Monday, March 19, 2012

Ambot Conference 2012

Ha ha! The title of today’s blog comes from a person doing a Google search and typed in “ambot conference Las Vegas 2012”.

OK I’m not going to pick on Las Vegas for this blog - could be any city - and put my own spin on an ambot conference!

The ambot conference is more commonly referred to as an Amway WWDB World Wide Dream Builder function. There are 4 in the year. Dream Night in January, Spring Leadership in April, Family Reunion in July, and Free Enterprise Days FED in October. Except for last year when someone at WWDB fucked up and didn’t book it in time and had to move it to November, the first date the arena was available. Some of these functions are held in more than one town.

Forcing ambots to attend the next ambot conference begins around the time the last conference ends. The Amway cult leaders pressure their downline to buy tickets NOW for the next Amway function. Gotta get that tool scam money rolling in for the cult leaders just in case any ambots quit over the next couple of months. So lets get the ticket buying out of the way. Call it $125, though some ambot conferences are more and some are less.

As it gets closer to the big date of the ambot conference the ambot must secure a hotel room. There are usually blocked hotel rooms on the WWDB web page where they’ve secured a group or conference rate. It doesn’t hurt to check with the hotel directly for a better price. Some hotels give good discounts to AAA members. Also some travel websites like and may get you a better discount. Lets call the hotel room an even $100/night even though some will argue a Motel 6 will be cheaper or the Hyatt will be more expensive, I’m calling it mid range and working with round numbers. Amway WWDB functions are notoriously held on weekends when hotel rooms are generally more expensive.

Lets think about this. Why not hold the function during the week when hotel rooms are cheaper? After all ambots are self employed business owners aren’t they? When you own your own business you can choose the days you take off work.

For argument’s sake lets say the ambot conference is held in a city that takes 5 hours to drive to. So that means the ambot gets driving sometime in the morning. Oh. Got to fill the car with gas. $50 down the hatch and the ambot is only a few miles down the road. After a couple of hours ambot is hungry and thirsty. Got to stop for lunch. There’s a Denny’s! Lets call it 2 people eating lunch because ambot has probably dragged the wife along. Lunch comes to $30 for a couple of burger plates and sodas and tip.

An hour down the road car is thirsty again. Drop another $50 into the gas tank.

Finally reach the hotel mid to late afternoon. Got a couple of free hours before the Friday night portion of the ambot conference gets underway. During this time dinner is required. No Denny’s in sight but the hotel either has a restaurant or there’s one nearby a little more expensive than Dennys. Lets say dinner costs $40 for 2.

Yikes! Ambots have already spent $170 in gas and food!

Add in the conference tickets ($250 for 2 people) and 2 nights hotel that is prepaid for ($200) and thats another $450 and they haven’t even stepped inside the ambot conference yet.

Friday night at the ambot conference is a bunch of patriotic rah rah get the crowd hyped up brainwashing stuff. But the ambot still has to put in 5 hours - arriving early to stand in line before door opens and sitting in the auditorium until around midnight getting brainwashed by the cult leaders.

Ambot is hungry again. Good thing there’s a 24 hour McDonald’s drive thru on the way back to the hotel. $15 for late night snack for 2 people bringing today’s expenses for food and gas up to $185. Need some nourishment for the Night Owl that the sack of shit Platinum has commanded all his cult followers to attend.

Saturday morning breakfast! Call it another $30 for 2 people. Maybe they drive around town until they find an IHOP or Dennys.

Saturday at the ambot conference is spent listening to a bunch of greedy Amway Diamonds yap about “the business” - without ever giving any concrete advice and trying to avoid mentioning the “A” word - and showing pictures and videos of their mansions, sports cars, private airplanes, luxury vacations, etc all while taunting the audience “wouldn’t you like to have what we have?” This part of the ambot conference drags on again until midnight, though there’s a 2-3 hour break for ambots to leave and scrounge up dinner, there is no break at lunch time. Ambots are forced to buy food from the arena’s expensive concessions or be bad little ambots and leave the building to scout out nearby eating establishments.

Dinner and quasi lunch for 2 people? Lets call it $50. And don’t forget that $15 midnight stop at McDonalds on the way back to the hotel because the ambots are going to be hungry going into the Night Owl.

So thats $95 in food on Saturday.

