Thursday, March 1, 2012

The Ambot from Ambotsford

I’d been thinking that all ambots should be rounded up and made to live in a town called Amford, a take on Stepford.

But then I got a brainwashed Canadian ambot show up from Abbotsford British Columbia. Then I thought that almost sounds like a perfect town for ambots to live in if I change only one letter and make it -  Ambotsford! Kind of got a nice ring to it. I have a feeling I will attract more traffic from searchers looking for Abbotsford who might not type it correctly into their search engine.

Even though Amway and their supporters deny that Amway IBO’s go around the Internet making assholes out of themselves and insulting critics I know otherwise. As do other bloggers who get insulted by these lowlife scumsucking Amway IBO’s. This is how these people are. I sat in enough Amway cult meetings to know the mentality towards people who are critical of Amway. How dare outsiders - losers and stupid people - topple the pyramid scheme!

No problem with ambots showing up here I’ll let their comments go unless they are racist or incite hate towards anyone for their place of birth or color of their skin. Those scumbucket little Amway bastards don’t seem to get it that when they leave a comment and keywords they help drive traffic to my blog. Not to mention getting laughed at. And cursed out for their trouble. I love swearing at ambots as my former upline can attest to!

Here’s the post I wrote about Fast Track and you can see ambot’s comment at the bottom. Dumb ass ambot in dire need of some Anna Banana style punishment! :

I just turned 20 years old my parents have been in Amway my entire life, when I was 18 I joined Amway myself. All I can say is because of it my mom was able to retire in her twenties and my dad was able to scale back from his engineering career and spend more time with me and my sister while we were growing up. So really what I'm try to say is kiss my ass you miserable bitch HAHAHAHAHAHA

Ah terrific. Another know-it-all 20 year old ambot. Except he don’t know piss all about Amway’s fast track program. Instead of just asking his parents - who apparently have been in Amway for at least 20 years losers that they are and are still dreaming of reaching some pin level of significance - or his upline he has to Google the information he seeks. I think the first lie is that his parents have been wasting their time and money for the past 20 years or so in Amway. Very few are dumb enough to stay in the Amway cult that long! There are a lot of different engineering careers out there so one could surmise that engineers probably make a good enough salary that the wife doesn’t need to work if the couple decide its OK for her to stay home. Its got nothing to do with Amway. So big fucking deal. A lot of women don’t work if they don’t want to and if the husband’s income is sufficient to cover household expenses. And this dumb ass ambot who’s been in Amway for about 2 years is too late to take advantage of Fast Track because its an incentive program for new IBO’s like in the first 3 months of signing up with the Amway cult.

Blogger shows me where my audience is coming from. Now here’s the interesting thing. Most of my readers are from the US. The 2nd most visitors are from Canada. The state with my most readers is Michigan. The highest province of visitors from Alberta. I get some readers from Ontario but rarely from anywhere else in Canada, a few here and there nothing memorable. So on Leap Day 2012 I get this dumb ass smart ass ambot from Ambotsford/Abbotsford using the search criteria for fast track. Never heard of the place - city’s never shown up on my visitor stats before. Then 4 hours later I get another visitor from Ambotsford/Abbotsford with the search criteria “how do I cancel Communikate”. Now I get several searchers each day showing up at my blog after typing in how to cancel Communikate and they end up at this post where one of my commenters helpfully gave the 800 # to cancel it.

What is the possibility that these are 2 different people. Is it a coincidence that I have 2 visitors from the same previously unknown city that’s never showed up on my blogger stats before rolling in on the same afternoon? I don’t know for sure. The little ambot bastard who left the comment was using a computer at a college so I don’t know if he’s a student or works there. The other ISP was a private line.

Is all hell breaking loose in Ambotsford?

Or did the dumb ass ambot spend the afternoon doing some research and realize he’s an asshole for staying in the Amway cult and is quitting. Or does he just not have enough money to afford the $40/month Communikate fee? The upline cult leaders will be riding his ass for sure either way.


  1. What a gentleman. He even laughs at his own jokes. Dick. His parents probably are ambots. You mean I could make $150 in three months? Sign me up for fast track! Can you guess what is not very fast? That pile of smoking garbage he probably calls his car. Sorry had to go there again.

    1. Yup lazy ass ambot parents raising lazy ass ambot children.

      Talk about failures as parents! Couldn't even teach their rotten little bastard a very important Amway cult rule - "don't say negative!"

      He probably drives a Lexus. Vintage 1972 rust bucket that is! Probably on a first name basis with every tow truck driver with 100 miles!


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