Friday, March 2, 2012

Amway Tax Evasion Tip - Checks Payable to Cash

Whenever we attended an Amway meeting held in an auditorium where a Diamond was speaking we had to cough up ten bucks apiece. A mere price to pay for the knowledge and wisdom we were going to learn from them.

Yeah right. Rip off! Rip off!

This is the only company I’ve ever worked for that makes its employees pay for training. And I use the word “training” lightly. All the Diamonds did was gush about their wonderful materialistic lives and then show the board plan. They managed to get it done in half the time it took our sack of shit Platinum to show the board plan. And we’re paying to listen to this shit? You bastards all the say the same thing! Besides we get to listen to the board plan for “free” 2 or 3 times a week whenever the sack of shit Platinum holds a living room meeting at some victim’s house.

Usually Platinums were in charge of selling tickets at the door and they’d accept cash but they wanted checks payable to Cash. You’d also have to write in the name of your Platinum in the memo line in case the check bounced the Diamond would know whose ass to ride for the infraction.

They’d tell the ambots it was better to pay by check instead of cash because that way they’d have the cancelled check as a record to use as a business deduction on their taxes.

Hunh? Are you kidding me? Why don’t those assholes handling the door proceeds issue receipts? That’s how legitimate businesses operate. They issue receipts! That’s how you “might” have a tax deduction if you are actually running a legitimate business instead of participating in a pyramid scheme. A check payable to cash is zippo! No proof of nothing! Anyone can go to a bank with their check payable to cash and well, get cash. Probably not too many people know that checks payable to cash are not always accepted by financial institutions because their legality is kind of a grey area. Checks are supposed to be made payable to a person (or business). The check is then deposited into a bank account, the name on the check and the bank account its being deposited into must match or the bank employee will ask questions why you’re depositing a check payable to someone else into your account and probably reject it if there’s no good answer. You could have stolen that check! If you stick a check payable to cash into the bank machine it will almost always be rejected because the bank staff can’t question you about it. A person stands a better chance if they go inside to a teller and explain why they have a check payable to cash drawn on someone else’s bank account. Oh gee I stole it! This is because anyone who gets their hands on a check payable to cash can cash it because its not payable to an actual person. Checks payable to cash can be legitimate and simply a case of the check writer being unaware they shouldn’t be doing this just in case the check gets stolen or goes missing. The reason checks payable to cash may be rejected is due to the suspicion of possible fraudulent activity.

Hmm. Checks payable to cash. Possibility of fraud. Amway. Kind of all fits why the cult leaders want checks payable to cash.

But the real reason why at these functions where Diamonds show up to speak a few times a month insist the check is payable to cash is its tax evasion. The check is not made out to the person. Can’t prove who cashed it or more importantly who kept the cash afterwards.

The cult leaders also want checks payable to cash because multiple people may be splitting the proceeds. First off the rental of the auditorium must be paid so someone probably an Emerald or Platinum takes care of that. The rest of the checks are earmarked for the Diamond speaker as payment for showing up to bestow wisdom on the masses. More than likely someone below them on the pyramid who can be a scapegoat in case of an audit does the dirty work of cashing all the checks payable to cash and then handing over a stack of Benjamin Franklins to the Diamond.

There would be at least 400 ambots in attendance to listen to the Diamond bullshitter at meetings I attended so do the math on how much a Diamond can earn for 3 or 4 hours of scamming his cult followers. I can’t imagine it costs more than a few hundred bucks to rent a school’s auditorium or theater on a weeknight. If it was already going to be empty at least the school earns a few bucks. I bet some a dumb ass Platinum is given the honor and privilege of researching every high school and theater within a hundred mile radius and find the one that’s cheapest to rent. Maybe a few of those checks payable to cash are given to him as a bonus if he can find a freebie rental.....


  1. Joe, uh, Anna, congratulations on hitting 100,000 site visitors. Reading this kinda makes me wonder what happens to the cash collected at the Sunday service at the functions and some other events.

    1. Thanks Joe, uh Anna, uh Rocket, uh MLM Punisher, etc....

      You really have to wonder where the cash at the Amway Sunday service went to? A new car? A week at Peter Island? Kitchen renovation? The possibilities are endless.....


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