Sunday morning at the ambot conference? Why yes there is a church sermon! Gotta be there so that means grabbing breakfast at the hotel’s restaurant for another $30. Then off to the ambot version of church, like there wasn’t already a good serving of religion all day Saturday and on Friday night. Cults use religious terms as part of brainwashing techniques.

Just as an aside - normal business keep religion out of the workplace.

Find a restaurant nearby for lunch after the ambot church service. Call it another $30. What happens on Sunday afternoon at the ambot conference? Why more of the same of course! This is just a long winded several hour wrap up of the last 2 days. The cult leaders tell their followers to buy more motivational materials - tool scam sales last were a little low! Oh and don’t forget to buy more more MORE Amway products.

The ambot conference is finally over! Now for the drive home. Lets call the gas and stop at a restaurant for dinner the same price as it cost on Friday - $170.

The ambot conference has cost $960, but lets just round it up to $1000 because the ambots probably bought a book or CD while they were inside the ambot conference. Out of that $250 went for ambot conference tickets, the bulk of which would be absorbed by the Diamonds running the show. $750 for incidental expenses to attend an ambot conference?

What a waste of money!

I can’t even think of any rock star that I’d be willing to shell out a thousand bucks in tickets and incidentals and make it a 3 day mission to get there and back.

Nope I wouldn’t even spend that on airfaire, hotel, and food to fly to DC to meet up with George Clooney at the Sudanese embassy!


  1. And they claim that each and every conference is a "can't miss" function needed for the "serious business builder", despite the fact that they all say the SAME SHIT. Same chanting, same bragging about all the material shit they supposedly own, how they are the future of business, etc. They point out the need to purchase a never-ending supply of CD's and books that hold the ever-elusive "final key" to success, but they all really just say the same brainwashed, twisted logic crap. No real answers as to why the ambot's business isn't going anywhere, despite pinning up pictures of mansions and yachts on their refrigerator.

    It's all a part of the big con. They tell them all to "fake it til you make it" to not only give a false impression of their financial reality to potential recruits, but to fake out one another. That way each ambot sees the others as being "successful", so they wonder "what important key am I missing? I'm doing everything they said to do", but since they are brainwashed to believe the "plan" is foolproof and faked into believing they seem to be the only ones not making it work, they keep buying more and more tools and going to more and more meetings hoping to find that non-existent "key" that will magically make it all work.

    It's kind of like when Willy Wonka hid those golden tickets in chocolate bars and folks started buying them like crazy trying to find one. But the Amway Willy Wonka is a con man. A sneaky fucker. He tells everyone "buy my chocolate and try to find the golden ticket", but in reality didn't put a single fucking ticket in any of them, just wanted to sell a whole bunch of chocolate. Then tells them "You must not have bought enough chocolate. You didn't try hard enough to find one."

    The ambot ends up with a garage full of Amway Willy Wonka's chocolate bars and an empty bank account.


    1. Dave - I think I was more amazed at a searcher looking for "ambot conference 2012" rather than Amway conference 2012. IBOs never refer to themselves as ambots, except the ones who've spent some time reading my blog!

      You forgot to add the part that even though you go out maniacally buying books and CDs on the Amway tool scam and spending a lot of time studying them and still aren't making money, that's when the cult leaders show up and say "you're not trying hard enough".

      Blame the ambot!

      Maybe if Scamway actually did sell decent tasting chocolate at a decent price I would have bought them! All they sell were those shitty food bars with chocolate flavoring. Yuck! Nasty! There is some MLM out there that does sell chocolates, you know the kind that have vitamins and all kind of health benefits. I tried one a few years ago and it was sour! Its kind of like the unsweetened squares of chocolate that your mother used to keep on hand for baking brownies and you'd swipe a square and EEEKKKK!!!! Spit it out!!!!

      Yeah that's a good comparison. Keep buying until you find the golden ticket except that there isn't one. But why did you have to pick on Willy Wonka!

