Sunday, March 18, 2012

Ambots in Colombia?

Here’s a comment left on my Who Remembers Quixtar post.

Hi Anna,

I was searching for google for an Amway symbol and I found this page. I have read your posts and I see that you have a real bad image of Amway/Quixtar whatever. I really would like to discuss with you what your thoghts and your opinions are but without the bad words. I don´t know if you´ll respond me but I am going to make a request: whatever you criticise, you must at least not do it. You were talking about how Amway IBOs have a bad attitude and you were having it us well. Here in my country, all the ABOs who are succesful have good attitudes and respect everyone who doesn´t want to join because it´s a life choice, and also I haven´t met the first person who got robbed doing this. I´ve met people who thought it was too challenging or got out because they didn´t get results as fast as they wanted them, but a penny was never taken away. I know it because in my organization there are people who after buying 5k in products have returned them and gotten every cent back. So I´d like to discuss the subject with you if you are willing to have an open mind. And please stop giving it such a bad name. Life always gives you back what you give out, so I´d advise you to stop giving a bad name to the company, you don´t know when you are going to get paid with

 that same medicine.


Well Manuel, I hope you come back to read. I had enough to say to you that I didn’t want to leave it in the comments box in case it was missed and because I thought others might like to read this.

Searching for an Amway symbol and you found my blog? As if I need any further proof that Married To An Ambot is high on the search engines! Amway’s got somewhere in their terms and conditions that if you are an Amway IBO that you can not download and use any of their stuff unless you have their written permission because presumably you will be using the image to earn money.

If you’re not an IBO the rules don’t apply! Unless of course you’re using an Amway image to make money then Amway would want their piece of the pie - what else is new! Images that are put out on the public domain known as the Internet are up for grabs unless people are downloading them for commercial purposes to make money then the owner of said image would like to receive some payment. Manuel, don’t worry if you break Amway’s rules. Amway doesn’t give a shit if their IBO’s violate their policies. I’ve reported our upline and they didn’t do nothing. So I’m sure you will be quite safe to use any Amway symbol that you want even if someone reports you nothing will happen.

My blog exists mainly to curse out my Amway upline and seeing as how Amway’s employees are a reflection of the company itself they get dragged down too. Amway doesn’t do anything to clean up its act. Amway/Quixtar already had a bad reputation many years before I came on the scene!

No, I have no interest in talking to you or any other current brainwashed ambot. Its the equivalent of banging my head against the wall. You ambots have a canned Amspeak response for everything.

Me talk without “bad” words! Ha ha ha!!! You should be in a car with me and hear my running commentary of all the other drivers on the road! Yup I am probably the one who flipped you off!

You can request all you want that I shouldn’t criticize my upline or Amway but it won’t do you no good. I don’t know what the laws are in your country but here we have something called freedom of speech. It is not against the law to tell the truth or to have an opinion. Amway might not like that I tell the truth about what its like being in their cult and they might not be happy about my opinion on their overpriced shitty products but I am hardly the first person to come along and say similar things.

As for buying $5k in products and then returning them for a refund, you’re a little late to hop on that bus. Our upline and many IBO’s have been doing that for years for amounts between $5 and $25k. They buy as much stuff as they can on their credit card then return it and get a refund and then they show the check from Amway around to their downline and claim it was a bonus they got.

I have been to Colombia and I think it is sick and disgusting that this evil called Amway has infiltrated your country. There are so many poor people in Colombia and then an ambot comes along and tells them that Amway is their path out of poverty and it won’t happen for them because only a fraction of 1% of IBO’s make money in Amway. Its all about selling the hope not the soap. Your fellow citizens will be in worse shape than they were before and all because they believed a liar who told them that Amway would bring them riches. Amway is a recruiting scam pyramid scheme. I’m  not sure what kind of business plan they show in Colombia but here they show a plan where you eat one Amway food bar and drink one Amway drink daily and find 6 others to do what you do and they find 6 others and so on and so on. Nowhere in the business plan does it give instructions on finding customers and selling Amway products at retail prices. Pyramid scheme!

I have met the warmest people ever in Colombia always smiling and friendly and willing to speak a little slower so the gringa can understand. They will invite you to share a meal with them even if its all the food they have.

