Thursday, March 29, 2012

Strike 2 For Amway Spring Leadership Henchman!

Here’s a recycled post about the shitty times that are all part of attending WWDB Amway Spring Leadership. Our good buddy the Platinum’s henchman needs a shovel to get out of the shit he created!

Ambot and I were probably the first IBO’s to check in at our hotel for the WWDB Spring Leadership function. We’d left home early, spent all day driving and got there late afternoon. After putting our luggage in the room we headed over to Barnes & Noble to buy a book I wanted to read on the weekend and then out for dinner. IBO’s were arriving by the time we got back to the hotel.

The two employees working the hotel counter looked frazzled. And no wonder. They were dealing with the Platinum’s henchman. I gather there’d been a number of no shows and the problem was the henchman had been screwing around with people’s hotel reservations on the WWDB blocked rooms like he’d tried to do with Ambot. Except now he was on the hook because he’d used his own credit card to guarantee the rooms when he was so busy reassigning everyone and now he was holding empty hotel rooms with no live bodies to put in them and he was arguing with the staff about how his credit card was being charged for the empty rooms. He arrived too late to cancel the rooms and incurred a one night fee on all of them.

To give the henchman credit - or lack thereof - I doubt the asshole thought about messing around with hotel rooms all on his own. The only possible reason he’d have done this was on the direct orders of the sack of shit Platinum who must have decided they better have empty rooms available for the dozens of guests and prospects they’d been so sure were going to make the pilgrimage to attend Spring Leadership and see what this awesome Amway business opportunity was all about. Except the prospects/newbies were all no shows leaving the henchman with a hotel bill for quite a few empty rooms that he was trying to argue about with the staff who were charging him $100 x number of rooms for one night’s cancellation policy. Most hotels have a policy that you use a credit card to guarantee your room if you plan to arrive late, say after 6pm. That way the hotel will hold the room for you all night instead of selling it to someone who walks in off the street. If you don’t show up or don’t cancel the room before the cut off time your credit card will be charged for one night’s stay.

I’m not sure how that turned out but I hope the hotel stuck to their guns and didn’t reverse the credit card charge. Would serve the henchman right. I mean what a dumb ass thing to do. Serves the bastard right for listening to the dumb ass Platinum!

Oh and interestingly enough the sack of shit Platinum was staying at another hotel that he deemed to be a better hotel. The only IBO’s “allowed” to stay at that other hotel were those making it in the business, not the rest of us lowly bastards. Ha ha, him and his wife were sharing a room with at least one other couple that we knew of, maybe more. I guess that kills the mood if romance is in the air! Or I suppose it heightens the mood if orgy is in the air! Damn if I’d known he was staying at the other hotel I’d have booked a room there just to piss off the bastard!

And to chalk up another hotel room getting charged to the henchman’s credit card!

Yeah! Amway WWDB Spring Leadership sucks!!!!


  1. I find your blog really interesting and I have a question for you- this conference is basically an extension of the tools scam, right? It sounds like they are creaming off money from the sale of your hotel room and everything else you buy this weekend, in a kind of live version of the motivational tools sales system.

    My question is this: given that we know that the only way to get rich in Amway is through selling the tools (or tickets to conferences, hotel rooms etc) to your downline, what would you do if your husband was given the opportunity to participate in the 'real' business of Amway, if he was able to take a cut of the tools system?

    He'd finally recoup some money from the amount that you have spent, but at a pretty heavy moral cost.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Thanks for stopping by. Glad you're enjoying my blog.

      Yes Amway conferences are all part of the tool scam. It is how the Amway cult leaders earn the majority of their income. I'm not sure how they work the hotel income but I'm guessing it would be a comparable commission to what a travel agent earns on booking hotels for their clients, about 10%. On a 2 night hotel stay of $200 that would be $20 commission/room to WWDB which is the booking site and is owned by some Diamonds. Let's say 1000 hotel rooms are booked by ambots through the website - that's $20,000 in the Diamonds pockets for doing no more than having their secretary phone a bunch of hotels and block some rooms at a group or conference rate. Which may or may not be the hotel's best rate. Always best to see if they offer a AAA discount or some of the discount websites might have a better deal.

      I'm not a salesperson which as a former higher up IBO who left comments here says is really important or you can forget it in Amway so there would be no way I'd be comfortable selling tools or anything else to IBOs. I just don't have the personality for it. See? I don't sell anything on my blog do I? If I was a salesperson and had something for sale here, say a CD about dealing with assholes in Amway I'd make some sales just cause I have regular readers who would buy it for the entertainment but the majority of my readers would not buy it because I wouldn't be pushy about selling and marketing it cause I don't got it in me.

      Any way you look at it if we were at a level of selling tools we would still be dealing with arrogant Amway assholes and I'm not a good enough people person to deal with assholes!

      The moral cost is something that people have to struggle with themselves for the answer. I'd walk away because I am not driven by greed and I have too much of a guilty conscience.

      The assholes in my upline not so much. I don't know how these people can sleep at night knowing they've destroyed other people's lives. But they never point the fingers at themselves. Anyone who didn't succeed at Amway is because they're a loser - according to the assholes in my Amway upline that is!