    2. lol I love Willy Wonka. But the real Willy Wonka was a GOOD Willy Wonka. He actually did put golden tickets in his chocolate bars. But his evil twin Amway Willy Wonka. Now he's a different story. Unlike good ol' Willy who was looking for someone honest (Charlie) to take over his business, the nasty Amway Willy Wonka wants to find others as greedy as he is and as big of liars. So they could buy his bad-tasting chocolates and then find others to buy them too, telling them the same lie about non-existent golden tickets. The good Willy Wonka is so ashamed of his evil twin. He tries to tell him that what he is doing is wrong and hurting people, but Amway Willy Wonka doesn't care. He calls his good brother a lazy loser trying to steal his dreams.


    3. The Amway Willy Wonka.

      Sounds like a plot for one of those slasher movies.

      Maybe the Amway Willy Wonka takes on the Texas Chainsaw Massacre!

  2. LOL, really funny to see that the time you have spent writing here I have went from 0 to Platinum. Keep talking and going nowhere :) see ya

    1. So you're another sack of shit Platinum. Now thats something to go around bragging about!


      Bullshit you are! If you really were a sack of shit Platinum you'd be bragging about it all over the place and saying who you are instead of posting anonymously from Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic!

      You're going nowhere but the poorhouse you lying Amway ambot!

      At least I earn about the same amount of money as Amway claims a Diamond earns and I don't work. So that tells me you have a low opinion of Amway Diamonds going nowhere! Ha ha! Fucking Amway asshole!

    2. Being a Platinum is really nothing to brag about. All of us with "J.O.B.s" make more money since we don't have to waste money on useless "tools", functions and over-priced, inferior products that we wouldn't have bought otherwise. Plus we are able to keep our real friends and don't have to see everything that walks on two feet as being a target to "prospect" 24 hours a day. At my "J.O.B." I have paid medical and dental and a very generous pension plan lined up. Good luck with that "residual" income they promised you. You won't be seeing any of that as your downline will continue to quit as they get sick of losing money left and right. The boss at my "J.O.B." doesn't contact me at all hours of the day and night and expect me to spend evenings meeting with him while I pay for his food. I'm not expected to pay for and listen to endless brainwashing CD's, nor do I have to pay to attend any business meetings we have unlike yours which end up being just mindless "rah-rah" doublespeak rah-rah sessions.
      Sorry, bunky, but the only people who think folks trapped by the Amway cult are going somewhere are other brainwashed Ambots. The rest of the world just shakes their heads at your delusional MLM pyramid as you pretend to be something you aren't. Fake it until you never make it. But it's your life to throw away as you wish in your expensive social club. All we do here is warn people of the lies you use to lure new suckers into the cult and hope to save them from your sad fate of empty bank accounts, maxed out credit cards and broken relationships.


    3. Dave - just what the world needs - another lying scamming Amway asshole. And just what I need another lying scamming Amway asshole leaving bullshit Amspeak on my blog!

      Being an Emerald is nothing to brag about either according to Eric Scheibeler and other former Emeralds who've talked about how much they were really making as an Emerald.

      I make more residual income each month from one of my investments than this joker will ever see from a Platinum income!

  3. All i'm going to say is, you all have your heads screwed on wrong.

    1. Anonymous from Tampa Florida - assholes in Amway are the ones who have their heads screwed on wrong. They go around lying and scamming others, destroying relationships, and causing financial and emotional distress. If you think that kind of behavior is OK then you're one fucked up son of a bitch!

  4. I am a new IBO . I am giving it a try to make some money. Some of the stuff they push for seems kinda crazy like the conferences, and all the Cd's and books. Just give me the energy drinks and vitamins and I'll sell it haha. I agree that the blah blah blah "I made this and I have this talk" is extremely annoying. Honestly non of that material crap motivates me :/ sorry Amway...

    I am going to give it a honest try, selling their vitamins because I am a workout gym rat that uses them and believe they work. As for investing my life and soul into this, no thanks.

    I am a super noob in this Amway world...I'll give you guys an update if I end up losing money or making or if I am annoyed to the point of leaving haha.

    1. Dave - I think with your kind of attitude you are not going to make it in Amway but you will probably do well in another type of business that you choose to run!

      That's what happens when you see through the Amway bullshit and can't be brainwashed!

      Yeah you might make some money buying Amway products at their overinflated wholesale prices and selling them to others to make a profit but Amway is really all about recruiting other people beneath you and convincing them to do all their shopping at their own Amway store instead of the grocery store. Amway IBOs like to target sports minded people and convince them that their products are number 1.

      Good luck to you!


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