I have also encountered the most agressive vendors I’ve seen anywhere. I mean how many times can I tell the guy with the cooler no thank you I don’t want to buy a beer for $2. I don’t drink beer. I say it in English and Spanish and the guy still wants me to take a $2 cerveza off his hands. What about the vendor selling hats who follows me down the street trying to get me to buy one when clearly I am already wearing a hat on my head. I can imagine what it would be like if these vendors are out on the street selling Amway shit!

And now for my readers who haven’t traveled to Colombia, here is some reality for you. Many of this country’s citizens live in hovels constructed of whatever materials they are able to scrounge up and they live in communities in vacant lots, beside swampy canals, and in the jungle.

Some nicer living accomodations for the more wealthy.

The owner of this house must have some money. They can afford a fence and gate around their house.

Here’s a place to go if your car breaks down and you need a mechanic. Looks like there are some used tires for sale!

The owner of this fine eating establishment lost all his money in Amway and had to close!

Can’t afford an ambot shitmobile? Take a donkey to the Amway meeting. Some would call this a shitmobile too!

After looking at those pictures - how many of my readers think its likely that there are a lot of people in Colombia capable of putting together $5k to spend on Amway products - refund or not?

You signed off “truthfully” Manuel. Mentiras mentiras. There are only lies in Amway.

Similarities between Amway and Colombia? Both known for selling a white powder that ultimately brings misery to the lives it touches - financially, physically, and emotionally.


  1. Hahaa! Another ambot who expects everybody to be nice to him and not use bad words. I love how he even put a threat at the end. Puras mamadas con este pendejo!

    1. Ha ha! Very funny! Yeah really. What they gonna do? Send someone from the norte del valle cartel to find me? Probably got hired by them to get an Amway image to slap on some soapboxes that they can fill and send up to the states to trick the officials. Like the border agents have never seen that one before!

  2. Its our solemn duty to kick the crap out of their sense of entitlement and superiority. Ive seen scamway turn humble hardworking people into snobby assholes who walk around with their fuckin nose in the air. All of a sudden they think they deserve special treatment, and you are doing them dirty if you refuse to participate. Well Im happy to go one step further and tell you how stupid you sound! I encourage all who have freinds who have fallen for it to do the same. You have no obligation to be polite during a scamway pitch!

    1. Our sponsor was already a miserable arrogant prick with a sense of entitlement and superiority and he got even worse after getting into Amway. Absolutely he thought that by sponsoring my husband into Amway that after many years of disliking him that I would suddenly give him special treatment. He was wrong!

      As soon as an ambot starts pitching someone and they say "is this Amway" the first thing the ambot does is lie and say no. Its just that embarrassing to admit you have anything to do with Scamway.

  3. Scamshitbots in Colombia!
    AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA…Quixfuckturddroids don’t have unlimited-economical fuel to run the Scamway-programming their fuckupline-creators designed them for. Scamfuckshitbot…LISTEN CAREFULLY, YOU’RE ALRADY BROKEN…YOUR AMFUCKBOLTS ARE NOT EVEN ACTIVATED YET, SEEING AS THE PROJECT OF YOUR DESIGN WILL NEVER BE FULLY FINISHED ANYWAY…JUST SELF-DESTRUCT, YOU KNOW HOW TO DO THIS! It’s better to self-destruct than to try to introduce your mission to you undeveloped scamcards. A unit like yours doesn’t even come with a memory-bank. Its ok, you were just meant as an experiment…sample prototype. Just make sure you self-destruct immediately after reading my note ok.
    Manuelito, tu diseño es inferior a el prototipo con el que han experimentado en los Estados Unidos. No podrás llevar acabo tu objetivo! Aseguro que ni siquiera tendrás la oportunidad de comenzar tal hazaña. Sugiero que te desactives de tu programación interna y dejes que los discos de memoria en tu cerebro dejen de funcionar. Estas acabado como un Amdroide y las motivaciones de tus creadores aquellos monstruos de Equipo Visión no podrán ayudarte.
    De-actívate y vete a la mierda Amdroide!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Your friend
    Tu Amigo
    The Scamshitbot Destroyer
    Aniquilador de Amdroides/Robotvision

    1. Ha ha! How many different languages can we say fuck you amway?


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