Saturday, January 7, 2012

Despicable Amway IBO Ambots Should Be Bitchslapped!

I am the voice of the wives of all ambots. You know those nasty, horrible, despicable brainwashed robots who go around bragging that they’re “business owners” because Amway gives their commissioned salespeople the bragging rights title of “Independent Business Owners”.

Well fuck you Amway. There’s a lot more to being a real business owner and running a legitimate business than scamming people into signing a restrictive Amway IBO registration agreement that takes away their rights as American citizens and human beings, forcing them to buy overpriced products, and making them shell out big bucks to attend Amway functions.

I prefer to save my fuck you’s for my former upline but I’ll just send out a big fuck you to Amway. Mostly that’s because I’m still pissed off that a big corporation like them that sends out phony ass propaganda that they “care” about people and then has their employees come into work on Monday December 26 2011 instead of doing the decent thing and giving them a day off and turning the Christmas weekend into a nice long 3 day weekend that most other businesses gave to their employees so they could spend more time with their families. You can read that post here where I slammed Amway for being such a big fucking asshole because their Grand Rapids employee at Alticor who ratted them out surfing the Internet and reading my blog instead of getting their work done. Get a clue! Pissed off employees = low moral = low productivity. Actions speak louder than words. Have a little compassion for your employees especially at Christmas time. Don’t take advantage of Christmas Day falling on a weekend to say tough shit that’s just how it goes.

OK now that I got my Amway corporation fuck you rant out of the way back to the fucking upline assholes.

Amway is very much a good old boy’s club. There are no women in a position of power. There are the wives of the Diamonds who sit on the stage looking adoringly at their husband while he spouts off motivational propaganda to the audience of ambots who paid big bucks to be brainwashed. There are no women running the show. Never. Even the lousy $10 meetings the Diamond speaker who showed up was always a man. No wife in sight for these little chump change meetings.

All the living room meetings were run by either the male Platinum or Emerald. The wives never spoke. Well, they might have spoke briefly if they happened to be in the room and the husband asked them to clarify something.

All the living room meetings we attended there would only be us and another couple, a lot of single guys in their 20’s, and one or two single women also in their 20’s. For the larger meetings where a Diamond showed up the room was still predominantly male, but a lot of wives accompanied their husbands, so maybe a quarter of the room would be female.

Us women can look around and get the picture real fast, especially after the speaker opens their mouth and there is usually no doubt left. We are listening to a male chauvinist pig. Happy there living in Stepford? Assholes!

Women like me have no tolerance for these new male playmates in our husband’s lives. For the most part they are nothing but a bunch of fucking troublemakers ordering our husbands to buy shitty overpriced Amway products, shelling out money to attend Amway functions, demanding his presence at every living room meeting, ordering him to do this that and the other. These new fucking Amway playmates are destroying our lives and our relationships. Theses fucking Amway playmates demand our husband’s time and his money and plenty of both.

If the relationships can tough it out, the only thing us women have on our side is time. Most IBO’s quit within a year of registering with Amway. Unfortunately a few brainwashed idiots might stick it out a little longer but most quit eventually, except for maybe less than 5%. That would be a horror factory indeed if a woman is unlucky enough to be married to an ambot that is one of very few who stays with it, forever believing the brainwashed bullshit about the thousands of dollars in residual income that will come rolling in every month for the rest of his life.

So on behalf of women everywhere who have been tortured by the Amway cult, a big fuck you to the asshole that sponsored our husbands into this mess. A big fuck you to our sponsor’s sponsor. A big fuck you to every person in between them and the fucked up sack of shit Platinum. The biggest fuck you goes to the Platinum who is the evil bastard who carries out most of the dirty work. There may or may not be any legs between the Platinum and the Emerald but I don’t want anyone to be neglected so a fuck you to any ambots inbetween. The Emeralds and the Diamonds can share in the fuck you’s too. Miserable lying sons of bitches that stand up on the stage and scam you out of your money and insult you and call you losers if you don’t keep plugging your cash into the Scamway system.

So there you have it. Not everyone out there believes the bullshit propaganda that you must submit to your upline and you must worship your upline. Fuck you to everyone that tries to force that down your throat! Not everyone loves and worships their Amway upline and has nice things to say about them! I am living proof of that one cursing out you nasty shithead ambots.

On behalf of ambot wives everywhere a collective fuck you to everyone in our upline. The lousy bastards who’ve cost us a lot of money, cost us to lose sleep, cost us divorces, cost us bankruptcy, cost us foreclosure, cost us happiness, cost us peace of mind. You fucking Amway troublemakers aren’t happy until you’ve found some way to destroy our lives.

Not all of us are silent. Watch me. I have a blog and I tell it like it is. The way I feel about you lousy upline bastards and what you say and what goes on at Amway meetings.

The women who don’t have a voice. The women who are stuck in the Amway hell. The women who don’t like to swear even though they really want to curse out their upline, the women who have had their lives disrupted or maybe even destroyed by whatever involvement their husband dragged them into the Amway cult.

I will speak up for you voiceless women. Your upline is my upline. We are all helplessly adrift in the same lifeboat. I will say it for you. The one thing we wish on you fucking Amway ambot assholes is that you are exposed for the lying, scamming, evil demons that you are and that you go through the same hell that you put us through.

A virtual bitch slap to every asshole Amway IBO who has ever signed up a downline. That downline is me! And its always really nice to know what people really think about you isn’t it?


  1. I would be glad to give a certain Amway zealot a bitchslap! LOL

  2. Joecool - I can come up with at least 20 Amway zealots on my bitchslap list! Ha ha!

  3. Like I have said before Anna. Stop holding back. Tell us how you really feel.

  4. Peter - ha ha! I'm sure my posts shock a lot of straght laced IBOs who are taught to worship their cult leaders and here I go cursing them out! Isn't it about time for tax advice for ambots?


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