    2. Yeah, I wouldn't have the personality to sell the tools, either. I had a pretty moral upbringing being taught the Golden Rule of "do unto others only that which you'd have them do right back to you". I've been told I'm a lousy liar (lol), which would exclude me from Amway as I'd unconsciously roll my eyes as I was telling someone how they could be walking the beaches of the world in 2 to 5 years with such a "can't miss" business plan.
      And even if I could make money tricking gullible sheep to buy useless brainwashing tools, the knot in my stomach of knowing I'm fleecing a fellow human with garbage being would be too much. I've seen the more "hard core" Ambots who put their own selfish greed above all else in life... friends, family ... and lies flow from their lips as effortlessly as breathing, and they wouldn't feel an ounce of remorse to take a homeless man's last dollar. Most claim to be Christians, but the Christ they worship is built of solid gold and they'd gladly sell out their grandmother to poverty if they thought it would get them any closer to that idol of personal greed.


    3. Dave - my husband always broke down while prospecting and told them it was Amway. It is hard to lie. Then his upline would give him lines to use to trick people into thinking it was not Amway. They idea is to hook them on the idea of owning your own business, being financially free in a couple of years, residual income rolling in forever, and once they're sold on that idea, then break the bad news that it was Amway. My husband didn't do it in those steps. Told them too soon it was Amway and then they didn't want nothing to do with it.

    4. Hi Anna,

      Thanks for answering my question. It sounds like your Platinum was (is) someone who is very happy to lie and manipulate others for his own greed, but to what extent would you say he is also a victim? He must have been prospected at one stage and then gradually come to realise where the real money comes from. Maybe he's just trying to get claw back his losses?

    5. Hi Anonymous - you know my husband also pointed out after we'd quit Amway that our Platinum is also a victim of Amway. Though there is no way that sack of shit will ever agree to that! But yes I'm sure he's lost a lot of money too even though he'll never admit that or how much money he's flushed and he's been at the stage for many years where he is clawing to get a return on his investment at the expense of others. He should have quit Amway years ago when he realized the 2 to 5 year time frame for financial freedom wasn't happening, but instead he continues on driven by greed.

      He is an evil man and he is the picture of what Amway is all about and the type of people you have to deal with in Amway. I've never worked for any company where the boss got involved in people's personal lives where they tried to destroy their relationships. This Platinum is the first experience in my life - and I've been alive a long time! - where someone has put together a prayerfest that I would meet another man and leave my husband because he's not man enough for the Amway business and therefore not man enough for me. When my husband stopped answering the phone when he called he sent nasty evil texts to my husband saying it was his greatest hope that we would split up. I mean where does this sick bastard come up with this shit? This is what its really like being inside the Amway cult and this is why I write this blog. Other people's relationships are nobody else's business unless of course you're a sack of shit Amway Platinum out to destroy other people's lives.

      So whether or not he's also a victim of Amway this is one son of a bitch who deserves to burn in hell for what he does to others.

  2. I would love to know what justifications are given to budding Ambots about the need for withholding that the business opportunity is Amway when prospecting someone new. I imagine that the lies get easier the longer someone's been in the cult. However, it seems like those first lies wouldn't flow as easily for most people, especially since they're just beginning their indoctrination. The need to be coy about Amway's identity to prospects is probably one of the first big lies a new Ambot tells. How in the world does Amway package that particular lie to make it palatable to a person who hasn't yet fallen down the rabbit hole?


    1. Chelsea - our sack of shit Platinum explained it that Amway "used" to have a bad reputation. Ha! To further clarify he'd say things like people have the wrong idea about Amway and that its door to door sales and its a pyramid scheme and a bunch of other things. He'd say people don't know that Amway has changed.

      Yeah right!

      So even though Amway is a great business opportunity according to our Platinum a lot of people aren't going to be interested if you tell them first its Amway. Tell them first about the business and once they're hooked then you can give them the bad news that its Amway.

      Yes you have to be a good liar to be good in Amway. You have to lie to get people to come to Amway meetings telling them its something else like a BBQ or popcorn and movie night that kind of thing. Trick them to come to an Amway meeting. Like that doesn't piss people off!

    2. There is every bit of truth in the maxim "No one is as blind as he who is blinded by greed." Once a budding Ambot bites into the mlm induced greed through constant display of spurious material wealth amongst a host of other devious cult indoctrination methods, they accept the ahem, deception coaching and to practice the same (deception) is not as far fetched anymore. After all they have something that prospects need even though they, prospects, don't know so and that they will thank the ambots later for tricking them.

      The only way to make it to the top and become a scAmway kingpin according to JoeCool, is to lie, manipulate, be a phoney and consistent. Sadly, I have found out through experience and hindsight to be the truth.

    3. Yup the Amway cult is run by people driven by greed. That's what I always say - the only way to make it to the top is to consistently lie, manipulate, and be phony. The asshole that sponsored us and the asshole Platinum were masters at it which is surprising that they are not more successful in Amway. But with their personalities shining through that turns off a lot of people.

  3. Holy shit, I just got put into this scam and registered into CominiKate. My buddy brought me in because whoever brought him in gave me the whole motivational brainwashing books and CDs. As soon as the put me on Kate I started to get the bad feeling. But there annoying messages were the last stray. With having it for 2 days, I found your blog, woke up to realism and cancelled that shit. Im about to get the fuck out as quick as I came in. My buddy, the one who brought me in, is brainwashed and soo far gone. Thank you for having made this.

    1. Hi Anonymous. Glad you got out of the Amway scam early enough that you haven't lost too much money. Communikate is a piece of shit that only serves to bring income to the Diamonds for commission. Had a former employee of that company come by to talk about it. As you've figured out Communikate does nothing that most people's phones these days can do - call conferencing, messages, etc. In addition to Amway cult leaders sending out random brainwashing messages, they also send out invites to immediate secret Amway meetings. That way they can figure out who has signed up with Communikate. And dole out the hell and abuse to the ambots who didn't show up/don't subscribe to Communikate. Glad this blog has helped you out and sorry about your friend.


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