it is way more than 20% of Amway’s employees who hate working there. I mean that’s really shitty not to have any benefits when you see the lifestyle of the person who owns the company. I can see how that leads to a lot of angry employees. Not to mention no benefits and no extra day off for the Christmas weekend and I can understand there are a lot of angry Amway employees out there who must want to give a big old fuck you to their employer.

Angry employees = the fuck off attitude IBO’s get when they phone Amway head office for assistance.


  1. Anna - As every free-thinking observer knows, according to the divisive fairytale that controls the behaviour and attitudes of all intellectually-castrated 'MLM' cult adherents, anyone with a job is a 'just-over-broke-loser.' However, persons who have employment with 'MLM' cults, are conveniently exempted from this part of the story. It's as though 'MLM' employees are an entirely-separate species who don't count. Typically, bedazzled 'MLM' cult adherents can't see the wood for the trees.

    However, in the past, I've tried to confront 'Amway,' and 'Direct Selling Association,' employees with this fact, in Europe, but, for obvious reasons, they refused to accept the abundant evidence that they work for counterfeit companies - the corporate-fronts for major, ongoing, organized crime groups, with billionaire bosses who have conditioned their unquestioning foot-soldiers to refer to honest people with traditional jobs, using derogatory, dehumanizing terms.

    In one particularly-disturbing telephone conversation, I asked a paticularly-arrogant corporate officer of 'Amway UK Ltd.'if she could perhaps explain the NBC hidden-camera footage (filmed in 2003) of thousands of delirious, but insolvent, 'Amway/Quixtar' adherents punching the air like doomed 'Nazi' canon-fodder, whilst chanting:

    'Ooooh... Freedom - Flush That Stinking Job!'

    She replied that she worked for 'Amway UK' and that what had once happened in the USA, was none of her business. When pressed, she lost her cool, angrily-stating that no 'IBO' in Britain had ever been conditioned to do or say anything, and that I could be sued for 'talking utter nonsense about cults and Nazis.' At this point, I almost fell off my chair laughing.

    Exactly as in the 'Third Reich,' to certain heel-clicking, but expendable, little 'Amway' staff-officers, the truth about their Fuhrers' hidden, criminal objectives, is unthinkable.

    Ironically, a couple of years after this conversation, 'Amway UK Ltd.' faced government investigation and closure, and all its once-arrogant, corporate officers were replaced.

    Their silence is now deafening.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  2. David - ambots fail to grasp the concept that if the Amway business opportunity was actually a good one and that people could really run their own businesses, then the Amway corporation would not have any employees at all. Their employees would have all flushed that stinking job to become IBO's. Amway employees all know that being an IBO is a poor opportunity with less than a 1% chance of making money so they stick around their lousy job with their lousy company until something better comes along.

    Not much different than employees at any other company. If a better job comes along they are gone.

    That woman who worked for Amway UK had the act down. Deny and lie. What else can you do when you work for a cult that is out there to scam people with overpriced generic products.

  3. Anna - Around one million UK and Irish citizens were churned through the related-'Amway' frauds between 1973 and 2006. Certain 'Amway UK' employees were fully-aware that, out of all these transient persons, those who had actually received any form of commission payment directly from 'Amway UK,' were rare. However, the same 'Amway UK' employees did not want to face the fact that the chances of making a net-profit lawfully in the so-called 'Amway income opportunity' have always been zero, because that would have made them accessories to a fraud.

    Pyschologists call this child-like inability to accept quantifiable evidence (which threatens an individual's self-esteem and related psychological function), 'confirmation bias.' Everyone else calls it, denying and lying.

    Fraud isn't just lying to get money: it can also be the withholding to key information to get money.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  4. David - even if an employee was an accessory to a fraud the employer is still responsible for the actions of their employees. One would logically think that Amway would be responsible for the actions of their employees and their IBO's but I'm sure they've found some loophole to put them at an arm's length. I know when we talked to their less than helpful "help desk" we were told that Amway was not responsible for what is said at Amway meetings! Well then who the hell IS responsible???!!!!!

  5. Anna - Although shyster-lawyers might pretend otherwise, logically, by its very nature, a company cannot actually create itself or commit a crime itself. However, corporate-fronts can be maliciously created by sociopathic individuals and used by them to commit crime and to avoid being held to account. This is what has been defined in US law since 1970, as engaging in a pattern of ongoing, major, racketeering activity.

    I spoke to the corporate officers of 'Amway UK Ltd.'- a legally-registered, privately-owned, limited-liability, commercial company, but which was not really controlled by its declared corporate officers. These intellectually-challenged excuses-for-people, like the absurd excuse-for-a-company they fronted, were obviously being used to commit crime; for, there is no evidence that 'Amway UK's' claimed, lawful, commercial activity (selling goods and services to the public for a profit via networks of non-salaried commission agents) was ever pursued.

    No matter what reality-inverting fairytale appeared on the registration documents of this demonstrably-fake British company, the persons who remain ultimately responsible for the serious crimes that 'Amway UK Ltd.' was undoubtedly used to commit in the UK, are the various US-based racketeers who collected all the illegal profits.

    However, 'Amway UK Ltd.' itself declared massive trading losses over a 34 year period. Self-evidently, the chronically-insolvent, fake British company's hidden purpose was only to act as the bait in the secondary advance fee fraud a.k.a. 'tool scam.'Thus, the US-based 'Amway' crime bosses secretly pumped tens of millions of dollars into 'Amway UK Ltd.' to keep it afloat, in order to remove hundreds of millions of dollars from around one million UK and Irish citizens who swallowed the bait over the decades prior to the low-level investigation by UK trade regulators.

    To any honest observer with an ounce of common sense, all of this, is clear evidence of a pattern of US-based, ongoing, major, racketeering activity. However, British and US law enforcement agents, who have been fully- informed, have flatly refused to take any action. However, 'Amway UK Ltd.' had temporarily employed Peter Kiernan, the former Deputy Director of the UK Serious Fraud Office. Kiernan then obtained a highly-paid post with a London-based law-firm which has mysterious links to the 'Amway' crime bosses in the USA.

    British and American tax-payers give countless, legally-qualified law enforcement agents fat salaries to investigate, and to prosecute, serious frauds like 'Amway'. Unfortunately, these law enforcement agents no longer act in the interest of their employers, because many of them, like Mr. Kiernan, secretly dream of going into private practise where they know they will be paid much-fatter salaries to represent racketeers.

    David Brear (copyright 2012)

  6. David - I can't say one way or the other if the ambots in our upline started off life as normal human beings or whether it was due to their involvement in Amway that they became sociopathic.

    Either way that's their legacy in life for others to remember them as - sociopaths!

  7. I just wondering if anyone in UK would like to make a joint claim agaisnt Amway UK?

  8. join me at Xango you cant compare!!!!

    1. Didn't a bunch of ambots jump ship and sign up with xango.

      Ps - avoid ANY drink that starts with the letter X!


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